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Tom Cruise & Katie Holmes: Westfield Mall Shopping Spree!

Tom Cruise & Katie Holmes: Westfield Mall Shopping Spree!

Tom Cruise and wife Katie Holmes take their cutie pie daughter Suri to the Westfield Mall on Friday (July 2) in Century City, Calif.

It was just one day before Tom‘s 48th birthday. Happy belated, Tom!!!

During their Fourth of July weekend shopping spree, the family picked up some sweet treats from Ben & Jerry’s ice cream store. Tom and Katie also made some major purchases at Madewell and Riginals Children’s Boutique.

Katie has been busy shopping History Channel’s upcoming miniseries, The Kennedys. She plays the famously chic first lady Jacqueline Bouvier Kennedy!

25+ pictures inside of Tom and Katie‘s Westfield Mall shopping spree…

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tom cruise katie holmes westfield mall 01
tom cruise katie holmes westfield mall 02
tom cruise katie holmes westfield mall 03
tom cruise katie holmes westfield mall 04
tom cruise katie holmes westfield mall 05
tom cruise katie holmes westfield mall 06
tom cruise katie holmes westfield mall 07
tom cruise katie holmes westfield mall 08
tom cruise katie holmes westfield mall 09
tom cruise katie holmes westfield mall 10
tom cruise katie holmes westfield mall 11
tom cruise katie holmes westfield mall 12
tom cruise katie holmes westfield mall 13
tom cruise katie holmes westfield mall 14
tom cruise katie holmes westfield mall 15
tom cruise katie holmes westfield mall 16
tom cruise katie holmes westfield mall 17
tom cruise katie holmes westfield mall 18
tom cruise katie holmes westfield mall 19
tom cruise katie holmes westfield mall 20
tom cruise katie holmes westfield mall 21
tom cruise katie holmes westfield mall 22
tom cruise katie holmes westfield mall 23
tom cruise katie holmes westfield mall 24
tom cruise katie holmes westfield mall 25

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  • hmm…

    jj must be wrong, this isn’t Katie but Ozzy Osbourne (pict. #17)

  • BRAD


  • B.

    Pretty kid, just brush her hair, and appropriately dressed for once!
    Katie, those ankle boots might be fashionable, but they can kill Bundchen legs, guess what’s the effect on your trunks??!!
    Pretty blouse and hat, ‘though!

  • taxgirl

    The Cruises and Miss Jackson are trying to be a “normal” family this month…nothing else has been working for their public image. Please Josh …go get that dna test and end this misery for everyone. You’d be a great dad.

  • Celia

    They’re such a sweet family!! Tom looks hot!

  • Slig

    Sooo cute baby

  • markymark

    Hey! An Australian company in the USA!

    We own you.

  • Seraphina

    Is that girl Suri?

  • kelly

    They act like Suritard can’t make it down the stairs. They have to distract her with constant sweets so she wont long for a friend her age. And Suritard still has that dam bump on her forehead!!!!


  • Poshy
  • Poshy
  • taxgirl

    Obviously you have a very low IQ. I don’t know how else to rationalize your naming calling upon a 4 year old. I’m guessing you were the schoolyard bully. I can’t stand spoiled, ill-mannered children, but at least I’m smart enough to criticize the PARENTS that allow such behavior. Unfortunately, if Suri’s home situation doesn’t change, she will probably end up like a Paris or Lindsay.

  • kelly

    Exactly Taxgirl tard…

    She end up being the Suritard that she is!!

  • taxgirl

    @kelly: You’ve proven my point. I’m guessing your IQ to be mid 80s? I don’t think you could type if it was lower than that.

  • Sheri

    I’m sure Katie is a very good mother … but she looks like she isn’t paying the slightest bit of attention to Suri in any of these pictures … :(

  • kara

    What a miracle, Suri can walk!!!!!

  • Lala

    @Sheri: It’s not Katie’s “part” to be attentative during this scene. Tom is playing the role of doting Dad during this public performance.

  • TomIsNuts

    @Celia: Tom does look hot. It brings me back to the late 80s when I realy liked him and did not know what a controlling crazy freak he actually is. Ahhh memories, but alas, beauty is only skin deep.

  • ugly people

    scientology is not a religion.

  • Not so


    Don’t put the tard in Suri’s name, that’s offensive.

  • B.

    STOP the TARD thing ALREADY!

  • wiiwoo

    Suri grew a lot.
    And Tom schrank even more.
    How come Katie can’t learn how to dress herself.
    The kid is dressed okay, at last. But katie looks like , well, I dunno… a bunch of weird things together is the best description I can find.

  • Helen

    her leg shape doesn’t go with those shorts

  • annie

    Suri is so cute and adorable. I’m really liking Katies style, and the hair looks great . Tom looks good….he always looks good!
    Yes I agree, drop the TARD!
    Suri is such a pretty little girl, who is looking more and more like Tom , the older she gets.

  • YouDecide

    I dare anyone to go to YouTube and play the following video, side by side with the last photo (bottom right -Suri), then come back here and vote me down if you still believe that Suri is Tom’s biological child.
    –There are lots of Pacey/Joey videos, but ths song is pretty.
    “Joey and Pacey- How did I fall in love with you?”

