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Anderson Cooper & Ben Maisani: David Barton Gym Dudes

Anderson Cooper & Ben Maisani: David Barton Gym Dudes

Anderson Cooper gets in a good work-out with pal Ben Maisani — wearing matching black tees! — at the David Barton Gym in New York City on Friday afternoon (July 2).

This twosome loves to stay fit together! Anderson and Ben even take bike trips together throughout the city.

Last night, the 43-year-old Silver Fox interviewed singer Jimmy Buffet about the oil spill.

More pictures inside of Anderson Cooper and Ben Maisani, David Barton gym dudes…

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anderson cooper ben maisani david barton gym 01
anderson cooper ben maisani david barton gym 02
anderson cooper ben maisani david barton gym 03
anderson cooper ben maisani david barton gym 04
anderson cooper ben maisani david barton gym 05
anderson cooper ben maisani david barton gym 06
anderson cooper ben maisani david barton gym 07
anderson cooper ben maisani david barton gym 08

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  • Jasmine

    Cute couple.

  • Foxy

    I love his nickname

  • Amelle

    He makes me :) Even though he’s always srs bsns, lol.

  • gio

    i saw these lovebirds today biking around soho:)))
    he’s much better in live:)

  • KellStar

    A silver fox INDEED!

  • Jason

    In the default shot, Anderson looks a bit like an Albino

  • herofox
  • Leila, London


  • Slig

    No no my …

  • rudy

    do those do everything together ?

  • Ms Anonymous

    Anderson for President!

  • Gary

    Those two are more than “pals”, more like “partners” and “live-in-lovers” and they HATE being caught on camera together!

  • http://h Kaz

    I don’t know

  • IwonDer

    I wonder who is the dominant one in this relationship…

  • Toni

    Now Jared, you I and everyone else know that he is not Amdersons “pal”, that is his partner and it is clear as day that their together as a couple. Anyways they look nice together and I hope they bring happiness to each other.

  • Joe

    OMG, Ben looks really HOT!!!

  • krb

    Have they gotten married yet?

  • Go Ask Alice

    He is gay.
    No big deal.
    He is a good at giving the news.

  • Annaliese

    Yeah, they work out together at the gym and ride bikes together, sounds like a trainer to me. Anything other than that is wishful thinking on the gays part.

    They don’t even look like they are together ever, it’s more like this ugly guy is following Anderson around NY and in with the photogs trying to get fame for himself and that skank gay bar of his.

  • offtheproperty

    It’s a post-love world.

  • Jason

    My poor Annaliese, your wacky post is completely insane! Those two are clearly dating, and have been for quite a while now. Besides, if Ben was just a trainer that followed Anderson around so that photogs could take their pics together to get fame for himself and his bar, do you really think Anderson would keep on using him as his personal trainer? Your loony theory doesn’t make any sense.




  • Realistic

    Anderson Cooper is cool in book…. intelligent, witty, funny, humanitarian, cute I dig him. :)




  • Kim

    @Annaliese: Yeah Annaliese AC just needs to met the right girl LOL. Anderson has never denied being gay even after OUT magazine put him on the cover.A straight guy would clear that rumor up and deny it.

  • Marriage Equality


    Hate to ruin your day, but Ben is not Anderson’s “trainer”. I see them at Gold’s gym here in Hollywood occasionally and they hire a “trainer” that works them out as a “couple”. They’ve also been spotted vacationing together in India sharing a hotel room/bed. They have also bought a house together in NYC recently. They are clearly a “couple”.

  • Annaliese

    Umm, there are pics of Anderson ALONE in Jaipur, where he was on vacation ALONE. They certainly did NOT purchase a home together Anderson and Ben don’t live together. Ben lives in the gay area of NY and Anderson lives ALONE in his penthouse on 38th street. You are a gay man with an agenda to have Anderson on your ‘team’ and he isn’t.

    I also see that the lunatic Carol Hubbard from AnderBanter is here posting her nonsense. She has made up this entire love story but that’s just it, it’s made up. Notice all the personal attack because they have no proof of what they say.

    Ben is employed by CNN, that is all, nothing more.

