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Leo DiCaprio Toots His Own Horn at World Cup

Leo DiCaprio Toots His Own Horn at World Cup

Leonardo DiCaprio watches the World Cup quarter final soccer match between Germany and Argentina, held at the Green Point Stadium in Cape Town, South Africa on Saturday (July 3).

The 35-year-old actor sat one row behind Rolling Stone frontman Mick Jagger and his son Lucas (his mom is Brazillian model Luciana Gimenez).

While watching Germany beat out Argentina, 4-0, Leo was seen making tooting his own vuvuzela blowing horn!

Inception, Leo‘s new thriller, opens in theaters on July 16!

10+ pictures inside of Leo DiCaprio tooting his own horn…

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leo dicaprio horn 04
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Credit: Juan Soliz; Photos: Pacificcoastnewsonline
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  • wow

    what a pleasure to see him without his unfortunate gf!!! :) these are very cute photos of him with that young boy. it seems like they had fun! i have just seen a great photo of leo sightseeing in south africa. :)

  • wow

    german heritage or not it seems like he was rooting for argentina after all… that`s what he said at a party after he arrived to sa ( according to a tweet ) but i`m not sure whether this site is reliable ???

  • Marco

    Beautiful Leo!! absolutely beautiful

  • carla

    I saw Charlize Theron!! she was so beautiful with a class outfit.

  • zee

    Oh my god, Germany slaughtered Argentina. I had serious secondhand embrrassment for the Argentinians! Germany is so going to win the World Cup.

  • RN

    It’s good to see him having fun with friends. I think it’s sweet that he brought along that young friend. It looks like they had a good time.

  • Brasil

    Leo looks happy that Germany win, seems he had fun, I also saw him on tv! he looks cute, nice that he is there with his friends!

  • Brasil

    @wow: I found so weird this article about Leo twisting for Argentina, not just because of his german roots but mainly because he looks quite happy in this pics while Germany was winning the game… that’s my impression and dailystar don’t seem too much reliable!

  • Lina

    @to Josie:

    Lol Winter yes, but still pretty warm in South africa. They do wear alot of clothes…

  • Jane

    leonardo is such an ugly old man. He is a disgusting piece of S**T


    Leo is gorgeous and young. He is a beautiful man. I love him. Thanks JJ for the pics.

  • Jess

    Gosh Leo’s SEXY! <3

  • wow

    @Brasil: he was asked recently in an interview who he was rooting for in an interview ( before a USA-Germany match that never happened since USA got eliminated ). he said even though he has close ties to germany he was born in the US so he was rooting for the US team. so it doesn`t sound very `weird` that he supported the south american team… i`ll try to find that article later
    interesting blog entry about leo being a snob in cape town

  • pipo

    @ wow
    anytime I read these reports of Leo being arrogant with fans (which is not the same thing than being arrogant with papz), I wonder why so many people still believe he is a great, sweet and generous person.

    It is more and more clear that he is playing a role when he is smiling in official events or environmental initiatives. I cant believe that a person not generous enough to look a fan in the eyes is able on the opposite to take care of global issues if they have no impact on his revenues or popularity.

    And, after all, I dont think his acting quality can justify his behaviour.
    I also think that, so far, he has been more a potential talent than an expressed one. I cant remember any legendary performance: some has been very good, some almost great, some overdone, none really making acting history and putting him in the same league than major actors of the past and the present.
    Now, he is 35, his hotness is fading, he needs to quickly show some convincing performances and, possibly, be more polite, warm and generous with the fans that have been so patient with him so far.

    After all, nobody is asking him to spend his free time with fans: smiling from time to time and stop covering his face as a silly teen ager would be enough.

  • Brasil

    it’s ok people, don’t be angry with me! off course he was rooting for US, he’s is born in US, but what I mean is that US is not in the cup anymore so I just suppose that because of his german roots, his mother and all, he probably could be twisting for Germany and that’s all! sorry, but I don’t say nothing offensive for all this angry!

  • Brasil

    you just find such good things to talk about Leo, isn’t? and always with the most reliable sources… CELEBWHORECLAYTON seems really a very nice site, I guess by the name… really serious!

