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Matt Bomer: Wet T-Shirt Sexy

Matt Bomer: Wet T-Shirt Sexy

Matt Bomer oozes sex in this hot new shot for Entertainment Weekly‘s Must List. (Try Must Lust!)

Here’s what the 32-year-old White Collar hunk shared with the mag about what’s on his Must List: “[The movie] The Kids Are All Right is amazing. The performances are insanely good. Julianne Moore is going to wreck you. This is the best I’ve ever seen her, and I’ve seen everything she’s ever done. I like the story and I think it’s a great alternative to the big summer popcorn blockbusters.”

WATCH: The Kids Are All Right Trailer

Matt adds, “Inception is my big studio movie of the summer. That looks amazing. I’m a huge fan of Leonardo [DiCaprio]‘s and [director] Christopher Nolan‘s. It looks amazing just from the trailers. The dream world looks unbelievable.”

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Photos: Richard Phibbs
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  • whatever

    that made my day ツ

  • rienna

    I’m so hard yeah yeah yeah I’m so hard yeah yeah so hard so hard so haaaaaaaaaaard

  • wtf

    @rienna: ew.

  • Bianca

    LOL these type of shots always just look cheesy and dumb

  • http://j ivanka

    @wtf: ahahahhhaha

    . he is straight right? he’s so hot

  • Slig

    Yeah guy iam more handsom

  • nohemy

    AAWWW. He’s such a cuttie :) this totally made my day! One more week for White Collar!!!!

  • I’m sorry

    he’s so………blah

  • rienna

    @wtf: my nipples, loser

  • Slig

    Me to i love leonardo

  • http://h Kaz

    I love so much leonardo dicaprio hes my favroit acter,, just leo dicaprio ^ _^

  • elle

    omg look at his abs… those are good abs to have!

  • Jim

    Matt is simply stunning at everything he does!

  • Jill

    I ltoo ove the fact that someone so talented, smart and elegant can also pull off sexy hot! Matty has it all.

  • Jenn

    Thanks JJ – need more Bomer. I opened my EW and saw this – made my day! Why didn’t you post the the water poring or boot picture? They were the hotter of the 3 pics!

  • cyno

    He is ‘ pretty ‘ to look at but so A-sexual

  • Cara

    Matt is the most gorgeous man on the planet – so sexy in a classy way – love that he did this photo shoot.

  • fan

    it should be forbidden to be so handsome!…lol

  • filipe

    he is gay, isn’t he?

  • um

    Nice body but his face doesn’t do it for me. These pics are really corny btw.

  • Y

    @filipe: Yes and he has a husband but refuses to come out, “I have a network and a show riding on my shoulders.” as if people don’t already know.

  • Jack

    Stunningly handsome!

  • no, thanks.

    He’s not hot or ‘sexy’ at all. And his personality is so serious and bland.
    Henry Cavill on the other hand.

  • lol

    ugly. cheesy. lame etc

  • tovn

    He’s handsome but super generic. Awesome abs though!

  • SB

    Cute but I hate dishonest people…

  • Rob

    “Julianne Moore is going to wreck you. This is the best I’ve ever seen her, and I’ve seen everything she’s ever done”

    That counts as coming out, right?

  • Potter

    Handsome and articulate; quite the combination.

  • Clint

    Matt is an amazing role model.Always speaks inteligently,carries himself with dignity and class,quite charitable without being showy about it, lives in a commited relationship,has an amazing reputation in the business. His amazing phyiscal beauty is just icing on the cake.

  • Sab

    JFC, quite the collection of loser haters on this thread. Don’t you have something better to do with your time?

    From the comments here one would never know that Matt’s fans *LOVED* this shoot (hundreds of comments to that effect on Twitter and LJ). It’s sexy as all hell, and anyone who can’t see that needs their vision checked.

    And there is nothing “bland” or “generic” about Matt Bomer. He’s one of (if not the) best looking actors working today, he’s smart and sweet in interviews, and extremely talented besides. If I could watch him on my TV or movie screen every day I would.