  • Yeeeouch

    The gays get awful defensive when you point out their lies and they lie all the time because they want to own Anderson Cooper. Hey, gays, why don’t you just live your own life and quit trying to live thru others? Maybe then you’d be happy with yourselves instead of all these personal attacks against people you don’t know on the net who don’t believe your lies.

    Anderson has never denied being straight either, so by your theory, he is straight.

    He isn’t going to do what YOU want or live his life for YOU, so how about you gays find another guy to latch your movement onto who can really do things for your cause, you already have Tim Gunn, Clay Aiken and Lance Bass, pick one of them to lead your march into gayness.

  • Gary

    Anderson and Ben are a couple and have been for a little over a year. Anderson lives with Ben in the “gay area” of New York and they will eventually move into a gigantic firehouse near NYU after renovations are completed. There has never been a single indication of Anderson being straight, no multiple photos of him walking around NY with a woman as there are with Ben and if Anderson was dating a woman, he would’ve brought her to the Vanity Fair Oscar party earlier this year, but no, he brought Ben. Ben may be ripped, muscular and in fine shape, but he is NOT Anderson Cooper’s trainer, he is indeed his partner and it goes beyond the bounds of reality based thinking to imagine that someone has concocted this entire relationship for their own amusement or agenda. Since the majority of the people posting comments are reasonable, logical and can clearly see that there’s a real relationship between Anderson and Ben, the one person who is feverishly and desperately trying to spin the scenario into something she can deal with emotionally sounds utterly absurd.

  • boo

    Michael K is going to be jealous!!!!!!!

  • TJ Johnson

    I have worked out with Anderson for the last 2 years and if you read my website, you’ll see that I specialize in mountain bike workouts and extreme sports. It’ me in that picture.

  • Jody

    It’s obvious that Annaliese and Yeeouch are the same person posing as a different poster here: same major denial about AC being gay and same paranoia about a conspiracy orchestrated by “the gays” to “claim” him as one of theirs. What a freak!

  • trevor

    Hot couple! It’s cute how they are always seen doing things together and a couple times even wearing matchy shirts.

  • Jane

    What a hot couple! Those two are seen together everywhere, they must be so in luuuuuv! I’m happy for them

  • to Annaliese

    please do your family a favor; don’t let your mind wander, it’s far too small to be let out on its own. listen carefully, it’s no secret here in new york that anderson cooper is GAY. it’s also no secret in new york that his relationship with Ben went way beyond friendship long ago. now, if that upsets your little mind so be it. yes, it’s true that he has never come out and said that he’s gay but then why should he have to. his actions speak for themselves.

  • jaye

    Anderson always look like he’s ‘caught in the headlights’ when he’s photograph with his ? whatever he wants to call him.

  • Lola

    If they’re together, I don’t really care. But I think Andersoon Cooper is one of the most respectable people on television nowadays.

  • Michael

    Anderson and Ben make a really attractive couple and I wish them the best.

  • Jimmy

    What many don’t know, I suspect, is that Cooper is NYC aristocracy. He’s a Vanderbilt, son of Gloria.

  • karen

    nice to see them out and about

  • Kan

    He is amazing. And, I absolutely respect how he doesn’t brag about his royal roots. I find his character incredibly admirable. Wish I had his I.Q, too.

  •! Annie

    What a hot couple! I love how Anderson doesn’t make any fuss about being gay or demand special treatment because his relationship is just so normal to him. He is what he is.

  • boston16

    It’s so refreshing to see gay men who do not act like as@holes. (I am gay)

  • Joe

    I see Ben at his bar all the time, he’s a really cool guy. I hear the bf is nice too!

  • Gavin

    @boston16: You EPITOMIZE of the word “as.shole”, as.$hole. Your comments are offensive, bigoted and embarrassing 99% of the time. The again, you’re probably 80 years old and still live on your own.

  • Gavin

    eta: – *of*

  • Paula

    It’s nice to see two hot gay guys in love like that. AC and Ben have been together for over a year now, and they seem really happy together. Good luck to them both!

  • @Annaliese

    Or do we call you Cindy? it has been common knowledge in NYC for many years that Anderson is gay.