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Zachary Quinto: Sant Ambroeus Summer

Zachary Quinto: Sant Ambroeus Summer

Zachary Quinto grabs lunch with a gal pal at Sant Ambroeus restaurant in the West Village neighborhood of New York City on a hot Monday afternoon (July 5).

The 33-year-old actor celebrated the Fourth of July from the Big Apple. Zach and his friends watched the fireworks go off from the 42nd floor of a West Side building.

Earlier in the day, ZQ was seen hanging out with Modern Family actor Jesse Tyler Ferguson.

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Credit: Elder Ordonez; Photos: INFdaily
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82 Responses to “Zachary Quinto: Sant Ambroeus Summer”

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  1. 51
    yeahwhatever Says:


    Set up photo? For what?

  2. 52
    SarahC Says:

    I just think he’s hot. Straight up.

  3. 53
    chris Says:

    I want this gay to me.zach is sooo sexy but he only date ugly girls, she´s fat. without femenility. I think zach desrves thing better.

  4. 54
    chris Says:

    zach deserves a pretty girl not ugly girl who that girl? she´s michaela? i don´t know the bad taste continue……

  5. 55
    Elena Says:

    oh… i love him..

  6. 56
    quety Says:



    Good for him if he likes normal looking women, sets him apart from all of the other Hollywood actors who date botoxed starlets.

  7. 57
    chris Says:

    @quety: i want to say zach is gorgeous the girl is not so ugly but zach is HOT HOT HOT special man isn´t?

  8. 58
    t Says:

    Hey Sassy,

    And I suppose the shots of him on that stoop talking to that gay ginger actor from Modern Family was a set up too, as there are more pics of Zach’s day yesterday. So if you are to be believed, the lunch was a set up to prove that Zach is het, wow, you mean the bitchglare that Zach is giving the pap in several of the shots is just an act? Zach is a better actor than I thought.

  9. 59
    John Q Says:

    Q is never rude to wait staff or to anyone. Q is also one of the “good guys” in Hollywood. Trust me, there are very few. Many of the successful people in Hollywood, male or female, are people with whom you would not want to be stranded in a lifeboat, nor have over for dinner. Many of the successful in Hollywood are completely lousy human beings, in one way or another. ZQ, however, is not.

  10. 60
    JLK Says:

    Wow! Zach certainly gets a lot of publicity from this sexual orientation debate. There are other male actors who have been “seen” in gay bars, support GLBT causes, accept gay roles in plays & movies, and even eat in restaurants with other men. So why aren’t we freaking out over their sexual orientation? I am a bit perplexed by this dynamic.

  11. 61
    yeahwhatever Says:


    Because they probably have very visible gf’s or bf’s, Zach does not, and he also seems to be constantly single and he has never talked about his sexuality. That leaves him open to a lot of assumption and guessing and a lot of homophobic talk targeted at him (if this thread is anything to go by).

  12. 62
    zenart Says:

    I think it’s really sad when every discussion board about this man degenerates to hurtful banter by his so-called fans or those individuals who loath a person whom they’ve never met. I can only hope that Zachary, or his family, doesn’t take the time to read very much internet chatter concerning his appearance, sexuality, or demeanor as some of this stuff has to potential to cause deep hurt. I’m sure he is aware by now what the opinions of some are concerning his presentation, and I sincerely hope he doesn’t give a d**n! It’s unfortunate that the disdain in this discussion is so palpable.

    He is a great actor, and that’s all I need to know about him. I wasn’t familiar with this man until I saw his portrayal of Spock in Star Trek 2009 – which he performed beautifully. He’s very handsome, smart, and he seems to be a genuinely nice person. My only complaint is that he and the actress who played Uhura (Zoe Saldana), didn’t/couldn’t really get together! I thought they were beautiful together.

    His work should speak for itself. Not his fashion sense or his sexual explorations/preferences, etc. I just wish the actor good luck. Judging by some of these illogical comments; he may need it.

  13. 63
    adrianna Says:

    love him, can’t wait for the coming out

  14. 64
    mikeijames Says:

    seriously, what did he and jesse tyler ferguson, one of the few openly gay actors out there, have to talk about?

  15. 65
    BB Says:

    I love it how every time JJ post something regarding Zach and all this gay crap goes on. His orientation may matter a lot to some people or may not matter at all to others. I agree with #62. We’ve never seen him romantically linked with anyone so it continues to make people guess and wonder and since he hasn’t been seen with anyone many automatically assume he’s gay. Whenever he’s seen with a female…all the girls thinks that she’s ugly or he can do better but whenever he’s seen with a man…he’s gay. I’m so glad he got out of TV and working on films although I do miss seeing him on Heroes every Monday nights. Love Zach and I hope his career continues to carry on.

  16. 66
    Keachick Says:

    Thanks zenart. Your post has made the most sense.
    No, Zach is not better than Chris Pine. They are different people and I think work well together as Kirk and Spock in the new Star Trek movie.
    Oh, and the comment about chest hair. Well, let’s see, Zachary Quinto is male which means he has a hormone called testosterone running around in his blood-stream – ie he can make babies (man-style) and has man hairs! As far as wearing tank top and shorts – it’s the middle of a hot summer in New York, isn’t it? Why would he or should he want to wear anything else? He’s not nuts, unlike some of the people who post here.

  17. 67
    maryann Says:


    yes to some of us he is better than Cris Pine different people have different taste. They are not joined at the hip they made one freaking movie together. Quinto has his own life and career as does Pine and we don’t have to love them as equally. Not into Pine at all

  18. 68
    Happenstohavebeensittingnear Says:


    Sorry I know for a fact that you are lying. And can prove it but the internet and people like you are not worth it. And if anyone is dumb enough to believe you then they are as pathetic as you. LOL.

  19. 69
    carny Says:

    @John Q:

    Yep he is always well mannered and behaved. Take it from someone who works serves these hollywood idiots. He is rare.@mikeijames:

    So you are saying gay men are not like other people and have friends and talk about the same things you and your friends talk about? they don’t have friends in common, families to talk about, sports teams, taxes to ***** about, politics, and work in the same business etc?

  20. 70
    carny Says:

    and the first part of that was meant to person who commented on him not being rude. Who actually knew what they were talking about.

  21. 71
    Heather Says:

    Not sure how anyone can believe that Zach is anything but a sweetheart, especially if you met him :) Not sure if the girl was a friend, love, coworker or family member but she is cute and everyone else is just being nasty and jealous :(

    Thanks Happenedtobe…. Not sure why I get involved in the internet drama either, SO not worth it.

  22. 72
    naty Says:

    finally zach show us his girlfriend! I not to say zach has a GF now you believe me?that girl live in NYC and date with zach few months…

  23. 73
    Tom Says:

    Wow this guy is ugly.

  24. 74
    ? Says:

    i dont get it.. i dont see anything wrong with his outfit. anyways, the guy is sexy and talented and stop worrying about his sexuality non of you is getting any of it anyway.

  25. 75
    Heather Says:

    Naty that sure is a believable and COMPLETELY coherant statement… thanks.

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