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Zac Efron: Casual Dress for Business Meeting

Zac Efron: Casual Dress for Business Meeting

Zac Efron wears an Alex & Chloe “Invisible Angel” tee for a business meeting at the Sunset Towers in West Hollywood on Thursday (July 8).

Zac spent the July 4th holiday at a house party with his girlfriend Vanessa Hudgens in Malibu, Calif.

The 22-year-old actor’s new film Charlie St. Cloud will be released in theaters on July 30!

10+ pictures of Zac Efron leaving a business meeting…

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zac efron business meeting casual 01
zac efron business meeting casual 02
zac efron business meeting casual 03
zac efron business meeting casual 04
zac efron business meeting casual 05
zac efron business meeting casual 06
zac efron business meeting casual 07
zac efron business meeting casual 08
zac efron business meeting casual 09
zac efron business meeting casual 10

Photos: Flynetonline
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  • Ckayed

    Great role model. Grounded and happy and decent – go ZAC!

  • thelephant

    No hate here but, Rob Patt’s hair?

  • duuumm

    zac’s hair isn’t greasy and disgusting, thank you very much. but as for the style, it’s pretty lol-worthy to me.

  • sundus

    looking good!!!

  • glenda
  • Jane

    Who cares?

  • Ben

    I’m sorry but this guy is such a butterface.

  • Asham Deniz

    i like and respect him and he’s my role model but the current hair style is not my favorite thing on him… and it used to be…

  • Jem

    wanna b rob pattinson

  • http://j ivanka

    looks like jared leto to me, but whatever he is not stealing anyones style so chill

  • mailey

    ummm what’s with the hair,………..

  • susan

    Zac is soooooooo amazing,sexy, funny and cool.
    I can’t wait to see his new film Charlie St.Cloud.

  • Jude Law, RPattz, Efron…

    He always looks greasy and unwashed like he’s just crawled out from a chimney.

  • dnw


  • emily

    He’s always looked like Robert, both greasy overrated hobos who need a wash.

  • Amelle

    I like his boots.

  • aksldjgklsgj

    It looks like he’s a wannabe guido………… haha

  • jOel

    What’s with trying the Rob Pattinson hair? It doesn’t suit him.

  • I n F a m o u s l y C o o l

    i remember when Zac use to rock the little kids gay bangs(which beiber rocks now), that he got from Jesse McCartney. that was until his handlers told him to get rid of them if he wanted to lose the kiddie image. now he’s rocking a less cool version of the Edward Cullen.. sorry, i meant Robert Pattinson. LOL
    …so i guess if he gels his hair down it’s childish and if he gels it up it’s badasss?!? ahahahahaahahaa.. i give beiber two years before he gels his up. ahaha
    oh, and i would have much rather seen Zac play peter parker/spider-man instead of the guy they picked.

  • Gab

    He’s good-looking, most people say he’s talented (enough), and he’s supposedly living the Hollywood dream. What then is this douche bag hair all about? There’s something about this whole look that says I’m Trying Too Hard.

  • pop86

    I realize that most of you posters don’t pay attention but this style has been around the indie scene for before Zac and Rpattz got their hair cut so neither one is copying each other.

  • Hannah


  • Malia

    pop86, you are right.

    Seems as if the ONLY other actor some of these very young kids know is RP. There are plenty of guys out there in Hollywood with this exact hairstyle. And they had it long before Zac OR RP got their hair cut. RP did not invent short messy hair.

  • lol

    why would anyone want to copy Rob’s ‘style’? He looks like a slob.

  • rhonda

    poor guy, looks awful.

  • kami

    is that all you shallow ppl are interested in? looks? that’s all that matters to you is a person’s outward appearance? don’t you have anything deeper inside you? but, i’m sure you don’t care much for yourself either, inside or out.

    ♥ zac looks good on the outside cause he’s a good person on the inside. ♥

  • Carlos C. Boozemonte

    hey, does anyone know where those shoes/boots are from that Zac is wearing? Link me if you could, thanks.

  • Claudio

    Whoooaaa! I had no idea he was a devil worshiper!! Did u guys see his shirt? (that killed it for me)

  • Malia

    LA premier of “Charlie St. Cloud” is July 20th
    Zac is going to be on Leno July 20th.

  • Karen

    Yes, there are many an actor in Hollywood that have the same hairstyle. Now we see Justin Bieber and Kendall Schmitz(sp) from Big TIme Rush with hair like Zac wore a few years ago. Do we say they are copying the early Zac Efron look? And now the way Zac’s hair is we could name many other actors who wear their hair the same BUT it is ZAC or ROBPAT that everyone has their eyes on so actually it is a compliment to both of these guys. Nobody seems to know there are any other young male actors in Hollywood except these two so that says a lot about how powerful they are. So, haters, just keep hating, it shows what actors you can’t resist watching. And if you hate one and not the other it shows how worried you are that your fave will be outmatched by the other. Really, your hate is silly. You make Zac more important when you are trying to demean him. If he wasn’t someone to be taken seriously then you wouldn’t bother to comment as you wouldn’t know who he is.

  • agree

    Oh, I want to say something nice. I just can’t though. But I would love to see some pics of V without a purse hiding her face. Girl is gorge.

