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Alexander Skarsgard: Ready for Take-Off!

Alexander Skarsgard: Ready for Take-Off!

A solo Alexander Skarsgard catches a departing flight out of LAX airport on Monday (July 5) in Los Angeles.

When the 33-year-old True Blood stud was recently asked why he thinks his vampire series is so popular, he told EW, “It’s very entertaining. It’s sexy, funny, smart. I think what makes it popular is it’s not too lightweight. You believe in the characters even though some of them are thousands of years old. You can also draw parallels to our society, which makes it quite updated.”

Yesterday, Alex and girlfriend Kate Bosworth attended a Fourth of July party together.

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Credit: Matingas/Justin; Photos: NPG
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  • CanadaGirl

    Here’s Alex making his great escape now that his faux-mance duties with Kate are over for July 4th.
    Fly free, Alex. Fly free.

  • WTF

    Does this tw@t EVER wash his greasy hair?!

  • Weird

    I am sure the Slore is not far behind!!! They are just bs-ing. She was probably on the next flight out!! Too bad for stupid Alex!! He is stuck with that ridiculous excuse of a woman!!!

  • Lurker

    He escapes.

  • Ellie

    He is so ugly and always out of it, I don’t understand his appeal at all.

  • for me

    @Ellie: Most of his sex-appeal is the character he plays. Do you watch True Blood?

  • Ellie

    @for me: Not regularly, no. Every time I’ve caught it, all I’ve seen him do is stand around shirtless looking like a drugged up mannequin.

  • Wild

    Nice photos, JJ, but stop it with the constant Boswhore references.
    She has no relevance here.

  • ugh

    fugly and pointless like katehobo

  • Hot spotter

    He looks hot!

  • Yuck

    He is disgusting, much more interesting when KB is around.

  • BuffyBot

    Yes, I’m sure Kate is not far behind. Get ready, Sweden. Maybe they will make a few pap shots in NY, first.

  • Run Alex, run!

    No wonder his and Kate’s showmance has been in overdrive lately. It must warm Alex’s heart to know Kate milked his pap value to the max before he left. What a beautiful love story.

  • JC

    @BuffyBot: Doesn’t she have a few movies to film including one in production?

    Maybe she’ll get her ass to the set and actually do some work.

  • truly

    he looks so much better from yesterday.
    his clothes actually fit.

  • lake86

    i don’t understand how you get pictures of him before any other website. you’re either a) his biggest stan or b) on his payroll. i suppose you could be a combination of the two. i just hope him and bosworthless pay you well because you are single-handedly becoming responsible for their fame and success. kudos to you jared!

  • Where’s Wilson?

    Maybe the two of them should team up with Dr. Phil. She could talk about female pattern baldness and he could talk about the stress of living a lie in closeted HW. They could really help people.

  • Hmmmm

    Run,run as fast as you can. BTW is this international or domestic flight he is heading off for?

  • Hmmmm

    @Where’s Wilson?: Haha I love Wilson!!

  • Wilson come back

    Wilson we miss u

  • LisaM

    He looks soooo much more appealing without that fame-skank hanging all around him!!!
    He seems like he’s in a big hurry. He must want to get out of there before she comes running after him!!
    RUN ALEX RUN!!!!

  • swedie

    Nice to see some of the old hotness coming back.
    Don’t let her stalk you to Sweden, Alex.
    Have Gurra fix you up with a nice girl.

  • true blood

    Alex looks great.
    Thanks, Jared.

  • jazzy

    I think his hairline is receding a tad but he’s still super handsome.
    Hope he has a nice time back with his family.

  • yes!

    Only 3 pics, Jay?
    Find us some more!

  • Lovely

    Alex looks great. Looks like it’s time to start filming Melancholia.

  • Abby

    I wish he’d get a new agent and PR firm. Someone to set him up proper interviews and talk show appearances like Stephen Moyer does. He gets asked the same stupid questions over and over and he’s getting way too much press with regard to KB and not enough on his career. Someone is leading him astray. . .

