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Jude Law: Primrose Hill Bookworm

Jude Law: Primrose Hill Bookworm

Jude Law picks up a few good reads from the Primrose Hill Books store on Saturday morning (July 10) in London, UK.

His ex Sadie Frost recently agreed not to use images of their children in her upcoming memoir.

“My client Jude Law issued proceedings against Blake Publishing and Sadie Frost, as he was concerned about certain passages in Ms Frost‘s forthcoming autobiography as well as the proposed publication of photographs of his children,” said Mark Thomson, partner at law firm Atkins Thomson, which represents Jude. “Mr Law is pleased that the parties have been able to resolve this speedily; he has been able to protect his and his children’s privacy and Ms Frost is able to proceed with her latest project.”

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  • BEAN

    What on earth did he see in Sadie Frost? She’s a ugly and a psycho that is still holding onto him. The only reason she’s starting something with Sienna is for publicity. What a loser. She cut your daughters hair…. big deal. Hair grows.

  • Bonnie

    Did it mention the fact that he is an arsehole? Cause, if so, there’s no need for an injunction- the world already knows!

  • Dana

    Bean, I agree! He got married to her when he was young, that is the only explanation to me. Horrible woman she is!

  • Dana

    ps. I also wish paparazzi would stop following Jude on every friggin’ place he goes on his private time. Poor guy!

  • CanadaGirl

    @BEAN: I too think that Sadie needs to let it go. The relationship is over – move on.
    Jude looks great for popping into a shop; I’d be in my requisite LouLouLemon and Asics

  • if it wasn’t

    for Jude, the world would never heard of that woman.

  • Brightside

    Sounds very sensible…Jude has always done what he can to protect them from publicity. Shame Sadie even thought it was o.k. to plaster their pictures all over a book.
    She’s become very childish….who makes such a fuss over a simple haircut. Poor Sienna…she didn’t deserve all that brouhaha.

  • http://verysexy!! sharyllee

    Love Jude s pouty lips.

  • Megan fox

    just like a dirty man what this!

  • Danny

    so, it’s okay for Jude to use his kids to promote whatever project he has, to drag them and put them in harms way to Afghanistan to promote his causes, to tramp them all over the place with the stupidest sluut in the world when she has no business being around any kids, to call his oldest a liar when he caught daddy in bed with the nanny….but his wife can’t print their baby pictures.

    When did they become only his kids? What a hypocrite. It was not about the kids but to keep his ex from blabbing the truth about him…he’s a total tool and has been his whole life.

  • dolorescraegt

    he has never exploited his kids like tom cruise. he never took them to afghanistan. get your facts right buddy. and you’re going to believe that everything the british tabloids prints is gospel….come on. he has never written articles, books or anything else about his kids. if the paparazzi nail him everytime he takes them for ice cream that is not exploiting them. he doesn’t want their photos in a book and he doesn’t want the most intimate aspects of their marriage revealed.all over the world….. danny if you were a celebrity….would you?

  • Koolbeans

    I love Jude’s style!
    His bare ankles are super sexy in those shoes!
    So cute <3

  • Brenda

    Read to me, Jude!

  • Scooby does!

    @metroman: the most narcissistic man in hollywood is mel gibson, or have you missed his hearing his offensive phone tirade to oksana? that loser is over and done. he’s an ugly, abusive, misogynistic, controlling, racist pig.

  • Brideshead the wretch

    That would be sexy to have Jude reading to me. Mmmmm…..mmmmm.
    I don’t think Jude could be accused of exploiting his kids. He’s guilty of some things but not that.

    Sadie needs to get a job. I love seeing photos of Jude WITHOUT Sienna.

  • Slig

    Hay im here my nane sexy slig

  • He’s such a dick.

  • shannon

    Hey, it’s JUDESIE again!

  • gross


  • gross

    I’m a twit.

  • gross

    Jude is hottttt,

  • gross

    I’m hard.

  • Anon

    He’s a prick.Don’t you guys love it how he and Sienna make sure the paps get pics of them with his and Sadie’s children on vacations.BUT he doesn’t want her to use pics of them in her book.They have the paps on speedial when they vacay.

    He and Sienna “use” the children for publicity. What a twoface a$$.Also how can she embarass him-he did that by having a baby out of wedlock and then supposedly wants nothing to do with her.What a great Dad to this little ….