  • kristen

    for all those who says he’s ugly or not hot or whatever, he’s MUCH better than robert pattison. does that guy bath everyday and dress up tidier?

  • kristen


  • Sops

    He looks like a f#king d-bag. do not want

  • Carlos C. Boozemonte

    jared, where those shoes from brotha?

  • Tiptoes

    Here is a note from the author of CSC, Ben Sherwood in CSC fan page:

    “In candor, I never imagined Zac Efron in the role of Charlie. Wrecked by loss and grief, Charlie was a character who had wasted many years of his precious life. I always imagined Charlie as older and sadder. Thank goodness I’m not a movie producer. I salute Universal Pictures and the producers for realizing that Efron was a perfect choice. Young, dynamic, and charismatic, he embodies the promise of Charlie St. Cloud without the burden and loss. With Efron’s vibrant presence and performance, a sometimes weighty story feels more hopeful and uplifting. As I told Efron when we met in the cemetery in Vancouver, I’m delighted and very thankful that he took the part and filled it with vitality.

    Ultimately, life is the theme that animates this book. How do we overcome grief and loss and make the most of our time on earth?”

  • kami

    for ppl who say zac is copying rob’s hairstyle, not true.
    zac got his hair cut short in june of 2009.
    rob got his hair cut short in may of 2010.
    that’s 11 mos after zac got his cut. so how could zac be copying him?
    gotta gotta gotta getcha head in the game. and know some facts afore you speak.

  • kami


    ♥ awww, that is so nice. everybody who works with zac always says such nice things about him. ♥

  • Karen

    Thanks for that, Tiptoes. To me when an author of a bood sees his work be made into a movie and praises the performance of the lead character saying that actor brings so much more to the story—well, that is one of the biggest compliments that actor could get.

  • Karen

    “book”, not bood.

  • kittykat9

    The way that Zac is standing in pictures 7 and 8 he look’s right gay and the expression he is doing with his face, what the hell is that all about.

    And I see that he’s trying to look manly again by having his moustache back and not shaving, well sorry Zac it’s not working. And still no photo’s of him and Vanessa together, again plnety of them seperate, no wonder his rep’s put a statement out saying that ‘ their not moving in together, are’nt engaged and have not broken up’ becuae it sure look’s like the last one is’nt quite right. As for the not moving in together and getting enaged well we all know that’s never gonna happen between them so that’s true.

  • kittykat9

    I highyl doubt to that even if Vanessa does go to the preimer of CSC in LA. that they will be photograped together, Zac seems to have a problem with being photogrpaed with his gf at premier’s, just like with 17 Again she was therer but not good enough to have a photo taken with, yet other people in the film who had their partners their had photo’s taken with them and it was’nt a problem for them.

    Andofcourse Amanda will be there so no doubt we’ll have tons of photo’s of him with his arm wrapped around her and all full of smiles while his gf look’s on.

  • Malia

    Zac Efron sits at the precipice of his own career. Efron’s portrayal of heart throb Troy Bolton in the High School Musical franchise put him on the map, his role in 17 Again proved he was a bankable star, and now he takes on his most challenging role to date. Starring in Charlie St. Cloud as the title character, Efron delivers a raw and honest performance that might just make him the next Tom Hanks.

    Source: Written by Colleen Joyce, Sr. Staff Writer at

  • Malia

    Words from Richard Linklater:

    You just finished shooting Me and Orson Welles with Zac Efron and Claire Danes. How was that experience?
    Beautiful. It’s coming out this fall. I couldn’t be more happy with it. And Zac is fantastic. He worked really hard. I know it’s always boring when people say how great everyone is they work with, but Zac’s the real deal and he’s going to have a really long career, because he’s meant to be here.

    So he’s not just a song and dance man?
    He’s too talented, he’s too much a natural. I’ve never met anyone less conflicted about performing. He’s just born to do what he’s doing. And he’s really smart, and he works hard. He has a good family. I’d say his foundation is such that he’s not going to be a fuck up and sabotage himself.

  • kami

    ♥ how many of you have read the book? ♥

  • Karen

    I never read the book if I know a movie is being done on the book. It never fails IF I read the book then I am disappointed in the movie and IF I see the movie and then read the book, I am disappointed in the book. I think it has a lot to do with that first impression. Maybe if I saw the movie and didn’t like it and then went to the book, maybe I wouldn’t feel the same.

    I know a lot of people don’t like him with the scruff but I kind of like that now and again. I hear that Vanessa really likes it.

  • Malia


    That can happen. The only movie I ever saw that was really true to the book was Gone With the Wind. In the movie, Tara was exactly as I saw it described in the book. And so was Rhet Butler.

    Yes, I head that Vanessa really likes Zac’s scruffy look.

  • Malia

    And from one of Zac’s former directors, Richard Linklater:

    “Zac’s the real deal and he’s going to have a really long career, because he’s meant to be here.”

  • Malia

    Also . . . “And he’s really smart, and he works hard. He has a good family. I’d say his foundation is such that he’s not going to be a f-u-c-k up and sabotage himself.”

  • Malia

    I’ll leave you with the very wise words of Zac Efron himself:

    You always have to remember that bullies want to bring you down because you have something that they admire.

    Remember all you fans out there in Zac and Vanessa land–DON’T FEED THE TROLL.