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Jude Law: Film Fest Photocall!

Jude Law: Film Fest Photocall!

Jude Law gears up for his second day in town at the Karlovy Vary Film Festival on Monday (July 5) in Carlsbad, Czech Republic.

The 37-year-old British actor appeared at a photocall in the morning. Jude chatted with waiting fans and signed autographs when he arrived!

Jude will be honored with the president’s prize at the festival this year for his work on the big screen!

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31 Responses to “Jude Law: Film Fest Photocall!”

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  1. 26
    Annie Rich Says:

    He s beautiful.

  2. 27
    sheryl Says:

    Hey Jude, nice tongue! *winks at Jude*

  3. 28
    Faith Says:

    To Deana and every other killjoy commenting here : ( especialy the one( I know who you are ) who loves the word “douche” ) You sound like ignorant hate-mongers. And miss “douche ” lover : you know what you are ? You are a bitter, jealous poison- pen who has a personal wierd hatred for Jude Law, and you go around blasting him and calling him ugly names . This isn’t the only website you use to smear Jude, and you are a menace. Too bad you don’t understand anything about him. If you don’t like the guy so be it–but stop the nasty names and vicious belittlements—either that or DON’T COME AROUND ! I know I speak for a lot of others here, and “Jared” might be losing patience with you too.

  4. 29
    Faith Says:

    Sam- you, like so many other men who itich all over from frustration knowing that Jude Law-gets such a swoon from women, are tinted green by now—it’s jealousy – you won’t admit it because you don’t even know you have it, but it’s called jealousy . Many men have such a different idea what good-looking means when it comes to the male of the species . You think in order to be attractive a guy has to be on the tall and big side, very masculine, and esp. when it comes to his face. Men seem to HATE “pretty boys,” or men who have that look. Jude used to have that quality very much when he was younger but now he’s got Still, you hate him for it- isn’t that true ?

    How crazy is it to use the words you call him ( ugly etc. ) and resent him so ? How can this man, who has been called “stunning” “beautiful ” and even ( a quote ) “unbearably handsome ” look so unattractive now ? Some bad photos or lighting can make any person look bad, by the way …I’ll aqdmit that .

    So if you feel so offended at seeing his pictures here–why don’t you just stay away ? Nobody’s forcing you to look at them and then whine about it.

  5. 30
    Faith Says:

    Jude Law is smart, has a lot of wit and knows how to answer a question. He’s also a sweet personality . I think women take advantage of him- not the other way around.

    I don’t like his taste in women though- I admit that. Hate to say this but, in my opinion, Sadie Frost has always seemed to old and matronly for him and she seems like a terrible bossy person. No wonder he left her. And Sienna–In my opinion there is something very odd about her–she truely seems like almost a mental case . I know that she’s using Jude. What she wants is attention and I don’t think she will ever reach the saturation point. I hate to see Jude marry a “taker” like her–he needs a “giver ” .

  6. 31
    Tammy Says:

    I have always liked Jude, but I don’t really like the way that he is treating his ex wife with the book that she is writing. To think that she the Mother of the kids, would say anything harming the kids seems not possible. I think that Jude was underhanded whenhe took her to court and made up the story about not wanting the kids pictured in the book. He’s having pictures taken with his kids and sienna and that doesnt’ bother him. I feel bad for Sadie, because she can’t really fight him.
    I don’t like sienna with jude. she’s a total user and I think she is a mental case. I’m sure she’s pist that he’s getting jobs and attention and she’s left in the dust. i think with sienna it’s always and just about sienna. i think jude needs to grow up and see what is really happening to him. he needs to find someone that really likes him for him and not because they want to ramp up there career and have the paps take pictures of her.

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