    And he lives his life openly and honestly; not talking about his private life does not equal being dishonest. I’m assuming we’ve got the usual bunch of Queerty haters here. Go and get a life, and leave the rest of us to enjoy the Beautiful Bomer in peace.

  • Pete

    Thanks JJ – can never get enough of this stunning gentleman. You can tell when a star has ‘arrived’ when the jealous dolts from the hinterland add stupid, silly sounding negative comments to someone they truly know nothing about.
    @ Y – jealous and stupid
    @ lol – jeaous and jealous
    @ @no thanks – jeaolous and Cavill – really – he’s like 5.4 and british
    @ sb – nothing dishnest about Matt – he’s never lied – have you?

  • Nance

    I love this man. Amazing talent, smart, obviously gorrgeous – loved that he did this as he is usually so dressed up – shows another side seldom seen.
    @SAB – couldn’t agree more – all the neagative posts are likely one person or possibly the publicist of one of the mediocre actors that now have to compete (and canot) with Matt. I work in the business and Matt is on top of every producers wish list – he has scripts being thrown at him and deservedly so – he is a unique property in hollywood!

  • BenLA

    Perfection has its price – Bomer has it all. Tends to bring out all of the jerks who realize his perfection but feel the need to try to dispute it which is futile.

  • Amber


    Ha! That was my first thought. It really sucks that he has to be in the closet to maintain his career. We are such a f*cked up country.

  • TerryNYC

    Smokin – sexy – hot! Only thing better is if he had worn his glasses – yum!

  • Freddie

    Generally beauty is in the eye of the beholder.Every decade or so someone comes along with such classic beauty that no one who is really honest with themselves could dispute – so is the case here for the beautiful Matt.I met him at event he he is a sweet heart as well.So nice to see that a nice guy can be beautiful and talented without being a jerk like most self absorbed actors.

  • Jennifer

    Love him – oh the things I would do :))

  • DREAM on

    @Jennifer: He wouldn’t let you.

  • glowto

    @BenLA: Perfection? Please. There’s nothing admirable about dishonesty. Having a symmetrical face with nothing behind it simply makes you BLAND. He has a lot to prove as an actor and it’s not helping that he rarely shows any signs of charisma.

  • Steph

    Wow – you’re up to about 4 different screen names here in one string – maybe someone will agree with you if you try a few more…

  • CraigORD

    What’s all this ‘bland bs’ – you obviously haven’t read critic’s reviews of his performances on Chuck and White Collar or actually seen him on a talk show.BTW – this man is the current ‘it’ guy in show biz in case you live under a rock so those with your opinion are a rare minority.

    @Steph – you are right – same person writing all this crap – bored and no life apparently.

  • wow

    He’s the hottest star on tv!
    And he’s an amazing actor,too!

  • Carol Armstrong

    Matt Bomer is beautiful inside and out. He is the best looking man on TV. He has talent. He has the right to his life just as we have the right to our life. Its what make us unique and Matt Bomer is definately unique in more ways then one. Looks, talent, manners, and personality. I met him and he has all these traits.

  • Geoff

    Matt Bomer – you always make me feel good – thanks!

  • BBW

    He’s closeted? Really?

    Okay then, but that didn’t stop him attending and supporting an event for the Trevor Project, a national organization focused on crisis and suicide prevention efforts among lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and questioning (LGBTQ) youth.

    He uses the celeb power he has to support this kind of project, and that tells you what sort of person he is: generous, classy and honest.

  • Rob

    @BBW – Proud of Matt. He is a model for others as he is one of the most charitable and socially conscious actors in the business; he actually gets involved in things. He ‘does’ rather than ‘talks’! You don’t have to run around shouting your personal orientation to affect change.He ‘walks the walk’ rather than ‘talks the talk’ – detractors take note and research before you speak and sound silly.

  • Sooze

    Bomer the magnificent.

  • Cricket

    @Victoria: Do you have eyes – also the inner beauty that shines through = total package.

  • Bink

    There is hot, then there is really hot, then there is Matt Bomer.He has raised the hot-bar!

  • CJR

    How does one guy have it all?Smarts (sky high IQ I’ve read),talent,class,social conscience,perfect looks and bod, and sweet to boot. NIH should clone him.