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Jessica Alba: Chic for Chanel Fashion Show!

Jessica Alba: Chic for Chanel Fashion Show!

Jessica Alba steps out in style at the Chanel fashion show as part of Paris Fashion Week Fall/Winter 2011 on Tuesday (July 6) at Grand Palais in Paris, France.

The 29-year-old actress checked out the latest fashions at Christian Dior yesterday! Jared Leto (sporting a blonde mohawk) and model Lily Cole also attended the fashion house’s newest show.

Jess and a few friends also compared shoes at Alaia earlier today. Fun!

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jessica alba chanel paris fashion week haute couture 01
jessica alba chanel paris fashion week haute couture 02
jessica alba chanel paris fashion week haute couture 03
jessica alba chanel paris fashion week haute couture 04
jessica alba chanel paris fashion week haute couture 05
jessica alba chanel paris fashion week haute couture 06
jessica alba chanel paris fashion week haute couture 07
jessica alba chanel paris fashion week haute couture 08

Credit: Pascal Le Segretain; Photos: Getty
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  • Alaia

    Oh god, who did she blow to get into these Couture shows? I’d rather see actual stylish celebrities like Diane Kruger at these fashion shows, NOT Les Miseralba.

  • Slig

    Omg why she looked a pain .painful . And no happy .sad

  • bombi

    no matter what , she still look mexican.

  • V

    That dress is precious. Unlike the dorky lollipop head in it.

  • Slig

    Yeah like mexica hahahahaha

  • Jonte

    Love the dress, love the shoes, love the matching deep red lipstick and belt…………………dislike her.

  • ana

    what and ugly dress , she look like a ballom

  • ana

    what and ugly dress , she look like a balloon

  • NEXT

    This basic needs to stop posing and go get herself a JOB already. Preferably unrelated to the acting industry.

  • coco
  • http://h Kaz

    she’s nothing ,really l boring

  • George

    Miss bimbo looks like a Christmas decoration.

  • Ladyb

    She’s been looking really fantastic lately. And she’s always smiling. i like the touch of red. I am jealous.

  • CanadaGirl

    And here we have Jessica modelling a frock from the Shirley Temple collection.

  • Slig

    Hahahahahahaha pretty really really wrong

  • TPR

    this is just a question, I just want to know the reason:
    why does everybody hate her?

  • Kate

    @TPR: Maybe because she cant act, or has no talent yet she continues to make millions

  • Slig

    She want just sleep

  • Josie

    skinny face does NOT suit her. she should gain weight her face looks gaunt which makes her look old and heinous…

  • gillian


    wow! u summed up alba’s career perfectly in just a sentence LOL bravo! i couldnt agree more

  • Jasmine

    WHY so much hate? She hasn’t done anything to warrant all the crap you guys say about her. She looks gorgeous and I love the dress and lip colour.

  • Just me

    @TPR: I can’t speak for anyone else. She can’t yet is making millions and she does not even possess a likeable or genuine personality to make up for that embarrassing fact. Her interviews make me wince. She only has two modes: 1. acts like an airhead goofy bimbo to appear ‘funny’ 2. takes herself too seriously and come across utterly phony like another certain actress. She tries so hard to be edgy with her photoshoots and outfits but ends up looking hilariously like a child or fashion victim trying way too hard. She is currently unemployed and is featured more on this site than hardworking talented actors and actresses who are working. I get most pis.sed off when managements pay for their clients’ promotion this way. On a positive note, she has great skin.

  • Just me

    The first sentence should have read: “she can’t *ACT* yet….”
    Ignore all those other typos and grammatical errors ;)

  • bilyana

    you are ridicilous.jessica alba has a very likeable personality if u watch her interviews and if u see pictures with her friends or her daughter she seems to be one of the few down-to-earth celebrities devoted to her family.she looks stunning .doll

  • Kelly

    You don’t like her, fine! But she’s not unemployed. She has 4 movies coming out this year, and the latest film she was in was number one at the box office.

  • Aline Florens

    She is stunning but I am amazed on how she is skinny. She was very latin body girl and now she is very skinny. Look at her face, arms,legs. She is disapearing.

