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LeAnn Rimes Takes A Break from Twitter After Backlash

LeAnn Rimes Takes A Break from Twitter After Backlash
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Credit: Jason Merritt; Photos: Getty
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  • Slig

    Britney what happin u omg go in hospital

  • Slig

    Fat fat fat britney dumb

  • mailey

    im soo sick of LeAnn, she’s such a skank. And the bf is no better. They’r both trash and deserve each other.

    Rachel Maddow was so cute!

  • limk75

    I am so sick of this Brandi talking. What a famewho .She needs a JOB! Does she have any skills? If not go to school BG!

  • jaxie

    Bad photo of LeAnne but the girl’s not afraid of hard work. I admire her for her accomplishments and agree with a comment above. If Brandy was happy she wouldn’t feel obsessed with dissing her X husband.

  • shhhhi

    Shouldn’t Carrie Underwood use that money to help Nashville flood relief victims and have a less conspicuous extravaganza when America is suffering economically?

  • shhhhi

    Dina shpuld stop enabling her daughter. There’s a massive blind spot.

  • rad dar

    Shame on you Carrie

  • Ugh

    People, everyone makes mistakes. I bet you’ve made a lot bigger ones than Leann has, so focus on those and lay off.

  • Go

    Carrie gave to Nashville.

    She has earned her money.
    Yes,she and anyone else should ahve wat theycan afford or want to afford.

    Be real.
    Should Dolly Parton, George and Laura Bush sell their homes because of the economy?

    Carrie is fine.

    LeAnn,she and Eddie deserve each other. I would not put money on happily ever after with them as a couple.

    Brandi needs to STFU now. Get over it! It is over. Move on.And I say this for she keeps talking and it like a open wound she keeps opening and it is hurting herself. It does Brandi no good. LeAnn and Eddie could care less. They could care less when they began their affair on her, when Eddie lied to Brandi’s face, everything. They have cared less since they met on the movie in 2008.they have fun of Brandi and they are living their life.

  • date night

    Why can’t Eddies EX wife move on?

  • betty

    Cheating with another womans husband is not a mistake but a choice they both made. Brandi can diss that scumbag all,she wants he deserves it but why is Leann tweeting about Brands kids as if they are hers.and a photograph shown straddling their father like some B in heat. She is insecure and must have a very low self esteem to always want to be the center of attention even when the kids are present.

  • betty

    Eddie lied to Brandi and he is also lying to Leann that what he does lie and cheat. The only difference is he never used Brandi the way he is using Leann. Brandi is just telling it as it is. He is who he is.whether you Leann fans want to hear it or not.If Leann can tweet ,Brandi can talk.

  • selmaka

    Too elaborate a wedding when so many people can’ put food out.

    Insecurity is botox , breast jobs, talking about the ex husband all the time.

    Pete, does he still perform?

    Can do without Kanyee

  • betty

    @selmaka It is not someone else responsibility to put food on anyones table sounds like you are jealous of the haves and the beautiful or the one that want to look beautiful talking about an ex husband what about tweeting about another womans kids?

  • NMJ

    Brandie is not pretty. Luk like man and aging bad.

  • dal

    LR PR working overtime….you’re failing miserably

  • Ronda

    Skill-sets? Who needs skill-sets when any illegal immagrant can sit at a computer terminal all day making $7.85 an hour pretending she’s 10 different people while defending a washed up singer from the 90′s. Pee Wee Herman (Not WeWeHerman) is selling more records than Rimes…she is officially a country music outcast.

  • uhek

    BG’s troll is trying to take the heat off himself. HaHa we know you’re a hire.

    Are you saying your teaching the x your trade so she can put something on her table?

  • betty

    Anytime I see a Brandi bash I know it is from one of Leann PR person using akas you are so obvious .and still jealous of Brandi after reading Brandis In Touch mag article I can see why.and also Carrie Underwood. She is getting married and Leann is you bash her also. Carrie is popular and respected Leann is a has been and disliked,

  • jedy

    BG is sooooooULY no one would be jealous of a 40 woman. She has NOTHING!!! going for her and you troll so of course you have to defend her. Bad karma job.

  • glee

    Of you cant take the heat stay out of the twitting.

  • glee

    Of you cant take the heat stay out of the tweeting.

  • Michelle

    BRANDI GET A JOB!!! STOP STALKING LEANN AND EDDIE!! IT IS OVER! AND HAS BEEN FOR AWHILE…Leann was just the one he has been waiitng for while he has not been in love with you! It is time to MOVE ON!!! I did you can too!

  • Diane

    Yes Jedy, Brandi Glanville is ugly compared toTHIS:

    LMAO – Lele fans are so delusional.

  • Michelle

    it has nothing to do with her age idiot. some 40s are hotter than 20s –
    my point is brandi needs to move ON!

  • Diane

    haha at Michelle and the stalking comment. Too freakin funny. Does anyone feel like they enter the Twilight zone on these boards? Seriously? WTF. As if Brandi would post among looney fans who think Leann is beautiful, ot defies logic. haha

    A homemaker is nothing according to Lele fans. They contribute nothing to society.Raising kids is nothing, a worthless job. right, got it! But let’s celebrate cheaters people, up with Cheaters in Lele fandom world.

    Pathetic nutjobs.

  • Diane

    Lele fan: She’s so beautiful, she’s so hot, she’s got IT going on!

