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Jennifer Aniston Adopts A Puppy?

Jennifer Aniston Adopts A Puppy?

UPDATE: Jen‘s rep tells that this rumor is not true!

Jennifer Aniston possibly has a new furry friend – a rescued cockapoo puppy!

The 41-year-old actress reportedly found her new dog at Saving Spot!, a Los Angeles nonprofit dog rescue program. Jen reportedly brought the pup home “because she fell in love with her acting coach’s dog,” a source told Us Weekly.

Jen has two dogs at home already – Norman, a 15-year-old corgi/terrier mix, and Dolly, a four-year-old white shepherd.

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  • CanadaGirl

    Love that JA supports this program.

  • Who cares?

    Who cares what this fame wh@re is doing for attention. She is a lonely idiot.

  • Lisa

    Anything for attention

  • Tim

    John Mayer said she would rather be in the kitchen petting a dog than living a normal life. She seems like a very lonely person.

  • Elsie

    I don’t get why people think this is good news – with her money she could found a shelter or save thousands and thousands of dogs – instead she prefers to take spa vacations, drive huge cars and live in that enormous house.

  • Mindy

    Her press people will do anything to keep her relevant for her next movie bomb.

  • Jess

    While she is being interviewed about her new puppy (such a maternal nurturing woman) she will manage to mention that she used to be married to Brad Pitt several times and how much she blames Jolie for the breakup. However judging by her track record with men and how Mayer slammed her in interviews, I would say Pitt must thank his lucky stars her got away from this idiot.

  • Rao

    Pet adoption is awesome.

  • Lurker


  • Vero

    @CanadaGirl: Exposados is a translate (or some thing like this) of the title of her last movie with Gerry “Finger” B… Not a TV show…

  • Fresh




  • Marieme

    Pet adoption is wonderful. But why the major announcement? Ohhh, because it’s ATM Fugs! That’s right.

    ATM: Alert the media.

  • Slig

    She nathing huh nice jop big lair in the world . Im sooo sweet heart

  • JA’s “I did, I do & I will”

    …have a baby..
    She was refering to dogs…She like them dogs.

    She collects puppies and doggy males like Mayer !

  • woof, woof, woof

    Please adopt me Maniffer Anuston !

  • Anna

    When i first saw the post i thought she adopted a baby,like Sandra Bullock.I had to do a double take LOL

  • meagan57

    Love her and love that she adopted a pup! How sweet!

  • woof

    HUGE NEWS! — HUGE — ROFLMAO!!!!!!!!!

  • Robert

    And this is news why????? BFD!!!!!

  • Ugh

    People should be enjoying their summer with their families instead of bashing Jen 24/7. At least Jen is enjoying life, her haters are so obsessed with her they refuse to enjoy life.

  • lee

    Why in the hell does her ass STILL have an acting coach!!! non talented hack!

  • Domino

    Love her. I’m so happy she’s adopting puppies in need, it shows her humane side so much more than going around stealing African kids.

  • Times a tickin

    I think its nice she adopted a rescue dog. Who cares if she’s alone? I would prefer to be alone with my dogs than have a man if I were her and always got screwed over by men. Jen may not be the best actress or most beautiful but she seems to have a good heart. I don’t understand the hatred people have towards her at all.

  • Vero

    @Ugh: People should be enjoying their summer with their families instead of defending Jen 24/7. At least Maniston is enjoying her puppy, her fans are so obsessed with her they refuse to enjoy life…

  • Laura

    @Vero: Mind you, it is only the people here. Everyone knows the only place for Brangel@@nies is here that’s why everyone makes fun of JJ.

  • bet

    good job jen.

  • bet


    You are the one who keep reminding yourself that she was married to the skum, not her. Without her there is no relevancy. she is a vehilcle for contant reminder of they exist.

  • T pain

    So excited to see SALT later this month :)

  • Eric

    @T pain: You mean a movie just like every other horsemouth has made? LOL

  • T pain


    Eric, I’m not talking about aniston.

  • bet

    T Painl,

    sorry the sh@ty and cheesy movie and the cheesy actress with bad acent is not on this picture.

  • michelle

    Jen is just as cute as a button. It’s great that she adopted a dog. Not many people do that.

  • Laura

    @T pain: i know, that’s why I said horsemouth, aka, “look at me i am so good i have to promote it” aka loony incest angelina. also, you should go talk about it where it is relevant. i know, i know, aniston is so important to you you just HAD to post at her thread but come on now, go tell your mommy to open the angelina thread for you.

