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Jude Law Hits Czech Republic

Jude Law Hits Czech Republic

Jude Law poses for photographers before a press conference at the 45th Karlovy Vary Film Festival (KVIFF) on Monday (July 5) in Carlsbad, Czech Republic.

The 37-year-old British actor was honored with the president’s prize at the festival this year for his work on the silver screen!

Later in the evening, Jude was seen at dinner until 2AM with Jiri Bartoska, president of the Karlovy Vary Film Festival.

20+ pictures of Jude Law in the Czech Republic

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Credit: Michal Cizek/AFP; Photos: Getty, WENN
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  • Sally

    Jude, come and save me from the nothing I’ve become.

  • Fincher

    Did you see this video? Jude Law really rocked the Czech republic!

  • Dana

    Jude is one of the finest European actors, looks great, acts great, lovely man! Congrats on the award!

  • Annie Rich

    Love you Jude. Suvh a beautiful man and a wonderful actor.

  • Sally

    I want Jude to f*** me, I heared he’s sticking his d*** in any hole anyway, so I might have a chance.

  • Sally

    I guess he heard the same thing about me.

  • Sally

    I hardly ever break out anymore.

  • Sally

    My rolls of fat might swallow him up.

  • http://none Faith

    To Natalie ( and any other pea-brained nay-sayer ) :

    So it’s “ugly” is that your word of choice ? Hmmm–how very odd !! I mean he’s been in the business at least 15 yrs. and besides his being slamed for “infidelity ” ( that’s a very wrong word to use for him btw ) he is famous for one highly acclaimed thing : : HIS LOOKS .

    Time and time again he has been described as not just “handsome” but “beautiful ” . Think this is an exaggeration ? Why don’t you check out some of the articles of the past about him ? There has never been a journalist who interviewed him that didn’t say he was “very handsome” . And not just when he was younger–a short while ago he was interviewed before he started his Hamlet at the Broadway theatre in N. York City . The woman discribed him as “truely handsome” and other very complimentary things about his appearance. My question to you is : if he has been considered so very attractive ( he’s become almost synonymous with that word world-wide )…then how can he changed so suddenly for the worse, and evidently you think it’s a lot worse. His kind of good features don’t disappear completely because of a few years.

    Are you sure you don’t have a completely warped attirude ? Maybe you are from another planet.

    I will say this though : sometimes certain lighting can cause very unflattering photos. Even beautiful people can end up looking almost “ugly “. Certain angles, certain lighting and certain expressions can really make a person look bad. I’ve seen pix of Jude where I could hardly recognize him- he looked so bad, and then the next day they’ll shoot a photo of him and he looks like a gorgeous portrait. Has something to do with how people dress too.

  • Katsaridoula

    @Faith: Faith, listen, I’ve known a person ages ago who twice met Law at a dinner party. Apparently Law is one of the most selfish, arrogant people around, during the whole dinner he kept looking down at people and kept smirking at them. Plus, a nice person does NOT do this:

  • http://none Faith

    Katsaridoula :

    You want me to believe that ? I don’t believe it for a second. You are making that up because you can’t think of anything else to “prove” he’s just a BAD BAD man.

    So you know someone who was with him ! Well – meet another ! I will admit I don’t know him personaly, but I know others who have spent enough time with and around him to make me realize you don’t know the difference.

    If anything- he’s got a humble streak . Maybe when he was younger he let his sucess go to his head but I think he learned his lesson fast–

    And about the orange throwing — yee Gods ! What a HUGE blemish on his behavior he has ! Wow ! That REALLY makes him an unfit citizen ! If that’s all you’ve got against him to prove what an bad tempermental person he is– you are desparate .

    Sometimes celebrities like him get sick of having their privacy intruded upon.

  • Sally

    To the moron with the ten million posts, it just shows the mentalilty of Jude’s fans. You’re a coward. Someone else called you a spoiled little brat, and the description fits perfectly. I’m guessing you’re the Sharylee or Faith, probably Faith, because your posts come right after hers. You just can’t stand anyone saying anthing bad about your boy. The truth hurts.

  • Pink

    He’ a hot, hot man.

  • http://none Faith

    If you could see a really good picture of him, you’d shut up and be charmed . His kind of classic good features don’t just go away because he gets older. For those of us who like him it is hard to just sit by and say nothing when we know that these awful remarks here are so untrue. Why are some of you so anxious to belittle a person ? It seems so sick. And some people say the most crazy things- like “he can’t act ” . What planet are you from ? I know one thing -the films that sell so good are not always the ones that have good actting. The trouble with Jude’s acting career is that he isn’t given parts that really have enough to work with, but when he does get a meaty part he is NEVER anything but excellent. He’s an actor who really delivers. And he has won so many prizes and nominations for his work , it’s really something to be proud of. And also, for those who make remarks about his not getting enough recognition – that’s crazy too. He’s made at least one movie every year for a long time. Next year he has three movies coming- one in 3-D . You can’t get busier than that. He’s established himself all over the world. When people see him in those perfume and clothing adds they know right away who it is. That is actually quite rare . Don’t be so negative and unkind.

  • dolorescraegt

    @go back to school:

    it’s a name minus the m which you damn well knew.

  • dolorescraegt

    you never met any one who said jude is vain and selfish.t’s in your pea brained mind. i’ve met entertainment lawyers who represent stars and say they hate them. when i mention jude. i get he’s really a nice guy…you don’t know him. you’re jealous….

  • http://verysexy!! sharyllee

    I always love Jude!!!

  • angie

    @Katsaridoula: You’re lying.

  • KredÄ«ts

    rambo !!