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Jude Law Hits Czech Republic

Jude Law Hits Czech Republic

Jude Law poses for photographers before a press conference at the 45th Karlovy Vary Film Festival (KVIFF) on Monday (July 5) in Carlsbad, Czech Republic.

The 37-year-old British actor was honored with the president’s prize at the festival this year for his work on the silver screen!

Later in the evening, Jude was seen at dinner until 2AM with Jiri Bartoska, president of the Karlovy Vary Film Festival.

20+ pictures of Jude Law in the Czech Republic

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Credit: Michal Cizek/AFP; Photos: Getty, WENN
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  • Dane

    Are you fcukng kidding me Jared?

  • Déjà vu

    Weren’t these photos posted already?

  • chimney skin

    @Déjà vu: Nah baldy just always looks the same

  • Belle

    His physique still looks great for 37.

  • Hayley

    sexy sexy sexy

  • ew

    @Hayley: fugly fugly fugly

  • coco

    When is he going to take a shower? What’s left of his hair is constantly greasy.

  • Mark

    Such a DOUCHE. I don’t know anyone who likes him in the U.K.

  • use a condom

    Man, him and his mistress both got old and ugly fast.

  • ELLE

    He is so disgusting.

  • Katsaridoula

    He is in Karlovy Vary (west of Czech Republic). He is horrid, arrogant and full of himself

  • dolorescraegt

    you haters must be twelve year old acned skin fatsos… just don’t make sense. get a life.
    jude just received the president’s award for his film work and you’re calling him nanes. what the hell are your acheivements. you dumbells.

  • whatever

    People are biased. You all know ALL men are the same, Jude Law is certainly not the only man in Hollywood let alone the world who forgot to think with his head instead of his dic*k. Only some men are too cowardly to admit to adultery until they’re found out. No man would ever pass up on the chance to sleep with someone else if he had the chance, even if he loves his wife or gf or partner with all his heart more than anything in the world. That’s just he nature of man, to test the strength of a REAL man who trains himself to keep it in his pants. Otherwise, your man wouldn’t be half as special. There would be nothing to prove. He paid his dues and was publicly humiliated, let it go. Oh and just for the record, I love Sienna.


    “She can also keep the whole thing in perspective. “People have made such a huge deal of it,” she says. “But every single woman I know has experienced the same thing – just not publicly. People would say ‘Poor her.’ But it wasn’t the first time it’s happened to me – and it won’t be the last, I’m sure. Human nature is such that monogamy is a really hard thing to achieve.”

    Still, she is looking forward to getting married and having kids. “I can’t wait,” she says. “In a world where you’re encouraged to have your universe revolve around yourself, suddenly it doesn’t. I know I want that because I have way too much love to give. If I have a child, it can all go there. Life, I think, will suddenly make sense.”

  • go back to school

    @dolorescraegt: What’s a nane, sweetheart?

  • Kaz

    he nathing not good actor,no hot

  • Katsaridoula

    the guy standing next to Law in a blue shirt is an actor called Jiri Bartoska, he is the president of the film festival.

  • http:/ Ben

    @whatever: It’s got more to do with the fact that he is an arrogant douche with not one ounce of charisma or likeability than the fact that he cheated.

  • idontcare

    Still love him. Yum.

  • House

    @idontcare: Get some standards doll.

  • Lola

    Hot hot hot. And for the record, he is not arrogant at all but very kind.

  • ugly personified

    jude law is suc a cr@ppy excuse for a human. pathetic partner, pathetic father, pathetic actor, pathetic character. all-round revolting. lovely.

  • ugly personified


  • dog

    Go take care of your children loser instead of posing for the cameras with that ugly mug

  • http://verysexy.. sharyllee

    Still love Jude.. I met him at backstage. he was so nice… I do not care what you talk bad about him. He is fine!!!

  • dolorescraegt

    ugly personified. your name fits….i’m sure you are…. hence the jealousy of jude.

  • sheryl

    I could kiss his whole face!
    *blows kisses at Jude*

  • CanadaGirl

    @ugly personified: Haha. I find it funny that you took the time to correct ONE spelling mistake, but you left all the other grammatical errors and the counter point at the end of your post.
    *chuckle* Some people are so foolish.

  • SD

    Yuck, and icky. Yuck, and icky.

  • sheryl

    Haha, nice one, Dolores. It seems somebody has been spending an awful lot of time fronting some weird hatred. Tough for them, though, that their life is such that this is what they’re reduced to.
    *stares at Jude again*

  • natalie

    Jude’s ugly and overrated. Next….. I can’t believe he’s my age. He looks ten years older, at least.

  • ericap

    Nice to see you again, Jude!

  • http://none Faith

    All you who are so negative about him : DO YOU KINOW HIM ? Or is it that you’ve fallen for all of those awful gossip articles and columnists ? All that lying tabloid material ? Why do you believe that trash ? It’s all exaggerations and mostly lies. Admit it–you don’t like him because you just don’t WANT to like him. You enjoy thinking the worst. That must be the case because he is very different than the person you claim he is. I happen to know he’s a very nice guy- a humble person -not full of himself at all. And he’s a very conscientious parent who loves his family and takes care of them well. You should all be ashamed of yourselves for trashing a man you don’t even know. And if you are a man ( or boy ) what’s new ? Men have a tendancy to resent “pretty-boys” and they think Jude’s one of those. Men love to hate a magnetic personality and a handsom charmer like Jude. Eat your heart out you louts- you’ll never have what he has.

  • natalie

    I have nothing against him. I just think he’s ugly, plain and simple. I don’t care what anybody else thinks.

    The only thing most people are envious about in regards to Mr. Law, is his bank account. There is nothing else appealing about him.

  • sheryl

    @Faith: Faith, it’s just somebody that has actually care that much about what they’re saying, it’s just laughs to them, because if they really possessed passion about the true evils of the world, they certainly wouldn’t waste their time grumbling about Jude.

  • sheryl

    @Faith: Faith, it’s just somebody that doesn’t actually care that much about what they’re saying, it’s just laughs to them, because if they really possessed passion about the true evils of the world, they certainly wouldn’t waste their time grumbling about Jude.

  • boston16

    He always looks dirty. Go sue your ex wife jerk.

  • Sha-nay-nay

    Love him, he’s hot!

  • Sally

    This guy is a total jerk. Nasty and disrespectful to women. That people idolize and fawn over him like he was some sort of God makes me sick. Find a better hero!!!!!

  • angie

    -he’s a god-
    -he’s my hero-
    -he’s a god-
    -he’s my hero-
    -he’s a god-
    -he’s my hero-
    (I hope sicky sally is wallowing in her puke now)

  • Anon

    He’s a loser!!!!

  • LD


  • LD


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  • Sally


    I’m sick and you are a complete idiot. Jude’s fan base has an average IQ of about 40.

  • marieta

    Congratulations, Jude!

    You live you life.
    The life the others are losing about a computer.

  • Sally

    I’m a complete idiot. I wish Jude would date me instead of Sienna.

  • Sally

    I want Jude to be my boyfriend.

  • Sally

    I’m so lonely and fat.