Gwyneth Paltrow Covers 'Vogue' August 2010

Gwyneth Paltrow Covers 'Vogue' August 2010

Gwyneth Paltrow is beautiful in Burberry Prorsum on the cover of Vogue‘s August 2010 issue.

The 37-year-old actress posed for celebrity photog Mario Testino in her downtown Manhattan apartment.

“In my thirties, I feel like I really know who I am,” Gwyn shared. “I’ve made huge mistakes, I’ve learned from them…I feel much more comfortable in my skin now at this age than I did in my twenties.”

“They were fun,” she laughed, “but I wouldn’t go back there for anything!”

Gwyneth Paltrow for Vogue

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Photos: Mario Testino
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86 Responses to “Gwyneth Paltrow Covers 'Vogue' August 2010”

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  1. 26
    gayobsession Says:

    She looks so mysthical. Like a vampire

  2. 27
    tawi-tawi Says:

    i am subscribed to this magazine!
    last month they had Blake Lively, now this
    American Vogue is the most boring and ugly of all world Vogue editions, even the paint transfers to your hands and clothes from the cover while you are reading it – how glamorous?!

  3. 28
    mailey Says:

    wow, she looks great.


  4. 29
    Celia Says:

    Love the Burberry dress, but Vogue is getting REALLY repetitive lately. Wasn’t Gwenyth just on the cover back in January?@May:

    Reportedly, Halle Berry got the September issue. I think there’s a good chance Emma Watson will get the November cover. That’s just speculation though.

  5. 30
    Lurker Says:


    ICAWY, in her 40′s she will tell us she knows herself more than in her 30′s. It is as if they read each other’s interviews and repeat the same crap. Not one original thought here.

  6. 31
    Lurker Says:

    This is one of the reasons why those young so called starlets start having plastic surgeries in their early 20′s. Gwen and many other actresses are beautiful women who don’t need all the photoshopping those magazines do. It is OK to show these women as they are. after all, we all know what they really look like.

  7. 32
    poorsillybitch Says:

    Why everything she says should be a lie? If she says that it must be true. I dont think somebody put her a gun on her head in case she didnt say that.

  8. 33
    conrad Says:

    Oh hurray, what a surprise, people who know nothing about photography and magazine shoots complaining about the use of photoshop. Today it feels like if you’re beautiful, you’re obviously photoshopped. If you do not look like on that day you were jogging, you’re obviously way too photoshopped.

  9. 34
    Varsity Says:

    @conrad: You don’t have to be an expert on photography to see there’s a HUGE difference in how G.P. looks on the cover of Vogue vs. how she looks in her candids and red carpet photos. Just look at a close-up of her at any of her movie premieres. Her face does not look like this. They removed every single wrinkle, mole, etc…and replaced it with airbrushed blandness.

    She may not be a raving beauty but she’s an attractive enough woman that they could have used her more natural.

  10. 35
    islandgrl Says:


    You do realize that she never takes credit for the things herself right? It always provides perspectives, recipes etc from many sources – it’s like a clearing house for information. Why does that bother you so?

    Um, none of the lifestyle gurus do all of it themselves, they actually have people who test recipes, write articles and help edit content. Maybe seeing someone succeed is more uncomfortable than seeing someone falter? There in lies a problem.

  11. 36

    does that sound familiar… Ben affleck and Jen Garner do the
    same thing they never show up together.She told him about that ! .No one has seen Gwyneth unless she is sitting in the audience at a award show..

  12. 37
    ann Says:

    Gwyneth has had so much good fortune in her life. No wonder she looks so happy all the time. Some people are born lucky and the luck just never goes away.

  13. 38
    no name Says:

    I can’t stand her!

  14. 39
    no name Says:

    She talks too much… BLAH BLAH BLAH

  15. 40
    bliss Says:

    @islandgrl: Why does it bother you if people like or dislike her blog? This is not a fan site so everyone give their opinion, positive or negative. Glad she credits her source. She’d end up sued if she didn’t. There’s a difference between having original ideas and perspectives vs. relying entirely on external sources to write your blog. Most of the stuff she “writes” (a term that should also be used “loosely” here) is a verbatim copy and paste from a third party. It’s very unoriginal and I can understand why people are put off by the way her blog is structured. It’s lazy but I suspect she is not much of a writer and that’s why she has to rely so heavily on other writers to produce her material.

    Yes, most lifestyle gurus have people who help them behind the scenes but you’d never know it with Gwyneth. She is not very good at acknowledging that she has a team doing this stuff for her let alone crediting them. And as much as she tries, she’s not much of a lifestyle guru either.

    Her blog hasn’t been a success. She’s faltered at this endeavor and her newsletter is largely mocked. I’d almost feel sorry for her if it wasn’t obvious she’s using this as a marketing tool to promote her gym and cookbook. If she wants to succeed at this, she needs to put more heart and soul into her project instead of constantly handing it off to a third party.

  16. 41
    Josh Says:

    @Lurker: Agree with everything you said, except I don’t think she’s beautiful. I’ve seen her in person on several occasions btw and she’s very tall and plain.

  17. 42
    Nic Says:

    Hahah Paltrow proves once agian who is the real star!! Where are all the morons, who said she cant get a US Vogue cover, when she was on the UK cover in May? Three Vogue covers (British, French and now American), not to mention that she was just on Bazaar two months ago, a true fashion icon, who always gives great interviews.

    No one except Kidman has had more US Vogue covers, and even she never had both important months, March & September, i will buy this just because of the stunning cover, and the fact Jerffrey interviewed her!

  18. 43
    SHO Says:

    @Nic: Even Miley Cyrus can get a Harper’s Bazaar cover and Blake Lively has already been on the cover of American Vogue twice. They didn’t even give Paltrow the September cover. That’s the premiere issue of the year. Her other two covers this year were British Vogue and the ‘age issue’ — a group cover of French Vogue — both timed around the release of Iron Man 2. Two years ago she would have been guaranteed the cover of American Vogue if Iron Man were being released. What a snub.

    Even Kate Hudson gets Vogue covers. When was the last time Kate Winslet was on the cover of American Vogue? Big difference in their careers. Winslet has flourished since Titanic whereas Paltrow has never lived up to the promise of her initial Oscar win.

  19. 44
    missy Says:

    who is that?

  20. 45
    missy Says:

    who is that?

  21. 46
    andres Says:

    i just wanna know why people hate her…

  22. 47
    Connie Says:

    whoever is writing all these negative comments, you sound pathetic, how can it be photo shop when she looks just as great in the video interview, and even in the interview she barely has any make up on, or lipstick, or fake hair. ( like most celebrities)…. it’s really sad when people need to put down someone because of their own feeling of inferiority.

  23. 48
    celeb spotter Says:

    @missy: It’s supposed to be Gwyneth Paltrow.

  24. 49
    Celia Says:


    I don’t get it either. Gwenyth is gorgeous and smart. What’s not to like? I think she’s also been kind of boring lately, she used to take more risks when it came to movie roles. “The Royal Tenebaums,” anyone?

  25. 50
    Onyx Says:

    She definitely has makeup on in that interview and she looks so different from the Vogue editorial. Take a lot at her every day photos. She looks nothing like the editorial or video. What a difference photo shop, styling and makeup really make.

    I agree with most of the comments. The only pathetic ones are the stan who keeps trying to justify the extreme photo shop. It’s not normal for a 37 year old woman to have no wrinkles.

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