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Jennifer Garner: Good Samaritans Get Parking Tickets Too!

Jennifer Garner: Good Samaritans Get Parking Tickets Too!

Jennifer Garner walks back to her car where a parking ticket was waiting for her after a business meeting on Tuesday (July 6) in Brentwood, Calif.

The 38-year-old actress, who recently did a good deed by helping out a friend in need of gas, proves that good Samaritans are not above the law!

This is the second parking ticket for Jen in the past two weeks! She got one back in June while out with Violet at the Brentwood County Market.

Later in the day, Jennifer changed into some more comfortable clothes and took off her contact lenses to run some errands.

10+ pictures of Jennifer Garner getting a parking ticket…

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jennifer garner parking ticket 01
jennifer garner parking ticket 02
jennifer garner parking ticket 03
jennifer garner parking ticket 04
jennifer garner parking ticket 05
jennifer garner parking ticket 06
jennifer garner parking ticket 07
jennifer garner parking ticket 08
jennifer garner parking ticket 09
jennifer garner parking ticket 10
jennifer garner parking ticket 11
jennifer garner parking ticket 12

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  • CanadaGirl

    She looks chic in the slacks and camel coat. Jennifer is such a pretty lady, and she needs to “dress the part” more often.

  • HK

    really beautiful, i love her!!!

  • lexy hates bilson

    Jen being normal – love it! The state of CA must have these meter maids out full-time!! They need the money!!

  • Ali

    You’d think the paps – who make so much money off this family – would have popped in a quarter when they saw the meter man nearby.

    I’m not so fond of this color on her, nor the shoe color. She needs a new stylist, I think.

  • eli

    she was so busy running around posing for the paps in the stupid outfit -coat in july and she never wears heels.
    so sick of these thinking they are above the rest.
    good for the parking meter!

  • yes

    Wrinkled blah sweater…bizarre short sleeve coat…You’d think a woman in the heart of LA with her millions to burn would have a clue as to how to dress nicely on a day to day basis…

    Maybe Zac’s girlfriend Vanessa could give her a few tips on style…

  • yes

    Better yet, imagine Vanessa trying to carry off half of Jennifer’s outfits…oy vey and the funny thing is, I could really see BEN with a girl like Vanessa, a cool fun hippy chick, not Jen…

  • Abby

    she looks so summery! NOT!!!!!! hellooooo jen its JULY. MID SUMMER!!!!! dont wear a sweater and an overcoat. weirdo.


    Well, thank God the paparazzi were there to document the woman changing her clothes and taking her contact lenses out!!!

    I was afraid that for one second Mrs. Affleck might actually have a moment of privacy IN HER OWN DRIVEWAY.

  • nakedoldjennifer

    I am glad when actors dress appropriately, but does she have to look so bad all the time, this is not chic it’s frumpy!

  • Sheri

    She may have had the overcoat on to hide her pregnancy?? At any rate, I think she looks great and is always natural-looking, yet can glam it up, too, when the occasion calls for it. She seems like the girl next door and she seems like a wonderful mother, too.

  • Cheyenne

    Can this dear sweet woman do anything without it being captured on film and plasted all over the internet? I’m glad she does not read the crap written about her and if it ever gets back to her, I’m sure she would have a good time laughing about. She is that amazing.

    She does have a lot of people (mostly kids) talking sh!it about her. Mature individuals would not be so shallow, as least I hope not.

    Anyway, she is so naturally pretty and it doesn’t matter what she wears as long as she is dressed like a respectable mom and not like a trollop (Vanessa Hudg, not sure how to spell her name) whose naked body is shown on the web. How shameful for her children when and if they are ever born.

  • Nate

    Seems like paparazzi wait in front of her house and stalk her every day

  • Cheyenne

    Talking to you *yes # 6& 7. Have you seen that pic of Vanessa (butt naked, showing everything)? I can not see her being a suitable person for anybody especiall not Ben Affleck.

    According to him, that what he admires most about his wife is her ladylike qualities. Jen is not only a beautiful woman but a perfect example of what men look for in a wife and mother of his kids. You have a whole a lot to learn about life. How old are you anyway?

  • Hailey

    She seems to get tickets quite often. Is she stupid or what’s the problem? I don’t get tickets so I must be doing something right.

  • Takers


    couldnt of said it better myself go cheyenne go cheynne

  • Evan

    She is a natural beauty, love Jen and her family and her movies. Paps, leave her alone!

  • Slig

    Where 2 baby now . Hahahaha im in the sea nice wow yeah guys hahahaha

  • http://h Kaz

    I’m kaz sexiest of the sexy!

  • JustJill

    Right… she’s not pregnant. Sorry, Jen not buying it. Loose fitting over the belly, coat in July. If you look at the picture with just the shirt on, it pulls away where the bump starts and the pants are slung low, perhaps too not cut across the belly. Any woman who’s ever been pregnant knows that you show earlier with subsequent pregnancies. Lastly, if she is pregnant… good for her. If she’s trying to hold it under wraps so she has some kind of privacy…good for her. However, if she not, she’s either hysterically oblivious to how ill-fitting her clothes fit or she should let the professional stylist handle thing. Just a thought.

  • yes


    You are PATHETIC! We are talking about Ben Affluck not God! …According to Ben….Lets see, he’s a man who does lines of coke. A man who sleeps with anything that moves. A man who drinks like a fish. A man who gambles loads of money away and you have the AUDACITY to think whatever he does is OKAY….How old are you? 12!

    Please, you are the REASON why so many men like Ben Affluck get away with MURDER and will continue to do so as long as parasites like you line up for him!!



  • Kell

    No, she’s taking about Ben Affleck and your talking about Ben Affluck….Lmao.What does it matter to you who he sleeps with? after all you said he like sleazy woman so unless you are too ,you shouldn’t worry.If he does all what you say he does ..well the he should be arrested because you know everyone in Hollywood is saint

  • Stacie

    I just LOVE her. One day i hope to as good as she is . :)

  • hiho

    who doesnt get tickets in LA???

  • Hailey
  • A little obvious?

    fake fake fake. Natural? no way – this girl has had plastic surgery galore to get that ‘natural look’. good mom, yes. failed marriage, yes.

  • A little obvious?

    Single desperate housewife mom who is famous for her kids and Alist husband. Ben can’t leave b/c she has too much dirt on him and he’ll lose half of his $80 million dollar net worth and she’s manipulated his mind to make him feel like crap when he thinks about leaving her (he says that his dad leaving his mom was the hardest thing in his childhood and doesn’t want to repeat it). They’ve paid all the mistresses off so Ben stays in his misery by seeing the fam once in awhile for photo ops but the rest of the time is either never home or out of their 20,000 foot home far away from her. Yup, happy Hollywood marriage. The sad thing is Jen could get better and someone that actually is there for her if she didn’t crave fame, power and money so much. She still wants to be relevant in Hollywood and knows she can’t if Ben (who’s well connected) and her break up. Classic DENIAL syndrome until one day Ben does eventually find someone else then leaves. She gets bitter and scared thinking her life is over only to find out she’ll be okay. WELCOME TO HOLLYWOOD MARRIAGES behind all the fake PR facades.

  • Glad everyone ignored #29

    The above poster is bat-*hit crazy

  • Kredīts

    Kredīts un aizdevums !!!