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Orlando Bloom: Der Soccer Fan

Orlando Bloom: Der Soccer Fan

Orlando Bloom checks out the World Cup semi-finals match between Germany and Spain at Cafe am Neuen See in Berlin, Germany on Wednesday (July 7).

The 33-year-old Pirates of The Caribbean watched as Spain overtook Germany 1-0 to reach their first-ever World Cup final.

According to Collider, Orlando is seeking to play the lead part in a remake of a 1970s British police drama The Sweeney. Other actors also vying for the role include Daniel Craig, Ewan Mcgregor, and Tom Hardy.

13+ pictures inside of Orlando Bloom enjoying a World Cup game in a German bar…

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Photos: WENN, SplashNewsOnline
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    That is seriously nasty. What happened to him?? I can’t believe people used to think he was the next Leo.

  • Caroline

    Go Spain, Go!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Slig

    Hahaha like . . . .

  • Rai

    This photo of orlanda like a young boy

  • 1111

    Spain wins and germany loss but jared were miranda kerr?

  • Geri

    It’s “Der Soccer Fan” btw;)

  • Leo

    I like to see the world cup what the sweet orlando

  • http://h Kaz

    Like dirtty nothing

  • meji

    I suspect none of those people are vying for that role in The Sweeney, which isn’t the lead in any case. I think the producers have floated the story to try and get backers to commit.

  • jilly

    “Der Fussball-Fan” btw.

  • xyz

    Miranda is in New york? working?

  • missy

    i really tried to get into the World Cup but its so boring……………….!

  • Ugh

    He always looks so dirty and messy these days. And why doesn’t he shave off that ugly facial hair? It definitely does not look good on him – just makes him look dirtier.

  • Oh ob

    Miranda always working, oh yes they seem to be so in love that they have to be a part for so long.

  • YAY!

    He looks so good!
    I love the messy curls!
    So beautiful!!!

  • @14

    Uhmmm it’s called being an adult and having a job.
    Their jobs just happen to have them on opposite sides of the planet. Other couples’ jobs just take them apart across towns.

  • Ali

    He used to be so cute, and now he just looks wasted. What has happened to his face? He’s lost his mojo!

  • Jayne

    Stop looking at him than orlando is the best looking man ever he can have any look he wants. Heres hoping he gets that film if its true.

  • Annette

    I think he looks great!

  • @19

    I agree hes the best.

  • LD

    I don’t know if their relationship will last or not. (So few celebrity romances and marriages do.) Plus I still think he’s more into her than the other way around. I think she’s very ambitious and determined to make a name for herself. It appears that, right now at least, her career is steadily on the rise while his is at a relative standstill with no important projects scheduled for release any time soon. Unfortunately many people think of him pretty much as a ‘has been’ at this point and it remains to be seen if he can make a successful comeback or not. Being linked with him may have aided her career a little in the beginning but she’s now becoming more and more established and successful on her own. In time there might be problems if her career eventually surpasses his.

  • mj fan

    Ollie gets younger every year.Love his hair, so sexy just like him.

  • @21

    He is THE highest grossing actor in the last decade. In Legolas and Will Turner, he created two iconic characters that will live forever. He is doing indies, producing and getting ready to film a big budget action adventure. He is still famous the world over, and he isn’t done yet.
    Just look at the reports about the filming of the new Three Musketeers movie. In EVERY report, HIS name is the one that is mentioned. He isn’t playing a Musketeer, he is playing a smaller role, yet HIS name is the one that’s talked about because they know that he will bring interest to the film.
    Other actors would KILL to be this so called “has been”.

    Oh, and BTW, there isn’t anything wrong with ambition. Unless you think that it’s OK for a man to be ambitious but not a woman?

  • Vanessa


  • mission acomplished

    Hahahaha 3 yrs ago when Miranda was still dating Jay no one (outside of Oz) knew who the heck she was. She has been linking her name to Orlando since the beginning but over the course of 3 years his starpower diminished and now your right, she’s becoming a bigger name then him.

  • Better in person

    I think he’s a guy who’s better looking in person — at least that’s what people who have met him face to face say. Why do so many of you think he’s “dirty”? I remember reading comments from fans who met him in the past about how “good” he smelled. Unless his hygiene has gotten a lot worse over the past few years! To me, Johnny Depp always looks dirty and raggedy. But it just may be the way he dresses.

  • One example

    As his star fades, hers continues to shine even brighter. Remember what happened to Reese Witherspoon and Ryan Phillipe’s relationship when she became a lot more successful than he was?

