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Marisa Miller: FHM's Sexiest Woman in the World 2010

Marisa Miller: FHM's Sexiest Woman in the World 2010

Marisa Miller, voted 2010′s Sexiest Woman in the World, covers FHM‘s August 2010 issue!

The 31-year-old Victoria’s Secret model steals the crown from last year’s winner, Megan Fox. Marisa calls the honor “hugely humbling and flattering.”

Marisa let FHM into her home for an exclusive photo shoot where she opened her gates and let her dressing gown hang free. She says, “I know men are very visual, so I thought it would be fun to play up the sexy, housewife-next-door fantasy.”

The August 2010 issue of FHM will be available on newstands July 8!

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  • Celia

    I don’t understand why people find this woman attractive. She looks like a man to me.

  • brooke


    Your just jealous someone is prettier than you

  • Sacha

    Her body is amazing….so lean (?) and flexible.

  • Tori

    Sexiest women in the World?
    Not….Even….Close -_- Try again

  • whatever

    Her skin always looks sunburnt and unhealthy. Also, are her boobs even real?

  • reba

    31? She looks 40!

  • FHM

    She’s quite gorgeous/sexy, and interesting to look at, imo.
    I wouldn’t vote her sexiest woman in the world at all. But then, I’m not voting~

  • Erin

    @whatever: I agree!! She always looks so sunburnt or something. I was trying to tell my BF that but he disagrees. I would not call her ugly by any means, but not very healthy looking at all. One, she’s way too skinny. Two, her skin looks very unhealthy and hair. Three, she has a very mature looking face for her body, seems weird.

  • Jonte

    It must be awesome for your confidence to be given that title from all the other gorgeous women in the list, can you imagine.

  • Ben

    wish SHE lived next door to me

  • Kate

    Hot? yes. Sexiest woman in the world? That’s a big call. She’s attractive but in a way that is fairly typical – I think you could find a lot of women who look like her at college parties, model casting calls, etc. There’s nothing particularly striking. At least Megan Fox has an unusual beauty.
    Does anyone else think the FHM cover looks airbrushed too? There’s something wrong with her back. I think they’ve over-emphasised the curve.

  • Ed

    she is sexy!

  • Mia

    Her face looks like burnt jerky. Guess guys don’t care as long as you’re blonde and have fake tits

  • yes


  • Ish

    May be she is considered sexy in the fug-land.

  • Mia

    sorry, i meant to say …”guys who read that magazine”. I know there’s some sane ones out there

  • yvette

    Ha! People who say the rude things about her just have some personal self doubt issues. She is pretty much perfect. Her body is beyond amazing. I wish I had that body, or at least close to it. I love her, shes awesome

  • well

    She no longer models for Victoria’s Secret.
    VS dumped her this year, so they must not agree with FHM’s readers.
    Her boobs are fake, and her skin is so sun-damaged that she looks ten years older than she is.
    Not a good choice, guys. IMO.

  • bereal

    i don’t like her face, its too harsh, Is FHM still around in the USA, I thought they don’t exist anymore?

  • isee

    she has big boobs for being so skinny, God must have been good to her?

  • LadyB

    Megan Fox was not last year’s winner. She was 2 years ago. I believe last year’s winner was Cheryl Cole. I am not 100% sure. As for Marisa Miller, I think she has an amazing body; her face though is very ordinary.

  • wow

    @LadyB: Megan was No 1 for USA, Cheryl was No 1 for UK list

  • Baked

    Big tits… butter face.

  • Slig

    Iam sexsit man in the world hahahaha any people love me

  • Helen

    If it was Adriana Lima I could be ok with that, but not with Marisa, I never thought she was that sexy – sure she has some great bikini shots which are perfect, but she doesn’t always look sexy


    He looks like a prostitute… or pornactress, I don’t like her.


    SHE* AHHAHA sorry.

  • http://h Kaz

    Shut up brooke u just fat girl and short and so jeolusy cuz ur noting ,and marisa miller like ugly man

  • mickey

    This girl looks HARD and busted. I don’t get her AT ALL.

