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Adam Sandler: Shopping with Sadie!

Adam Sandler: Shopping with Sadie!

Adam Sandler spends the day with his wife Jackie and daughter Sadie at a mall in Malibu on Tuesday (July 6).

The 43-year-old actor left the mall holding a box of pizza. Perhaps some leftovers from lunch?

Adam and his Grown Ups co-star Chris Rock are currently developing a biopic of comedian Richard Pryor’s life, according to MTV. The project was halted after losing director Bill Condon to The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn.

10+ pictures of Adam Sandler and family at the mall…

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adam sandler pizza with sadie 01
adam sandler pizza with sadie 02
adam sandler pizza with sadie 03
adam sandler pizza with sadie 04
adam sandler pizza with sadie 05
adam sandler pizza with sadie 06
adam sandler pizza with sadie 07
adam sandler pizza with sadie 08
adam sandler pizza with sadie 09
adam sandler pizza with sadie 10
adam sandler pizza with sadie 11
adam sandler pizza with sadie 12
adam sandler pizza with sadie 13

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  • tree

    before you nasty people start being nasty:

    sadie is pretty and will grow into her looks.

  • I n F a m o u s l y C o o l

    ..she’s definitely a double bagger. one bag for her head and one bag for your head just incase hers falls off. ahahahahahahaaa

  • Kellytard

    look Sadie is stimmimg!

  • bananaz4you


  • Fresh

    @ Infamouslycool—–that was so mean. But I did chuckle. Im going to hell.

  • bananaz4you

    i am APPLES for u!

  • Thais

    is she a special needs child?

  • bananaz4you

    sadie is cute

  • Dawn

    Bill Condon gave up the Richer Pryor movie and a chance to work on a movie that could bring critical acclaim for Breaking Dawn? Seriously?

  • dimie

    You can be polite all you want that is a homely little girl, And I’ve never seen a kid at that age have such a long face. Imagine when she become’s an adult that face is gonna be even longer! Usually kids have short faces.

  • I n F a m o u s l y C o o l

    @Fresh: LOL

  • julie

    She will grow into her… well she looks like her Daddy. He can not claim she isn’t his. She will be a female version of him.

  • em g

    Folks, kids should be off limits – kids who act, kids who are kids of actors, kids, period – pictures are fine if kids aren’t stalked, but nasty, demeaning, judgmental comments should be off limits – adults make choices, [on clothes, roles, mates and actions], but kids don’t have that luxury, so we need to keep our negativity to ourselves.

  • SoTrue

    @em g:

    thank you for your comment. I hope others will immediately refrain from negative comments about kids! thank you. i so agree.

  • KellStar

    Adam must be a crazy fun dad!

  • Sam

    She is cute! It’s not her face that is the problem – it’s her hair and clothes. They need to have her hair cut properly, put it back in a pony tail. Where do they get her clothes, so much black and blaaahh stuff and the shoes? WHY? A little tidying up would go a long way!

  • DarkEmpress

    She looks exactly like her father. That is the kindest and meanest thing I can say.

  • Slig

    Cute baby

  • Kasey

    Why is he always eating. No wonder they are on the chunky side. Sade look cute.

  • Jess

    she’s so cute!

  • xx

    SHE’S FUG!

  • Marissa

    That poor little girl. Maybe her parents should just adopt from now on because their DNA is NOT very compatible or something. She will have a hard life, but I bet she is the apple of her daddy’s eye. As long as she is loved … I guess it doesn’t matter how she looks.

  • Who Cares

    @I n F a m o u s l y C o o l: Are you talking about having sex with a baby, you freaking pedo? Ick.

  • serena1994

    people , are you out of your minds ?! SHE IS A LITTLE GIRL !! and really often those not so pretty ones are stunning when they grow up. but it’s not what i wanted to say .
    at least sadie looks like a normal kid unlike suri cruz .

  • ummahyk

    hmm..the little girl is not ugly..but she does remind me of Cher.:|…she might look just like her when she grows up:))

  • Shurly

    She reminds me of Liv Tyler !!

  • Belle

    Adam is such a cooool daddy

  • Stopchildabuse

    Child abusers.
    Sic o s
    .the exact reason why critics hate sandler’s movies; it’s pervert humor. No one wants to know these freaks and perverts are alive.

  • Toni

    What? The poster saying this kid is dressed like a regular kid??????????
    Crazy person; every day I see kids around with their moms and the kids are dressed always in cute little dresses and outfits.
    This Sadie mom must have picked these clothes she’s shown always wearing from a trash bin somewhere. The goodwill doesn’t even have such funk clothes.
    The mother dresses the kid why don’t you attack her.
    I see the poorest Mexican familys shopping at walmart and at least they have enough self respect to dress their kids in the sweetest looking outfits, how much are the clothes at target and walmart like 5 dollars and it’s cute and fun. Sadie doesn’t have relatives giving her cute clothes.
    It’s like sadies parents are intentionally making her look bad so people criticize her. Take the kid away from these two.

  • Frisco

    Poor kid looks like her dad.

  • Andrea

    Ya it’s like sonny and Cher’s kid. Sure she wasn’t as gorgeous as Cher but so what , she could at least groom herself to look her best and wear nice looking things and a feminine haircut and makeup (prechange kid),
    nobody is so gorgeous they can’t do their best and not expect to be disrespected. They are inviting it by disrespecting themselves. Look at fat people do they respect their bodies, enough to not eat too much. Same.
    The crime here is the child has no choice in parents.
    Poor kid. No amount of money can change that.
    Good luck Sadie.

  • twpumpkin


  • Sam

    @tree – if you think little Sadie is pretty (and I agree she has a sweet little face) why would she need to ‘grow into her looks”?

  • danica

    i am going to save the entire history of all comments that just jared posted about sadie sandler ; all the child abuse and harassment; and then send it all to her when she turns 18 so that she can sue the $$$ out of just jared. or,maybe the state will take care of it now.

  • anza

    to danica: i am with u!!!!!!!!!!! she is a cute little girl and how stupid must someone be 2 say such bad things about a child.shame on them!!!!!!!!!