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Leonardo DiCaprio & Ellen Page Invade Dreams in London

Leonardo DiCaprio & Ellen Page Invade Dreams in London

Leonardo DiCaprio attends the photocall with costar Ellen Page to promote their new film Inception at the Dorchester Hotel in London, England on Wednesday (July 7)

In the new film directed by Dark Knight‘s Christopher Nolan, the 35-year-old actor plays a master thief who is able to invade dreams using advanced technology.

Leo recently shared how it’s like living a dream being a huge star.

“You will never hear me complain about stardom,” Leo shared according to the Sydney Morning Herald. “I would make myself nauseous if I complained about anything. My theory is, if you don’t like stardom and all the attention that goes along with it, then get out of this business.”

10+ pictures inside of Leonardo DiCaprio and Ellen Page attending the Inception photocall…

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leonardo dicaprio ellen page inception photocall london 01
leonardo dicaprio ellen page inception photocall london 02
leonardo dicaprio ellen page inception photocall london 03
leonardo dicaprio ellen page inception photocall london 04
leonardo dicaprio ellen page inception photocall london 05
leonardo dicaprio ellen page inception photocall london 06
leonardo dicaprio ellen page inception photocall london 07
leonardo dicaprio ellen page inception photocall london 08
leonardo dicaprio ellen page inception photocall london 09
leonardo dicaprio ellen page inception photocall london 10
leonardo dicaprio ellen page inception photocall london 11
leonardo dicaprio ellen page inception photocall london 12

Credit: Hogan; Photos: Getty
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  • Alaia

    Wow, an actor that ISN’T complaining about stardom. How refreshing.

  • Rita

    Leo looks like his own wax figure in these pictures.

  • MKhay

    Wow, kinda suprides he said that. Glad he isnt one of celebrities that whine and complain about everything

  • http://j ivanka

    i like leo’s quote, so true; take not kristen stewart!

  • carrie

    @Alaia: @MKhay: it’s why he hides his face when he’s out!!
    and it’s why he dates with Victoria secret’s models!


    He looks like he’s 45. Wreck.

  • hypocrisy

    Agree w/Rita: he looks frozen, waxy.

    Come on, Leo, you need to revisit your post-Titanic comments in numerous interviews: Leo, you were complaining about being objectified as a celebrity.

    I don’t care how many Martin Scorsese films he does, he still has a whiny pre-pubescent voice. The only film since Gilbert Grape that i’ve liked him in is Deception, and that was on DVD.

  • ???

    Then why is he hiding from photographers whenever he is not promoting a movie? Why does it bother him when fans ask for his autograph? You can say a lot of things during interviews…

  • carrie

    and i hope Leo will have a better stay in Dorchester than Bale during TDK promo!

    i can’t wait Inception

  • flor

    Oh, KStew… King Leo is talking to you!!!

  • Dakota

    Not liking this look on him. He looks like an entertainer in LasVegas.

  • yes

    This man has a rep as an ahole in Hollywood, but as far as his public image, I like him and he is so right. If you don’t like the attention then get out! He should tell Ben Affleck that. Ben looks soooo miserable any time someone shoots his picture…Leo NEVER does!

  • yes

    Thats funny that a.h.o.l.e. is considered a “bad” word and had to be deleted out above! LOL

  • Brasil

    that’s ok, Leo! I love you but act like you say in your quote because sometimes we think you feel annoyed by the attention you have… so be more nice specially with your fans, I’am not talking about paps! It’s not for them that you have to pay attention, just take care of your fans!
    Still love you with all my heart! And in my humble opinion he looks ok and nothing different than his looking lately!

  • Sophie

    Leo is officially my favorite actor. He’s humble, he’s teamed up with WWF to save tigers, he’s an AMAZING actor. When I was a kid living in LA his mom and him lived a couple of blocks down in the Los Feliz area – I was once saw him in Lucky’s rollerblading (this is way back before he was big).

  • mailey

    she looks like his kid in this picture.

  • Mari

    I like Leo’s comment, too, although I know there must be downsides to being such a huge star (although I’m sure the benefits outweigh the difficulties). I am glad that he appreciates what he has and how fortunate he is.

    I can’t wait to see this movie. It looks sooo good!

  • Brasil

    joseph and Ken is also there! Leo looks cute and Ellen is cute, she seems like a teenager doesn’t seem like she already have 22/23, I don’t have sure!

  • Brasil

    @Sophie: Leo is also my favorite actor in the whole world since I was 11 year old… it’s a long time!

  • Louise

    Agree exactly Kristen Stewart should take note.

  • @20: You should see him how he deals with attention and `living a dream` when he is not trying to sell movie tickets. I don`t fall for his charming PR personality anymore.