  • Meike

    yeah, nice body, but I also think her face look like a man, way to hard looking
    I totally agree with @Erin
    and no, I am not “jealous” (like @brooke said) and have “personal self doubt issues” (like @yvette said)
    pretty ridiculous to say something like that all the time just because for some she isn’t the sexiest woman in the world. nice try

  • WoW

    Very sexy but wouldn’t call her stunning. At least she’s better looking than cabbage head-Miranda Kerr and her body has a shape instead of being boxy and boring.

  • Joan

    Her face is busted!

  • antonella

    jessica simpson

  • dfgds

    wow listen to you haters! haha Im not even really a fan, but im sure you would never win any sexy titles! lol your hating words, pretty much prove how fat and ugly you must be…..and just cuz she dont have some big old fat round face, does not mean she looks like man. oh I forgot, every female celeb here does according to your 10 double chins….
    fat faces are gross, and she would have never been a model who gets paid tons of money, if she had an average girls fat round face, you see EVERYWHERE.

  • annie

    She wasn’t even the sexiest Vic Secret Model. Sorry, but no one is prettier, sexier than Adriana Lima. She is so beautiful and so sexy without looking like a next door tramp.

    Poor taste in a photo op Marisa!

  • kiki

    Umm…no. Most definitely not. Not even close.

  • zzzz

    I think she’s gorgeous in a girl-next-door way, and I think that’s what MEN find attractive-a woman that has some quirks, like freckles, sun damage. It makes a woman look approachable. Sure, there are women who are more classically beautiful, but they may seem intimidating, unattainable. Marisa’s got that big , happy grin, and men like that. Men also love boob jobs. This is a poll from FHM mag, after all.

  • lolz

    I find it so hilarious the notion “skinny girls cant have real natural big breasts” LMAO. try telling that to my Italian size zero cousin, good one!

    not every skinny girl has a flat chest. get that perception outta your minds right now.

  • Astros

    Well you guys are such such such haters…..

    She is flawless and all real. Not FAKE.,.. The hottest and most famous super model of our time. All those dropping hating comments are such haters and frankly mad jelous…… But I get UT, your all fat fugally chicks dreaming you even look a fraction of how hot Marisa Miller is

  • jawline

    Gorgeously sultry looking!!!! She has that classic face too. V SEXY!!!!

  • Sophie

    “I know men are very visual.” How very insightful of her! No shit, how else do you think you got your job?

  • anon

    Wow, most of the remarks here are catty, bitchy, and clearly come from a place of anger and darkness. SO sad.

  • Agnes, the French

    I think she is pretty and looks nice.She is very cute and attractive, i like her face, is very sweet, very “apple pie”. I think she looks healthy, actually she is “Sunny”. Although , I would not vote for her to be the sexiest woman alive. There are tons of women more beautiful than her. Adriana Lima, Giselle, Alessandra Ambrosio, Sara Carbonero, Angelina Jolie, Megan Fox, etc etc etc. But, I think men , really like the ” american girl next door look”, which her represents very well.

  • Jokergurl

    “Sexiest Woman in the World”? I can think of about 50 more who are prettier and more charismatic.

  • Harry B. Altz

    I’m too busy drooling over my keyboard to continue typi…n…..g

  • johnhandcock

    How in the world can anyone be sexiest with fake body parts? I don”t know who or why voted Marisa Miller the sexiest woman in the world, when she has fake boobs! Sexy is showing what you were born with, not what man created and attached to your body in the hope of making you more beautiful. She may be attractive folks, but I’d put Jaclyn Smith up against her right now, and Jaclyn is a few years her senior. Now that is real beauty!! Charlies” Angels era, Marisa would not even stand a chance! Jaclyn was voted the most beautiful woman in the world at one time and that was with all of her own body parts. Beauty is what makes a woman sexy. ‘nough said!

  • Yurii

    Her boobs are real!!!
    She is very slim. She has very slender waist and big natural boobs.
    Secondly, her skin are normal and she doesn’t look old, only on this photo.

    And two years ago she was a winner in Maxim’s top 100.
    She’s not so famous as acteresses, even close, but second time on top.
    She is the best. Definitely.