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Oksana Grigorieva Visits Lawyer; Gives Deposition

Oksana Grigorieva Visits Lawyer; Gives Deposition

Oksana Grigorieva visits her lawyer to discuss matters in her custody fight with Mel Gibson on Thursday (July 1) in Century City, Calif.

After her meeting, Oksana went to give her deposition in the case. TMZ reports that she will have to testify under oath about her relationship with Mel, her demands, and about the tapes that were recently leaked with Mel hurling racial slurs.

The 54-year-old actor was caught on camera calling his ex a “whore” and a “c-t.” The pair are currently in a custody battle over their daughter Lucia.

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  • http://h Kaz

    Oksana like ugly fish hahaha

  • S Swan

    There is this little thing called KARMA!!!! Anyone heard of it? That’s what you get for sleeping around with a married man

  • Sweetness

    @ S Swan took the words right out of my mouth…

    This is an example of KARMA to the highest degree..although Karma does not necessarily mean only bad things can happen to you…but in life if you do wrong to someone, it will come back to you in some form.
    This woman gladly flaunted being with this married man and had no heart about how his wife of 20 years must have felt…and now she is going through worse humiliation.

  • Amanda

    Umm… I hope you guys are kidding. She doesn’t deserve to be abused by a jerk like Mel Gibson. I’m not defending what she did, but Mel is in the wrong here.

  • Iffy Miffy

    @Amanda: Actually they are defending that abusive, racist pig. Do not be surprised though – he is not the first man, nor the last, who abused his partner, only to be later ‘excused’ from his vile actions by the slandering of the women. Typical backward bs steeped in misogyny.

  • Slig

    She needs to wear more makeup and new boy

  • ggfdfsyfghj

    she wants only money!!! i hope she gets nothing… find a new rich man to steal money

  • yeeeah

    worl cup = GERMANY

  • http://verysexy.. sharyllee

    she only wants money!!

  • oh

    This is sad all the way around. I bet she was hoping for a “happily ever after” ending with Mel and the baby for sure but it backfired. I’m sure she thought that she was going to be that one SPECIAL woman that could “understand” him. Unfortunately, that didn’t happen.

    Mel, on the other hand, is Mel. His money and fame have totally DESTROYED any moral compass he started out with. Granted Christians are sinners, but his level of HATE for women is beyond reproach. Sadly, he’ll NEVER get the help he needs. He’s way to full of himself at this point. Its only going to get worse and he’s only 54…

    Makes me wonder why he bothered to make “Passion of the Christ”?? Its an incredibly moving picture about Jesus produced by a man who doesn’t appear to have even cracked open a Bible with any real interest in what Jesus was trying to teach him, but then again Satan had memorized Scripture, but he failed to obey it.

    Money is the root of all evil and in Mel’s case, its not just the root, its the whole tree. Its a sad ending to a once respected talented man.

  • oh


    Forget the money. Money means nothing. Who’d want his money? She wanted a RELATIONSHIP with Mel in the beginning!!! He’s not interested, so he’s going to paint her into an ugly little box with his fame and fortune because he can. Nevermind, his own sick behavior!

    Men with money shouldn’t even bother having relationships. They are just going to call them golddiggers once they tire of them and destroy any self-esteem the woman started with. Why bother?

  • oh


    Dear Mel Gibson lawyer/PR Agent, quit it!!
    Mel is just as guilty messing with this woman’s body, mind and heart as she for taking a chance on him!! She will regret this for the rest of her life!

  • swayyyy

    money HUNTER!!!!!!! this woman is a liar…

  • Iffy Miffy

    @swayyyy: Sure she is … Mel denied saying all those nasty things after all! … Oh, wait ….

  • CNN

    @S Swan:
    YOU ARE worringly WRONG. Why are you VICTIM BLAMING? There is no excuse EVER for striking another person. Ever. Even if THEY hit you, walk away. MEL decided to break apart his own marriage, accept that.

