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Leo DiCaprio Toots His Own Horn at World Cup

Leo DiCaprio Toots His Own Horn at World Cup

Leonardo DiCaprio watches the World Cup quarter final soccer match between Germany and Argentina, held at the Green Point Stadium in Cape Town, South Africa on Saturday (July 3).

The 35-year-old actor sat one row behind Rolling Stone frontman Mick Jagger and his son Lucas (his mom is Brazillian model Luciana Gimenez).

While watching Germany beat out Argentina, 4-0, Leo was seen making tooting his own vuvuzela blowing horn!

Inception, Leo‘s new thriller, opens in theaters on July 16!

10+ pictures inside of Leo DiCaprio tooting his own horn…

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leo dicaprio horn 01
leo dicaprio horn 02
leo dicaprio horn 03
leo dicaprio horn 04
leo dicaprio horn 05
leo dicaprio horn 06
leo dicaprio horn 07
leo dicaprio horn 08
leo dicaprio horn 09
leo dicaprio horn 10
leo dicaprio horn 11
leo dicaprio horn 12
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Credit: Juan Soliz; Photos: Pacificcoastnewsonline
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  • gimmeabreak

    I wouldn’t put too much into that psychic website that someone here posted. Just read some of her other predictions on other celebs, none of her predictions come true. She seems to get info about celebs from tabloids, saying, just heard this about so and so, and then talks about how she had a dream about someone who vaguely fits that description. It’s total BS. She mostly predicts celeb break ups, marriage, and pregnancies. Typical stuff. None of her other predictions have come true, and to predict a celeb couple will break up, get married, have a kid is….well….predictable.

  • Brasil

    @gimmeabreak, yeah, you right! really seems she reads tabloids… yeah, all the predictions she gave is like everyone could give like you said! long life for Leo!
    an interview for who is interested:

  • iheartcomments

    How come Leo hasn’t said anything about the oil spill in Louisiana? Tons of animals are dying…it’s a mess down there. Big environmental mess.

  • Brasil

    why any psychic could predict that Leo and Kate should be together?this is unfair…

  • Brasil

    I’am not joking, Kate Winslet is the only person that make him lights up, when he’s near her, or just talking about her makes him glow!Really, Kate brings the best on Leo! every time I see Leo next to her I feel that he looks really comfortable and so happy, and I wonder why they couldn’t be a couple? I respect their friendship and admire what they have, but it would be great if they start to date, I think will not happen anytime soon… but it would be a dream!

  • gg
  • The 411

    @Berry sprite that prediction is hogwash sounds more like something a Barf fan would say…but later part is a little disturbing..where she says she sees death in the future?…not sure if she means soon or many years from now!…Leo is not ready to marry just yet, he still needs to explore options and find something or someone greater than himself,this won’t happen over night. But his future will not be with Barf,she’s just does’t have IT!…not even 10%of it…lol and deep down Leo knows this..

  • The 411

    @107 Thats an OLD video….Don’t tease Us!…they should make a video about WHY Leo needs to dump Barf!..

  • Astro Girl

    @predication??: C’mon guys, its total bullsh_t and you don’t have to be psychic to see that! The Bar being gone before Leo turns 36 timeline is till on. We are so so close now.


    Is she?


    We are close to what? I mean, its not like if they separate we will win an ice cream or something.
    Truth is, that besides this Astro -bullsh’t every fan of his for a longer period of time can predict what would happen:
    Option A) He and Bar break up. He then either finds another doof blond model, or he finds some nice blond model (either family oriented nice Gisele type, or another Bar-type.) I personally hope for some Giselle-type.
    But either ways he is never gonna date or marry normal woman (like Matt Damon, or Chris O’Donnel, or Matt Leblanc)

    Option B) He and Bar don’t sepparate. They continue to live together for some more years, then have kid or two, then live together some more years and finally get married. I don’t think he will get married first and then have kids, I guess it will be more the opposite. But this is not really that important.

    thing is, for now, he could end up in both variants. It depends really more on Bar – if she is really determined to stay with him, then its more option B. If she gets sick of waiting at some point and decides to try and find another rich guy while she is still young, then option A.
    Because I think marriage is really importnat to her. It gives her more status, and I think all she wants to be in life is a good kept wife, that has money and doesn’t have to do nothing all day except of shopping and going on hollidays.

  • anna

    mick jagger = jinx

  • Meg@nFoxxF@n

    Barfie is TRASH she does’t care about marriage or Leo,she just wants to be in the spot light as long she can, her hippo momma will make sure of this! Barfie’s has no career.Just like her momma she will end up a fat ugly old 25 she’s halfway there!Guess the SI editors saw her weight gain and decided she’s too washed up to do the shoot They will release a 2011 calender which features FUG FACE! Leo’s still promoting Inception, so I’m sure Barfie will show up at the after parties ONLY, looking like a hot mess..since he’s too ashamed to be seen with her on the red carpet!..she will probally be wearing a fake engagment ring haha….LOSER!

