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Leo DiCaprio Toots His Own Horn at World Cup

Leo DiCaprio Toots His Own Horn at World Cup

Leonardo DiCaprio watches the World Cup quarter final soccer match between Germany and Argentina, held at the Green Point Stadium in Cape Town, South Africa on Saturday (July 3).

The 35-year-old actor sat one row behind Rolling Stone frontman Mick Jagger and his son Lucas (his mom is Brazillian model Luciana Gimenez).

While watching Germany beat out Argentina, 4-0, Leo was seen making tooting his own vuvuzela blowing horn!

Inception, Leo‘s new thriller, opens in theaters on July 16!

10+ pictures inside of Leo DiCaprio tooting his own horn…

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leo dicaprio horn 02
leo dicaprio horn 03
leo dicaprio horn 04
leo dicaprio horn 05
leo dicaprio horn 06
leo dicaprio horn 07
leo dicaprio horn 08
leo dicaprio horn 09
leo dicaprio horn 10
leo dicaprio horn 11
leo dicaprio horn 12
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Credit: Juan Soliz; Photos: Pacificcoastnewsonline
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  • Gisele

    Yeah, I saw it

  • Felicity

    Charlize Theron and Prince Carl Philip of Sweden were there, too!! All of them are half German :)

  • http://j ivanka
  • Margo

    Cmon JJ… havent been paying attention to the most famous headliner coming from the world cup….thats a vuvuzela not a plain ol’ horn lol and at the beginning of the world cup people were going on and on about them being to loud and that FIFA should ban them but they didnt :)…clearly Leo tapped into the craze and got himself one too

  • summer

    Germany’s amazing!
    But Argentina was also great at that match.

  • Jace

    why is this kid allowed to make pictures with this camera? we “normal” people, aren’t allowed to take pictures with those cameras of a soccer game -.-

  • http://h Kaz

    Wow ! Wow ! Wow ! leo your hot and cute i love u leodicaprio .u beautiful alwayes. I love cape town

  • Chechu

    mierda!!! Mick Jagger estuvo ahi!!!!!! por eso nos fue tan mal….
    aguante Argentina!!!

  • Slig

    Wow leonardo most beautiful boy in the world and soo cute he always pretty i love my faves actor

  • Juliana

    It’s Luciana Gimenez!
    Mick Jagger is a cold feet! Every country he cheered for, left the World Cup, including Brazil!

  • Josie

    Leo’s mom is German and his dad is Italian ( his dad might be half german as well but i’m not sure ).

  • Josie

    By the way, Why are they wearing so much clothes? is it cold in cape town or what?? I’m in Sweden and i am sweating my butt off!

  • rebecca

    Leonardo is such a douchebag. Hes lucky he has money because he would never get laid if he didnt.

  • to 6

    in the VIP areas you can us such a camera LOL

  • to Josie

    Did you miss the Geography lessons in school ?
    It’s winter in SA., because SA in in the southern hemisphere.

  • christine

    Leo reppin the West Virginia University hat. Love it–good pick Leo <3

  • annie

    I saw him when I watched the match. But why oh why…now even Leo DiCaprio has a vuvuzela…(I wonder did they change the mouthpiece of the vuvzela or did he blow into the same one as the boy did?).
    At Josie: It is winter in South Africa. I guess they have around 20 degrees Celsius. Not exactly that cold but I guess it is very windy (and raining a lot).

  • winter in SA

    the game was in the evening, it’s getting chilly there when the sun is gone, under 10°

  • Friends

    Great to see Leo there!!!

  • yeeeah

    world cup winner = GERMANY

  • jamie

    Mick Jagger – Argentina LOL

  • Catchy

    arrghh!! vuvuzela!! shoot you, Leo!!