    Look for yourselves people, our Lele is GORGEOUS! bwahahahaha

  • Diane

    it’s making the rounds! Oh goody, another message forum for me to post on. Already has 165 posts, but I guess they’re all Brandi, Eddie’s wife posting away. (Lele fans are sooo delusional in their conspiracy – the net only has like, what, millions of people from all over the world reading and posting on it.)

    google Us Magazine with Leann’s name and you will find me. Toot-a-loo!


  • Diane
  • Diane

    That darn Brandi, Eddie’s wife is ALL over the net writing entertainment blogs, and just being a pain in the butt. I think Perez Hilton IS Brandi too!
    And Laineygossip is Brandi, I just KNOW it!!! I think E! Entertainment is being run by Eddie’s wife too…..she needs to move on. haha

  • Diane

    Well, since Lele quit Twitter I feel it is my duty to continue on in her stead.

    First Tweet:

    “Eddie just farted, I ran to the kitchen & got a sandwich baggie, I caught it! I have his essence in a plastic baggie & I INHALED deeply. Ahhh, my love’s scent!”

    “I’m so blessed, my sweetness just put up a hammock. Poor thing has cramps though. I will fix us a creme brulee and have cocktails. That will make my sweetness feel better!”

  • betty

    Leann had such an intense backlash on twitter page.she had to shut it down.The fans there did not call her beautiful but other not so nice names.and she is still out there trying to promote herself she just don’t get it. Nobody likes you Leann ,no one told you to post your daily life on twitter.and trying to show you are a better mother than Brandi thats why she was always twittering about the kids.Trying to compete with their mother/Its so obvious if it was sincere there would be no need to mention what she did for them.every time they were there.. I read on one site where she talked about help raising Eddie kids and teach them what?.Poor kids rough life in store if that happens.

  • Diane

    God, i love Brandi. Team Brandi all the way. Apparently she just gave another exclusive interview to IN Touch Weekly. haha
    I love how she digs Leann with the “there was never a lull in our sex life for the months they were fooling around with each other.”

    I think she should give interviews to all the media! She deserves to be able to do whatever the heck she wants. I think she’s been strong and resilient since her life was torn apart last year. Go Brandi, go Brandi, go Brandi. LMAO

  • anonymous

    Diane is gwen/Jason/abc

    Just the HIRED TROLL:!

    Now WHO would hire a troll? Someone out for revenge!

  • Troll

    Brandi twitter: Eddie’s not paying his child support.

  • betty

    Eddie has not paid his child support this month .eh. Well I be it will be there soon. Late or non payments causes arrears, arrears causes problems.

  • http://deleted A Real Winner!

    If Eddie doesnt pay up Brandi can sue him for unpaid child support, it happens all the time especially if she has proof that he been vacationing in extravagent resorts. yup just what eddie needs to destroy his rep even more, not paying child support for his kids yet he has the money to follow his mistress all over the country.

  • anonymous

    Good! Tell her to get her rear in gear, mooch!

  • anonymous

    That BG has zero class. Sandra Bullock and Elin Nordegren, now those are some classy broads. Eddie’s X fugit it!

    Maybe Eddie’s broke . Luv it! B and her big mouth cut off her own nose.

  • betty

    They can afford to have class Tiger and Jesse has money Eddie has zilch. .He will pay even if he has to get it from sugar mama. Why do you think he has stuck around all this time he knows this day would come.and he would need backup income.Eddie is no fool. When Leann bought Eddie she bought the kids also.its a package deal.LOL

  • anonymous

    LeAnn does not pay Eddie’s child spt. Their mammy needs a job and fast. She is not privileged and if she’s been making money from her interviews she has to acct. for it with the law. Ha ha!

  • betty

    Anonymous Daddy needs a job!!! He is the one that owes Brandi she does not owe him. Furthermore any money she earns is for the support of her kids and Daddy better come up with his. The only law she has to acct. to is IRS like everyone else.when they earn money. HAHAHA!!!

  • anonymous

    If he’s out of work he will have it modified and she may be depending on her relatives who should be helping out. And she needs steady employment and lowered expectations.

  • anonymous

    Any income she brings in will effect her spousal support amount. That is Ca. law!

  • Tell em like it is

    Fine, starve the kids. Tell them that their dad and LeAnn want them to starve to death because they don’t want them around when their daddy makes babies with LeAnn.

  • Gurlly

    Eddie needs to pawn some of those gifts LeAnn bought him or sell one his prized possessions, like that motorcycle. Eddie’s a con man but he’s going to pay, either with his money or LeAnn’s but he’s going to pay. Hiding child support money is a no win for Eddie. With the pics, the tweets, Eddie’s high end living, and shacking up with a tramp, Brandi has everything she needs to get full and physical custody of the kids. She can also request that the court allow her to move out of state where she can provide a better life for the children. My new neighbor just arrived from Ca. with her two kids where the judge gave her permission to leave the state because the father wasn’t meeting his obligations.

  • jelos

    yeah yeah troll

    bg needs to get to work and shush!

  • betty

    Anonymous-Marie- cbme What makes you think because Eddie request modification it would be granted. First he would have to explain to the court how he can afford vacations at posh resorts if he is out of work.Just saying you are out of work won’t cut it. But why this discussion Eddie will be paying and Brandi expectations can be as high as she wishes. Brandi will be fine.and so will her kids. What makes you think her parents should be helping out when they have an able bodied father,Those children are his and Brandis primary responsibility and everything and everyone else is secondary.

  • anonymous

    Your words that her family would take care of their daughter

    When you tell lie after lie it’s hard to remember what you said

    She’ll have to lower her expectations. Itll be good for her

    Dream on troll, it’s not going to turn out like the boss wants