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Kate Bosworth: Gelson's Supermarket Girl

Kate Bosworth: Gelson's Supermarket Girl

Kate Bosworth picks up a few bags full of groceries from Gelson’s supermarket on Thursday (July 8) in Los Feliz, Calif.

After hopping into her Lexus and driving back home, the 27-year-old actress was seen walking her dog, Lila (a stray she adopted while on a 2004 vacation in Morocco).

Kate‘s boyfriend, True Blood stud Alexander Skarsgard, was last seen in Honolulu, Hawaii for his new film, Battleship.

More pics at X17!

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  • CanadaGirl

    Geez. Not even the dog wants to be with her. He’s trying to make his escape in the third picture.

  • Gaydom

    Maybe KB is looking grim since Alex has turned out to be very interested in men. She cannot be happy after seeing all that licking, grabbing, smelling ass, etc. What was he thinking?????

  • yup

    @Gaydom: yeah, no chance she likes that video going viral. poor alex is going to be in trouble.

  • ness

    She’s useless, boring and dumb:

  • AS fan

    hey he was just joking around. the gossip sites are just using this at alex’s expense. I am glad that JJ is above posting that video.

  • but why

    @AS fan: Aren’t you asking yourself why JJ is not posting this video? If it was done in fun, JJ should have posted it. All the other sites have referenced it. Something fishy is going on.

  • what video?

    @but why: What am I missing?? What video are you guys talking about?

  • good match

    @Not nice: How do you know she’s happily married? She seems in love with Bosworth. It would not surprise me if those two were involved. Stranger things have happened in Hollywood. They look more passionate together than Bosworth does with any of the men she’s been recently spotted with.
    At least her girlfriend Lisa walks beside her. :-)

  • Video killed an HBO star….

    Ow wa ow wa……….. How do you not know about the video?????

  • Weird

    She is pathetic and Alex is even more pathetic for dating this ho-bag!!! Everyone in hwood has had here!! Sick!!
    Why do the great actors never get posted on here…like Johnny Depp, Christian Bale, Daniel Day Lewis…and..oh that’s right because they acutally work most of the time and then let their work speak for itself. Alexander and this ho-bag rely on getting famous by being tabloid fodder. Sickos. And he is hot and all but he is not a GREAT actor! Let’s get real people!!

  • @ What video?
  • yes

    @but why: Is Alex’s black boyfriend in the vid?

  • ashley rose

    I always wondered what happened to that dog, thats the one that she and Orlando adopted. I thought it got lost in the break-up.

  • Very funny

    @Video killed an HBO star….: That is one of the best names ever!! I love it, but still feel bad for Alex.

  • @videokilledanhbostar

    @Video killed an HBO star….: that’s a good one, I like that


    @Yup Judging by that video, I think Alex has more in common with the contents sitting on that table in the middle of the room.

    Maybe she could hook up with Michael Vick. Rumor is they have some things in common. They should talk.

  • Where

    @yes: I did not see the black guy probably because I could not watch the whole thing. Was he another observer?

  • ness

    After the video, do you really believe he has something with this boring, plain girl???? No way!!!

  • Waiting

    I for one am waiting for the next interview Alex gives. I really want to know how he will answer a question about this video. Heck, those screen shots will never go away.

  • so wait

    @ness: are you trying to say that you found the unwilling object of alex’s affection to be anything besides plain and boring? That seems to be his type in any gender.

  • stop

    Look as an Alex fan, we should not slam him until we know the basis of the video. It would not have been such a big deal if it wasn’t so long. He is still amazing.

  • JM

    Queen’s Greatest Hits- $10.00

    Shack full of booze- $200.00

    Making a drunken homoerotic video- Priceless!

  • JustJoanie

    Welcome back, WILSON !!! : D

  • ness

    @so wait: He had better taste when he wasn’t a Hollywood Boy, now he likes bimbos.

  • page 3

    I wish I didn’t have to wade through two pages of nonsense, until I get to the good stuff. You guys are quite humorous, but I guess Alex gave you plenty of material to work with.

