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Rosie Huntington-Whiteley & Shia Labeouf: Transformers Tandem!

Rosie Huntington-Whiteley & Shia Labeouf: Transformers Tandem!

Shia LaBeouf and Rosie Huntington-Whiteley shoot some scenes for Transformers 3 in Los Angeles on Friday (July 2).

Rosie, 23, and Shia, 24, were first seen shooting together last month.

The Victoria’s Secret model treated herself to a pampering session at a skincare salon last Saturday.

Shia has recently been discussed as possibly playing a role in Peter Morgan‘s upcoming film, Riptide. Brad Pitt has also been rumored to be a part of the project.

10+ pictures inside of the Transformers tandem of Shia LaBeouf and Rosie Huntington-Whiteley

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shia labeouf rosie huntington whiteley transformers tandem 01
shia labeouf rosie huntington whiteley transformers tandem 02
shia labeouf rosie huntington whiteley transformers tandem 03
shia labeouf rosie huntington whiteley transformers tandem 04
shia labeouf rosie huntington whiteley transformers tandem 05
shia labeouf rosie huntington whiteley transformers tandem 06
shia labeouf rosie huntington whiteley transformers tandem 07
shia labeouf rosie huntington whiteley transformers tandem 08
shia labeouf rosie huntington whiteley transformers tandem 09
shia labeouf rosie huntington whiteley transformers tandem 10

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  • http://h Kaz

    Rosie ummm yeah gorgeous .saia noting

  • Slig

    She beautiful

  • Wow!

    OMG, look at those legs! Moronda Kerr must be dying of jealousy….. Rosie is 1000 times hotter than her and she got to do her debut in a movie role before her!

  • Ish

    This girl’s nose is bigger than Shia’s.

  • holly

    She’s hot, he’s not.

  • http://yahoo lil d

    man megan fox is ten times hotter then her…wat shame …i bet shia misses her bc they were or r good friends

  • Megan Faux

    This girl’s nose is the ultimate testament that she isn’t vain and weak to the point of getting under plastic surgeries left and right. This girl can live with a flaws in the modeling industry and survive with those flaws in Hollywood. She is a way more bigger nose than original’s Megan one but yet she has been modeling with it for years !
    She has strong self esteem, which is so refreshing, especially for a model who certainly was asked over and over again to fix it and won’t cave in to that diktaat…And she is only 23 and has that strength.
    Now that’s what i call being TRULY beautiful from within to outside. She is a woman totally in control and comfortable in her own skin. I bet she is among the 0,001 % in Hollywood who didn’t fix her nose and probaly among tyhe 0,000001 % of her generation.
    Props for that refreshing attitude that tells much more about her personality and attitude towards vanity.

  • Megan Faux

    Megan FAUX was ten times uglier pre plastic surgeries, became ten times hotter after the first round of plastic surgeries and is now back to the ten times uglier…and older too.
    Sorry Megan but since you changes faces every month and look now like a 40 year old tranny, i can understand Michael’s Bay concern with an actress who in his film will look different from the first shot to the last one disturbing the audiences about Michael transformation during the same movie.
    He is shooting TRANSFORMERS, not ALIENS, the return of the freaks for which you would fit in perfectly with your constant changes of face, sometimes during the same month.

  • meganlover

    maybe her legs are awesome but the face is sooooo damn ugly ….megan we miss you!
    @megan faux …yes she’s so comfortable with her self….haha LOL .She got her boobs done & the lips too so how comfortable could you be with yourself?

  • meganlover

    maybe her legs are awesome but the face is sooooo damn ugly ….megan we miss you!
    @megan faux …yes she’s so comfortable with her self….haha LOL .She got her boobs done & the lips too so how comfortable could you be with yourself?

  • Ms Anonymous

    @Megan Faux:

    THANK YOU so much for saying that, now maybe it will shut up the critics.

  • loco

    @Ish who cares???I really like to see some pics of you ;)

  • jane-lee

    She’ not really pretty

    Maybe, his nose and his eyes are weird

    Or simply one more bimbo in Hollywood

    I’d rather see erica durance for a role of this kind

  • Jess

    It’s official, Michael Bay casts with his d!ck.

