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Alexander Skarsgard: Honolulu, Hawaii for Battleship!

Alexander Skarsgard: Honolulu, Hawaii for Battleship!

Alexander Skarsgard carries a single duffle bag as he arrives at Hawaii’s Honolulu International Airport via LAX airport in Los Angeles on Monday (July 5).

The 33-year-old True Blood actor is in town for his new Peter Berg-directed movie, Battleship, opposite Friday Night Lights hunk Taylor Kitsch.

Alex will play a straight and narrow naval officer while Taylor will be the wildly spirited naval officer who idolizes his brother.

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183 Responses to “Alexander Skarsgard: Honolulu, Hawaii for Battleship!”

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  1. 151
    yup Says:

    shes supposedly their tour manager and still work for the company. She’s still friends with Kate? After the whole Chris-Kate scandal??

  2. 152
    @yup Says:

    @yup: The strongest thing that makes me believe the whole scandal never happened is the fact that this women is still very friendly with both sides and is quite open about it. She always looks like she loves to be seen with Kate, and it is quite annoying.

  3. 153
    Anticipation Says:

    I don’t know about the rest of you all, but I am waiting for the hammer to fall.

  4. 154
    question Says:

    Where the hell is Kate when you need to make Alex appear straight??

  5. 155
    CuteChef Says:

    I think the video is pretty funny. To me, it’s Alex acting like he’s immitating drunk chicks at a bar/club that are all over each other to get attention from guys…(ie…slapping each others a$$e$, grinding, etc…). I’ve been a part of it while wasted, and I’ve seen much worse. I’ve seen some guys in bars do similar depending on how much they’ve drank…and it’s all for attention. Granted, my situations are in clubs and Alex’s is in an isolated place….but he seems to have a raunchy sense of humor. It reminds me of the line from There’s Something About Mary, “Like I’m gonna try to figure out some guy whose idea of courting is blowing farts in her face!” I wonder if that’s how Alex snagged such a gem like Kate!!!! *saracastic eye roll* :P

  6. 156
    honestly... Says:

    Wow, the homophobia is running rampant today…
    I thought it was funny and he was clearly very drunk.
    I have a friend who grabs my boobs all the time…but it doesn’t make him straight! I think this is the same thing. I see nothing more here than just two friends acting like drunken idiots and dancing to Queen…harmless.

  7. 157
    Jam Says:

    @Bad move:

    Boo hoo, my dreamman doesnt act appropriate… lol Nobody is forcing you to like the guy…

  8. 158
    οοοο Says:

  9. 159
    ok Says: letter to Alexander

  10. 160
    Conspiracy Theory Says:

    Isn’t it odd that other blogs, tabloid sites, heck even the NY Post have picked up this story and posted the video yet JJ, Alex photo op central, has not?

  11. 161
    Boo Says:

    I dont get what ppl see in this guy. He is FUGLY as hell.

  12. 162
    so.. Says:

  13. 163
    OH Says:

  14. 164
    great Says:

    Alex would be a great actor for not adult films

  15. 165
    honestly... Says:

    @οοοο: I love that it’s tagged “Panty Creamer of the Day”! lol!

  16. 166
    honestly... Says:

    Okay, I’m not even a diehard AS fan, but jeez this is much ado about nothing! It’s not like he had sex with the guy! Anyone who thinks this vid is scandalous or sexually explicit in any way is living a very sheltered life.

  17. 167
    evathediva Says:

    @yup: Gwyneth is Chris ‘s wife not his manager, she has nothing to do with how he runs his tour company, and vice versa Chris has nothing to do with her acting jobs, most married people know with a half grain as a brain, you don’t mix those 2, btw, how could Arlene control any of those grown azz people? I would turn my head the other way when it comes to my job also. Some eople really get caught up in the emotions of things. Arlene may not like GP for all we know, and maybe she does not care that CM and KB did the nasty. She still needs a job…this is Hollyweird. So for all of you that are using that as a reason that those 2 did not bump nasties, grow up, welcome to the real world and let it go. It happened, and KB, CM and GP know that it happened , and those 3 people are what matters.

