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Rachel Bilson: Gas Pumping Princess

Rachel Bilson: Gas Pumping Princess

Rachel Bilson steps out to fill up the gas in her Prius in Los Angeles on Thursday (July 8).

The 28-year-old former OC actress donned a pair of leather boots after skipping around barefoot! RB headed out to pick up her furry friend, Thurmen Murmen.

She also wore a colorful red beanie as she tried to stay warm in an unseasonably cold Los Angeles.

FYI: Rachel is wearing a Monrow cotton twill “Vest Jacket” in black.

10+ pictures inside of Rachel Bilson, the gas pumping princess…

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  • Lain

    Lame Jared. Just lame. That’s all.

  • Pepto

    Wow. What an exhaustive lifestyle. All the time it must take every day to get all dolled up and create a new and innovative fashionista ensemble just to go out and have your pic taken while you gas up your Prius, or grocery shop. Or have lunch. Or go to gifting suites for freebies. No wonder they get paid the big bucks they do for what little they actually do. Awesome. NOT.

  • Pey

    You can say all you want of this girl, I, for one, don’t even know what the deal with her is… but you can’t deny she knows how to put an outfit together.

  • Samba

    Again with the non English capable comments. One would think she had a following among human traffickers. Or space aliens.

  • CanadaGirl

    Her hair looks amazing; Her lower half… not so much. Why the weight gain? The break-up? Honey, never let a man get you so low that your a$$ expands; nothing is worth that!

  • Ahari

    Her ass has been like that for about two + years now. And the “fashionista” “fashion icon” has no idea how to dress herself according to her body type. Mmmm Hmmm. Some fashion whatever.

  • ajh

    her dog is thurman murman. penny lane is adam’s dog.

  • Conando

    She might as well fill out a job application while she’s there.

  • jaeger

    So this vacant-vessel h0 is donning now the looks of her ex OC bff; Mischa Barton as a blonde dumbazz chick – midget version.

  • sam

    love her hair!

  • Slig

    Jared i hate this girl .i want other celeb not bad

  • kosher

    Look everybody… another WH000RE parade…INSERT FINGER IN MOUTH… COMMENCE TO VOMIT.

  • EatYourHeartOutPLz

    twice in one day you have got to be kidding me two posts? wow thats a all time low for this site
    well maybe she was there to apply for a job lol
    her weight gain is because of bad genetics just being honest shes nearing 30 and this happens to some women just look at her real mother and youll know her future um except less successful scary…

  • sara

    There needs to be a contest between Rachel B and Mischa B as to who has been photographed the most times putting gas in their car as they drive around LA looking for a job

  • juniper

    Her (apparently) new-looking hair faked/dyed-color “fails” to draws attention away from her (boundless) triviality, homely face, ageing bod & saddlebags.

  • over

    do u have a disorter that u have to post about her in order to feel complete. REALLY pumping gas??????

  • over


  • ee

    dude wtf ENOUGHT ALREADY!!!

  • ee

    i checked and she HAS NOTHING going on. who would hier a has been irrelavant pig looking supporting strugaling to survive h0e???? NOT ME!!! rachel GTFO of hollywood.

  • b

    I like her hair.

  • jeezzum

    If this inbred famewh0 is not (always) wearing legging to cover her knobby knees, it would be some high boots to cover up her cankles. FYI.

  • bRoWn Eyed Girls

    everybody tries to be blonde.. why…

  • !!

    I’m surprised she can pump gas!

  • http://h Kaz

    Im the best

  • leimore

    Duh-Huh?! I’ve seen this “hairstyle already” where it looks & suits much much much better sans the fake-hair coloring…
    So its just another copycat… she cant really think of her own/orig. stuff/style… a truly a brain-dead lil’ chick!

  • amaranth

    Just wow! That R. BilTROLL still can get lots of (99% hated yet well-deserved) comments “anytime” freakin’ of the day.
    It probably or simply just a well put “karma”.

  • lexy hates bilson

    All dressed up and no where to go…as usual!!! Good to see she still has a few bucks to pay the paps to follow her around and JJ to post these silly posts about her!!!
    BTW why wasn’t the “fashionista” in Paris with the other fashionistas like Alba, Paltrow, Lively, etc…guess she has to save her pennies to pay the paps!!

  • @8

    Kudos love the comment your right..actually she should apply to be the sign holders selling pizza’s, for rents or store sales that dance on the street corners.

  • viper


    why do you think she went to the atm drive thur (on foot) possibly to pay them for the attention. And who would wear a beanie in the dead of summer. LA wasn’t at cold the chic doesn’t make sense.


    think she would have to pass a common sense test they do have higher standards. And copycat fashionist 101 might not be what they look for. Now dog walking might be more her speed.

  • Please Not Again

    Look at those fat fat thighs. And she emphasises them by making sure her legs look shorter by wearing very tight jeans with knee boots. Absolute worst look if you’re short and don’t have legs like pencils. I don’t know why people talk about being a fashionista when she almost never looks good on the street. She’s a pretty girl but nothing special and has to pay papparazzi and JJ to run her pics. I knows she’s not intelligent and not talented but advertising that she is not popular or employed in HW seems kind of stupid. Of course her ‘ex’ fiance Hayden Christensen can’t break out of low budget thrillers and is resorting to sueing more talented people for exploiting ‘his’ ideas. They deserve each other.

