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Jennifer Garner & Seraphina Affleck: Summer Stroll!

Jennifer Garner & Seraphina Affleck: Summer Stroll!

Jennifer Garner and daughter Seraphina Affleck take a walk around Los Angeles on Saturday (July 3).

The 38-year-old former Alias star was in West Virginia on Friday for the grand opening of the Casino Club at The Greenbrier.

Jen‘s husband, Ben Affleck, was at BFF Matt Damon‘s charity event on Saturday – the Ante Up For Africa poker tournament.

15+ pictures inside of Jennifer Garner and Seraphina Affleck taking a summer stroll…

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jennifer garner seraphina affleck summer stroll 01
jennifer garner seraphina affleck summer stroll 02
jennifer garner seraphina affleck summer stroll 03
jennifer garner seraphina affleck summer stroll 04
jennifer garner seraphina affleck summer stroll 05
jennifer garner seraphina affleck summer stroll 06
jennifer garner seraphina affleck summer stroll 07
jennifer garner seraphina affleck summer stroll 08
jennifer garner seraphina affleck summer stroll 09
jennifer garner seraphina affleck summer stroll 10
jennifer garner seraphina affleck summer stroll 11
jennifer garner seraphina affleck summer stroll 12
jennifer garner seraphina affleck summer stroll 13
jennifer garner seraphina affleck summer stroll 14
jennifer garner seraphina affleck summer stroll 15
jennifer garner seraphina affleck summer stroll 16
jennifer garner seraphina affleck summer stroll 17
jennifer garner seraphina affleck summer stroll 18
jennifer garner seraphina affleck summer stroll 19

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  • riri

    Once the baby reached a year and a half years old, the Hollywood mother takes the poor child and bleaches her hair to blond.
    How pathetic.

  • Liz

    riri, what a ridiculous thing to say. Her older sister has blonde hair. A lot of children are blonde when young and then it darkens a bit as they get older. Also, no hairdresser would bleach a childs hair if they were reputable. How pathetic are you for those comments.

  • Nina

    Paparazzi, stop following Jennifer!

  • no

    Once the poster called himself riri, the mother takes the poor poster to a hosptial and removes the brain.

  • oscar

    WTF is Jennifer wearing a b.r.a.?? She has absolutely the smallest titties one would ever see (apart from Kate Hudson and Nicole Kidman that is) and WTF isn’t Seraphine (diguesting name) walking by herself un-aided. That fugly child is way beyond what a child should be doing at her age. Jenn should take her mind out of the bedroom and stop all the b.o.n.k.i.n.g. with BIG BEN and also get rid of the pole from the bedroom and concentrate more of getting Violet out of nappies and stop parading those god-aweful looking kids around in public. Having said this she should get implants too.

  • tina

    Hey No. 6. Couldn’t agree more. I have also heard she likes it up the poop hole. What a trollop.

  • really

    toooo cute!!!!!! just too cute! Love her! Pretty baby!

  • PS

    Seen Isabella Cruise lately – the perfect example of an adoption that went horribly wrong. Good thing Nicole has wiped the fat fug from her life.

    Ava Jackman – also a good example of inter-racial adoption, although this one not quite as serious as the one the Cruise’s got. That little girl is at least not going to grow up with terrible skin and a big fat a.r.s.e.

    Sandra Bullock – why the f…ck did she go and get one who isn’t remotely white looking.

    Gotta luv the way these celebs by-pass the red tape and wonder why they choose the way they do.

  • laugh

    I wonder when all of Ben’s mistresses will come out of the woodwork?

  • Slig

    Soo cute baby

  • Cheyenne

    Seraphina is so cute the way she is sitting on the sidewalk and cracking up. Ben and Jen got themselves another darling little girl to make them laugh. She and her mom are so adorable. Thanks JJ for these very sweet pics. Sooo cute.

  • seraphina

    ok not pregnant

  • lexy hates bilson

    JJ leave this woman alone when she’s with her kids!!!

  • moon

    Ben continued his weekend of drinking and gambling in las vegas, while his paparazzi loving wife returned to LA for more photo ops with the with the garner girls. Ben couldn’t even walk the red carpet because he was too hung over and looked wasted.

  • b


    Are you serious? Are you not familiar with caucasian hair?

  • Anon

    Little Seraphina seems to be quite the independent girl, bet Mommy won’t be carrying her around like she does with Violet all the time. Both girls are cuties.

  • Lili

    Jen looks great with that tan.