  • @26

    Yeah, everyone has always said that he smelled great!
    I love his scruffy but clean look. It’s very sexy IMO.
    And LOL at the haters!
    They are having to bend so far over to insult Orlando, that they have had to resort to complimenting Miranda and her career.
    Quite the conundrum, eh?

  • Jayne

    Yes he smells good to me when i met him. And soooooooooo good looking in person and pics to top it all of a nice man too. If miranda ever ends it with orlando he could come my way i wish.

  • Everyone isn’t a “hater”

    Not everyone making comments here are “haters.” Some are just people giving honest OPINIONS based on their own observations/perceptions of things. You can’t make such a blanket statement that anyone who has anything less than purely POSITIVE to say about the relationship is a “hater.” That’s foolish and not logical.

  • Jayne

    And orlando has still got it, hes name is still big. he got a film made and he was not even in it. He has done so well he can take time off.

  • ?

    I don’t think he is deeply in love with her. Like i said befor orlando said ” every one wants true love but its is hard to fined and having someone in your life is better than being a lone” i just hope orlando know what hes is doing. i hear that girl he may have liked from the play still likes him? But wants him to be happy.

  • @31

    No, not everyone who is less than positive is a hater. But anyone who posts something as irrational as saying that Miranda is a bigger star than he is, or that she will become a bigger name, HAS to ba a hater. Because that’s just stupid. Sorry, no other word for it.

  • @33

    My goodness, are you back again?
    Drop the ‘unrequited love at first sight’ BS.
    You sound more insane every time you post about that garbage.

  • Ugh

    @mission acomplished:

    She will never be a bigger name than him.

  • @36

    I agree.
    As much as I like her, Miranda will NEVER be a bigger star/name/celeb than Orlando.
    He will always be the big star in the relationship.
    Several blockbusters under your belt will do that for you.

  • GAH!

    That picture where he is standing up…..
    That hair!
    That face!
    Those EYES!!!!
    Yeah, baby, come this way!
    So gorgeous!

  • Lose the ‘stache please!

    Liked him better without the mustache/goatee. It hides the cuteness of his face and makes him look unkempt. Don’t mind the curly hair as long as he keeps it trimmed and neat. But that ‘stache has gotta go.

  • @39

    I would imagine that this will be the look for The Duke.
    Trimmed up, of course, but definitely a mustache/goatee combo.
    Facial hair is an important costume element for that time period.
    I love it on him. It makes him look very Joe Byrne-ish.

  • http://whatabeauty... you may not be a hater…..

    because you are an idiot, and know notthing if you call Orlando a has been…..
    And as much as I adore Miranda she will never be the “star” Orlando is, but they both shine bright and both smell good, and they look good.

  • dr350

    I am happy to see him in his old stlyle (curley hair).
    Don’t cut it Mr.Bloom.


  • @36@37

    I agree too.

  • sweet

    PopSugar has some pics up of Orlando picking up Miranda at Heathrow.
    Very cute PDA.
    I guess that since they anoounced to the world that they are getting married, they don’t have to play the ‘I’m not sure I know you, but I’ll give you a ride in my car’ game.
    They both look so happy that I can’t hate.
    PS: She’s wearing her ring. Maybe someone will get a better picture of it this time. I wanna see it!

  • Oh ob

    I don’t know if it is true or not but he did seem to like a girl how do you know it did’nt happen? And love at first sight does happen .but you for got it was more than one time they met.

  • @sweet

    Here you go…pics from elf lady….and it looks like she is picking him up….but doesn’t really matter…..

  • ?

    @45 thank you some thinks it can happen.

  • @31

    @Everyone isn’t a “hater”:

    you’re so right but we have to be a little more compassionate here. That tw*t has no life. Tracking down negative comments and insulting whoever is not regarding Miranda/Orlando with adoring esteem is her only occupation, *sigh*.

  • @48

    Visiting a post on a gossip site that is about someone that they like, and defending said celeb from idiotic insults is “tracking down negative comments”?
    That has to be one of the stupidest things that you’ve said yet.
    You give yourself waaaaaay too much credit.

    We are here for Miranda and/or Orlando. Not you sad idiots.

  • My Joe

    Don’t shave, don’t trim the curls Orlando! You are still the sexiest man around! He’s got everything going for him right now in every department. That’s why he looks so happy in all of his pictures, especially the new ones from the airport with Miranda. They couldn’t be cuter!

  • @46

    Not that it matters a great deal, but that is her luggage, not his.
    He has been in Europe, she just flew in from NY.