  • max

    You know its bad when Lindsay Lohan has two job offers even though she is going to prison first….

  • Dave

    Seems that Mrs. Bilson still have some moneys left to pay her “directors”…..hahaha!! ;)
    It’s just funny, and at the same time sad seeing a bunch of moneys wasted away like this. Funny for the fact that she’s just fooling herself, because no one will ever give her a job anymore; even if she pays a million dollar for attending a super professional acting course. All that she could had created is just a big downward mess made of lies, irrelevant types of lyfestyles, and some “jigsaw pieces” that still don’t fit. And when you have such a “great” curriculum, and the courage to even put it on a silver plate (by showing up) , it’s very hard to go back and change things. And it’s sad to see that some REAL and GOOD celebrities are left outside the light.
    Really, what’s so newsworthy about her going out pumping gas??I would rather read a news that says “Rachel Bilson stops being a liar”, rather than read what she does everyday. It’s not like reading a news about Sigourney Weaver, Milla Jovovich or Tom Cruise, for example. She’s no one, and i hope she will finally understand it and go back to where she came from. The comments here all speak for themselves: no one will ever miss her, and i guess no one (including her fans) care about all the rumors about her sudden “jobs”.

  • Trish

    I don’t get where the princess comes from.

  • http://twitter annie

    gas pumping moron,is it cold in la.?

  • the truth

    @Please Not Again: They did copy his idea you don’t know what happen. People do that all the time.Don’t see you doing anything with yourself.Business like that you have to get it straight. Are people will make a fool are you.Don’t have to mention hayden here.Rachel wanted out are the relationship too.Both are them agreed.It don’t supose to be cold in LA

  • viv

    why are all those fashionable women unemployed losers?

  • Brightside

    I wouldn’t want to play spot the difference with the engaged out-of-work Rachel and the single out-of-work Rachel. Her life is the same as it has ever been, one long, mundane yawn fest of gas pumping, meter feeding, fashion shopping and pap parading. This girl makes Camilla Belle look gainfully employed. She makes Paris Hilton look like she has a work ethic hidden in her Hermes. Plus, if Rachel’s brains were custard there wouldn’t be enough to top a very small trifle.

  • lexy hates bilson

    LOL! Brightside I don’t like Paris either BUT she’s managed to turn herself into an empire of sorts!! Sure she’s got no talent but I can’t say she’s stupid. She’s making millions putting her name on perfume, handbags, shoes – I even saw Paris Hilton fake hair and flat irons! Not to mention her writing books (I’m sure she’s not a REAL writer but I think you get my point). I question the idiots who buy her stuff!! But we can’t say the girl isn’t working!! She really invented the “do-nothing, fame wh@re”

  • Brightside

    Hahaha (had a mental image of me going and buying Paris Hilton’s fake hair)…:-D. It’s the Barbie Brigade, I think, that buys her stuff….you know, those young girls who, for some reason, never progressed beyond the 9 year old pink stage of their childhoods.
    Surely, it can’t be cool to wear Paris hair, smell like a Night in Paris, carry Paris in a bag and wear her on your feet. If I saw a girl all dolled up a la Paris, I would be rotflmao…but I agree, Paris does work hard at what she does…so it was a low blow to compare her to someone (Rachel) who thinks work is something that other people(like her papa) should be doing for her :-)

  • lexy hates bilson

    LOL! OK we’ll give her some credit – she picked out some free Coach bags and she is pumping her gas – probably one of the few jobs she’s qualified to do!!
    I don’t know who buys that Paris stuff. I couldn’t believe it when we went to Sally’s and saw that fake hair. It’s like Jessica Simpleton – her daddy has taken a page from Paris’ book and she’ll put her name on ANYTHING for money!! Some of the shoes and bags are cute but I just refuse to give those losers any of MY money! Why would I wear Jessica’s or Paris’ clothes when they don’t??

  • viper

    Consider to the gang that broke in the homes of said Lindsey and Rachel now are sought out by reality shows and then some for TV shows. Gee Rachel can’t even get most of those producers to allow her through the door let alone offer her work. RB can change her hair color, her clothing even where she shops (as the stores seem to change when other famous ppl might shop at them) but she can’t change the fact she is unintelligent and superficial. I find RB is more a wart then anything else seems the only man really that puts up with her is her father. The other two men knew when to leave well enough alone and run away

  • Lana

    love the boots!

  • whitney

    it never fails to amaze me how bitchy women can be? She happens to come off very sweet and nice in her interviews and half you guys are criticizing her hair, her outfit, her lifestyle… you’ve never even met her? So incredibly disgusting , there’s obviously something missing in your life, to make you so insecure that you need to pick apart someone youve never gotten to known. All you guys better have high paying jobs and be thin and perfect to be trash talking like that!

  • Brightside

    Thin’s easy – it’s how people get fat that I don’t understand! You know, rather than looking at how much Rachel Bilson gets paid (and I don’t think it’s as much as you imagine) – even the d-listers are vastly over paid for the poor job they do – look at her qualifications instead. It’s hard to respect someone with little education who is over paid for being untalented.
    The average librarian will not earn as much money as the average idiotic d-lister….but their jobs are far more deserving of respect. The same with nurses, doctors, social workers etc. Money isn’t everything. Rachel Bilson may get paid a little more but she gets no respect for it because any cute faced, uneducated idiot could do what she does.

  • HerCalledTheRain

    i looooooooooooooove her hair color!