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Zachary Quinto: Sant Ambroeus Summer

Zachary Quinto: Sant Ambroeus Summer

Zachary Quinto grabs lunch with a gal pal at Sant Ambroeus restaurant in the West Village neighborhood of New York City on a hot Monday afternoon (July 5).

The 33-year-old actor celebrated the Fourth of July from the Big Apple. Zach and his friends watched the fireworks go off from the 42nd floor of a West Side building.

Earlier in the day, ZQ was seen hanging out with Modern Family actor Jesse Tyler Ferguson.

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Credit: Elder Ordonez; Photos: INFdaily
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  • +#ö

    looks soooo gay!!!

  • Lea

    @+#ö: He’s not gay though. Bi-sexual I think.

  • Trekki

    I always question his style choices…….99% of the things he wears makes me laugh. Oh Zach.

  • Slig

    Hahahahahaha u here

  • flowerpower?

    LOL, there is so much wrong with that outfit I don’t know where to start.
    He’s a decent actor though and hysterical.

  • Whatever…

    Jeez! Get a tan you queen! And come out already – you might actually get a PEOPLE cover! LOL. That outfit makes you look SO butch. NOT!

  • Lame

    @Whatever…: Why should he get himself a tan? To achieve what? And what makes you think he looked at this outfit and thought “how butch looking”. And, what makes you think he wants a freaking PEOPLE cover? Get the fcuk OUT! And no I don’t mean out the closet you cowardly loser, none of the gay comm want someone like you.

  • you moron

    @Whatever…: Hello homophobe. Or is it catty upset gay. It’s always one of the two.

  • He has the


  • ZQ!
  • karma23

    He is gay, west village is a gay area. No straight man would wear that outfit . What’s with the chest hair?

  • Cindy Lu

    I like him!! outfit, chest hair and all!! cain’t wait to see him as spock again

  • blue

    wow, i think he is gay, but i love my spock. that’s really colorful shirt mr.spock. LOL

  • t


    Uh he’s a man, not a twink who formerly was a man. He’s bisexual, meaning he can look and f* anyone he wants..

  • stop

    :) He supports LGBT rights and is always seen at charity events. While I’d love for him to come out, no one should be PUSHED or forced in any way to ‘come out’ until THEY, are ready. Btw, I keep reading he’s Bisexual as he apparently dated a woman once but I very much doubt it ;)

  • yess

    @flowerpower?: Decent actor? He’s AWESOME. Not just as the fabulously flamboyant Spock and Sylar but at every role he plays.

  • haha

    he is better than chris pine

  • nooooo

    He looks more gorgeous with a beard imo!

  • Heather

    It’s like 100 degrees today so leave his outfit alone, and I know a ton of straight people who live in the Village, like me! :)

    That could be Zach’s girlfriend you really never know… I think he’s bisexual, I have it on VERY good authority.

    He’s sexy and an awesome actor, stop hating!

  • karma23

    chris pine could be gay also.

  • yeahwhatever


    Actually the East village not the West village is considered the gay mecca of NYC, do your homework moron.

  • karma23

    Gay outfit, west village is gay town.I don’t care that he is gay, if he keeps dressing like this he won’t get any straight parts in movies

  • Heather

    Stop using his ROLE in So NoTORIous as an excuse, I mean do you believe he also steals brains and kills people? Or that underneath the hat he has Vulcan ears and has green blood? It is his JOB… people… come on now, you silly gooses.

  • Tan
  • yeahwhatever


    Gay town? What, are you some kind of a self loathing homophobic redneck?

  • dumb comments dumb people

    God are there only idiots on this site? First the ugly cow worried about someone else’s looks. What do you look like? not everyone has your pathetic taste in men. To the bigot commenting on how his clothes will stop him getting work? why because bigots like you exist? to the one talking about getting a People Magazine cover-to dumb to even take seriously.

