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Jude Law: President's Prize in Czech Republic!

Jude Law: President's Prize in Czech Republic!

Jude Law wins big at the Karlovy Vary Film Festival held in Carlsbad, Czech Republic on Monday (July 5).

The 37-year-old British actor (in Prada) was awarded the highest honor of the festival – the festival’s president, Jiri Bartoska, came out to give Jude the President’s Prize in honor of Jude‘s outstanding contribution to the silver screen.

Jiri and Jude had a late dinner together earlier in the week – the two chatted until 2 a.m.!

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30 Responses to “Jude Law: President's Prize in Czech Republic!”

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  1. 1
    Tomas Says:


  2. 2
    Milkyway Says:

    Congrats Jude!I´m from Czech Republic,but I live too far from Karlovy Vary.All Czechs love you Jude,you´re number 1!!!

    Gratulace Jude!Já jsem s Česka ale žiju daleko od Karlových Varů.Všichni češi tě milujou Jude,jsi jednička!!!! :D xD

  3. 3
    F Says:


  4. 4
    STOP! Says:

    Enough about this ****** Jared

  5. 5
    Lilly Says:

    Congrats, Jude! You deserve it, you handsome you!

  6. 6
    Shannon Says:

    Thats good for him

    Win a Free iPad-

  7. 7
    marieta Says:

    Congratulations, Jude!
    Enjoy your award!

  8. 8
    Faith Says:

    I’m so happy for you Jude- it’s about time you were recognized for your outstanding talent.

    He certainly doesn’t look like he did when he played Dickie Greenleaf, and that’s to be expected of course. With each year we change a little and sometimes the years let us see a new dimension to a person’s attractiveness. Of course there are qualities , if a person is lucky enough to have them in the first place, that are so great that the years are not going to make them go away !

    So Jude honey, those high cheekbones, chisled and even features, and limpid green eyes are not about to go away .

    I think you are aging nicely— BUT—DON’T light-up ( ciggies) any more ! Naughty !

  9. 9
    Faith Says:

    One more note here : to our little “douch” lover. Why are you here ? To try and hurt someone ? You obviously are and you should be ashamed.

    Take your mean-spirited attitude and “douche”- mentality away from here ! GET ! You add nothing but bad taste to “Just Jared ” and make this site look worse .

    You don’t like Jude ? Then GET OUT OF HERE !! Go spread your raunchy talk somewhere else—”Jared” doesn’t need that .

  10. 10
    CanadaGirl Says:

    We’ve had so many Jude posts. :)
    Normally, Jude looks very put together, but I’m not a fan of the metallic pants and the formal suit jacket. There’s a disconnect with his upper and lower body with these two looks together.

  11. 11
    Annie Rich Says:

    Congrats to Jude. A beautiful man and a talented actor. Keep the posts coming, jj.

  12. 12
    Katsaridoula Says:

    @Milkyway: that’s nonsense, NOT all Czech people love him…. erm… some actually cannot stand him

  13. 13
    Faith Says:


    Canada Girl– I’ll admit that I don’t care for his outfit either. I don’t like those pants and they loo0k too long . This DOES bo9ther me because he doesn’t even try to live up to the image DUNHILL tries to project . For those of you who don’t know : the men’s clothing company in England, Dunhill, has been using him as their top model for their merchandise . Swanky suits, gentlemanly outfits, cool sportswear–everything . ( hey btw- for those of you who insist he’s not attractive- evidently Dunhill doesn’t agree with you ) But he should make an effort to live up to that image. He should have worn just a nice dark suit .

    He is in a DIOR men’s perfume add also now . Not bad for an “ugly” man.

  14. 14
    dolorescraegt Says:

    for me jude is perfection……he’s so handsome…so graceful…above all this man is very talented. faith i appreciate your comments. i’ve been a jude fan for ten years…….he just gets better like fine wine. keep it up jude. we really admire you….

  15. 15
    Sally Says:

    Why does he always stand like his balls are on fire? STDs?

    The Czech Republic must be pretty hard up. I’d like to think this media blitz is over, but I’m sure will see pictures of him and his trashy hobag GF real soon, now.