  • Kingston

    I don’t care for this woman one bit but Mel Gibson choosing to break up his own marriage does not in any form mean this woman deserves the verbal and physical abuses he hurls at her. Mel Gibson was/is a racist piece of sh*t BEFORE the alcoholism. Not after. Watch his interviews, do some research. The alcoholism is not fueling the racism or sexism. Anyone who supports or encourages this type of behaviour is also a disgusting piece of sh*t. There is no way he is getting custody of that innocent child.

  • gross

    He’s your typical misogynistic and bigoted rich douche.

  • oh

    Seriously, you hit the nail on the head! TYPICAL MISOGYNISTIC and BIGOTED RICH douche.

    I can’t imagine any sane woman wanting to bother with such a type, but then again there are plenty of women that think they’ll be the LUCKY ONE who will get the fairytale ending! Fat chance!

  • Jen

    No woman deserves this kind of abuse that Mel has dished out. Why are we blaming her for the end of Mel’s marriage? There were probably other women both before and after her. Regardless, Mel is the one who ended his marriage with his adultery, he’s the one to blame. And now that he’s shown himself to be a racist, sexist, mysogynist abuser, I hope the court grants custody to Oxana and allows only supervised visits with his daugher. No innocent child should be exposed to a person this hateful.

  • twpumpkin

    I am not excusing his behavior but I think it is pretty low to tape a heated argument and then leak it to the media. We all say things we should not say when we are fighting. This lady is nothing but a money grubber.

  • russians

    Mel Gibson is dumb

  • S@n

    This woman looks weird and Mel Gibson deserves what happened!

  • Iffy Miffy

    @twpumpkin: Actually we usually reveal who we truly are when we are angry. Some people, like our ‘dear’ Mel, managed to reveal – yet again mind you – that he is a misogynist racist. Try again.

  • CanadaGirl

    It didn’t take a crystal ball to see a cash grab coming.

  • Huberth

    it is obvious that all what she wants is money thats all.

  • Oldfurniture

    Gawd, these two people just piss me off! On the one side a drunk, violent racist on the other side a golddigging, housewrecking whore. So whom am I going to favor??

  • Jokergurl

    It tells what kind of person this women actually is because she taped a private conversation (it doesn’t matter what was said) From a psychological and judicial standpoint she’s vindictive and she’s calculating. I do not feel sorry for this woman at all.

  • Criminal Defense

    Very interesting article and thank you for posting. Coming from a lawyer, depositions are never a fun thing.

  • In the know

    Mel Gibson cheated on his first wife repeatedly. He is a pig and an emotional abuser and it looks like he may be physically abusive.

    Karma for the girlfriend? LOL Was she breaking any vows. HOw twisted you people are.

    Mel it getting hit by the karma train as we speak. As I see it he has three choices – become a monk and disappear, move to the middle east and join a fundamental Islamic group or become a polygamous Mormon.

    There is nothing sweeter than watching Mel exposed for the hypocrite that he is. Passion of the Christ, ,my ass. Mel put on your crown of thorns and die.

  • Anne


    This is the best and most intelligent comment I have ever read. Way to go ! You are right!

  • DeeleyM

    @Jokergurl: Nup, we don’t have to feel SORRY for her; we just need to feel contempt and hatred for the bully on the other end of the phone. What a jerk! What an egotistical, racist, piggish, creep of a ‘man’. He can’t act very well, either. He’s a loser, and his career is OVAH.

  • DeeleyM

    @swayyyy: Yep, she’s a LIAR!…..So THAT’S why Mad Mel ranted, and spewed forth all that vemon! Of course!….Mel’s a really good catholic! He hasn’t got one racist, sexist, drunken, bullying, violent bone in his scrawny little body. She MADE him behave like that…poor Mel.

  • DeeleyM

    There’s a point or two that I’m not too clear on. Does anybody know FOR SURE when Robyn and Mad Mel broke up? Was Oxy the reason?….

    I’ve read that Robyn left in 2006, but only sought a divorce recently, when he was pictured cavorting on a beach with Oxy. I just can’t understand why Mel would allow even any TALK of a divorce – being such a good catholic and all…and being such a gentleman, and so sweet & loving, and so forgiving. Why, in Gods name, would Robyn decide to leave all that?