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Alexander Skarsgard: Honolulu, Hawaii for Battleship!

Alexander Skarsgard: Honolulu, Hawaii for Battleship!

Alexander Skarsgard carries a single duffle bag as he arrives at Hawaii’s Honolulu International Airport via LAX airport in Los Angeles on Monday (July 5).

The 33-year-old True Blood actor is in town for his new Peter Berg-directed movie, Battleship, opposite Friday Night Lights hunk Taylor Kitsch.

Alex will play a straight and narrow naval officer while Taylor will be the wildly spirited naval officer who idolizes his brother.

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  • Brush

    Alex naked in those boots I know I want front seat ticket to that. But I will settle for Alex in speedo with his GP bursting out. LOL

  • Brush

    And Alex please leave the new ebola virus skank behind. Thank you!

  • Carla Nelson

    I agree with you number 3. Thats why he should have not lost all that weight. He is nothing but legs and height. Its okay to loose a few pounds but not to the point to were it has affected your looks. In season one his weight went with his height but now he looks lanky and that why he stands out in a crowd of people.

  • sooner

    @Yuck: I think she will show up towards the end of filming. Alex is not the main guy in this movie, right? So he probably won’t be out there for more than a couple weeks. According to my calculations based upon days since last sighting, increasing frequency of sightings, and scenic locales available for sightings…….. I guess she will be out there in the next 4-11 days (not before and definitely not after). I have to point out something, these two really like to use the “background”. 1. Concert (1st “fan” sighting) 2. Award presentation (1st pics together) 3. Movies (1st parking deck) Then they wanted to be “seen” but not photographed. 4. Ton of “fashion events” 5. Award show post parties. Things were getting boring so they turned up the heat 5. Afternoon lunch (1st use of daylight) 6. Coachella (1st time with common folk) 7. Sweden (1st European vacation) 8. 1st Premiere Then it was time to arrive/leave together …9. Bar outing for WC 10. TB cast party and finally … getting domestic 11. Grocery shopping/ 4th of July. There is no way they are not going to USE Hawaii, they have never gone tropical!! This is a campaign to conquer the world.

  • N.P

    Hi guys

    new interview with alex if anyone is intrested. There is a bit about his recent visit to sweden with kate and his take on over the paparazzi following them and I agree with what he says

  • N.P

    according to skarsgard news he is only in hawaii to do some prep work for battleship before flying to sweden to film melancholia

  • JM

    @ NP

    Thanks for the link. I’ll bet Kate hired the guy who followed them 24/7.

  • @ JM

    That was my first thought when I read that article. Kate hired them to make sure we knew she was there with him. Funny that he still won’t claim her publicly

  • realitybites

    @N.P: You always get the good stuff N.P. I did not enjoy reading that interview, because he pulls me in every time. I could think he was a good guy, that none of this stuff has been set up, and he and Kate are the real deal….. but that does not explain his weird behavior in front of the paps. Maybe Sweden was a turning point, and he decided to have a different attitude with the paps. But yeah, he definitely does not come across as a guy who would have a fauxmance.

  • N.P

    @realitybites: Thank you very much I am glad you agree with me I thought I was alone

  • come on

    @@ JM: Kate is not that smart (she can’t even find a car and you think she could figure out where she was in Sweden?). Also, she would have made sure the guy standing outside had a camera. From all the pictures, there was only one picture of them coming home and they had been followed all day. I think AS just made up this guy whose sole job was to note when they were leaving and coming back. He is trying to throw us off the scent, don’t fall for it.

  • @ come on

    Yeah I forgot Kate isn’t really that bright- my mistake gaveher too much credit. Thank you for reminding me of the bs.

  • @Yuck

    Everyone is commenting on his greasy appearance, clothes or whatever. Have you seen the latest pics of Orlando, now that is disgusting. At least AS does not deliberately dress like a hobo because he thinks it looks cool (maybe if you look like Johnny Depp you can pull it off, because at least you have your face and talent to fall back on. Orlando lacks both.) Alex dresses for comfort, and he looks effortless in the process. Could he look better, sure… but at least he doesn’t think about what he is wearing ahead of time. KB has made a serious upgrade.