  • jackieo

    Katie, put on something that flatters your figure. Those shorts, YOUR LEGS and boots fatally disfigured you.
    ps: how the h8ll did you get picked to play me: the Jackie Kennedy Onasis OMFG!

  • soniaintown

    Suritard looks so very tard, cannot bribe her out without ice cream.
    Katieturd is wearing all the big dollar crap as always.
    Go away, Gay Midget, your picture bombed big time.
    What’s next? jetting your store bought PR tard to London and Paris for some paps attention?

    Go away!

  • soniaintown

    Meanwhile, Suritard simply stimmed all the way through the photo op.

  • The Desolate One

    Hey, are ya’ll aware that Holmes has herpes? There are pics on the net that various photographers “lucky” enough to catch of her during her “outbreaks” on her lips…yuck!

  • Oh…how…lovely….

    Looks like Katie is taking fashion advice from Our Lady of Cheetos, Britney Spears! She should have stuck with Posh. But it seems she has the same kind of body shape as Brit Brit, except she doesn’t have the cleavage that Brit has. Kinda pear shaped without the boobage.

  • hi224

    TomKat critics are patritiotic and classy.

  • hi224

    TomKat critics are patriotic and classy.

  • to 29

    so what? 50% to 80% of the american population is infected with Oral Herpes:

  • sydney

    Thank you! So Katie gets a cold sore from time to time – big deal. And, if you’ve EVER seen photos of Tom at 3 and 4, you’d realize how stupid you seem claiming her to be another person’s child. Suri is looking more and more like Tom and especially in those beautiful eyes. Tom’s looking sexier every day – love him!

  • OMG


  • nomutts

    #2 Brad…

    are u an idiot?

    This is about the freaky Cruise family…not Brad Pitt.

    Oh..finally Suri walks! She is getting way to tall to be held like a baby !

    Ugh….what a getup Katie is wearing. Such silly fashion taste that is so laughable.

  • Shawna

    They all look wonderful and Tom is still sexy despite being almost 50! It is very sad how pathetic all of your lives must be to spew so much hate about people you don’t know.

  • giz

    huge legss

  • sweet

    suri is very cute but she sems to have katie’s huge legs.

  • to 38

    huge orthographic defects


    Continuing proof that Holmes doesn’t own a mirror.


    Continuing proof that Holmes doesn’t own a mirror.

  • Lavito

    I can’t believe my eye, in every photo Suri is walking! You can tell Dad isn’t that comfortable with her walking solo. Katie, you don’t look cool or someone that is suppose to know alot about fashion. The shorts and boots may legs look bigger than they are, surprised hubby let you out of the house looking like that. Suri is a strange little girl, not one picture with the kid smiling or gazing up to one her parents. Something isn’t right with that kid, thrilled to her dressed in clothes and not PJs and slippers. Oh and w/o ink scribbled all or her legs and arms.

  • benice

    omigut!!!those legs are made for walking!!!!!

  • Susie#1

    JJ, it was quite nice when there was a week without the Cruises and “their” offspring. They will never be a normal family, so why do they go through the paces? Nothing will help Tom’s bomb of a movie, nor Katie’s career. And to those who noticed that Suri is walking on her own, yes, it’s the 8th wonder of the world.

    Katie’s outfit is horrid. Why don’t they take the money spent on her and give it to agencies that will clothe needy children? Maybe that way they can be relevant.

  • …..

    @ YouDecide – I still don’t believe that tomy girl is suri’s biological father.
    and I agree with
    @ Lavito – that something isn’t right with suri, the way she reacts against the surounding

  • Shakira

    I just saw Knight and Day and it was awesome. A real old fashioned Hollywood romance comedy with the action of course. It was funny, and entertaining and everything you would want and Tom and Cameron were great in it. Loved it.

  • QueenOfTrashin

    All three of them look like they reached into the dirty clothes hamper and pulled out the thing that stunk the least. White shoes! Ugh!

  • Pac Man

    You’re disgusting, #9.

    But you don’t know if Suri Cruise is ill-mannered and what her situation at home, is, #12.

    You don’t care about her upbringing. You WANT her to be a screw-up. That way you can bash her parents.

    What the hell are you talking about, #15?

    He’s not a controlling freak, #18.

    Right #20 and #21.

    She IS his kid, #25.

    Get a life, #43.

    No celebrity family is normal and why do you think what this family is doing right now is an act, #45. The Cruises don’t care of you’re a pathetic cynic.

    Their kid walked all the time before.

  • LeeLee

    R u kidding me! Knight&Day was HORRIBLE. It was completely stupid with huge plot holes! How could anyone say it was good?? It was supposed to be an action comedy but it wasn’t funny at all and the CGI was terrible. Thats why its a big fat FLOP!!

    Tom needs to buy Katie a mirror. She dresses like a homeless person. She cant help that her legs are HUGE but she could try to disguise it a little. If I looked like that I would NEVER EVER IN A MILLION YEARS show my legs in public!!!! I see Tom has new sneakers with lifts in them too and who are those people with them? They’re very young like Cruise’s kids. Maybe instead of hanging around with random kids, he should hang with his own older kids and be a Dad to them. Oh Wait….they aren’t as cute as Suri so no need for photo ops like this one! LOL!