    FOR WHO IS INTERESTED, here it’s a real link with pics, it’s from yesterday, sunday 4 in a park :,,MUL1604455-9798,00-LEONARDO+DICAPRIO+CURTE+DIA+DE+TURISTA+NA+AFRICA+DO+SUL.html

  • Brasil

    I still love him, but the way he’s acting is not nice!
    @wow, really sorry, now I read the post, yeah! I made a guess by the name of the blog I suppose that was all lies, but now I could see that Leo’s problem is not just paps, or fans. He really don’t want to be seen in public, oh well, that’s contradictory because he’s an actor! So when he became famous he knows he will have to deal with this, or if he doesn’t want this he should stop working, or get locked in his house because he’s a very well know person in the whole world so everywhere he goes he will have to deal with person that want his pic, or just an autograph, it not hurt at all. I will not defend him, but I really don’t understand his behavior, because sometimes he’s very kind, and another he’s acting like he can be touched… I remember to have seen a lot of pics of him in a fansite, that he’s posing for pics with fans IN HIS VACATION, it was last summer, so I think he’s not this way all the time, but he for sure have some problem. I always see him saying on iterviews that he feels very lucky to be where he is today thanks to Titanic, so he could be more humble with his fans that care for him and follow his career! Also hope he was just in a bad day and don’t repeat this anymore… Leo needs some LIGHT in his life, he needs to stay away from this parties, from this silly girls, stop smoking, he needs a real life! I still have faith that he could change, someday he have to wake up and see this life he’s living is not meaningful, he’s a 35 year old man, he needs to act in agreement with his age! And I think he just concentrate in his career and forgot all the rest, life is not just work and go to parties everyday, he nees quality time with quality people to be more happy in life, you know it’s like he’s badly in his life but the other people don’t have nothing with this. I suppose that smoke in a party alone is not a happy thing…

  • autograph

    I had no problem to get his autograph. He wasn’t smiling, but he wasn’t unfriendly, too. If you approach him without screaming and drooling and ask his bodyguards without looking like a fool it’s no problem at all.

  • Clayton Morar

    You should read my blog to hear how he hates posing for press and with fans. Fans and media haven’t been able to get close to him at all (unless spotted at the game)! He’s an asshole!

  • Brasil

    @69, good to know!

  • Brasil

    Clayton: I understand that you are upset with the way Leo act with you, but I guess that he’s not this way all the time like @69 said. Like I said before I think he was in a bad day, but off course he don’t have to act like this with people! still think he needs a renewal in his whole life…

  • wow

    @Brasil: are you really this naive? i wasn`t surprised to read that blog at all. he does not appreciate his fans and the media at all ONLY when he is promoting his movies. than he is all smiley and friendly but when the promo is over… who cares?
    last week i saw an interview with him ( entertainment tonight or access hollywood i can`t remember ). this belgian newspaper had an article about the same interview and the funny thing is that they magically managed to add his gf to the interview even though originally he did not talk about her at all… lol but the reason why i posted the link is that he sounds so sweet and grounded talking about his career and how lucky he is to have a career like this. maybe he should show some appreciation if he feels so lucky and treat his fans with some respect.

  • pipo

    Unfortunately, this is not what majority of posts, reports, and pics have been reporting for years and years.
    And most of his colleagues are behaving differently: just think about Brangelina or Depp.
    ever seen Johnny running from papz leaving Vanessa behind? Brad rushing into a car covering his face with his jacket and shotting the door on Angelina’s face? Clooney with the hand on his mouth?

  • SD

    @Slig: It’s my favorite celebrity, fat-faced, ugly Leo.

  • pipo

    of course: his interviews are manager by his PR. Interviewer usually agree on a specific Q&A than he learns by heart. After all, it’s always the same BS over and over again…year after year, movie after movie.
    The problem rises when he starts to behave according to his real personality.

  • Obvious


    If both the queen n king are each alf German, that would also make him half German….

  • @wow

    That article is all misquoted, rehashed nonsense, he’d never mention Bar for a start and all the other stuff is quoted from other places as usual. I’m sure he’s not that bad, he just needs someone from the real world around him to help keep things in perspective..a new gf perhaps??! someone with similar interests?? we wish!

  • wow

    @:@wow: the article is the transcript of an interview that aired last week and the only difference between the interview itself and the article is the part about his gf.
    you think he needs someone with `similar interests`? i think he has a gf with similar interest and that`s the sad part. decent woman and/or soulmate? i doubt that`s what he cares about or he would go after a woman like that. he seems to be too focused on himself to do that.
    @pipo: you are right, it`s good to have the best pr team in town. too bad they can take care of everything…

  • Mari

    Thanks, Jared, for the wonderful photos of Leo. Good to see him having a great time. Who cares that he wants to have a semi- normal life and doesn’t want to be bothered in public?