  • lexy hates bilson

    Sadly I think her beauty is a problem – people can’t see past it. But she IS fashionista and she’s trying to get past her looks and do more acting. She’s been taking lessons and she did that independent film recently. She’s got her endorsement deal from Revlon. She does charity work and she manages to be a hands-on mom! I think she’s great!

  • lily

    NEXT Who are you to tell her to get a job? She’s loaded, are you? You shouldn’t be saying what you think ANYONE should do. Mind your business. She is beautiful and isn’t an attention whore and has gotten a job recently. She is in a new movie but not like it matters. She is already loaded!

  • snowcone

    she has ugly legs

  • laugh

    please tell me that this talentless actress has retired

  • lulu

    she may need to gain weight..i love her figure & look most around 2003 and 2007… but who says she isnt gorgeous?!! Her part in new film The killer inside me got great reviews too..
    give her a break…& focus on gd things ppl HAVE =]

  • 2J

    Jessica ask Elyse or/and Chris about an email from France.

  • graybeard

    She’s a woman’s woman.

  • WhatWillTheNeighboursSay?

    She’s stupid. She always says that she wants to be a good actress, not a hollywoodwhore but she puts her pants off for every magazine on this planet. Guys want to watch her ass shaking but she’s stupid enough to believe everyone loves her because of her ‘smart’ & ‘lovely’ personality. When she clothe herself fine – it looks boring and when she wear those ‘crazy’ outfits it’s just embarrassing and hideous. So what’s the reason to like her?

  • The French

    tres chic in a very french way!!this woman has a natural elegance.Very mexican indeed!!Absolutely gorgeous exotic beauty!

  • ts

    The Killer Inside Me had film critics walking out of it.

    She is woefully untalented and will probably be resigned to playing bit parts in silly movies. Unless she’s part of an ensemble cast, her movies make no money.

  • Emma

    Those shoes with that dress are ridiculous. She never gets it right. If she were a good actress I wouldn’t care about her fashion choices, but all this talentless hack does is pick out clothes and attend events. How hard is it to look well dressed when you have money & stylists?Then again, how hard is it to recite a few lines after multiple takes without making people cringe?

  • Kristen

    OMG she looks like a meringue in that dress.

  • cowbulls


    She lost me when she started spewing all the Liberal crap. Take away her boob job and she doesn’t qualify to be a cashier at Wal-Mart. She has no talent and emotional issues such as a history of obsessive-compulsive disorder. She barely graduated high school due all of her other issues. She has been manipulated by older men her entire life as she stated that her idea life partner would be somebody like Morgan Freeman or Sean Connery. Maybe if she found an older man that isn’t a flaming Liberal and maybe he would tell her to do her research, make her own decisions, and be prepared to back those opinions up with logic BEFORE running her mouth.

  • Boo

    the dress is not bad but i cant stand the untalented overexposed “actress”.

  • pia martinez

    LOVE all her looks, she dresses so good, edgy- girly …she is gorgeous!!!!! yall are such haters…hahahah!!!!!!

  • Lucy

    It’s great to see her finally getting past the baby-weight and showing (at last) a leaner fitter shape. I’ve never been a boig fan of her ‘latino curves’, but it looks like her disciplines of diet and fitness regime are at last starting to pay off. Legs looking good, arms ok, shame about the dress. over-made up but face at last starting to look less round … Keep up the good work jess (and use less make-up)

  • Daniela

    Meringue dress is yukky, but i agree about her looking better now she’s less ‘latino’ (as far as we can see) in her body shape. She’s obviously small framed in her bones which has helped her get away with being chubby, but now she’s STARTING to look like she’s getting into great shape…. Don’t stop now!!!! What do you reckon she weighs? I heard she was about 101lbs a coupla years ago…

  • jessylooksawesome

    I don’t know why you have thumbs down, can someone deny she’s beautifull????

  • athina

    exactly i dont understand why soo many hate comments???!!
    she’s so pretty and sweet and i like her movies..
    and why do people say that she looks in pain and boring
    she cant always smile you know!!!!!!!