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Megan Fox's Dad "Thrilled" About Wedding

Megan Fox's Dad

Megan Fox tries to discreetly make her way into a medical building in Los Angeles on Friday (July 2).

The 24-year-old former Transformers actress recently got married to long-time boyfriend Brian Austin Green on Hawaii’s Big Island.

Megan‘s dad told RadarOnline, “Megan gave me a call after the ceremony, and then sent a photograph of her and Brian with her iPhone. My daughter looked very happy in the photograph that she sent me in what was a very private ceremony. I’m delighted for her and I’ve met Brian before and I think that he is a good guy and I hope they will be happy. We are in regular contact and I usually go and see her when she visits her sister in Florida. I’m really thrilled for them both!”

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  • Nicole

    I hope shes not pregnant. Poor kid. She has no personality

  • liz

    I prefer her than Jolie..

  • Slig

    Wow i want see baby so beautiful

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    I’m more hungry i want eating .

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    Ooh i have like this cap yeah

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    Hi any body bring me food and drink

  • http://h Kaz

    Omg ! I don’t have mony now, hi megan give me just 100 or 1000 dollar

  • Slig

    Wow nice mony


    Why bother to be “discreet”, when the lowest of the lower classes, “Jared” announces each time one visit a doctor on this blog?

    For the ignorant, actors visit a doc EACH time they are up for a role, it’s required and it’s called a certificate of healthand is a legality for liability reasons.

  • explain

    why is anyone talking about this woman?

  • Kelly

    i can’t stand her.

  • Kelly

    Look strange… Ugly

  • samantha

    She’s sexy. Yum! When you look like her, you don’t need a personality to be accepted.

    However I still think Brian is nothing more than a tattoed piece of trash.

  • Robert

    She like sick

  • D0


  • lol

    publicity stunt because she isnt working anymore so she doesnt need to see a doctor she has that fake oh no you caught me look only presswhores perfect over time and practice her marriage was a pr stunt her father talking pr stunt and her husbands new casting on desperate housewives allpr stunts its all she has now

  • KellStar

    If my dad doesn’t get to walk me down the aisle and give a hearty toast, he will be crushed beyond words!

  • Dora

    She didn’t even invite her PARENTS to her wedding???
    Sounds like she hardly ever speaks to them and probably has nearly no relationship with them at all, her father’s statement is just sad.
    (Megan Fox tries to discreetly make her way into a medical building) – my guess is for more plastic surgery, but who knows, she could even be pregnant.

  • Courtney

    god help us all if Megan is pregnant she’s to self serving to successful raise a child we’ll see if true if she conceived on their honeymoon than she’d be due at the end of March begining of April 2011

    just look at the later stills from the movie Rally Around The Flag Boys you can see Joanne Woodward was pregnant again after a loss earlier in the year and she had her & Paul Newman’s oldest daughter Nell April 8th 1959 about 14 months after that loss

  • Tori

    Well I honestly don’t blame megan for her choice not to invite her parents..she should’ve told them but honestly that’s how i wanna get married on a beach away from everything me and my partner.

    If she’s pregnat i guess that would explain why she just got married likle that,but i hope she isnt,she doesnt look like the type of person that would be a great mom,her kid would be just as stupid as her.

  • CanadaGirl

    Even in sloppy everyday clothes this girl is fabulous.

  • Oliver

    Her dad found out she was married AFTER the wedding?!?! Gee, that’s F—ing nice, i thought “intimate ceremonies” were limited to your parents and a best friend or two. My folks would be crushed if i did that!

  • dp

    bet shes going in to screw alittle more on her face. Also, what an AWESOME person she is; getting married and not even having the respect to invite her own parents. God what a snob.

  • fug

    that’s how she is slowly but clearly turning into : a fug bimbo with zero talent and zero personality.

  • sunny

    How can one not invite their parents to your own wedding and sleep soundly at night? That is cruel unless you were never brought up to value family in the first place.

  • Oy Vey

    Apparently she never even visits her father because the only he even gets to see her is when she visits her sister and he has to go to her. Not inviting her parents is pretty low especially since there were about five or six guests there. White trash idot.

  • So cold & vain !

    She has zero problems with her family and couldn’t invite her parents and sister in her own wedding ? What a beotch !

  • Lisa

    He has met Brian before? Um, havent they been together for years and years. I would think you have done more than met him!

  • rudy

    @Nicole: haha she has a personality but you just might not like it, she is not a robot?

  • les

    wow you are rude

  • les

    @Oy Vey: Oy Vey you are acting like a dumbass idiot yourself

  • Mia

    Why are blog sites still so obsessed with her? She is done. It’s so pathetic how she’s been doing these photo ops recently, starting with the first hawaii bikini pics. She’s so fake and talentless..her 15 minutes of fame are drying up finally

  • Beam

    Uuummm…… like you, I’m asking myself how could she NOT invite her parents at her wedding (and call her dad AFTER the ceremony) if everything is cool between them. Wow. Really sad indeed.

  • isee

    @Mia: Mia that’s when sites make money, they pay Jared to post pictures, that is why you see more d-listers on Just Jared, he likes $$$$, and Megan is not done yet, she falling fast and hanging on by hair, but she is not going anywhere on this site the further she falls the more you will see of her


    She is so dumb and vulgar. Megan should be ashamed!

  •! Annie

    I don’t trust this BAG. Since 90201 ended he’s managed to keep himself semi-famous by latching on to the latest hot young star of the day. Wouldn’t suprise me if he had something to do with Megan’s insecurities (face injections, weight loss ect).

    Dump him Megan.

  • Courtney

    Hawaii isn’t exactaly a shot gun wedding that’s reserved for Vegas and their far from the first celebs not to invite their parents to their wedding neither did Paul Newman & Joanne Woodward when they got married in Vegas January 29th 1958 the difference is she was visibly pregnant on their wedding day and in their wedding party their was only 6 other people as in the 4 bridesmaids the maide of Honor which was her agents wife and the best man for whom their middle daughter Melissa’s middle name was for nearly 4 years later in September of 1961

    here’s a picture if you don’t believe me

  • Andie

    Megan is awesome. Love her.

  • hardfrogs

    seriously should mind your own business. she has life. if that’s the way she wants it then let it be. i mean c’mon no one’s perfect. geesh. you guys f__ing judge too much