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Kristin Kreuk Shoots Hill Zaini Music Video

Kristin Kreuk Shoots Hill Zaini Music Video

Kristin Kreuk is looking as perfect as ever outside London’s Dorchester hotel on Saturday (July 3).

The 27-year-old former Smallville actress and the legendary Faye Dunaway are in town to shoot a music video for 22-year-old Bruneian singer Hill Zaini (pictured below). The trio shot the new video at the British film studio, Pinewood Studios.

Below is a video Hill made with singer Samantha Mumba called “Stay In The Middle”.

Hill Zaini – “Stay In The Middle” Music Video
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Photos: WENN
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  • Lisa

    She looks absolutely amazing!

  • oh hay

    Samantha Mumba lololol.

  • Dane

    Her character on Smallville was one of the most excruciatingly annoying characters on TV. So glad that show’s ending, now if only they stop with the dire re-runs.

  • Slig

    She like sleep no news .normal japan

  • Slig

    Run run short she like 4’6

  • whatever

    She’s always looked like a mouse to me.

  • madame

    I can barely watch the video. But the song seems beautiful I like it

  • Elle

    super cute and pretty as always.

  • jane-lee

    I like Kristin ! Happy to see her ^^

    She’s so pretty

  • Jermaine

    WTF did I just watch. 3 mins of my life I’m never getting back.

  • YAY a hasbeen and a nobody!

    that song and video is so cringe-inducing lmao. insult to the eyes and ears, jfc

  • Di

    She looks great in that black dress

  • pu

    The same people who follow her around to post negative comments are the most excruciatingly annoying people. Piss off.

  • Shoshanna

    She’s not a very good actress. She always looked like she was about to burst into tears on Smallville.

  • Tab

    She is beautiful . Most people stop watching Smallville after Kristiin left. What is the ratings now for Smallville, less than one million. She is way better than that old nut job Erica Durance. Viewers can only watch Ddurance with the sounds off, Her large silicone implants are her only funny weird asset, along with her lift eyebrows and her botox cheeks.

  • Sally

    She looks FANTASTIC!!! Love Her <3 <3
    I hope she gets involved in another project soon…miss her!
    Maybe appear in “Chuck” again as Hannah ;)

  • dots

    Kristin looks STUNNING! I’ve really missed seeing her!

  • N

    Guest starring in some unknown video – wow Kristen, huge career step.
    Unless she’s suddenly improved, I hope she turns away from acting as she was very annoying, bland, and one dimensional in Smallville.

  • IMatt

    Kristin Kreuk is a good actress and she’s gorgeous. Smallville went downhill when she left. Ratings never recovered.

    And Kristin is 5’4″ not 4’6″ moron. Check your facts dumbass.

  • wow gorgeous!

    Is she dating Zachary Levi from CHUCK?

  • Optiskais internets

    The good girl and the bad girl :)

  • Vanessa

    She’s not as pretty as she used to be. Her features are too sharp.

  • Eric

    Who the hell is Hill Zaini?

  • Skye

    I love Kristin Kreuk. She’s so pretty. I wanna see more of her in tv or movies. I’d like to see more of her on the show “Chuck.”

  • wtf

    @pu: No one is following her around, get over yourself. This is a Gossip site for EVERY celebrity open for EVERYONE to make comments to express opinions. If someone was registered on her fansite talking bad about her, your point would stand.

  • b


  • pu

    @wtf yeah you are so go suck it. i’m sick of lying sacks of turds like you.

  • clana

    the singer, he doesn’t have a great voice. i can’t see kristin kreuk at all in the music video. weird!!!

  • Me

    @N: Just so you know moron, Kristin Kreuk is currently filming Law & Order: Los Angeles. She will be on the show regularly for NBC. I’m glad Kristin left Smallville because I hate the show, plus the show has been shitty without her in it.

  • dean

    Smallville fans go back to your one million viewers show,Stop harassing Kristin.
    Y`all just jealous.

