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Rachel Bilson: Barefoot Skipper!

Rachel Bilson: Barefoot Skipper!

A barefoot Rachel Bilson skips from her car to go pick up pet pooch Penny Lane in Los Angeles on Thursday (July 8).

Later in the day, the 28-year-old actress changed into some more comfortable clothes before going to the ATM to get some cash in Loz Feliz, Calif.

Last week, Rachel shopped for groceries at Albertsons supermarket, showing off her brand new highlights!

FYI: Rachel is wearing a C&C California Bamboo Strip Deep V Boyfriend Shirt in Black and Tkees shoes in sable.

15+ pictures of Rachel Bilson spending her morning barefoot in L.A…

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rachel bilson barefoot skipping 01
rachel bilson barefoot skipping 02
rachel bilson barefoot skipping 03
rachel bilson barefoot skipping 05
rachel bilson barefoot skipping 06
rachel bilson barefoot skipping 07
rachel bilson barefoot skipping 09
rachel bilson barefoot skipping 10
rachel bilson barefoot skipping 11
rachel bilson barefoot skipping 12
rachel bilson barefoot skipping 13
rachel bilson barefoot skipping 14
rachel bilson barefoot skipping 15
rachel bilson barefoot skipping 16
rachel bilson barefoot skipping 17
rachel bilson barefoot skipping 18

Photos: Limelightpics, AKM Images
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  • Brightside

    OMG! She looks like a idiot! LMAO! Twelve year olds run like that!

  • Brightside

    Penny Lane, JJ? Are you sure? You wouldn’t like to re-think that?

  • lexy hates bilson

    LOL! She changes clothes b/c it makes her pics more “valuable” to the paps!! She should skip on over to acting class!!
    Is she THAT dumb that she went to the DRIVE-THRU ATM for cash – even with a car there???

  • Anonymous

    Wait, Penny Lane? That was her and Adam Brody’s dog? If that’s really happening, OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Serena

    Really? This really counts as news here Jared? At least when you have photos of someone else doing this type of thing you mention that they are par of realy charities, real movies, or heading to some sort of thing that night. Not even Pop_Sugar adds stuff like this and they track the silliest of things sometimes. This used to be such a good sight, I would always find something cool or actually pertaining to real events. Not Miss Bilson over here going to her car to get a dog then filling a parking meter. Is it news worthy because she actually has money to put into it when she hasn’t worked a real job that didn’t involve getting three pricey coach bags for free for ” charity?” At least she could have bought them but coach representitives say that when they get a celeb in on this type of things they get them for free.

    Not only this, but the fact that Everytime I come here my computer finds a brand new spyware file straight from your site is making me head towards other sites that have better news worthy stories and less spyware!

  • Serena

    @lexy hates bilson:

    I’m pretty sure she’s so short that thats her car parked there so she could actually reach the atm. I have to do that too often, even when I park tight to it, because my arms are so short. lol at your comment though, that crossed my mind:)

  • I

    Why are you people so rude, if you don’t like Rachel, why the hell do you sit and type 5 paragraphs of hate on her. GROOOOW UP.

    I hope Rachel hooks back up with Adam. <333

  • Em

    @Serena: Stop being a bitch, get a life and stop hating on somebody I doubt you have ever met, if you look at other posts on justjared, he posts news on practically every celeb no matter what they are doing. If you hate her so much, why do you even sit and read about her.

  • http://h Kaz

    like Trashy

  • Slig

    Hahahaha now shower

  • Hailey

    Penny is Adam’s dog and she’s a totally different breed than the dogs shown. And Adam has a girlfriend that he seems quite taken with. So I doubt there will be any reunion. Get real people.

  • viper

    When Adam and RB split she got Penny Lane she gave the dog to a family member to care for. Guess now that she terminated her relationship with HC she took the dog back pretty sure she wants it back now.

  • cami

    @lexy hates bilson:

    Yeah, that was my first thought too, 2 changes means she can get a bigger cut from her pap tipping by selling them separately.

    LOL forever at the Penny Lane error!!

  • Em

    @viper: Noo she didn’t? Adam and Rachel both had the dog Penny Lane when they were dating, then it was said for her birthday Adam gave her a dog named Thurmen, when they broke up, Rachel kept Thurmen, Adam kept Penny.

  • marissa

    @ 8

    You do realize that this is a gossip blog and not a fan forum right? So if someone wants to come in and complain and talk crap about a star, they’re more than entitled to because that’s eally what gossip blogs are for. It amazes me that people like you STILL haven’t realized that yet. If you want to go to a place where everyone likes her and just loves every move she makes, she has plenty of sites for that. But if you’re looking for that here, you won’t find it. So stop complaining about it. That’s like going to an ice cream shop and complaining about them selling ice cream. Gossip is nasty, deal with it.

  • Tina


    I agree. It’s so annoying when people do that. What the heck do they expect at a place like this? It’s like those people that complain about how mean people are to Alexander Skarsgard here. This isn’t a forum full of fans so no one is going to coo all over him. He’s going to have people that don’t like him and this is where they go to post because it’s a GOSSIP blog.

  • useless

    She’s not talented or intelligent

  • lexy hates bilson

    Doesn’t she have a black car?? It’s pretty sad that her dog is more famous than her.
    Why isn’t the faux-fashionista @ Fashion Week in Paris trying to rub elbows with real celebs??

