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Jessica Alba: Gwyneth Paltrow & Claire Danes Sandwich!

Jessica Alba: Gwyneth Paltrow & Claire Danes Sandwich!

Gwyneth Paltrow and Claire Danes sandwich in Jessica Alba at the Valentino Garavani Archives Dinner Party on Wednesday (July 7) in Versailles, France.

Earlier the day, Jessica and Claire sat together in the front row at the Valentino show during Paris Fashion Week! Claire also brought along hubby Hugh Dancy for the show and party.

Gwyneth graces the cover of Vogue‘s August 2010 issue, for which she posed for celeb photog Mario Testino in her downtown Manhattan apartment.

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gwyneth paltrow alba danes valentino 01
gwyneth paltrow alba danes valentino 02
gwyneth paltrow alba danes valentino 03
gwyneth paltrow alba danes valentino 04
gwyneth paltrow alba danes valentino 05
gwyneth paltrow alba danes valentino 06
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  • offtheproperty

    Those are cool pictures of three cool girls. Well, 2 out of 3.

  • Ginger

    I don’t like any of the dresses and Gwyneth’s makeup looks greasy.

  • Conando

    Claire looks fabulous!

  • lycros

    Gwyneth looks like Claire Danes’s mom.

  • lycros

    Gwyneth looks like Claire Danes’s mom.

  • jen

    Which one of these is not like the others? Hint: Void of any discernible talent.

  • Pook

    @offtheproperty: Two girls and a man (on the left) in a dress.

  • Criss Cross

    Paltrow has the body of an angel and the face of Carol Channing.
    Not a good combo.

  • Alec

    Alba has been looking like a Filipina tranny modeling in a shopping mall fashion show lately. She’s so out of her element in France.

  • brneyes22

    I’m undecided on the dresses.
    I know it’s hot but Gwyneth always looks like her makeup is sweating off her face.

  • passion

    Jessica is a very pretty girl but she seems out of her element.
    Claire looks like a prettier version of Gwyneth.
    Gwyneth just looks awkward and sweaty.

  • xxxo

    I really want to like these dresses but they all look cheap and I’m sure they cost a fortune.

  • Ethan

    This sandwich is lacking favor.

  • cheetah

    Gwyneth looks like she hasn’t showered this week.

  • lilac

    Gwyn’s gown is lovely.
    Unfortunately, her oily makeup spoils the look.

  • BEAN

    Jessica is the only one that looks her age. Gwyneth looks 40 already and Claire looks 33-34.

  • blue

    ”ve always hated alba. But she looks really pretty here :)

  • Heiress

    G.P. always looks like a post op tranny

  • YU..CK..


  • YU..CK..


  • wexx

    I think Gwyneth only looks good when she’s styled for a film or photo shoot. I saw pics of her new film in a mag the other day and she looked great. Her Vogue photos are great too but they hardly look like her — way too much photo shop.

    When I see her in her every day pics, I’m always surprised at the difference. It’s like looking at a different woman.

  • fresh

    Jessica Alba is beautiful but unfortunately limited in talent.

  • Cinn

    I admire Gwyneth P’s acting talent, figure and her casual elegance, but I’ve never found her face attractive.

  • sam

    You may or may not like Gwyneth, but by the time Jessica is 37 the only parts she’ll be getting is as a love interest on Two and a Half Men.

  • Magic

    I think Paltrow looks really good for 45.

  • Santos

    @sam: Alba is gorgeous but she already gets shit parts. Her last film went straight to DVD. Paltrow is more talented but even she’s getting edged out due to the aging process and has to take supporting roles now. Plus, she isn’t that exceptional for her peer group. Lots of more talented actresses there.

  • terra

    Jessica would have looked good if she some semblance of a waist. Since she doesn’t, she just looks like a celery stick dipped in Clamato, except with less acting talent.

  • Rebal

    Claire Dane’s husband had hot sweaty jungle sex with Jessica Alba in a movie called “The Sleeping Dictionary” about 10 years ago. I wonder if they all had a good laugh about it, and was Hugh getting a semi remembering the good ol’ days?

  • milan

    I sincerely hope that Paltrow and Danes took this opportunity to ask for some acting tips from Miss Alba. Nobody can nail cutesy but a little bit confused look, or custey but a little bit pouty like the greatest thespian of her generation. So stand back and learn something you hacks.

  • Adora

    these girls need a bit more meat…whats with the carrot shaped look these days

  • WhatWillTheNeighboursSay?

    MiserAlba looks between this 2 girls really good but if she would stand next to Charlize Theron she wouldn’t be so beautiful anymore. Her huge head on her skinny body looks hilarious.
    Jessica, go to school for some education, your career is definitively over and it won’t be changing when you go to any fashion show because of a few paparazzi pictures.

  • Allison

    A greater majority of the celebrities that you see wearing these expensive dresses actually don’t own them. They cost a lot of money, yes, but they are rented in most cases. Only a handful of women in Hollywood these days actually own the dress that they wear to these occasions.

  • mickey

    Doesn’t matter how expensive the dress, Paltrow still looks like a dude in a wig.

  • bigbadblackman

    God these women are nasty. Give me a big booty black b!tch any day of the week. oh by the way—-I HATE WHITE PEOPLE.

  • boston61

    All 3 need bras. Something light. Something to give them some shape. Something to make them look like ladies. Women have no class anymore.

  • OY

    A stiff selfish witch, a talentless bimbo and a racist.

  • …………

    They look like the 3 musketeers. WTF are those flamingo dresses lmao

  • Kary

    Two things: Gwyneth is only 37 years, not 40 years and, all the dresses are beautiful. I think that Claire looks better, she is really charming.

  • kiki

    Just noticed, Jess Alba has a new nose! Makes sense her being in hiding for so long, subtle though but smaller and more refined for sure.

  • Huberth


    You are absolutely right…I was thinking exactly the same. J Jessica is the only one that looks her age. Gwyneth looks terrible..looks old, did she take a shower? What happen with her..? Awfulllll..Claire Danes looks fine but at the same time looks older and tired.

  • HerCalledTheRain

    Jessica just stunning! beautifull as always

  • FamiliarFashion

    Love Jessica Alba’s dress here.
    Had to make a post dedicated to it on my blog!!