  • Jam

    “-No, there are no professional paparazzi in Sweden. I got that these people were sent out to do their job. When I sat in a restaurant having dinner and a beer with my friends at 11 pm, there was a reporter from Expressen who came in and wanted to get an interview right there and then. Call me old-fashioned but I like the way it used to be, when journalists called and booked an appointment for an interview. Another dude followed us 24/7, he took notes on when we left the apartment and when we got back. After three days when he still was there, I walked up to him and said “I think this is enough”. He was cool about it and backed off. I don’t mind them as individuals but it’s frustrating not to be able to spend time with your family without having a camera shoved into your face.”

    From the man himself.

  • JM

    Kate may not be able to find the car but she sure knows how to find a camera lens :P

    Although I enjoyed the article, I can’t help but think I’m being fed more BS. I mean how many times has he said one thing and done another?

  • Clue

    New article or not I call BS on anything that this person says. He’s contradicted just about everything he’s ever claimed he was. He’s in full
    famewh*re mode along with the parasite. People keep saying he’s been played by KB. Some of those people also say how stupid KB is. Doesn’t that make him dumber than she is ?.

    ….the wheels on the douche go round and round….

  • Whats up with that

    Nice interview. He did not say anything about Kate. Confirm or deny. I do not get it. Does the PR firm tell him not to say anything about KB?

  • @AS

    @Whats up with that: Well I can’t blame him for that, the interviewer never directly asked him about his relationship, just about the paps. Unless I missed something

  • Reasonable Doubt

    Come on people, I know we’d all like to hope that Alex and his actions are somehow or someway still possibly redeemable, but the man himself directing the blame for all this constant photo coverage else where is a bit transparent ..don’t you think?

    If you truly want privacy you don’t go out and about all the time while dragging the very person with whom there’s so much speculation about!

    No, he doesn’t have to hide, but to expect the public to simply not wonder is rather silly!
    He’d have to be really an idiot not to know how the “Fame Game ” in tinsel town is played.
    I’m sure if K.B. and Alex REALLY wanted their ENTIRE time spent together unknown, they could simply keep it behind closed doors!

    I mean why would Alex have to even worry about offending K.B. by hiding her, when she obviously seems just fine with no recognition as it is now!

  • @RD

    Well here is the problem:

    1. If Alex’s actions are redeemable, then he and Kate are for real.
    2. If Alex’s actions are irredeemable, then he and Kate are a fauxmance

    Some people want AS’s actions to be redeemable, and Skarsworth to be fake. And that simply cannot be. So the only option is for them to label AS as being capable of being manipulated by Kate which would make him a complete dumbass. And the truth is nobody thinks he is dumb, so that brings us back to the first two options.

  • x

    @x: I just read the article, and based on the number of thumbs up I saw, I was expecting her to get bashed. You all do realize the article can only be considered to be favorable to her, right?? I thought Katehaters were in the majority over here. I inferred that she is more beautiful in person than she is on screen, and that she is an enigma, seemingly gentle and more intelligent sounding that I would have ever expected. Except for the mention of her “team”, which I can only assume every rising star (which is what she was at the time) has a team, I hardly sensed negativity from the writer. Honestly it left me wondering if she is just misunderstood by all of us.

  • burnt bacon

    I was hoping the whole Battleship thing was just a hallucination, but they really are going ahead with this f**kery, aren’t they? Oh well, it can’t be any worse than Knight and Day, can it? CAN IT????

  • Clue

    Regarding the KB article , perhaps some people miss the part where the interviewer said “Sometimes the sweetness can feel contrived:”,

    KB also said,”I love psychology. I’m hoping to study that in high school – in, um, college.”

    The interviewer ends with,:

    I watch Bosworth a few days later on Jonathan Ross’s chat-show, giggling, in a stricken sort of way, at his tirade of gags. Maybe getting away from this business would be a good idea. Maybe spending three years in high school – I mean college – would give this pretty young thing a chance to breathe.