  • Dance In The Dark

    I was once sat outside at a cafe in LA and he was sat reading a newspaper nearby. A mother and her son, who looked about 11 years old, just quietly went over and the boy smiled and said something, and Dicaprio just turned his head the other way. That boy looked crushed as his mother just ushered him away. What a horrible, unprofessional way to treat a fan, and a young one at that.

    He likes stardom and all that comes with it?

    Why then does he always blatantly ignore people, doesn’t even look them in the eye just dismisses them as though they aren’t there, when they are trying to tell him how much they admire him.

  • Lara

    Well said, Leo!

  • Slig

    Wow leonardo wow beautiful boy .wow you’re very very talented and excellent at what you do .i’m sooooo proud of you i

  • http://h Kaz

    He’s so beautiful man ,i love you so much leo ,i hope to meet one day leonardo and i wanna kiss him ,.he looking fabulos and gorgeous,.. Leonardo dicaprio is my celebrity crush ^.^

  • http://h Kaz

    Leo my favrouite acter.

  • Slig

    You in the best

  • KellStar

    Just because he stopped complaining about fame doesn’t mean he has to like everything about it all the time. I don’t always like my job either but when so many people are unemployed, I sure as hell don’t spend all day complaining about it.

  • K

    Here folks is my favourite actor and my favourite upcoming actress

  • iheartcomments


    People were just complaining in the last thread how Leo ignores his fans and seems bothered by being famous and then this quote comes out…

    We also aren’t seeing many pics of him and Bar together as much as we did for SHUTTER ISLAND. Lots of people bashing them, and him, as a couple on those threads (instead of just attacking Bar as they used to do).

    I guess his PR peeps do read this junk. At least they are doing something about it and earning their paycheck from Leo.

  • Vanessa

    He should really smile more. It would brighten up his face.

  • Robert

    oh may lovely haert I miss you leo

  • Sexy

    Leo ،robert ،brad ،megan ،maily just them in may life

  • CanadaGirl

    Does anybody else think these photos look tense? Not sure what to think of all the photos.
    I wonder if Leo is annoyed that Titanic is going to be re-released.

  • M

    He really said that? lol He who hides from photographers and act like he is the shit, plz.

  • Lola

    I love Tom Hardy the most – he is the grumpy-looking guy on the far left. :D

  • d

    The man is a narcissist. Has no one ever noticed that ALL his girlfriends look exactly like him?

  • mommy duke


    Yes, I have noticed that ! They have to have dirty blond hair, blue eyes, and be of some ethnic background (his mom is an immigrant) but from a sunny country like Brazil or Israel. (He’s ethnically German from California) Everyone else he just screws. The ones he keeps for girlfriends have to be sports illustrated swimsuit models and look like the above. He would never date a brunette, might shag em though !

  • Bebee

    @mommy duke: I might sound stupid but i always thought that Gisele was a brunette at least at the beginning of their relationship.(It’s s not like i was very much saying pics of her tough) And that it’ s just later that she dyed her hair . So it seems i was wrong, maybe because she has dark blond hair.

  • lol

    He is starting to look old

  • leo

    Looking rough and his head is too big, I don’t find him attractive anymore

  • is he realy tall or is ellen page rely small??

  • daisy
  • donna

    He gets uglier and uglier as the years go by.

  • dd

    dam leo is tanned…..hes almost as black as the actual black chinese lookin dude, how is he blonde and yet still tans….the mind boggels!!

  • K

    about 6 months ago i met leo in a resturant he was there with what i would assume was his gf (tall blonde pretty???) anyway i decided to go and ask for his autograph so i went over to the table but was reduced to a shivering wreck when i made eye contact with him his eyes literaly go straight thru you its the strangest thing but i managed to say excuse me but then i dropped the pen i had brought over for him to sign with….disaster… but anyway to make a long story short leo was very nice he even picked up the pen and said ‘autograph right?’ to which he signed on one of his napkins and then wished me a good day, looking back i probably shouldnt have disturbed his dinner like that but hey i got my autograph so i dont care!

  • BOOM

    leo and bar are probably doin it in some hotel room as we speak…cause no doubt shes there somewhere!

  • CanadaGirl

    Has anyone else figured out that KAZ and SLIG are the same person? Kinda obvious because of the obvious ESL writing. It’s funny that this person creates conversations between the “two” posters.

  • @47

    Of course she is there for some attention. No way she would miss out on free PR. I used to be such a big Leo fan but honestly ever since he started dating her I totally see him differently and definitely not in a good way.

  • july

    hahahaha that girl is so small leo could break her in half with his bair hands if he wanted to……even though im sure he dosnt want to cause he seems lik a nice guy