  • BenzBlake

    She does so many things time and time again “alone” with these kids right around the holidays… and her attempt at looking curvy looks awkward in that tank top. You rarely see Ben in the picture ever…Casino openings don’t count as family time…

    Blind Item about Ben and Blake just might be true…

  • jenn

    She is the most beautiful woman out there right now. She can go baby puke stained or super glam and have all the guys wishing they were with her.

  • Stella

    She looks like Chit . UGLY! Nothing wrong with the kids they are cuties that she makes sure are in the mags every day. You see more of Jen Garners girls in the media then anybody elses day after day after day after day after day. They won’t make you more popular Mrs. Ben Afflect.
    She’s carrying quite the belly on her. Should take that time out and go to the gym.

  • riri

    Yes “A lot of children are blonde when young and then it darkens a bit as they get older.”
    However, the miracle of the Garner daughters is that they had dark hair until they were 1.5 years old, and then all of the sudden they turned light blond.
    Jessica Alba’s daughter as well.
    It’s the new Hollywood mother thing.

  • cc

    Get some glasses moron.They were born with blond hair.Ben had very blonde hair as a child .So did his brother Casey and his kids were also blond .
    Just because Jlo had crack pipe babies doesn’t mean you have to get jealous and put down Ben’s kids.

  • Jenna

    @oscar: @tina: @PS: @Stella: I wonder if this is the same person? I can’t imagine so many people are insecure and rabid.

    @riri: Take a look at this photo. (Or any old photo).
    It is summer and her hair is a little lighter from the sun. Barely at all.

    I do wonder why Ben is always MIA. Or why they do not move from Hollywood if they are so disenchanted.

    Hey, another thing, Jen is in great shape. I think it should be mandatory that you post a picture of yourself before you judge another.

    That’s just it… What is with all the judgment here? Most philosophy will indicate that is not a good habit to practice…

    I read JJ to take a break from work and to rest my brain. I don’t think I can read the comments anymore.

  • CanadaGirl

    @riri: You’re re tarded. In the summer blonde hair gets blonder. Do you live in a cave and don’t know these things?
    Oh…. It’s obvious that you’re the same nasty poster. It’s despicable that you rant about little children. You must be a pathetic person irl.

  • seila

    i don’t understand how BOTH girls are blonde…

  • Cindy

    These pics will certainly put the pregnancy rumours to rest…

  • janice

    Jen looks pregnant. I see a baby bump.

  • Suzy

    Ben Affleck left Vegas early to spend time in his wife’s home state of West Virginia. Matt Damon, however, stayed in Vegas and partied privately with members of both sexes – while his stripper wife stayed locked in her LA rented house with several employees who entertained their kids while Lucy sat around doing ABSOLUTELY NOTHING as usual. Super Damon Family Values! Here is a tip Lucy – take your kids to the park once in a while!

  • LISA

    cute baby seraphina…..

  • v

    Now Ben looks happy.

  • Slurpy herpe Cruisazy

    I thought Suri was a troll, but Seraphina shatstain takes the cake. What a fug batch of DNA she turned out to be. Clumsy too.

  • A little obvious?

    Single desperate housewife mom who is famous for her kids and Alist husband. Ben can’t leave b/c she has too much dirt on him and he’ll lose half of his $80 million dollar net worth and she’s manipulated his mind to make him feel like crap when he thinks about leaving her (he says that his dad leaving his mom was the hardest thing in his childhood and doesn’t want to repeat it). They’ve paid all the mistresses off so Ben stays in his misery by seeing the fam once in awhile for photo ops but the rest of the time is either never home or out of their 20,000 foot home far away from her. Yup, happy Hollywood marriage. The sad thing is Jen could get better and someone that actually is there for her if she didn’t crave fame, power and money so much. She still wants to be relevant in Hollywood and knows she can’t if Ben (who’s well connected) and her break up. Classic DENIAL syndrome until one day Ben does eventually find someone else then leaves. She gets bitter and scared thinking her life is over only to find out she’ll be okay. WELCOME TO HOLLYWOOD MARRIAGES behind all the fake PR facades.

  • Boo

    what a cute and lovely play couple. <3

  • rose ann

    omg..jen is so pretty and gorgeous even without make-up and all!!
    she looks great and her 2 kids are so pretty, cute and adorable..
    God Bless the garner-affleck clan….

  • ellie

    i really pity the HATERS here and i’m pretty sure that all the “mean comments” belong to the same person with different “aliases” who envy jen & ben so much!!
    jealousy is an ugly thing, get over it yeah?!
    move on pathetic haters!!
    leave this low-key, simple, down to earth, happy couple alone, geezzz…

  • poker

    Love that girl !