  • Brasil

    @Astro Girl:I hope you right!

    and @112: I think I prefer the opition A, because if Leo and Bar still be together for that long they will be unhappy as they already seems! But as you said, Leo could date a blonde model, that’s not the problem… models are women too like all of us, the only thing that matter is that he have to truly loves her (not her look) and she for sure have to love him, the girl has to be a nice person, that’s all! The models have been called stupid, dumbs just because of their type of work, and this don’t tell about their personalities, a girl could be a model and still have a great personality and be a nice person, that’s not impossible!
    I have to say I will love to see him with another type of woman, but I don’t have nothing against the models. Let’s wait and see what happen, I hope happen something different!

  • bebee

    @Brasil: you’re right Brasil. It’s true that models aren’t necessarily stupid. And there’s people who can’t be in relationship with people who are not beautiful, have a great body, etc… even if they’re not themselves beautiful. That doesn’t necessarily say they’re bad , or vain i suppose, they can’t decide who they’re attracted to.
    By the way in France our first dame is a famous ex-supermodel(Carla Bruni), i think that she may be more famous than her husband around the world, ans she’s obviously smart, educated, she loves arts, litterature (unlike her husband).
    But as somebody wrote in imdb, it’s weird to date people who always have the same job, as it would be very difficult for somedy to date only policemen or taxidrivers, or whatever ….mostly when supermodels or even models are not supposed to be very numerous… Modeling is supposed to be limited to very few persons .
    And beautiful girls are not neccesarily models. He could find very pretty girls outside this world. People would then stop to say that he dates some pale copy of Gisele.

  • uh!!

    it does make you vain, if you can only date someone who’s beautiful or a model. relationships should be built o more than looks. long lasting ones always are. if you’re stupid enough to pick a companion based on looks alone they you’ll never have or deserve to have a meaningful relationship.

    maybe that’s why he’s so lonely and depressed looking. in that case, he has no one to blame but himself.

    and he doesn’t need a girl, beautiful or ugly. he needs a woman.

  • Dani

    love the World Cup!!!

  • Astro Girl

    @LEONARDO DICAPRIO FAN: We are so close to the break up, is what we are close to. I know many don’t believe that it will happen or that it is not going to happen anytime soon and I think I wouldn’t believe it also if I didn’t have the background information that I have. But for the doubters it is not your job to “believe in Leo” or “not believe in him.” It is going to happen regardless of your beliefs. Whether you believe in him or not, no offense. NOTHING CAN CHANGE THIS at this point in time. It will just make the turn around for you that much sweeter because of your doubts. Just know that appearances can be deceiving. Here today, gone tomorrow, if you catch my drift.

    My message are meant to give comfort to the fans who want to see Leo with someone better and he WILL BE with someone better. I speak to them. There is a much much bigger picture at work here that even goes way beyond Leo. I am not a charlatan. If you don’t believe it that is your right. Not worried at all…. Anyways people….can you believe that there is a girl out there that Leo is destined to be with? Sounds too good to be true right?? Well there is, and she’s here on Earth. Right now. Romantic right? You have to see it to believe it and you will SEE IT. Not two girls, not three girl and definitely NOT Bar!!!! There is just one!! Who knows?? Maybe Leo has already been in contact with this girl?!?! Maybe he hasn’t and will be some time in the future. But first things first. He will break up with Bar. When he does I will have more to say on “the next venture” for Leo.

    Our ice cream cone will be in the JOY that we feel when they break up and something, something that I can’t say just yet. I promise you guys it is coming. Take care everyone. BBL.

  • jorja

    i’m argentinian and really proud of it
    i hated watching the sucker mick jagger being in the match
    he’s such a bad luck man!

  • wow

    @Astro Girl: it was so good to read your comment, thanks. you are so optimistic about this leo thing. :) at the same time i understand LEONARDO DICAPRIO FAN. some of his fans are just tired of waiting and they don`t want to be disappointed again… anyway i do hope you are right and thanks for your comment.

  • Kitty
  • Catarina

    That’s not his PJs… Is it? If it is… I wanna HUG him!!! LOL
    Love you, Leo! =)

  • wow

    @Kitty: thanks for the link. even though i don`t really like the way he dresses in private he looks cute on these photos… :)

  • Ana

    He looks like the unabomber

  • Brasil

    @uh, in this you are totally right!

  • Brasil

    thanks for the link, he looks cute! don’t seems like pjs, seems a pant.

    @Astro Girl, your comments is always so nice, give some light here, hope with all my heart that you right. I think that sometimes we doubt because we are expecting for this happen since a long time, I remember in the last year, on summer others psychics saying something is going to happen and than ge got back to Bar…
    So we have fear to be disappointed again like @wow just have said. But for sure I have faith that something good happen to him, it is not possible that he or she wants to stay in this unhealthy relationship too much time yet! I hope as you said that happen soon and nothing can stop this…

  • Meg@nFoxxF@n
  • notbad

    @Meg@nFoxxF@n: she doesn’t look bad at all there. she actually looks good. no homo.

