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Robert Pattinson & Reese Witherspoon: 'Elephant' Elegant

Robert Pattinson & Reese Witherspoon: 'Elephant' Elegant

Robert Pattinson puts on a dapper look as he films new scenes for Water for Elephants with costar Reese Witherspoon in downtown Los Angeles on Thursday (July 1).

The 24-year-old English actor is back to work after attending the various premieres for his new film Eclipse.

The new Twilight installment continues to do well in the theaters, most recently raking in $68.5 million on its first day.

10+ pictures inside of Robert Pattinson and Reese Witherspoon looking formal for Water for Elephants

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robert pattinson reese witherspoon elephant elegant 01
robert pattinson reese witherspoon elephant elegant 02
robert pattinson reese witherspoon elephant elegant 03
robert pattinson reese witherspoon elephant elegant 04
robert pattinson reese witherspoon elephant elegant 05
robert pattinson reese witherspoon elephant elegant 06
robert pattinson reese witherspoon elephant elegant 07
robert pattinson reese witherspoon elephant elegant 08
robert pattinson reese witherspoon elephant elegant 09
robert pattinson reese witherspoon elephant elegant 10
robert pattinson reese witherspoon elephant elegant 11

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  • http://h Kaz

    Wow ! Wow! Wow! Cute gorgoues ! Sweet ! Me 2 ^ _^

  • http://h Kaz

    Rese like older haha

  • muak

    Reese has witch’s face. it scares me.

  • stephania

    sexy boy! sexy boy!

  • athena

    They’ve worked together in a film Reese had done a while ago. The movie is named Vanity Fair. I think his scene was cut.

  • Pattycake

    Can’t say I like that dress on Reese, neither the cut nor the color. And like someone here appears to be trying to say, she does look older. Let’s trust the lighting and camera work will smooth all of that out. I do like the short hair on Rob and men always look good in formal wear. Fingers crossed they don’t eff up a good novel.

  • Dayana

    Finally he has got a decent haircut…

  • nooo

    ewwww. He looks like shit .

  • Slig

    Wow edward amazin handsom smail like me

  • lol

    That man is butt ugly.

  • mess

    He’s unattractive hs nose is soooooo weird

  • blahblah

    it doesn’t matter he looks fugly in every single way x_x

  • Celia

    No matter what they do to Reese, she still seems boring somehow.
    Patterson is also very blah.
    Christoph Waltz is the only one who can make this movie work.

  • Sweetness

    reese is not interesting and this over exposed pattinson is a limited actor…this movie will bomb.

  • Lizz

    Rob loooks hot!
    love him

  • eyeh8twilight

    HOLY S.HIT! For once in our lifetime, Robert Pattinson actually looks clean! His hair is actually COMBED and ungreasy! His face doesn’t look hairy and dirty!

    If he looked like this everyday, he will actually be tolerable to look at!

  • Caitlynne

    Reese is aging badly. All that nastiness inside of her is coming out on her face. She must also be seriously pissed that paps only want pictures of Pattinson, especially since Reese goes to such lenghts for PR (showmancing and staging photo ops come to mind),

  • WhatElse

    Reese Witherspoon seems friendlier than that Kristen Chick. WEll, at least Reese doesn’t look like she’s on crack, smack and everything else. As for him, he is ugly Robert Pattinson, he’s just weird all around to me, something not right about him. He’s going to bomb on anything outside of Twilight and I feel bad for Reese b/c I pretty much like her work.

  • Val

    Rob looks GREAT! Love the clean shaven look and the new haircut!

  • Ash

    I think Rob looks very handsome and Reese looks pretty. You people who say they look ugly I’m sure you ain’t better looking at all. So you shouldn’t write anything if you don’t have anything nice to say. I swear people always have to insult others just to make themselves feel better. It’s pathetic!

  • Heather

    @Ash: Well said, Ash!

  • eyeh8twilight

    Ash, I’m sure you aint that great looking either. If your precious Rob met you, he’d forget you in 2 seconds.

  • eyeh8twilight

    Also, Ash, telling us that we’re ugly makes you act just as lame and pathetic as you say we are.’


  • Lexi

    I hate that ever present smirk on her face. I think he looks great but still won’t see this because of Reese. I don’t get it why she is so popular…..her acting sucks, she is very average in the looks department, and kinda boring and over exposed. Oh well, she is the one living in a mansion, not me.

  • Bianca

    If he kept this look up, he’d actually look decent. Too bad he’ll go back to his crackhead greasyhaired streethobo look

  • Jimmy

    What’s with her hair? Wrinkles around her mouth? Weird mouth expression? What kind of crazy movie is this? She sure has gone downhill since Election and Legally Blond. No wonder her fee per picture appears to be dropping. (PS When she dumps Toth, Bobby might make a decent gigolo, if he can take Jake’s sloppy seconds.)

  • Kristen

    I have always been a Reese fan, but I really feel she is wrong for this role. I hope I’m wrong, because I LOVE Water for Elephants.

  • nokas

    she is pregnant

  • flint

    She must be fit to be tied that he is overshadowing her so much. She looks like the dried up granny compared to Rob.

  • chris

    The dress looks great but she looks so old. She’s very beautiful. I hope she doesn’t look so old in the film or I might not buy the chemistry between her and Rob.

  • Lonely Woman

    The Shape of Jazz to Come. The one that matters is always the last stop on the block. Reese is a gem. End of discussion.

  • Vanessa

    First of all Reese and Rob are both attractive people..I am so sick of shallow haters calling them out on how they look. Wonder what you all look like?..Hmm.

    And second don’t assume this movie will “bomb” because you clearly don’t know anything about it. Christoph Waltz even praised Rob for his acting. and even said he deserved an Oscar nomination…why would a brilliant actor like Christoph lie about that?

    Rob will make us fans proud of him. And I hope it does REALLY well just to prove yall wrong.

  • http://aol rncrnp

    robert is handsome and fits the role he is playing.
    reese looks elegant and they looked very professional,
    reese is seasoned and rob i am sure learned much
    from her professionally.

  • tash

    Half you people are so evil with your comments. Leave him alone, he’s hot in his own way, he probably thinks the same for some of you that comment if he saw your photos, so don’t judge. As to those people that are actually nice, yes he does look good and so does Reese.

  • milla

    wow, he is amazingly handsome. Just wow

  • milla

    He looks so yummy :D Reece looks great as well. I don’t understand the ‘she looks old’ comments.. She is a great actress, that’s the most important thing.

  • brenda

    Yuck!! what happened in the middle of his face? he is not handsome !! he is only a fashion

  • arabiata

    Rob looks so cute in whatever role he portrays!
    But Reese…. tsk! the chin needs some remodeling.
    I think she needs a broom for the halloween!

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