  • dean

    What`s this blurb about KK dating Zach? For real?

  • http://GOOGLE.COM Cindy

    All you girls obsessing over Kristin’s looks and appearance sound like a bunch of repressed closeted LESBIANS! I never understood how some straight girls can obsess so much over the looks of other girls?! What do you get out of that? Geez, atleast talk about male hotties like Alexander Skarsgard, Henry Cavill, Matt Bomer, Robert Pattinson, etc, etc. Pathetic loosers.

  • Lotsa Potential

    I agree with a lot of the comments here that her character on Smallville was very bland, one-dimensional, and she always looked like she was on the verge of tears. This just doesn’t fly in today’s world. Nobody wants to see that. I would have liked to see a stronger, more dynamic Lana who had some more spunk and personailty. But i think part of the problem was how her role was written and she had to follow through with what they were expecting of her. Cuz if you don’t you get fired! But I think she has great potential. She was great on NBC’s ‘Chuck’. Much luck and success to her. :)

  • Kimb1988

    I’ve never heard of ths singe, Hill Zaini, before now. But to have a huge star like FAYE DUNAWAY and a well known actress like Kristin Kreuk star in your music video then you must be pretty good! I will have to check more of her music out.

  • Tab

    who cares if Lana is very bland. Smallville is passed its prime and it has that dumb idiot Erica Durance whose lack of talent is not made up by her fake boobs, phony acting and dummy characterization. Nobody watches Smallville, not even for a cheap laugh over Durance dishing her brand of idiocy.

  • Rodneywisguy

    Kristin Kreuk set the tone for Smalliville….the Wb hired her and picked up the show before anyone got hired. When Kristin’s character was used
    a lot, the show saw ratings up to almost 10 million viewers.

  • http://Scott4567 eagle one

    What a gorgeous and talented lady! *swoons*
    All genre television runs the gamut from the sublime to the cheesy.
    Even the X-files had the “Lone Gunmen”-all three of them. ;)

  • http://h Kaz

    Fugly , what is tthis woman? Go in the rabege celebrition in here with tybe miley

  • wannaknow

    She`s beyond normal,soooo gorgeous.
    But why is she alone in London?
    where`s her bf,does she single?
    is it true she`s dating that chuck guy?
    Someone respond please :)

  • http://h Kaz

    I mean to celebrate in the rabege not in the red carbet

  • IO

    OMG..she is amazing!!! *__*
    I love her..she’s an incredible actress..

  • Nat

    She looks so perfect

  • ares

    Whether or not she`s involved with Zac Levi is still a rumor/speculation.
    I personally don`t like her old beau mark hildreth.

  • michelle

    I so love her and Tom Welling!!

  • clana

    @wannaknow: No, Kristin and Zachary Levi are not dating. They’re just friends.

  • Are you kidding me

    @Tab: Erica and Lex were the only good things about Smallville.

  • computerguy

    Erica is the 40 year old fake old goat that is making Smallville unwatchable. She should have told her plastic surgeon to stop inflating her boobs when they reached the size of bowling balls. Michael is gone forever, like he rest of the actors/actresses who act instead of mimic and show off their mammalian glands.

  • Me

    @computerguy: Erica, did she really had plastic surgery done? I remember one of the episode behind the scene Kristin Kreuk was making a joke about Erica’s big boobs in that episode, its was funny. Yea, anyway, Smallville has been sucks to watch since KK left and Erica took over Lana’s spot of the show.

  • Greg

    Shut Up Smallville and Kristin haters!!
    She looks pretty.

  • mara

    If you folks are glad Lana’s out of Suckville, then, act it. It’s been years. Move on. Kristin has.

    @ Cindy,

    And so what if women admire other women’s looks? I didn’t realize it’s such a taboo to be admiring beauty in people. But thinking a girl is pretty doesn’t necessarily make any girl a lesbian, and saying that we are one because wouldn’t really be an insult either. There’s nothing wrong with being a lesbian, you IGNORANT HOMOPHOBE.