  16. 16
    sheryl Says:

    Congratulations, handsome! Don’t like the pants, though. I’m with you, Canada Girl, the jacket needed different pants, and he should just get rid of those, period.
    *winks at Jude*

  17. 17
    jojo Says:

    I don’t care how pretty he is, he’s a total jerk. Real men raise their kids. Real men don’t cheat with their nannies. Add to that the fact that he absolutely cannot act, and we are left with the great mystery of why he still gets work. Probably due to the blathering masses that so taken with his pretty face that they don’t notice his wooden line delivery. I watched Sleuth a few months ago just to see Micahel Caine, and it was just….painful.

  18. 18
    Pink Says:

    He’s a real man.

  19. 19
    Faith Says:

    JOJO : You are thinking what you enjoy thinking. A lot of lowly gossip , stinking lies, and personal opinions from people who are just too lazy to find out the truth. Don’t be such a cookie-cutter brain ! Drop those negative thoughts ( they are WAYYY untrue) and find out the facts for yourself ! ‘

    Jude us a wonderful daddy ; he’s only 37 , a single father, and has 4 kids. I’ve seen many pictures of him and his 4 yr old girl – she is the cutest thing- a real doll , and her hair is such a pretty red ! The boys adore and are very proud of their dad.

    As for him not being able to act–that’s the craziest thought yet ! He’s a dynamic actor ! The only trouble is , they just don’t give him parts that are best suited to him. And maney of his parts are supporting actor jobs. He’s got so many awards for his acting – it’s really something to be proud of. Both theatre and movies . You dumb, dumb ignorant kid !

  20. 20
    Faith Says:

    DELORESCRAEGT –this is for you : you sound like a woman who knows a work of art when she sees it– ! But some of his photos don’t do him justice. I don’t go by those bad pix. His better pix show that sculpted bone structure and eyes like limpid pools of light green . And his profile is SO picture-perfect . I guess I’m a sucker for unusually beautous things. Maybe it’s because I am an artist and photography is a hobby of mine also.
    These kiddie-women who were raised on people like Ben Affllac ( spell ? ) wouldn’t know the difference.. They think Brad Pitt’s beard is elegant and men whose faces look like sock-puppets are photogenic.
    And when he has a role that is good ( like Cold Mountain for instance ) his acting is rivetting. He never does an insipid job . And he ( this is a quote ) : “moves like a ferret in heat ”
    I’m not about to let people trash him – are you ? Probably not- it’s so unfair.

  21. 21
    dulce mirita Says:

    Congrats to Jude, who cares about the grey pants while you get tangled on those magnetic green eyes????Jude has done oustanding performances both on stage an film, he’s chamaleonic and can do whatever role he be proposed to. He puts his inner sould on every role, and this passion for acting surpass the screen.

  22. 22
    Lilly Says:

    His acting skills? Tony Award? Does that tell something to the haters? Only the best actors get nominates for such an award.

  23. 23
    DL Says:

    gorgeous guy and a talented actor.

  24. 24
    jojo Says:


    ummm he won one? No, he was nominated, probably to bring people in to watch the show. I mean, ScarJo won. What does thatt ell you? Not a real high standard here. It’s like the Oscars. They quit recognizing the real actors years ago. I had a friend who saw Hamlet and said it was terrible.

    And are you denying that he boinked his nanny a million times while engaged to another women? That he has a child with a woman that he met for like ten minutes and then has not seen since, except one time? Good lord, woman, it’s not like you are in any way rational.

    Faith, you need to relax. Your head is going to blow up right at they keyboard. Thie used up douche is not worth getting so upset over.

  25. 25
    Lilly Says:

    Jojo, you don’t struck me like someone with friends who go to see Hamlet. You probably don’t even know what Hamlet is about….

    Jude was, like many famous man a victim of girls, who want celebrity baby for money. It happend to Mick Jagger, to Boris Becker, Steven Tayler…

    He slept with the nanny? Big deal, many man do. A b*** job would be better, like your president Clinton, I guess.

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