  • Alaia

    @lexy hates bilson: Which real celebrities are there? Jessica Alba. Now she’s a faux-fashionista.

  • girlstragedy

    Its obvious that celebs are not saints or even more intelligent than us

  • lisa

    I’m glad Hayden is not with Rachel now, he don’t need to spend money paying paps or new clothes for her anymore. Thanks God!

  •! Annie

    Rachel who?

  • @Annie

    you are on her thread, LOL

  • Serena


    I wasn’t being rude to BIlson, I was explaining the situation in clear terms, The ones who need to grow up are those who can’t see anyone else’s side. And it wasn’t five paragraphs dear, obviosly you need to go back to school to figure that out.

  • Serena


    Trust me, I do have a life. I’m an actual Fashion Designer for Macy’s and also work in my father charity foundations. I come here to read in my spare time. Really, you need to grow up and read the comment. I was posting against Jared mostly, not Rachel, and its my thoughts you dumb little c***nt.

  • Serena

    Wow that reply came out a little to much bitchy. Sorry for the C***nt part. I apologize for that one, when people tell me I have no life and yet they are on the same site making the same comments I get pissy. Not classy, I take that swear back.

    My thoughts on Rachel are my own. People need to realize that is what’s going on here. We should be allowed to say what we want, it isn’t like I’m going to her fan site and posting shit.

  • @ Serena

    No you are just posting sh*t here multiple times.

  • viper

    your correct I’m sorry yes it’s thurman and not penny but thurman looks exactly like this dog either way. She must have visitation with the dog or is planning on taking him back either way she needs a way to grab ppl to her fan sites. I don’t feel Adam Brody wants much to do with her anymore he is at least working something that is so foreign to RB.

  • Kris

    I really love her style, she always looks great.

    And to all the haters, here’s something to think about…

    Go look in the mirror and then check your bank account. Now who’s really doing better? Grow Up. I never understood the point of going to these types of websites to HATE on people you don’t even know. I mean do you guys like any celebrities? because if you do, you should go and spend your time showing them some love instead of coming here and spreading so much hate.

    And yeah, I know I dont know Rachel either but I have met her before and she was actually very nice. :)

  • Serena

    @@ Serena:

    Oh yeah, real classy youself you idiot

  • antwacky

    Lookey, lookey, look out on the “”flat-tire-sagged tits”"….

  • Footsie

    Those are some ugly feet .

  • lisa


    LOL You’re amazed? I am amazed that people actually feel “entitled” to talk crap and be nasty like you say. Yep, we really need more of that in the world.

  • http://twitter annie

    skip skip skip to my lu rachel is a oinker too.who is her pr i would fire him or her. she should take some acting classes and stop grocery shopping or learn to cook.

  • Amanda

    I don’t wan to discuss here, but I would like to give my opinion about all these haters…I understand your point of view, but I just don’t get why you even bother writing if you hate Rachel so much.

    If I don’t like someone (in this case, some celebrity) I don’t even waste my time reading news related to them, simple as that. That’s just me (and all the normal people…)

  • jaeger

    Everyone can say anything random to this vacant-vessel-h0, but relevant/significant is NOT/NEVER ever one of them.
    And… she deserves to have that dog, as she seemingly (still) looks so lonely & desperate.

  • Brightside

    All these people defending the mediocrity of low end celebrity culture…makes me wonder why on Earth they are commenting on a celebrity gossip blog?
    If they stayed long enough to read comments on other threads they would realise that a great many actresses/actors get praised for the sterling work they do…and a great many actresses/actors are also highly praised for the passion and commitment they put into their charity interests.
    It’s human nature to praise those who have committed work and humanitarian ethics…it’s also human nature to complain about rubbish as and when it appears!

  • estee

    Both Adam Brody and Hayden Christensen are relieved not to have anything to do with her anymore.

    I wonder who her next victim will be. Wanna bet it’s going to be some director or writer? so that he’ll put her in one of his projects.
    She’s gotten most of her jobs through her connections and not through actual talent.

  • bzd

    Maybe if she invested more effort in improving her acting as she did in picking different clothes to wear she would be getting more work by now.
    Look at Amanda Seyfried and Mila Kunis. They are papped wearing the same clothes day in and out but they’ve landed more jobs than Bilson.

  • Samba

    @39, she’s gotten ALL of her jobs through connections. Because she has no talent and everyone knows it.

  • Lain

    Well, she’s brain damaged. It’s sad, but true. The girl is really just plain dumb, retarded. Because of that accident, she can’t read, she can’t memorize, she’s impaired. She seriously needs to find a rich man to marry and just live a life of privilege. Because that’s basically all she is going to be able to accomplish. She’s very typical, completely self centered and self absorbed, she’ll really never contribute anything.

  • EatYourHeartOutPLz

    what accident?

  • well…

    …i have to admit she is beautiful, but her life seems to be so empty. Is she doing anything useful at all???????

  • chuck

    No more Hayden Christensen? Time to get back with Adam Brody!!!!!!!

  • chuckla

    Enough with the Get Back with Adam Brody.
    Adam doesn’t want her back.

  • the truth

    @chuck: jared is not going to mention they are not together anymore.

  • Huberth

    she has a beautiful face…

  • pinktrickle

    Not sure if this is up to your normal standard of news, but I do love all the great comments! ha!

  • eye em

    the only time i ever hear about her is on this site. is she paying you, jj?