  • michelle

    I’m from Germany and i was soooo happy to see him….so coool love him <3

  • mickey

    @wow: i agree. it looks like he has the woman he deserves. a mindless bimbo.

    and if he really treats his fans like that, then his pr team won’t be able to cover his ass for long. the public will eventually see his true colors.

    he’s a faded star in looks and talent. he should learn to be more humble.

  • Geez

    Honestly people, can you be a little more mature? A story about a celebrity attending a sporting event turns into a roast. Grow up.

  • wow

    i meant `they can`t take care of everything…`

  • bb

    Remember the little people when your at the top because you’ll need them on the way down. But l just can’t imagine Leo being rude. l know he likes to be left alone when not working.

  • groovy

    I went to see Leo in New York at the Body of Lies premiere. I saw his dad walking into the building but Leo chose to enter through a back door so none of his fans waiting there could get a glimpse of him. It wasn’t a big premiere like the ones in Hollywood there were only like 30 people waiting for him. We were pretty disappointed.

  • Optiskais internets

    Go go go, Leonardo!

  • Sham

    @Josie: In Southafrica is winter is in the south hemisphere

  • Brasil

    @wow: you want that I say Leo hates his fan, so it’s ok, Leo hates his fans… what he make was not right, I’am not defeding him, what I mean is that he could be in bad mood! but you know what I’am tired of all this discussion, my opinion I just gave!

    maybe the best for Leo is give up on his career and stay locked in his home, without friends, without family, without anyone… so anyone will be upset because of his gf, or because he is hiding from the paps and all the stuff… maybe everyone don’t care for him anymore, this should be great, he wouldn’t have to face anyone, so finally he could be happy!

  • foofoo

    I am Leo’s number 1 fan and I want to toot his horn.

  • wheres bar these days?? maybe leo all tense caus he isnt gettin any..

  • wow

    i saw a link on twitter today to some new barfie photos from israel.
    apparently leo is in sun city to see a soccer game. he flew there with paris.
    `My friend also flew Leonardo DiCaprio today too – he was travelling with Paris to SunCity – but he wasnt behaving like her lol`

  • The 411

    Barf marched in Israel…she was there with her ugly mother…she looked homey as usaual…Leo seemed to be enjoying himself at the match..he has more fun with that young boy then he does with Barf!!

  • The 411

    Leo’s Not Calling .lol htttp://

  • wow

    according to that blog entry ( autograph ) he enjoyed the attention from the ladies at that party… lol
    she celebrated her bday in israel i saw photos of her entering a club surrounded by bodyguards. i wonder why she needed them?

  • The 411

    Barf was just trying to get attension…if Leo” cared “so much about the sk*nk he would have gone to Israel with her…its been what? 3 yrs.since he’s been…but he flies all the way to South Africa to see a soccer match..Lmao..Leo has no serious intensions for that bed warmer it’s obvious!…She ‘s probally waiting for his calls RIGHT NOW!!

  • predication??

    I wonder what astrogirl/psychic woman thinks of this woman’s prediction for leo:

    they both predict something happening around oct/nov.

  • Berry Sprite

    @predication??: I really don’t believe this prediction. Especially the line “These two make an excellent couple because Bar is understanding of Leo’s selfish and egotistical whims and Bar is the beautiful and temperate goddess that Leo surely needs and want”. LMAO

    Even Adi (Bar’s friend) said that she doesn’t get his joke, so how come she understand him ? Adi also said that leo likes to make fun of her shallowness. I just don’t see they fit together.

  • hmm

    @Berry Sprite: i do wonder why they both see something happening in nov, either a breakup or marriage.

  • hmm

    @Berry Sprite: i do wonder why they both see something happening in nov, either a breakup or marriage.

  • Brasil

    I thought I was not wright here today anymore, but I can’t help myself when I read that unbelievable prediction! holly crap, this psychic is crazy or what? first Leo and Bar will not get marriage in this life nor in another… and have three children until the end of 2011? gosh… without explanation and “Leo and Bar deserve each other and leo deserve even better”, don’t understand this line. and to finish the most crazy prediction I have ever seen, she wrote “one of this two will die, I’am in tears”, what’s this? this person is really creep, but this prediction until I could give, off course they will die, everyone will going to die one day. Funny thing because I remember a lot of others psychics saying the contrary, that Leo will not stay with her until the end of this year and that he have a soulmate waiting for him, not that I believe, but this psychics have a totally different way of SEE things… isn’t?