  • Ehh

    She looks like a five dollar hooker.

  • http://h Kaz

    Why why ?cuze she’s beautiful than you haha ,, all people jeaolousy woohh

  • Slig

    She beautiful .why people hate she

  • #15

    Well Megan is the one who washed his d*, i mean car. So she is the hooker in here, a hooker turned 38 years old tranny overnight.
    She couls now pass as Shia’s trnasgender’s mama in ‘Transformer’
    Bay was right to send back this tranny
    That’s the so called sexy woman supposedly way more beautiful than Rosie :
    And that’s when this brainless chick apply the TRANSFORMATION TRANNIFICATION addiction to the core :
    The so called sexiest woman looks like a 40 year old Amanada Lapore in teh making. Megan should play Rosie’s mum in the 4th installment of TRANSFORMLER. By that time she will have other transformations and add another 10 years on her becoming ugly self..

  • Natural Rosie > Natural Fox

    Fox pre plastic surgeries has nothing to be written about. She is cute even pretty but nothing that stand out. And natural Fox is not sexy nor exotic.
    She is FAKER than any other fake actress that populated Hollywood…totally artificially transformed into a bimbo who just turns aging tranny during the last couple of weeks.
    BAY was right ! she doesn’t even qualifies as a twenty something ugly actress anymore. She looks 15 years older than her real age and 150 times uglier that what she used to just a few months ago.

  • Megan Faux

    Sorry Megan Lover, Rosie hasn’t done neither her lips nor her boobs (her boobs are quite flat actually for a model)…that’s Megan !
    You are twisting facts with The brunette Heidi Montag.

  • Mary

    Rosie is beautiful, even with her nose.

    Megan isn’t hot anymore. I think she’s ugly with her fillers.

  • helen

    I dislike her cause shes not an actress! Shes gonna be the weak point of this film

  • tina

    Oh Hollywood. Style over substance 99% of the time.

  • jane-lee

    We give an opinion, we can not appreciate all models

    Automatically if we give a critique, it is jealous?

    I love just not the kind of girl

  • jane-lee

    Mickael bay could call his film “transformgirl” ?

    It speaks more of the actresses in this film than the rest lol

  • AG


  • LOL

    who ? Megan ? I agree she looks like an old BULLdog with her massive lips !

  • G

    the girls are beautiful. the only ugly person is that little bitch Shilo

  • RIP Megan Fox’s hotness

    Welcome to the world new asianIzed trannified joker smiled Megan Green. You trully have a knack for professional suicide. That’s where your expertise lies.
    Good luck with your reality show in about two years ! .
    Oh and congrats, you are improving your PR strategy like a master making sure that honeymoon of yours is pictured left and right when you were so shy with the paps until a month ago !
    Three weeks ago you said you were enganged (a girl has got to do what she has to do to make poeple divert from that lame plastic surgeries campaign and your T3 leave) and won’t get married before turning 40.
    Then came Johna Hex massive bomb (already 15th in the box office and not even reaching 9 millions with a 47 millions of production costs).
    - No Transformer flick to advert your rapidly fading beauty
    - Second massive bomb in a row in your burgeonning career
    - No talent to rely on
    So let’s have that PR suprise wedding campaign and marry Brian two weeks after saying you won’t do it for the next 15 years and without even telling and inviting your own parents (your mum said she learned it from the media and your father said that you called him AFTERWARDS..nice girl !)
    I guess those Pitch Pit residuals of David Silver will help in times of crisis. You need all the money you can get now to launch your future reality show.
    Good luck in your competition with the Kardashian chicks and Heidi Montag, your blond clone…
    Oh and Rosie, i am sure you are not worried at all but let me tell you dear wether you succeed it or not, you’ll still be a VS supermodel (you already earned more than Megan yearly !) when a permanently disfigured Megan will sell Tshirts at Wallmark.
    Hell your boyfriend, the current one, Jason Stathman and ex one, Olivier Martinez are already bigger stars than David Silver. So you go girl, you are on the right track and is already a winner with nothing to lose but to gain.

