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Christina Aguilera & Jordan Bratman: Lunch Date!

Christina Aguilera & Jordan Bratman: Lunch Date!

Christina Aguilera and husband Jordan Bratman leave Spago’s Restaurant after having lunch together on Thursday (July 8) in Beverly Hills, Calif.

The 29-year-old singer has given VH1 a behind-the-scenes look at the making of her new “You Lost Me” video off her new album, Bionic.

Christina says “for this particular song it was really important to me that I really interpret the simplicity of the raw emotion that takes place within the song itself and not sort of any theatrics involved.”

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Christina Aguilera Behind the Scenes Look of “You Lost Me”
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  • karma

    Ever wondered why Christina has so many enemies and haters?
    Well here you go:

  • Mena

    @karma: Seen that. She is so ugly inside-out.

  • Connie

    Ew. Look at her legs! They look bowed and deformed. Poor Floptina her career is over.

  • Lea

    @karma: LOL! What a! That is such a juicy video hahaha.

  • Alexa

    @karma: …………..WOOOW.The ending made me the most uncomfortable. What kind of person throws gum from their mouth to their fans????? Omg WTF Christina :3

  • tammy

    Yeah Christina is a skank and her husband is an ugly stinky jew. They deserve each other.

  • Sara Powell,

    @karma: She’s always been an insecure highschool It’s not a surprise.

  • ben

    @tammy: Don’t bring Jews into this you racist.

  • V

    God she is so horrible. How does he live with her?!!!!!!

  • roberto

    damn what an ugly couple.

  • Tom

    What an ugly couple. She looks like Bozo the pasty faced clown and he looks like vomit.

  • nikki


    oh my god… you poor thing.. do u even know xtina?? Please get the help u need, i’ll pray u find a hobby… stay happy.. spread love not hate. u seem really bitter… let it go hun ..xoxo

  • James

    Her album is such a fckuing mess. There are 3 bearable songs and two of them are the SIA ballads. The others especially songs like Vanity are absolutely excruciating.

  • troll

    She’s so gross.

  • Tom

    Not only is she suffering from Rickets but she is still psychotic from all of the physical and emotional abuse she suffered from the hands of her drunken father while growing up. He beat her and her mom bloody and threw Christina against the wall causing brain damage. She openly talks about this all the time so it isn’t a big secret. She considers her white American step-father who raised her and provided for her, to be her true father. Not the drunken illegal alien from Ecuador her mother foolishly married.

  • LDN

    Let me preface this by saying that I am in no way a violent person and never have been………however almost everytime this woman opens her mouth, I just want to freaking slap her.

  • piggy
  • piggy


  • edin

    @piggy: When does it not to be fair?

  • :[

    I feel sorry for her husband.

  • Julie

    lmao all the britney fans talking about xtina here. go to your ‘idol’ forum and talk about her mental and personal issues.

    and i cant wait to see this video by the way.

  • Jermaine

    @karma: Damn.


    I dont like white people and definately hate these two white people.

  • bullies are cowards

    @karma: She doesn’t seem to realize or care how that she comes across that way to so many people who have worked with and met her. People like Christina make themselves feel better by making others feel small and inhumane. She needs help and I mean that in the nicest way possible. She’s her own worst enemy.

  • wow

    @karma:christ. she’s worst than a diva/madam. she’s horrid and clearly insecure in her own skin.

  • Darren

    @Tom: Where is her father now? Is he alive? In jail?


    I can’t stand White people either and I have always hated Xtina!
    She never likes to be associated with Hispanics because she claims we are all jealous of her! She claims that while growing up all the Puerto Rican girls were jealous of her light skin and light eyes and wanted to be white like her. Have you noticed that she never associates with Hispanics unless she wants them to buy her crappy music. One more reason why she married a white man.

  • Ben Quack Attack!

    She isn’t fit to tie Lady Gaga’s and Britney’s shoes and she knows it!
    Lady Gaga is Queen this clown with stubby legs never was.

  • sexylatina

    @ puertoricangurl. I couldnt agree with you more. I was taught from an early age that white people are nasty and I should hate them at all times. Jews are even worse.

  • jonelle

    @karma: christina have been having confrontations with other artists (as well as her management and people who’ve worked for her) since the very start of her career. she’s obviously always been a as kelly said. everyone has their moments but she takes it to a whole other level. she has a voice but she’s not a very pleasant person. this is why i’ve never been able to connect with her; her negative traits all overpower any positive ones she has. she does not seem easy to get along or live with at all let alone that she furthers and highers herself by dissing others in the business and around her. she reminds me of one of my nasty cousins actually ; /

  • Elle

    I just can’t get on board with someone who’s not a very nice person no matter how ‘great’ their talent is. Blech.

  • frodo

    Jordan is always walking behind her.

  • Kanye

    @James: The Sia written tracks are the only ones worth listening to, I bought just those singles from itunes.

  • Beam

    woooowwwwww so many racists out here. you just proved you’re no better, congratulations.

  • dumb

    oh well she’s a about checking this out

  • Shakira

    This woman thinks waaay too highly of herself.
    The irony is hilarious as she’s just as ugly on the oustside as she is on the inside. That saying that ‘inner beauty always shines through’ is so true. She’s so not pretty and her voice is not as good as she thnks it is. Her unnecessary runs and scartchy screams are torture. I wonder WHY she is so full of herself.

  • zoe

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  • Slig

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  • FAIL

    @dumb: I love how petty and pathetic that video comeback is. For real LOL? Quotes from Spencer Pratt? LOL! That video showed a couple of people showcasing their ignorance with them attacking Gaga’s appearance. You then see a clip of Christina being the dismissive twofaced bish she is by completely contradicting herself, you played video footage of her words and none of Gaga’s, and that RS interview was after Christina calling Gaga an “it” and all the rest of the shallow childish B.S she said lol. Everything in that video was either someone dissing Gaga’s appearance or someone saying she ain’t that original. Not one person aside from that mysognistic jerk Seinfield who was pis.sed with someone entering his box said anything remotely negative about working with her unlike Christina. And you ended your video with a few photos of Gaga lol. So Floptina fans are just as childish, shallow, petty and ugly as her. Good to know LOL.

  • Xtina

    I didn’t know she was married to Saddam Hussien.

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  • mailey

    this couple is solid.

  • lu

    I’m just gonna pretend that I didn’t read the comments.. damn people are mean.. christina is an amazing singer and person! stop the hate.. be happy with you own life

  • jay

    Wow, all dese haters got their claws out for miss xtina….

    bt ya’ll hoes cant hold a gud bish down so get a fkkin life…<3 christina

  • dfg

    Do you realy think that she cares about haters? Love her or hate her but you have to admit that she is one of few artists who are able to exist without drama for years.

  • João



  • ROberto

    @Tom: that story is made up

  • dan

    she’s a self-obsessed and seems proud of it. I find her vile.

  • Britt/Xtina Fan

    Looks Hotter than GaDonna.

  • floptina is a fugly witch

    @Britt/Xtina Fan: That’s all you FLOPTINA have against Gaga LOL