    Daily Mail had a good article tonight. Loved the remark from it….when Jude cheated on Sienna with the nanny-it was now she knows how it feels.

    She has a job. She and Jemina have FrostFrench-their swimsuits are cute and they have contracts with big department stores in London.According to the stores FrostFrench makes profits for them.

  • Anon

    Jude and Sadie split because Sadie was in love with Kate Moss. Gary Kemp knows how it feels. Sadie Frost cheated here way out of that marriage, too.

  • Anon

    Sadie Frost is a boozing wh0re.

  • dolorescraegt

    in 55 minutes jude is on saturday night live….saturday july 10ty….

  • dolorescraegt

    jude is on saturday night live tonight saturday july 10th. 11:30 p.m. dst

  • marieta

    Jude don´t use his kids. Never. Others stars user them, even.
    The interviews other stars are full their kids, their house. Jude not.

    Who is Sadie? The ex-wife of Gary Kemp. The ex-wife of Jude Law. The friend of Kate Moss.
    She is a “celebrity“ for her relations not for herself.
    Afte a five or six boy toys she has´n boyfriend and she is boring.
    Autobiographie? She has´s a work. She live of Jude.
    She needs the people talks about her. But she is nothing.

  • azlyn

    what is the other shop?i want that green kimono the lamp the dinner set and everything…?my next stop next time im in london….yes its nice to see pics of him without sienna…i admit im jealous.

  • sheryl

    Mercy, Jude reading to me would be pure sex!
    I still want that grey t-shirt, Jude.

  • Aussie

    I think Guys you need to do some homework and research via the ‘net’. If Mr Law is so concerned about his children/his own image in the book, why did he not have a ‘Confidentiality Agreement Clause’ in his Divorce Settlement.

    IMO Sadie is writing the book more to highlight the ‘antics’ of the so-called ‘Primrose Hill Club’ (yes it was ‘Crazy Days’) from the mid 1990′s upwards which included Jude and Sadie themselves, Daniel Craig, Rhys Ifans, Sienna Miller, Kate Moss etc, if their behaviour then, was in print now in a book, im sure it would not go down well with the public and fans of today, this I believe is what Sadie was aiming to sell, pity its been stopped, as all of the above are still very good friends/buddies today, and im sure DC and RI had a word in Jude’s ear also about how it would affect their careers.

    Think about it!!


    As an Australian im not impressed by Mel Gibsons present actions, hes off the radar by alot of people in Hollywood as well.

    Unfortunately thats how ‘hedonism’ affects people.

    Have a Good Day From Down Under!!

  • Vampire

    @Aussie: Yer an idiot.

  • Liz

    @Anon: Thank you so much for pointing this out. EVERYONE seems to think it was Jude’s fault for his divorce. In reality, that psychologically f’d-up wh*re of an ex-wife of his is the one who cheated with Kate Moss, as well as introducing the husband/wife swapping thing into their marriage. I am SO f’ng tired of Jude getting blamed for crap he’s not even responsible for. HE’S not the one who let his 2 year old daughter eat a f’ng Ecstasy pill off the floor of a nightclub (????) during another KID’S birthday party, while Psycho Sadie & her f’ed up slag friends were doing cocaine, ecstasy & God knows WHAT else and had to take the kid to emergency to get her stomach pumped. THIS incident was also what led to the divorce—kind of the beginning of the end. Jude was understandably IRATE over this. Sadie is irresponsible, cavalier & pointless. No one would even know this slag if she hadn’t been with Jude. She’s a hanger-on and a fame wh*re, not to mention a conniving, money-grubbing b*tch who can’t let go of Jude & therefore continues to interject herself into every vacation, event, etc. that Jude should rightfully be able to have with his kids WITHOUT her presence, yet for their sake, Jude puts up with her and even allows her to accompany them on holiday. She screws boys young enough to be her oldest son, and she can’t let go of her obsession with Jude; at the same time, she can’t seem to stop berating and chastizing him for things that are none of her business. She really needs to move on and stop insisting that they’re “best friends” and stuff. You NEVER hear Jude calling her his best friend, nor do you ever hear him say “she’s the love of his life”, but yet she insist that he’s HERS. PLEASE. GET OVER JUDE and move on with your life, slut.