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Orlando Bloom Starts His Engines

Orlando Bloom Starts His Engines

Orlando Bloom checks out the Goodwood Festival of Speed sponsored by watchmaker Bremont held at the Goodwood Estate in West Sussex, England on Thursday (July 1).

The 33-year-old English actor also had a chance to ride on a motorcycle alongside English motorcycle trials rider Dougie Lampkin at the event.

The special automotive event showcases exotic cars, motorcycles, and other vehicles in addition to various races throughout the 3-day event.

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Credit: Dodridge/Goodwood; Photos: WENN
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  • http://h Kaz

    Haha look sn funny orlando

  • Slig

    Here orlando good

  • Lola

    He’s still cute. He needs to wash his hair a bit more and shave this fluff off and he’ll be beautiful

  • YES!

    He looks scruffily gorgeous!!!
    He already wears a Bremont watch, maybe he wants a matching motorbike. Hey, it’s as good a reason as any. ;)
    He was also at Wimbledon today.
    He beautifully narrated several Wimbledon commercials/tributes for ESPN, so once we knew that he was in London, I figured that he would show up there. He was pictured talking with David Beckham (sp?) . Soooooo much hotness in one picture!

  • Jokergurl

    I love his hair, I’d like to see him on the big screen again.

  • Jessica

    He is the best actor

  • WOW!

    he is so beautiful!

  • CanadaGirl

    Still a cute guy. Nice to see him a bit more in the media.

  • I have no talents I’m French

    This guy looks great!
    I like him very much with Miranda, they’re cute.

  • Ali

    to me, he has lost his mojo. what happened to his good looks?

  • @10

    He looks amazing! Just look at that smile!
    Guess that we have to agree to disagree, because I think that he looks gorgeous!

  • OLLY


  • Claudy

    Uh, yeah…what a Hottie xD I am so lucky that I saw him live…Miranda and Orlando are equally lucky to have each other…what pretty babies xD

  • T.I

    HAHA before Miranda, no dude wanted to be Orlando puny Bloom. Now guys wish they were in his shoes. She made him somewhat cool LMFAO

  • oh yeah!

    He is so handsome!
    And so sexy on a bike!

  • Oh ob

    And be for orlando came a long she was just other model.

  • burnt bacon

    Helloooooo sailor!

  • sara

    He looks so good in these pics!

  • Jayne

    Oh orlando you look soooooooooo good love it when he back in the uk. And i feel lucky too getting to meet orlando was the best ever that i got to see hes play more than once and meet him more than once and i did’nt think i would get to do any of that . I still want him to do aother play befor he does the “m” thing lol.

  • Still goodlooking

    He looks pretty good. I like the disheveled hair but not the mustache. In my opinion he really looks better clean shaven. Anybody see the pix of him with David Beckham at Wimbledon?

  • Nah

    Has he retired? Never see him in any films anymore except for reruns of LOTR and POTC episodes. Guess he made enough money off those franchises to set him up for life though.

  • @21

    Yeah, he’s got all of the money that he (and a small army) would ever need. He made over six million last year on residuals alone.
    That’s why he has been doing indies for the last two years.
    Movies that we may never see (dammit), but roles that were imortant to him. And the people that have seen them, say that he was incredible. Here’s hoping that someday we will be able to judge them for ourselves.
    He is doing The Three Musketeers, though. That will definitely get a wide release. I miss him so much on the big screen!

  • SIRA

    I am the psychic SIRA, and the cosmos has been feeding me information that Orlando will find his big love in Germany. I have seen this since 2005. Miranda may be his fiancé now, but she is not the one destined for him. She is nothing but a challenge on Orlando’s way to collect his true love & soul mate in Germany this year.
    - SIRA

  • @23

    That was hilarious!
    Are you making fun of the girl who kept posting about Orlando seeing his one true love at the theater, but since he couldn’t find her, people pushed him towards Miranda?
    This is great.
    You should write fan fiction.
    No, wait.
    You already ARE writing fanfiction!
    Way to go!
    Can’t wait to read it!!!!!!

  • SIRA

    Dear fan fiction lover & non-believer,

    1. There is far more going on between heaven and earth than what you can see and touch. To those non-believers I wish that they will also be able to experience this, so that they are not in doubt anymore.

    2. My information have nothing to do with anyone‘s posts on this topic before. I’m going public with the information I got from the cosmos for the first time.