  • Brasil
  • Jane

    Thanks Brasil!! He’s so adorable…love him!!

  • Meg@nFoxxF@n

    @129..It’s obivious your in desperate need of Glasses,just like Barfie’s in desperate need of a REAL U Barf fans are pathetic!..and since she’s suppose to be a model?’s a difference between looking casual and looking like TRAILER PARK TRASH!

  • wow

    @128: those photos are usual, nothing interesting or exceptional about her
    as i read on twitter leo is going to see the germany-spain game today and inception premieres in london tomorrow. so i assume we have to brace ourselves for some leo+gf sightings :( i guess she is going to be there for some face time … oh, sorry to support him ( isn`t it what she said in that interview? )

  • Meg@nFoxxF@n

    @wow Barfie will probally be at the after party that’s about it..I’m sursprised she didt hop on her broom stick and fly to South Africa it’s not far from Israel!..since she’s always breathing down his back..but of course Leo would be miserable and bored..with her as always lol!Thank god we don’t have to suffer,looking at that SOUR PUFF face…in some tacky outfit,or her Jabba hut momma!…uggghh!

  • http://deleted wow

    it seems leo is already in london, someone tweeted that he just left the inception press conference and leo was `charm itself`.
    @134: yeah, without her it seemed he had fun and plenty of parties…

  • wow
  • bebee
  • bebee

    Oops , I’m sorry your post wasn’t published yet when i wroted mine.@wow:

  • pipo

    ehm ehm. That suit…always too tight. Buy a new one.

  • wow

    that`s ok. there are more photos from london ( i think on gettyimages ) with the entire cast.

  • wow

    @128: are those photos of her new?

  • The 411

    Imagine:Leo broke up with Barf   THE REACTION LMAO

    Imagine:Leo broke up with Barf   THE REACTION LMAO ERawA&feature=youtube_gdata

  • iheartcomments

    I kind of said this on the new Leo thread, but there hasn’t been as many Leo and Bar pics as there were when SHUTTER ISLAND was being released around the world.

    They are either truly on the outs, or Leo’s PR peeps got wise and decided not to shove pics of them down our throats. Maybe both.

    Like I’ve said before, he doesn’t need it. He can do press all by himself to raise awareness for his movies.

  • doctor brown

    @Astro Girl: Hi there. I saw photos of Kate Winslet leaving her apartment a few days ago and she looks strained, tired and in need of a friend. We have all noted the times recently when Leo also looks sad (its in the eyes). Both have said numerous times that they are always there for each other and even her soon to be ex husband says that they are incapable of being anything other than themselves when they are together. These two need to be around each other more (even if it is only as friends). Astrogirl, what is it about these two astrologically that makes them so close? And please god tell me that they will always be in each others lives no matter what partners they are with because I think they really need that and I miss seeing the glow that surrounds each of them whenever they get the chance to spend time together.

  • minda

    @doctor brown: can you to those photos of kate?

    and yeah, i hope they have a meetup soon.

  • wow

    @iheartcomments: the movie just had it’s first premiere in London so unfortunately she can still ( and probably will ) show up. they got back together just befie shutter island premiered and that couldhave been the reason for more photos. this time barf went home to Israel and Leo was in vegas and south africa before the premiere. and I think inception is more anticipated than shutter island was. I saw some photos of the premiere and the kid ( Milan ) Leo took to the world cup was walking the red carpet with him. I saw a tweet from someone who I guess was at the premiere and she said Leo looked orange. based on the photos it does seem like he spent some time tanning… not a good color on him.

  • Vivian

    @Brasil: I agree with you Brasil. It’s hard taking disappointments. It’s like watching your sports team loose in the finals. There were a lot of threads about leo and his soul mate dated back since Winter 2008, and it’s been two years. @AstroGirl I don’t know how astrology works but it’s about time the stars, planets align for these two people to meet. Get there energies in the same room or something!

    The photos of Leo in the London premiere, he’s looking like he could care less being on the red carpet, even though I’m sure he loved the movie making process. He seems so lifeless, and energy less. A picture is worth a thousand words.

    I hope this soul mate of his enters his life this year and injects life into him and the ability to be himself, really himself, which ever that is, we’ve never really seen it, i don’t think. He’s PR people run is life.

  • minda

    @doctor brown: can you post the link to the recent kate pics. i can’t find them,

  • iheartcomments

    @ wow
    yeah, but did anyone see Bar?

    They’re really keeping things under wraps this time.

    You are right, so many people want to see this film for a multitude of reasons so he doesn’t have to do as much PR as he did for SHUTTER ISLAND.

  • wow

    i haven`t seen anything about barf being in london and honestly has anyone seen leo`s parents at the premiere? they are usually there but this time i haven`t seen any photos… the movie premieres in la on july 13 so maybe they just didn`t travel all the way to london and they will be there in la?

  • wow

    i have just seen this other photo of her ( jj had a post on this shoot like last week ). her face… it`s SCARY!!!