  • carla

    i love her, so cute! personally i don’t even care about anyone who bothers talking shit about people, whoever they are. someone who spends the time talking shit about one or another is just not worth it as a person.

  • media wh@re MANiston

    # 27 bet @ 07/08/2010 at 6:42 pm

    you are such an idiot & delusional.

    anyway, if this was the JP, you idiot hens will call them media wh@re.

  • scarjo

    How pathetic is it that the highlight of your life is you “adopted a puppy” I guess this is all the Jen is expecting baby talk.. the baby is actually a puppy.

    Well she must be so happy.. I wonder when the baby shower is..

    Such a stupid and useless story. And the fact that her fans act as if she had done this amazing thing shows how much they need to elevate this woman. REALLY.. she got another freakin dog. She did not cure a illness..

    So maybe her fans will all run out and adopt a puppy in her name. I bet NOT

  • Conando

    Dogs are awesome, especially shelter dogs that are rescued. You losers knocking her for doing this need to stfu.

  • bet


    why you are mad beause we appciate what she did? If she make trouble in people life, then i get your point. The woman live her freaking life,what is the problem with you?

  • Dog lover

    …child hater…
    the woman even sleeps with Norman and describes her as A MAN….

  • de Cosmos

    Is the puppy’s name Bradders?

  • bet


    she does many thing in her life and she support man causes.. and she think she loves animal and she support for animal cuases. What is the freaking problem with loones with if this does not cause any disaster in the society, or not see people down becuse she does this.

  • bet

    i mean she support many causes, this one of them. what is the problem if she does not cause anything in people life, nor does not see people down because she does this thing.

  • bet

    De cambose

    even the skum want to be related in the news through the dog name, any thing thing to stay relevant.

  • jaye

    Not many people adopt? Since when? The average person who wants a pet gets it from a shelter. Many can’t afford the $450 fee for adoption that rescue shelters like Saving Spot charges, which, they say, is based on the treatment they rendered or the exorbitant prices of pet stores. However, a great many people across the country adopt pets from shelters. So Aniston isn’t ‘special’ in that regard. The problem is that there are too many animals in shelters because people don’t act responsibly and have their pets spade or neutered, they try to run puppy mills out of their homes or they just get tired of their pets. The more recent reason is that some can no longer afford to care for their pets because of the economy.

  • bet


    we are not saying like loones she is special , but we said good job for adopting a shelter dog. It good to love animals.

  • JA’s dog sick infatuation

    JA loves dogs over men,she said it herself. She is enamoured by dogs, sleeps with them (she also said it and Mayer too), says the love she has for them is greater than the one she will ever have for any human beings, men included because she is a control freak (her own admittance) who has a slave/master relationship mindset with men and people i general..

    She is bossy (You will never see THAT from THIS man again. Brad take your SH*T from here,Me ? you will never see me babysit my goddaughter…) intolerant with an insufferable ego, thinking she is all that and should be obeyed. All dogs can bow to the orders of a human being whatever the size of his/her brains but men rebelled at some point then dumped her sorry a**.
    One day even one of her dog will run away for good too and there won’t be a reporter to catch him back….

  • To Bet

    # 43 bet @ 07/08/2010 at 7:22 pm

    i am not against anything Jennifer does. She has the right to do whatever she pleases but what it kills me is that anything she does is not for media attention but when the JP does it its for media. Jen, Brad & Angie are famous people so wherever they go the papz will follow. They can’t help it. Are the JP supposes to stay at home? Are the JP suppose to lock their children home and not do the things like other parents would do with their kids. Gwen took her sons to Disneyland and even posted for pictures. Is she a media ho too? Halle took her daughter to the park. How come you don’t call her a media ho? So, if you call the JP media ho it should apply to all of these people as well. What makes you think its ok for Jennifer, Halle, Gwen, Jessica , Jen. Garner……to be out in public but not the JP. Don’t be a hypocrite.

  • WTF

    @T pain: why did you do this? AJ’s fans are so desperate for attention…

  • bet

    To bet

    Jennifer Aniston did not say she adopt Dogs or she did annouce she adopt. We just saying if she did good job. it just a rumour.
    Even dogs need privacy. Branglina did not give privacy to thier owen childern. Who will take a picture of their kids before even they arrive to home after they adopt one day in thier hotel, for people mag. What do you call this one?

  • zzzz

    Thank you, JJ for the story on Jen’s dog adoption. There’s nothing wrong with a little PR for this very worthy cause. Too many lost and abandoned animals die in shelters and clearly, Jen has compassion. I don’t know why people would post hateful comments over this.