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Kate Bosworth: Fourth of July with Alexander Skarsgard!

Kate Bosworth: Fourth of July with Alexander Skarsgard!

Kate Bosworth walks hand-in-hand with a pint-sized friend as she heads into a Fourth of July party at a friend’s house in Hollywood on Sunday.

The 27-year-old actress was a few steps behind her boyfriend, True Blood hunk Alexander Skarsgard, who was seen carrying in a case of Heineken beer.

Before the celebration, the happy couple was spotted picking up snacks from Bristol Farms supermarket.

15+ pictures inside of Kate Bosworth‘s Fourth of July with Alexander Skarsgard

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Photos: Flynetonline
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  • cherry

    They don’t look like boyfriend and girlfriend.

  • Wicked

    Who is the girl he’s kissing?

  • Oopsila

    So basically she’s kidnapping other people’s children to make them look like a happy family now? Great idea. Shame she didn’t let him in on it.

  • Duff

    He sure goes for weird looking women. He’s more affectionate with the odd hat woman than I’ve ever seen him with KB

  • lovely

    lol@JJ mentioning KB was behind ASkars.

  • lovely

    She’s “always” behind him.

  • cute

    The girl in the hat looks cute.

  • Weird

    Sorry jj but you are the only one insisting they are a happy couple. In fact you are the only one insisting that she is news worthy when everyone else sees her for what she is…a fameslore!!! And again he is always walking away from her. And the little girl is the Larson child whose parents totally wipe Kate’s ass with their tongue.
    Anyways, they had to have called the paps for this one since they are at a personal house and not a pap hangout. Can you say….”PHO-TO OP”!! In one pic she is looking directly at the camera and smiling. Pimping out kids at the same time. She really has no morals. And he just keeps looking like a bigger idiot.

  • Weird

    She is totally wanting to seem like she is sweet and good and wholesome by holding the kid’s hand which makes her only look worse. This girl doesn’t get it at all.

  • high c

    I think he still hangs with KB because she ingratiated herself into his inner circle. He shows more affection to fans and strangers.

  • Hmmmm

    He seems far more affectionate with the other woman. Nice to see him in some different clothes.

  • oseary

    I see a happy couple but it isn’t Skarsgard and Bosworth.
    Who is the chick in the hat?
    He seems more into her than Bosworth.

  • jingles

    Who is Kate dating? Alex or Lisa Larson?

  • oh my

    So now he’s getting photographed at the supermarket?

  • Oopsila

    You know what he looks like? He looks like a guy who’s being blackmailed.
    I wonder what she has on him. Any ideas, people?

  • beautiful couple

    Very, very strange.
    Who is the girl with the dair hair??

  • curious

    Is Skarsgard kissing the chick from The City?

  • heidi

    @jingles: Probably Mrs. Larson.

  • jmho

    I think this is more FWB with an occasional outing than real coupledom. They never show much togetherness unless he has a beer in his hand.

  • Jade

    Does Kate still do anything worth while? Like making movies perhaps? For the past few years I’ve only ever seen photos of her doing nothing..

  • kaching$

    What is Kate Bosworth wearing?
    A tablecloth?

  • truly

    i feel sort of embarrassed for this girl.
    it’s obvious she calls the paps and then he turns around and makes a show of kissing another woman.

  • Ish

    This is so fake… Oh man, only in this country are the gay men forced to hide their sexual identity and engage in these silly photo-op games.

  • cute

    KB is cute too but she needs to eat a cookie and brush her hair.

  • Not so


    He’s not gay so don’t slander him…

  • Slig

    Baby sooo cute

  • Slig

    Where are t kaz?

  • V

    Hmm…who knows if they are dating. He does always seem pretty friendly with other women when she’s around. And I don’t know..perhaps I’m immature but I’d hate it if my boyfriend were hanging onto other women etc especially if I were around.

  • TACK

    Maybe KB is the best he can do. If he could land a Charlize Theron, Sandra Bullock, Zoe Saldana or any other smart, strong, independent woman he would have. KB walks behind him always like a dog and does her master’s bidding. That’s probably the kind of woman he wants. She’s easy, willing and always available for his needs. Alex is a 33 year old man that acts like he’s in his 20′s. I don’t think he could handle a talented, secure woman. She’s pathetic , with no life or friends of her own. It’s sad that people note she looks healthy now that she’s with Alex. The pathetic creature only seems to be able to eat when she has a man. Alex has arrived …hot tv show, new sports car and the required dumb blond anorexic “actress” GF. His fans thought he was different because of his interviews. Turns out he’s just imported douche.
    Btw, the black guy he’s talking to in the white shirt in the TB wrap video is the same guy he took to he Movitts concert. Is he the same guy he lunched at Joan’s and The Ivy (Skarsgard Demin post on JJ), I think he’s also the guy Alex was speaking to in the stadium in Sweden over his Xmas vacation. Anyone know who he is?

  • Fishy

    The girl in gray would be the one I’d call his girlfriend (which is pretty pathetic, considering JJ’s headline). He actually looks affectionate with her.

    It’s really funny. Not that I find said girl that good looking, but anyone (or close to it) would be better than BosHo, and he actually looks happy to see that other girl, which is the most important part.

  • TACK
  • TACK

    Who’s the guy in the white shirt that Alex was talking to at the TB party ?He was also with Alex in the Movitts Youtube video. Was he the same guy at Joan’s and Fred Segal? Same guy Alex was talking to in the stadium in Sweden during Xmas vacation?