  • LOL

    @JM: Hysterical! Glad you decided to join the party!

  • AS fan

    I am so glad that Alex is not in L.A. so that he doesn’t have to be bothered by all of this madness. Why can’t you all just appreciate him as an actor?

  • JustJoanie

    @AS fan: We do appreciate him as an actor and now we appreciate his awesome drunken homoerotic dance moves as well. Go Alex !!!!

  • Frisco

    Love her dress & shoes.

  • @AS fan

    @AS fan: Go watch some TB reruns until you get your Eric fix tonight fangurl. You don’t need to read the comments if it hurts your sensitivities. His homo fondling speaks for itself. I actually think it goes along with his character both onscreen and off.

  • predictions?

    Any predictions for the next AS sighting? Is he going to be a grump or sheepish looking? Now that we know what is going on behind the scenes there is no reason for him to hide behind that frown.

  • Silly Alex

    Doesn’t he know that tricks are for kids?

  • ness

    @predictions?: She’s getting old, maybe she’ll try to get pregnant (she doesn’t have any career option). Skarsgard, beware of this Hollywood Succubus.

  • evathediva

    @Love her: until they find out how shallow and air-headed she is.

  • evathediva

    How are Chris and Gwyneth and Kate doing these days?

  • evathediva

    They should talk about it, it would really help Kate.

  • ASs

    @AS fan: I get that some people want to make excuses for him. But the facts are the facts, I don’ t remember any other anybody doing anything remotely resembling this. These are not the drunken shenanigans of a co-ed, and I can’t imagine any straight guy behaving like this. Am I off?

  • Clue

    Did she actually leave that poor dog in the hot car wile she was shopping? Nice and thoughtful.

  • Calling all Swedes

    I just want to know one thing, is what we saw in the video considered to be normal in Sweden?

  • Clue

    Did she actually leave that poor dog in the hot car while she was shopping? Nice and thoughtful.

  • Not Swedish

    @Calling all Swedes: Sure it is normal if you go THAT way. I can’t understand the comments that say they think he is straight. Are you people blind?

  • stop

    these comments are very homophobic and you should stop when you dont know what youre talking about. alex is a straight man and has dated many women and no men. one stupid video means nothing. you are all trying to ruin his leading man status

  • @stop

    @stop Are you serious? You think some posters on JJ are going to ruin his “leading man” status? Last time I checked posters on a message board aren’t responsible for putting 20 bottles of liquor in his path. Nor did the posters on a message board twist his arm and make him decide to do a strip tease with one of his male co-stars. He did that. He’s responsible for the choices he’s making. He doesn’t seem to be too worried about it, so why are you?

    As for ruining his “leading man” status, his choice of “gf” seems to be doing more damage on that front. Her “pariah” status is rubbing off on him, and his insistance on carrying on some kind of PR relationship has had more negative impact on him than anything else he’s done to date. Just my opinion. Feel free to disagree.

  • Grace

    God bless Kate.

  • Millner

    Those are some seriously fugly shoes!

  • blahzae

    sad thing is she still has more films that are in post production on her imbd page listed
    sad for two reasons really
    one people will have to see them
    two she isnt the worse presswhore in hollywood because she has atleast something coming out where as her presswhore conterpart Bilson has zero up and coming films lol
    so Kate is useless but atleast its useless that works
    well kinda lol

  • donnaflopp

    @calling all the swedes.

    I’m Swedish and really didn’t see anything but a party. I would never take that as a sign that he is gay. Not that there’s anything wrong with that!

  • Slig

    I dont care haha better i go

  • Marieme

    A whole week’s groceries for her right there in that bag.

    (I’m sure someone said this already. Couldn’t help myself though.)

  • poorbitch

    I agree what a poor dog. Leaving a sick dog in a hot car whilst she shops?! Really?. I hope she at least bought the poor thing some food, along with her hair growth cream, stick of celery and fake tan.