    Jonathan Ross later tells Sarah Michelle Gellar:
    Some people on this show frankly might as well have not bothered turning up. It was Kate Bosworth a couple of weeks ago. She was useless. It was like having a lamp sitting out here (2004)
    It’s at 4:50

    You clearly didn’t understand the tone of the article.


    @CONFUSED: Yeah, I don’t get it. The link to the article is getting thumbs up and your getting thumbs down. It just goes to show the anti-kate people truly do not know what it going on. Makes no sense, but they never have.

  • not quite

    @Clue: I think the key word is that “sometimes” her sweetness seemed contrived. In other words, the rest of the time the interviewer felt the sweetness was real. The fact that he or she felt that Kate was truly sweet is the point. Which actor in the world does not play a part during the interview process? It doesn’t matter if you’re in a bad mood or weren’t feeling well (like Kate), you have to suck it up. Overall, I felt the interview showed that she was young, just 21, and had been in the business at a young age and had many projects at the time, including some that were pretty intense with heavyweight actors, and she was in a relationship with another “it” person at the time. The “breathe” part was to say that going to college or some of the normal stuff that people her age do, might give her the chance to breathe away from her handlers, photographers and interviewers.

  • agree

    @not quite: I felt the same. Definitely got a positive KB vibe after reading the article and that is not something I usually have. It does make her seem sweet and mostly genuine. If you read comments on JJ it makes her seem 100% not genuine, so that is why the article makes her look good. I wonder it the person who posted it wanted it to be pro or anti KB.

  • a thought

    The article made me think about Scarlett Johannson. She used to be all over Josh Hartnett when they dated, making out on the streets, etc. She was the same way with Jared Leto too, PDA all the time. But now look at her and Ryan Reynolds, they don’t want to get photographed together and walk apart from each other, don’t do red carpets together etc. What do we make of her? I actually could not stand SJ when she was with the other two, but now that she has become more private I find her okay. Everyone has been analyzing how AS and KB were in previous relationships, but every dynamic is different I guess.

  • Kate in Cannes

    Apparently Kate is in Cannes at the moment.

  • another day

    Re this article, which is from 2004, HELLO, why is everyone determining that this is who she is? If you want a good article on her, read the 2005 GQ article (that is helpfully posted on, no less) which is way more illuminating than this. And do hop over to Youtube and watch the Jimmy Kimmel and Regis and Kelly clips from her promotion of 21. Let alone the Jonathan Ross comments from her promotion of same movie. That says more than an old UK piece can say. Judge for yourself..I particularly like her pseudo accent adoption. Maybe it’s Swedish now.

  • Accurate?

    @Kate in Cannes: Not sure, but did you see that from a tweet? Those can be so inaccurate – I saw it RT, but I haven’t seen any other sightings or confirmation.

  • Clue

    From Kate’s own mouth:

    “I’m not very good on computers but I think they’re amazing. I like a shopping site but I’ll never do it again. It’s like, did I spend that much money? It’s all hypothetical until you actually get the bills. I spent like a couple of thousand. It’s stupid because I got a pair of shoes and a tee-shirt and it’s like five thousand dollars. My God.”

    “I’m always all over the place doing all kinds of things, so I always say it’s good to have a good tinted lip gloss in your bag at all times. You can use it on your cheeks and your eyes in addition to your lips. Actually, if you have to, you can use it on your eyelashes in place of mascara and get away with it. I love to use Rosebud Salve .”

    “I was very sold on education. That’s really, really important to me and I think important to a lot of young people. The dean sent me a letter and he recommended deferring. Deferring kind of gives you that well-roundedness. So when you go to college, you want to go to learn and not just party. I know I’ll go to take advantage of the resources there. The hardest letter for me to write was to ask for another year of deferment. I was like, please don’t kill me. I want to go to your school. Timing is everything. That couple of days waiting for the letter back was the longest wait I’ve had. He was like go for it. Live your dreams. So I’m forever in debt to Princeton. I think they’re great.

