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Jessica Simpson Spends 30th Birthday with Eric Johnson

Jessica Simpson Spends 30th Birthday with Eric Johnson

Jessica Simpson walks arm-in-arm with her new boyfriend, former NFL player Eric Johnson, during a romantic stroll on Friday (July 9) in Capri, Italy.

The twosome and a few of her closest friends are in town to celebrate Jessica‘s 30th birthday, which is today (July 10). The couple was seen kissing and her friends surprised her with a cake before singing Happy Birthday!

While showing Just Jared her new fashion collection in NYC last month, Jessica said that she would be traveling to Italy for a little “rest and relaxation.”


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Credit: Grifoni Sarmiento; Photos: Flynetonline, SplashNewsOnline
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  • justin

    awww. i’m happy she’s found a new guy. Love you jess, happy bday<3

  • lUCY

    Without the make-up, she’s a very plain girl. And there is no need for her to resort to the mumu, but if she does, how about ditching the whore shoes. Glad the new man is keeping her in the news – Heaven knows that she doesn’t have the talent to stay current otherwise. I give her two weeks before she’s spewing her mouth off with all sorts of personal details about this relationship.

  • sexylatina

    jessica simpson is nasty. but then again all white people are nasty.

  • Brightside

    WTF is she wearing??????

  • evie

    let’s see how long before he gets bored of her shallow ways…shopping, clubbing, etc. and how old are you again, Jessica? go back to school and learn a thing or two. and oh yeah, you’re making yourself standout amongst the crowd of tourists with that ridiculous dress you’re wearing. Nobody would have given a rat’s a** if you didn’t make yourself stand out…

  • DarkEmpress

    I love her cover up! the material is beautiful. i hope she gets her happily ever after with this one. She really is a sweet good natured person.

  • Madeleine

    Where’d she get that dress/coverup?? I want it!!

  • Shaz

    It’s always easy to say negative things. I think she looks nice. It’s good that she doesn’t have a lot of make-up on because it’s boiling here in Italy and she is wearing a very summery kaftan, which is perfect for the italian summer heat.

  • CanadaGirl

    The cover-up is nice, but she’s not on the beach, so wearing this as an everyday outfit is tacky.
    IF this is her new boyfriend, good for her. He’s quite handsome; however, I don’t see it lasting as they appear to have opposite tastes.
    Anyone else notice that he (Eric) resembles Ben Affleck?

  • carol


    Racist much?

  • Brightside

    Seriously, WTF is it? It gets more weird the longer I look!

  • Q

    I like dress

  • Jajmen

    jess Bad looking

  • Back Pain Therapy Tampa

    I did not realize that Jessica was 30 years old already. Anyway, happy b-day

  • meme

    why is she wearing that hideous mumu??? and giant platform shoes??? and he’s a regular joe in shorts and flipflops…polar opposites!!! i guess he’s a famewhore also……. PULEEEEZ chestica/……spare us this time on all the detail that u r IN LUV….he’s the luv of your life….how many is this now?????????????? maybe u should try not 2 scare this one away??

  • Robert

    She’s like in this pics 40 years old

  • Tina

    What a joke, yet again shopping in a bad outfit, why can’t she find something interesting to do? And its pretty clear this dude is not into the fat, stumpy midget, its obviously a publicity stunt.

  • Rob

    There’s something seriously wrong with her face, its just weird. I don’t get how anyone finds this beast attractive, you could put a wig and fake boobs on the fat 10-year old boy down my road and he’d look better and more feminine than this mess.

  • WenWen

    She’s an alcoholic just like her mother, that’s why she can’t lose the weight. And why is she taking assistants on a “romantic” weekend, god her tabloid stunts are lame.

  • john

    happy birthday to you from France, Jessica

  • kaylie

    can’t you all just wish her happy birthday and leave it at that? geez all negativity i mean spewing negative comments out is really going to do what? what is it going to get you? i just don’t get it sad but happy birthday jessica :D

  • Amanda

    @sexylatina: you’re pretty ignorant for saying something like that.

  • Amanda

    Happy birthday, Jessica!

  • the truth

    Happy birthday hoe you have a good one today. She sureove thise football player. Mabe rachel bilson should get her one too..But till happy birthday!

  • Steven

    rest and relaxation?

    isn’t she always do that anyway? These “celebs” have it made.

  • Steven

    rest and relaxation

    Isn’t she always doing that? These “celebs” have it made.

  • Yesss

    Her dress is hideous!

  • Yesss

    Jessica has a desperate look in her face. Her ditzy blonde act was cute when she was younger. Now, it’s no longer cute. She should find another gig or at least act like a 30 year old woman. Her looks are fading and her shape is no daisy duke anymore. Jess, maybe it’s time to move on…. Just saying!

  • Kara

    I heard SPIDERMAN loves her dress.

  • Slig

    Hahahahahaha . She everday changh man .but i dont care.

  • Connie in Des Moines

    Britney and Christina look so young but Jessica is the one the looks like an Old Soccer Mom…Double Chin,Long Boobs and a Dress my 68 year old Grandmother wouldn’t wear.

  • http://j ivanka

    boyfriend is HOT

  • David

    Saving herself for Marriage work out well for her.LOL!!She has been used more than Jennifer Love Hewitt,Tara Reid and Paris Hilton..I wonder if he knows she Farts a lot?You don’t get a nickname like Sexual Napalm for nothing.

  • Esj

    i’ve seen her in person and she is gorgeous (ONE OF THE PRETTIEST I’VE SEEN) even without makeup unlike other female stars who without makeup look like prunes. I hope this one leasts a lifetime Jess, congrats!

  • haha

    Oh Jess, no man can define who you are. Only you can define who you are. Whether you’re 25 or 30, you don’t learn, do you? so sad…

  • Can’t dress for beans!

    Jess cant dress to save her life, and wears the most horrid high of cause heels/shoes that make her look more clunky. Id love to know who advises this woman on dressing!! this outfit is another story!!! She always, ALWAYS dresses wrong for her figure as pointed out recently in a mag. She makes herself look shorter and chunkier, time after time. Shes too small for big accessories and it seems she lives for them. At least in this pic her hair is washed! Most times, it’s not.

  • What is that ?


    a typical Jessica wrong for her outfit, and those shoes in there, she loves her clunks. they make her look more wider/shorter. She can’t dress, period!! And she probably would look great in different attire/shoes. but tell her that. this outfit is horrible!!!!

  • Go Ask Alice

    She is pretty and is wroth a ton from her brand line of shoes, etc.

    The writing says that that her freinds surprised her with a cake and sang HB.

    Can she go anywhere with her yet another new boyfriend withpoiur her support group of Ken, CCee, parents, whoever?

    Really, how romantic is that for a guy to have others looking, observing him as if he is on an interview or taking a test.

    This ONE will not last either.

  • Last

    Seems friends were with her, asst./friends, sad.
    Best way to lose a man is have your freinds accompany you to places and vacays with him.

  • Spitwave

    She look like a Diva

  • zzzz

    Oh, no! Jess and her dress will be in US magazine’s worst dressed bit next week, just watch.

  • bigbadblackman

    @ sexylatina: I agree with your comment 100%. All white people are nasty.

  • Soni Hannigan

    Does anyone realize she is pregnant?

  • statingtheobvious

    The dress is from Herve Leger/Max Azaria. It’s a beautiful dress, just not on her. It’s meant for someone talller and ….thinnner, not that’s she’s fat, but it makes her and the average woman look huge.

  • lovejesss

    hope you have a great birthday girl! love from the Netherlands!

  • pozycjonowanie

    Super site, and nice text.