    I will keep you updated.

  • @25

    If you weren’t joking, that makes it even more pathetic and hilarious!
    One more time…..with gusto!

  • .

    I’m quite disappointed with the cosmos. It’s always more interested in gossip than in revealing the secret of cold fusion.
    Oh well if that’s all the cosmos has to tell, then I’ll wait for Orlando to cancel his engagement and run away with a German this year.

  • @27

    I love you

  • Melody

    Hot as always… all he needs is a leather jacket and some tight jeans to hug his butt and he’s good to go.

  • SIRA, @27

    Predetermination follows its very own rules and is no gossip column comedy. What I’m telling you here are facts only. I have seen many more things.
    How do you know she is a German? I only said he will find her in Germany. I wonder, do you or others know more than I do?
    Greetings from SIRA
    - @24: Who was this mysterious lady at the theater?

  • @31

    “Facts only”?
    Please look up the definition of the word ‘fact’. You seem to be confused.
    And the only “comedy” here, comes from your psycho posts.

  • ?

    Orlando looks good he has not lost it at all he just get hotter.

  • .

    The cosmos gave you information about the love life of a person you don’t know. And the cosmos did it just because, as I doubt the universe will implode if a human marries another (or not). That’s called gossip as far as I know.
    Not a German then, ok. I can’t wait for Orlando to dump his girlfriend of three years/fianceé for someone he meets in Germany. And all this, in this year, in the remaining 6 months.

  • Oh ob

    Well its girlfrend of just over 2 year not 3 year yet? And that pic of her in the paper topless was new. And even if it was a taken pic from some other mag they still put her as a page 3 girl.

  • @35

    One more time.
    She didn’t POSE for them.
    If they used an old picture (if it was already in a magazine, it is NOT new) that’s on them, not Miranda.
    And yes, she was his girlfriend for 2.5 years.
    Now she is his FIANCE!

  • Lydia

    He used to be so hot.. Now he’s got bags under his eyes all the time and just isn’t that hot anymore. Saw COTBP on tv last night and he was really cute. Never thought he’d age this fast. His girlfriend is pretty though.

  • @37

    COTBP was released in 2003.
    That was seven years ago!
    Haven’t you changed in the last seven years?
    He’s 33 now. He couldn’t stay 26 forever.
    IMO, he is ageing beautifully!
    And yes, Miranda is a beautiful young woman. At least we can agree on that. :)

  • meji

    And COTBP started filming in 2002. That makes it eight years ago and his age at the time 25.

    To me he looks less stunning now, but more like a real person and still attractive. It looks as if he’ll go on looking handsome in films, especially with lighting and makeup, for another ten years or more, because guys’ faces tend to change in their early thirties and then stabilise until middle age. I’m hoping so anyway.

  • Oh ob

    I think orlando look just as good as from the day he started.

  • LOL

    Johnny Depp looked VERY youthful right up until a year or so ago. I’m just now starting to notice those inevitable little indicators of ‘aging’ where he’s concerned. Pretty much the same goes for Brad Pitt although he does seem to have aged considerably during the past several years. (Maybe in his case it’s been the strain of ‘playing papa” to SO MANY kids!). But Orlando’s only 33, not 45. If his youthful looks were going to hold up, I think it would be reflected in his face now. He’s getting a lot of little lines and ‘wrinkly’ areas along with those ever-present ‘eye bags.’ There IS a noticeable difference between the way he looked in his 20′s and the way he looks now imho.

  • Now and then

    Johnny Depp looked VERY youthful right up until a year or so ago. I’m just now starting to notice those inevitable little indicators of ‘aging’ where he’s concerned. Pretty much the same goes for Brad Pitt although he does seem to have aged quite a lot during the last several years. (Maybe in his case it’s the strain of ‘playing papa” to SO MANY KIDDOS?). But Orlando’s only 33 – not 45. If his youthful looks were going to hold up, I’d think it would be reflected in his face now. He’s getting a lot of those little lines and ‘wrinkly’ areas along with the ever-present ‘puffiness’ under the eyes. IMO there IS a noticeable difference between the way he looked in his 20′s and the way he looks now and I don’t see that as a very positive indicator of his looks holding up well when he actually hits his 40′s. But that’s just my opinion and I understand that others have theirs.

  • callmewhatever

    He looks hot here