  • Angela

    Let’s hope he’s somewhere in Sweden enjoying time away from kb! I know I’d be if I were him.

  • Brush

    He is so much Hotter!!! without her. Please go as far as you can Alex from her and when she calls speak only Swedish and hang up.

  • Weird

    That is true!! He is so much hotter without her!!! And he should get a new PR firm and agent b/c the whole cast has been doing late night and whatnot and no Alex. I bet he is afraid of the Kate B. references!

  • Slig

    Bolice bolice take tayp mailye and pritnny and grop

  • Anne

    What is going on with his hair? He needs to go back to the hair he had during season 2 of True Blood.

  • JM

    “I want to get away. I wannna fly away. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah.”

    Hopefully, he’ll disappear into the Swedish wilderness at that family cabin he’s talked about in interviews. She can’t track him there.

  • Amelle

    @Brush: LOL!

  • Joyce

    He looks delicious. I like the hair cut it makes he look like a teenage boy.

    I hope he takes time to relax and rest a little before Melancholia starts shooting.

  • Reasonable Doubt

    Man, I’m sorry to say this but It’s really a shame and sad to see where the character of Eric is now…..
    God, Remember how He S-O-O-O had “THE VIKING” essence going on in season one and two?
    Remember the killer finger curl beckoning Sookie and Bill to the throne?
    He absolutely OWNED that role and wore it like a second skin with the muscled hulking bod, blonder hair, and all that dangerous masculine groove going on!

    The fantasy of that sinfully delicious Eric from the books has now been replaced with just another over the hill type frat boy, and it’s MORE than just the hair that’s become disappointing!

    This season Eric hardly resembles anything of the original character, (other maybe the acting), that we all fell in love with!

    Studios really should demand that the stars cast for a certain role retain the same look for the duration of the contract!

    It’s a pretty sad state of affairs for what’s become of this wonderful Sookie Stackhouse story when the Bill character actually seems more like the lion and the Eric character portrayed more like the lamb!


    @36: Despite I think AS is a good actor, and he plays Eric well, I do agree with you.
    It’s kind of disappointing, he isn’t the same he was in S02.
    Besides, somehow they gave Bill more interesting things to do – I mean I found myself really exciting what is gonna happen with that charakter, as I can’t guess anything. But it gets more and more exciting.
    While with Eric- it’s kind of clichee- like he is gonna protect Sookie and he is gonna sleep with her and that’s about all. He is not mysterious and interesting anymore, but basically just a guy that is in love with the main character. Even Alcide has more personality than him.
    And spending so much time naked on the screen doesn’t help very much either – he looks like a hot guy, like a piece of meat.
    This said, its not AS fault – I think the screenwriters wanted to please his female fans by making the charakter more romantic or whatsoever.

  • Carla Nelson

    I totally agree with you number 7. He has never been sexy in my book. I give credit were it is due and I’m not prejudice but he aint or never was sexy at all. He has come along way from season one. This man greatest asset he thinks is his body. He has been filled with a thing called pride. He has gotten to prideful and thinks he’s all that and got going on attitude. Thats why he constanltly talks about being naked in front of the camera. It’s one thing when its a part of your job and you just shake it off. But it is another thing when you think this is what the woman want to see and because of my body thats why women like my character. I watch TB not to see AS body. He could keep his clothes on and I would still watch it. Don’t flatter yourself honey I”ve seen for better. If you want to kinow the truth he was not really having sex with that lady in the first episode. You will not see him having hard core sex with a women like Bill and Sookie because of his dating KB. He doesn’t mind giving the appearance like he is but he is not. When you are having these straight up sex scenes he is possible for you to easily smitten by that person. Think about it he would have been dropped KB easilybecause he would have fallen for someone else. He has to proved to her that it is only acting. If these two are together she won’t make any movie were she has got to do a sex scene with another man. He won’t allow it. I’m telling you it just appears that he is having these women. Did you actually see him having sex with Yvetta. All we saw was the top part of her breast and that was all and her moaning and groaning. Nothing else. I don’t know of any woman who can allow there man to do these scenes and not feel that he can just as well be turned on by another woman. He has to make her feel really secure. I wouldn’t be surprise if she has made friends with all the woman on the TB set. He may have let her come to the taping of the scene to show her that it is really nothing. It just seems like we are doing something.