  18. 168
    yup Says:

    @evathediva: good point. i suppose arlene wasnt the one hooking them up so it shouldnt matter to her.

  19. 169
    hearsay Says:

    @evathediva: So wait, exactly how do YOU know that it happened?? Were you there? Is there any evidence besides Star magazine saying they were caught kissing in the VIP section of a U2 concert, NOPE, none whatsoever. Spreading this crap is ridiculous: “It happened, and KB, CM and GP know that it happened , and those 3 people are what matters.” Are you for real? You are right about one thing, and that is the part about those 3 people being the only ones who matter, and only 2 of the 3 really know if anything happened or did not happen. You are NOT one of those 3, and you know NOTHING, so stop making BS statements. You are starting to make Jam/Hans look better with the comments you post.

  20. 170
    @evathegossipmonger Says:

    Shut your trap already. You are the one who needs to grow up. All you do is spout this crap, try coming up with something original.

  21. 171
    Clue Says:

    We might not know what happened. However, we do know that KB and CM never sued, Gwyneth never cleared KB , Gwyneth’s friends that used to hang with KB no longer have anything to do with her. Last year they all hung at the Met Gala , this year they froze KB out. Gwyneth has too much class to address the matter directly, but she could have taken a picture with KB at anytime, anywhere and that would have killed false rumors. She hasn’t. Funny, that the two innocent parties CM and KB have been seen no where in each other’s vicinity….at least not in public.

  22. 172
    Blackcat99 Says:

    When the story of KB and CM first came out I really did not much stock in it.But, I started looking around on the internet and found several other sources that I thought more reliable than Star Mag.Both said that it wasn’t just one person who witnessed KB and CM and it wasn’t just one night.Several people reported it to different sources Star Mag. just got it out first.Then KB and CM talked about suing.The other Magazines probably did not want chance it.That’s probably why they threatened to sue.Hoping it would stop anymore reports.You add that to all the other evidence and they look pretty guilty.And have you seen Gwyneth lately?She looks like she is taking a lot more time on her looks.In fact this is the best she has looked in years.

  23. 173
    nah Says:

    Don’t believe it at all. In this day and age, are you telling me that out of all these sources, not a SINGLE one of them could take a picture of this event? Besides, KB had something cooking with AS by this point. She was very cozy with him before this concert, and after this concert. Look KB has her eyes on the prize, and I think she absolutely knew the publicity she garnered after the Scream Awards. She wasn’t going to let this golden ticket pass her by. Sorry but it just doesn’t add up, not for someone who is all about her PR.

  24. 174
    Blackcat99 Says:

    Why?Oh!Why? then is Gwyneth so mad at Kate.Why did Gwyneth’s friends start snubbing KB.Why no more Stella McCartney clothes.If I was Gwyneth and the rumor came out about my husband cheating with my friend KB and I knew it to be a falsehood..I would be seen and photographed with her every chance I got.Not just to clear a friends name and reputation but as a way of saying without words “My husband and KB did not have an affair because if they did I would not be seen with her”.But, what she has done Not Been Seen Or Photographed with KB.That alone speaks volumes.

  25. 175
    evathediva Says:

    @hearsay: @@evathegossipmonger: goodness !!!calm down!! this is a gossip site!! and besides idiot I di dnot bring it up. I seimply awswered a question and rumor witha common sense approach. I think you need to grow up and stop posting on a site, where umm, you can pretty much post whatever you like. You must be every bit of 16 years old with that comeback. Get your panties out of a bunch, like I said only those 3 know the truth about what happened, and it should matter to them not us. How is that anything like Hans/Jam? Frankly my dear or dears, I don’t give a phluck what you think. Geez… some people on here really act like thay have lost all sense of reality. Calm it down, it ain’t that serious, I’m not married to Chris or Gwyneth or KB so I could care less. If you read most of my posts its about fun, which is where you should take it. All I do? Dumb azz child… grow up!!!!Crazies!!!

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