  • pipo

    A lot of posts in the last hours, uh? Finally something different from the usual partying, GF, hiding under hats, running from cameras…
    Strange. Is there something to promote? Maybe a movie?
    It’s strange how he suddenly finds time for something normal, such as attending a sport he doesn’t care at all, showing his face, being around with a classy, talented and smart woman, Well, he is not exactly smiling, but in few days I bet it will be there. It’s just a matter of time, effort and hard training,
    Unfortunately, this time his usual Armani suit will hardly fit. Any movie premiere he is showing up fatter and fatter. Maybe the time has come to buy a new one.
    Oh yes, I’m the great pretender…

  • theaverageshiloh

    aww if only I was there!!!

  • Lilka

    Yes, his dad is half-German, half-Italian and his mom is German, so Leo is 75% German.

  • Leo

    leo really Alwayes handsome love to leoooo emmmmmh


    I love Leo. Handsome talented man. Kisses and hugs for Leo. Happy 4th of July to him.

  • Poor

    I tried to go there but I hadnt enough money to buy a ticket

  • Emma

    Robert pattinson and justin timbirlake always handsome than leonardo

  • followers

    Im glad that hes got many fanatics. He must be so fun and interesting

  • Robert

    I love you leo you are a best man

  • kristen

    I couldnt stop shouting for joy when I knew that Germany won

  • Parnasius

    Leo love that kid he’s sharing the horn with. There often at basket ball games together. That’s so cute! :)

  • Parnasius

    Leo loves that kid he’s sharing the horn with. There often at basket ball games together. That’s so cute! :)

  • Hanna

    @Josie: Because in South Africa it’s Winter now and not so hot like in Europe and so on

  • to Lilka

    his dad is not exactly half german. His dad is american in the fourth generation whose great great great greatgrandfather was half itialian half german. That makes his father a only a tiny little bit german I suppose LOL

  • plum

    LOL pix

  • Helena

    aw, i absolutely LOVED this match. germany won BRILLIANTLY!
    i’m rooting for the netherlands though. they deserve it after winning Brazil

  • Nancy

    Where are the pictures of Charlize Theron? She was the hottest thing on twitter yesterday because the tv cameras kept showing her.

  • Josie

    lol guys, i got it, winter in SA, summer here. gotcha :) i just imagined it would still be hot in SA even if it is winter there.

  • um

    It’s winter in the Southern hemisphere. The seasons are reversed when you go south of the equator. The country near the equator are still hot but not as boilng hot. South Africa is the furthest country from the equator and is at the bottom of the world almost close to Antarctica. It’s cold there. Again it counteracts any ignorant ideas about Africa like it’s hot all the time or there are only black people on the continent, etc…

    BTW most of South America is in winter season. Argentinians can relate to South Africa’s weather because they are also the most southern country in the Western hemisphere. The southern tip of Argentina shares the lattitudes of South AFrica.

  • help

    So interesting. I wonder if Leo issued some statements about the match

  • Huberth

    Mick Jagger continues to spread bad luck to the teams he supports in the World Cup in South Africa, and yesterday he found a new victim in Argentina…jajajjajajaja. His son is gorgeous…It seems the mix between germans bring beautiful people….

  • Lilka

    @to Lilka:
    I’m talking about his father’s ethnicity not citizenship and in case he isn’t Native American, he must have different origin than American even if his family lives there since 4 generations. Moving to the USA didn’t change their ethnical background so they still are Italians (Leo’s paternal grandfather’s family) and (paternal grandmother’s) Germans, which makes his father American of half-Italian and half German origin. Like in my family – part of them lives in USA since generations, but their ethnicity is still Polish and nothing can change that.

  • Scandie

    Prince Carl Philip is not half German. His mother, the queen, is half German and half Brazilian. The King is half German, though.

  • Leo

    And happy 4th Day

  • to Lilka

    I’m not talking about citizienship either.
    His father is of German heritage, but he’ s not HALF german.
    Otherwise following your logic Leo would be a half german.

  • Jared

    Nice comment for leonardo

  • Everio

    Thank you Jared for those great pics! I will take Leo anyday over Pattinson. Leo is awesome. Gooooooooooo Germany!

  • daisy

    i love leo hes so cool amd the boy hes with is so cute….so nice of leo to bring him to all these events!