  • lake86

    @Reasonable Doubt haven’t you realized sookie’s love turns guys into pussies? bill, sam and now eric. it’s sad and it sucks, but it is 100% true.

  • JM

    @ Carla Nelson

    Respectfully, I disagree. If Alex was worried about HoBones feelings while filming s e x scenes, he wouldn’t be the only male member of the True Blood cast to film without “the sock”.

  • yeahz


  • evathediva

    I see he has shaken the parasite…He is not as hawt as he used to be, something is missing…@Carla Nelson: you had me going and then you lost me after he first few sentences….@JM: LOL HoBONEs!!!

  • yeahz

    OMG I know….his sparkle is totally faded…I wonder if kate sucked it out of him?

  • heidi

    Lookin’ good, Alex! I wonder if he’s going to Sweden for a short holiday before Melancholia? On the Eric issue, Alan Ball can’t win because last season there was a group of Eric fans with their panties in a bunch because they thought he was too dark with not enough of a connection to Sookie. This season, there’s a different group complaining he’s now too soft and who cares about his feelings about Sookie. I expect Eric will show all sides of his nature this season, and I can’t wait. On Alcide, I have to say so far, not a lot of personality showing, but he’s only been in one episode, so I’m waiting and seeing.

  • Gypsy

    This man is soooo hawt!

  • corey

    I wonder if Lourdes is already waiting in Sweden for him!
    Check out the book, it’s rediculous! Simone


    @heidi: yeah, you’r right about that- everyone has a taste, and what some like, others don’t.
    I by no means complain about the show in general, I just hope they give some more space to Eric to develop – you know in S02 he wasn’t that cool – he was pretty good polititian, and a bit ironical with Bill, and really romantic with Sookie, and a good friend. In the end- when we figured out, he was selling V in the name of the Queen -this was even a bit mean of him.
    I just hope they make the charakter with more layers, like before – I don’t mind, if he gets occasional naked or romantik or whatsoever.
    And, as I said, I don’t think its AS’s fault by any means. I think he is a good actor and plays Eric in a very believable way.

  • Reasonable Doubt

    Yes, come to think of it, you may be onto something….Sookie does seem to do a “number” on testosterone!

    Looks like the werewolf Alcide is our last hope it seems and god only knows how many episodes it’ll be before his character gets neutered too!

    In my opinion, Alan Ball has taken way too many liberties with screwing with the original S.Stackhouse story !

    On a different vampire series note…..
    If you haven’t done so already….
    Everyone needs to experience what I consider THE BEST OF BEST- -JR WARD’S-The Black Dagger Brotherhood SERIES!

    I can only hope that when and if the author J.R.Ward of “The Black Dagger Brotherhood” vampire series sells her stuff to Hollywood, she holds out selling to a producer/screenwriter with respect for the original characters as written by the book’s author!

    Gotta say if The Black Dagger Brotherhood series ever made it to the screen AS WRITTEN, it would blow all other vampire franchises outta’ the water!

  • JM

    @ Reasonable doubt.

    I totally agree about the Black Dagger Brotherhood. I read that series long before the Southern Vampire Mysteries. Wrath & Rage are my favorites. I think they’s have to do a full on movie though and can you imagine being the casting agent trying to find 6 men over 6′ 5″ and all muscled up? DROOL!

  • Reasonable Doubt


    And if Alan Ball was doing the casting for The Black Dagger series?…
    GOD! ….He would probably cast Tommy boy ..GAG..Cruise as WRATH!