  • DEMI

    Virgo Man and Capricorn Woman
    The relationship of a Virgo man and a Capricorn woman has all chances of developing into something meaningful. The attraction between the two will be instant and long-lasting. They share a similar lifestyle and are quite similar in the way they handle the various issues of life. She will bring out his hidden passion and encourage him to express his feelings openly. The chemistry between the two individuals will be just great and they will complement each other fully. He will make her feel secure and she will make him feel loved and cared for.

  • @ Demi

    “She will bring out his hidden passion and encourage him to express his feelings openly”

    Yep. Constantly looks unhappy/pissed off.

    “He will make her feel secure”

    Yep. Just like Orly, James & anyone else with a pulse that is dumb enough to get involved with her.

    “She will make him feel loved and cared for”

    Yep. Until she cheats and she will. A leopard doesn’t change her spots.

    I don’t put any faith in this zodiac nonsense. According to it, my hubby & I were doomed from the start. We actually did a zodiac chart game on our first date and I kept it. We’ve been happily together 18 years & married 15.

  • Brush

    @83 My word If this is the way she talks to Alex no wonder he is pissed and unhappy. I am freaking annoyed and bugged out and I just read that. God what a lot of rubbish from someone that suppose to have class and was accepted to Princeton. Oh! right daddy bought her a spot. She should have actually went maybe she would have learn how to construct a sentence.

  • N.P

    hi guys

    off topic but I found this very funny clip on you tube I thought i will share it with you all, a drunk alexander skarsgard and rhys thomas from behind the scenes of beyond the pole


  • JM

    NP I don’t know how you do it. You always find the best articles & clips.

    After viewing this drunken exhibition, I’m inclined to believe he is gay or at least bi. Maybe that’s how he & Kate first hooked up. Her bony body looked like a guys through his drunken eyes and now he’s pissed all the time because turns out she’s just an undeveloped, malnourished female he can’t get rid of.

  • N.P

    @JM: Thank you. your post was so funny I am actually laughing well done

  • Heads up to their PR firm

    1) Stop advising K.B. to” hang in there”, Alex will come around eventually
    2) Stop advising Alex to “hang in there”, it’ll make you look more straight
    3) Stop advising ” more photo ops equal more fan worship
    4) Stop believing fans are gullible
    5) Stop and consider a career change, because you SUCK at public relations work
    6) STOP, JUST, STOP ALREADY !!!!!!

  • Place your bets

    The weekend is almost here & Alex is in Hawaii. How much do you want to bet by Monday pics surface of them frolicking in the surf? She needs one more photo op before he leaves for Sweden.

  • cc

    There is a book about Alex! It’s really good but definitely not for the kiddies! You can actually check out free chapters at some of the publishing sites! The author’s name is Nina Simone and u can check it out on bookie. It’s called, The Demon’s That Tempt Me; Memoirs Of An Imperfect Angel

  • DEMI

    @@ Demi: Do not worry he is a big boy let him learn from his mistakes you are not his mother.

  • @ Demi

    and you are not his personal Astrologer

  • DEMI

    @@ Demi: for a married woman you dont seem so happy when you are all the time on internet what is your zodiac?

  • http://JustJared irish

    He seems so happy and carefree..absolutely hysterical!!

  • Link

    Part of the infamous GQ interview. If this girl got into Prinston, they have definately lowered their standards or Daddy wrote a fat check.

  • @link

    @Link: seriously if you are going to comment on someone else’s intelligence, at the very least you should consider spell check.

  • evathediva

    @Clue: pity to the person that has to actually sit and listen to her. My eyes were rolling by the end of the second sentence in the first paragraph. She is truly “special”.

  • DId you really?

    @N.P: even though it is on you tube you hi -jacked it from the Purse Forum. YOU did not find it on you tube. Some people!!

  • NP find them by:

    @JM: taking them from the pages of the Purse Forum. There are a couple of people on that site that get really good pics and articles regarding Alex. Really NP I see no problem with you copying and pasting but just at least credit the place you got them from.