  • dumb comments dumb people


    Why because bigots thinks all gay men are queens? Yeah a good reason to stay in the cloest and avoid bigots who think so. Also learn something about cultural being half Irish he isn’t going to tan much nor would it be healthy.

  • dumb comments dumb people


    You do know men have chest right?

  • wowza

    cruel to call someone gay you dont even know
    he could be bisexual or asexual even
    but its not really anyones business nor would it make him a “BAD” person
    he would still be an actor
    so judge him on that acting…….

  • Honey

    @wowza: It’s not cruel, it’s just dumb typical bigoted behaviour.

  • Tee

    i love how he thinks he is so ahead of fashion..makes me chuckle with pity. He is deff into peen..

  • adorable beast

    Zach is most definitely gay, no straight or Bisexual man is that presh. I love him down to his caterpillar eyebrows.

  • S@n

    ZQuinto is GREAT ANYWAY and seems to be happy in NYC!

  • dumb comments dumb people

    @adorable beast:

    Are you sleeping with him and man? the idea that someone could say they know he is anything then claim to ‘love’ him after insulting him by not allowing him to say what he is if he wants to, is sad and fu-k up to the core.

  • emeera

    Here we go again……always with the gay or not discussion….Is it really so important?? To me, he is an amazing actor,I like him. That’s all….

  • Dee

    COOL and AWSOME ZQ!!!…….<3<3<3!!!

  • Sara

    Gay, straight, bi, whatever, he is definitely the sexiest man I’ve ever seen!

  • yeahwhatever

    @adorable beast:

    Nobody knows the sexuality of that man, he’s never seen holding hands or canoodling with either sex (outside of his co-stars), so how does anyone really know? *shrug*

  • ….

    Why are people always talking about his sexuality. He’s an actor not a sex expert LOL. remove yo noses from peoples’ private lives

  • who cares

    He is gay as day :) & to the comment above, because gossip is fun, and harmless. I’m always interested in my fave. people’s social and private life, it’s only human……..xo

  • http://verysexy.. sharyllee

    never like him..

  • yeahwhatever

    @who cares:

    I dunno what you are seeing in those pics, all I see is pics of him on a beach, with his friends around him. I’ve seen those before, last year so they are kind of old, but he’s got a nice body so that makes up for it. I thought you had a smoking gun, like pics of him making out with other men (sonotorious sauna scene, though hot doesn’t count)?

    *shrug* Oh well…

  • Slig

    Im so handsom boy hahahaha blive me

  • dumb comments dumb people

    @who cares:

    It would be sad if you really believed that. But I suspect you are just lying to justify it. There has never been any time in human history when gossip and talking shit about people wasn’t deemed painful and harmeful, you do it to cause pain and to insult that is the point of gossip. On the upside no doubt many if your friends talk s–t about you in life so we all get what we deserve in the end.

  • maryann

    @sharyllee: :

    And yet you felt the need to click on a post about him look at him and talk about him. How’s that working out for you? Not to worry if he or the rest of us knew you we wouldn’t like you either. Heck I already don’t.

  • hipsuperstar

    Seriously people. His outfit is gay? Its 2010 get with it! He is wearing a tank top and shorts- that makes him gay? So every guy who wears tank tops and shorts its gay? Who cares if he is gay or NOT!!!

  • Sassy

    My bf and I were at the table next to these 2. They were R U D E to the staff and were not having the lazy afternoon of laughs it appears they had from the pics. SET UP/PHOTO OP if I ever saw one!

  • Stacie

    Love him … no matter what . His outfit not so much .

  • Heather

    Sassy, why would they have a set up photo anyway, it wasn’t like they were doing anything “scandalous” how were they rude? Was she a girl set up to make it look like they were dating… just taking it with a grain of salt, you know!

    Now I heard Dania can be rude to wait staff, a friend of mine waited on Zach and her once and he said Zach was very nice and polite. Just wanted to eat and chill, no drama… but Dania was a diva.