  • ABC

    I think they really did a big jump since Sam’s in a suit. He’s got a job now? By the 4th installment he’d be having a midlife crisis. By the 5th, he’s be in a wheelchair. LOL.

    Still think Sam and Mikaela should have stayed together.

  • ABC

    It looks like he’s still filming for Wall Street 2 with him being in a suit and all.

  • Ish

    The only reason people went to see these films was Megan Fox. This third installment will be an epic failure.



  • RIP Megan Fox’s hotness

    yeah the only reason why people went to see Transformer was to see Megan FLAUNTING IT, so much that when she was featuring in her latets flicks flaunting it too, ‘jennifer’s body’ and ‘Johna Hex’, it failed hard….Where were her FANS then ?
    May think people went to see Transformer for Shia and the robots.

    Megan may very well be asked to come back inT4 as…Michaela’s Banes long lost tranny mother
    So Try again.
    In the meantime, RIP Megan Fox’ Hotness. Welcome home Miss Green who now looks 10 years older and 10 times uglier than her own 12+ years older new husband.

  • Cute Rosie

    Rosie is such a cutie! She’s got sass and loads of PERSONALITY, the genuine article. Never thought Megan Fox was anything special. She’s always seemed shallow and vapid and very much up her own ***.

  • gay jared

    where is Patrick Dempsey?

  • E

    shia is soooo hot!

  • celebrity gossip

    you know. glad to see her and not Megan actually. Megan seems to bad mouth what made her famous, instead of being grateful. oh well.

  • Bryony

    Rosie is pretty, but there are so many other prettier models!
    For example, Anna Jagodzinska.

  • kelly

    I already like her so much better than Megan purely because she hasnt has a ton of plastic surgery. I cannot stand it when average looking people get surgery and then the world says they are beautiful. It pisses me off because unless you are born beautiful, then its not real and the fact that Megan was considered beautiful when she has already had so much work done is totally crap. Obviously after her most recent lot of plastic surgery she looks revolting and it is no longer working for her and everyone including my BF who had a thing for Megan no longer finds her attractive at all. Call me jealous but that makes me happy :) If someone is naturally beautiful then I am all for raving about them too, but fake beauty should not be admired IMO.

    Rosie is a natural beauty and she is beautiful, maybe all her features arent “perfect” but I way prefer her look over the thousands of cookie cutter plastic women in Hollywood who all end up looking the same after they have been done. Rosie is gorgeous but not like everyone else, has a distinct look and hopefully she can act too.

  • sayure

    Shiaa Lindooo.

  • Ash


  • CanadaGirl

    @Megan Faux: Look up Rosie Huntington-Whitely and lips and you’ll see how “confident” she is. The girls got as much Juviderm in her lips as Jolie has in her crows-feet.

  • Megan Faux

    uummm wrong, the girl has those lips since she was born. Not every white girl has paper lips like Maniston or Megan. get used to it !

  • Sid


  • Heo

    Love Shia!!! and Rosie is beautiful

  • Becks

    What a rockin bod she has. And she is pretty too. Some are saying there are prettier models out there. Maybe. But obviously he chose her for other reasons than her looks. Megan was a horrible actress and it clearly showed in the Transformers movies. I don’t think MB would have chosen another rotten actress for the part when some people openly talked about how bad her acting was. We can’t judge a book by it’s cover and just because Rosie is known for modeling to assume she can’t act too. Look at Rebecca Romijin, Famke Janssen, Milla Jovovich, Cybil Shepherd, Kim Basinger, Cameron Diaz, Andie MacDowell. They were all models first. Personally I think Shia and Rosie make a cuter couple than Shia and Megan.

  • @7 and 8

    You’re obviously the same person. Loser.

  • @Jared

    What’s with the close up of her butt area? Discreetly trying to show us she has a little cellulite? That’s very catty!

  • jaye

    I’m glad Michael Bay hired someone who isn’t just eye candy. lmao. Sheesh!