  • Brush

    LOL she invest in a Brush. it’s good to see that KB does read JJ comments. I am glad to see that she BRUSHED the hair and bought some hair accessories. Next tip KB stop wearing your granny’s tablecloth and parading with other people kids like you care.

  • GPS

    Yes indeed, Jared, this happy couple give Romeo and Juliet a run for their money. Dude makes sure to keep his haunted/tortured facial expression while shopping for beer goggles to make it through the day, while the chick with no function beams from excitement because she knows she has finally found a partner for lengthy conversations in that adorable little girl. And finally we witness dude hugging the hell out of some random female, proving that he only seems to have an allergy to the chick with no function, and that´s why she always keeps a distance from him because otherwise he would get a hellish sneeze attack. Seriously, who is supposed to be impressed by this ongoing immature PR crapola? This derailed gift that keeps on giving, because it has entered the stage of being so unintentionally funny a long time ago?

  • Tiffany

    @TACK: Yes, it’s the same guy.

  • Manipulation

    Is it me or I get the feeling to be manipulated by these “happy” pictures.
    It seems like PR want us to bought KB is the girl next door and that she is super sweet, then why since with him we hear that and that before we hear she was a drama queen with her costar like with ginnifer goodwin. I think PR want a radical changement of opinion and people see how douchy is her “boyfriend” is, so they feel like she is the nice one in this relationship.
    I think with this relationship he wants to destroy his sexy hunk status to be taken more seriously as an actor and want to make believe he can do something different than sexy hunk eric. I think PR are playing us.
    But I won’t buy this crap about how great these two are.

  • yummy

    so many things wrong with this picture, but hey Skars you iz looking flyyyyyyyyyyyyy so I don’t care. That there, is a Fly Man. Multitasking too! And those hands..

  • Ish

    @Not so: I did not mean it as an offense; I have absolutely nothing against gays and lesbians, you need to evaluate your own perceptions and bigotry, and stop projecting it onto me.

  • busted

    boy..had no idea people disliked her so much.

    Why? I think she is more famous than him. I know she has not worked much, but she is more well known. But hey he is still with her. She must have something he likes.

  • Vera

    Its nice to see Skarsgard as always, Kate looks nice also and the baby and little girl are super cute…….now for the crazies

    Really ladies no PDA means they are not a couple what are ya’ll 13!? I do not care if they are or not but come on the hate and venom for a woman that you don’t know because she is with a guy that your obsessed with needs to end. Why can’t a thread containing these two just be like any other thread ( he/she hot comments or he/she looks horrible)…Let’s see if Skarsgard was dating a Eva Mendes/Kerry Washington …omg I can only imagine the more hateful comments. No woman out there will be perfect enough for him in your opinions, which is ok because guess what he could give a shyt what any of you think!!!!!

    I hope they enjoyed the 4 July! It was a very hot and I mean hot 4th in nyc! (^_^)

  • JustJoanie

    How cute! The mommies are smiling and walking merrily along with the adorable little kiddies. There’s a dad grinning and laughing at the sight as he finishes up some last minute business over the cell. And then … oh my … we have Grumpy McGrumpface, angrily trailing off ahead of the pack as he carries in all the groceries and beer. Poor Grumpy. Life is terrible for you, isn’t it? Won’t you ever give us a smile again?
    But wait! Grumpy’s smiling and hugging some woman! Perhaps she offered to help him carry the groceries.

    And #38. You didn’t know people disliked her so much?!
    Well, let me be the first to welcome you back from Gilligan’s Island.

  • Mimi

    @Vera Actually, either Eva Mendes or Kerry Washington would be better than KB, they at least look like real women, unlike the skeletor here. It’s as bad as J.Lo. marrying Marc Anthony.

  • Vera


    I seriously doubt that! Many women look like Kate in hollywood and in regular life. “Real” women aren’t skinny? I think people need to realize is that Skarsgard is attracted to her, it might not be the “Real” woman that they preferred but he picked her!

  • she is still there

    @JustJoanie, Are yoy kidding me. The reason why he is grumpy is because everytime he turns around she is STILL there. He keeps speed walking away, hoping I walk further away from her and she will get the clue, but it’s KB. The Clue left her at 7 and the hair colour at 20 and a normal weight at 22.

  • JM

    Ladies & Gentlemen, the douchiest couple in Hollywood!
    Another GROUP date. This is just a theory but even if they are together, I really don’t think he will ever marry her because he’s a Eurosnob. He’s been in HW 6 years but all his friends are from Sweden. The pack travels together constantly. He drives a european car, refrences Sweden often in his interviews etc.. I just think when the dust settles and his star dims (and it will especially if this keeps up) he’ll ultimately marry & settle down with a Swedish woman, probably someone who has nothing to do with the entertainment industry. He’s having fun now although from his constant scowl whenever he’s around her, you wouldn’t know it.

  • Disappointed

    I was really hoping the next item I’d see on JJ was that AS is back in Sweden without the s**t. Interesting photos though. She looks happy while he looks miserable. After all these months, she must have something on him to get away with all this. I could almost feel sorry for him, but he’s a big boy and made his own choices. Being stupid is one of them.

  • JustJoanie

    @she is still there: LOL! You’re preaching to the choir. It was all tongue in cheek.

  •! Annie

    She’s nothing but a booty call to him. It’s so painfully obvious.

  • YvetteW

    I really like how she takes her bun or ponytail apart when she sees the cameras. She releases her hair, shakes her head and puts on these big fake smiles! She does it all the time even if not with AS. Kate – I appreciate the hard work that you do if no one else does. LOL

  • Buttercups

    This doesn’t look staged at all.