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Kate Bosworth: Gelson's Supermarket Girl

Kate Bosworth: Gelson's Supermarket Girl

Kate Bosworth picks up a few bags full of groceries from Gelson’s supermarket on Thursday (July 8) in Los Feliz, Calif.

After hopping into her Lexus and driving back home, the 27-year-old actress was seen walking her dog, Lila (a stray she adopted while on a 2004 vacation in Morocco).

Kate‘s boyfriend, True Blood stud Alexander Skarsgard, was last seen in Honolulu, Hawaii for his new film, Battleship.

More pics at X17!

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150 Responses to “Kate Bosworth: Gelson's Supermarket Girl”

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  1. 126
    Carin Says:

    She was great in The Girl In The Park!
    @Fishy – You shouldn’t put so much credence in Star Magazine! Only a dolt would do that. You’re disliking her with such passion that I think you’re VERY jealous!

  2. 127
    Lila Says:

    @finally: If you’re referring to The Fashion Spot, they gush over every single female celebrity there including adult film stars.

    Most other sites don’t seem to like her. It’s always been that way.

  3. 128
    Hilary Says:

    Nice to see Lila! Such a beautiful dog. I remember Sidi & Lila as puppies! BTW, Kate’s arms are looking good!

  4. 129
    Fishy Says:



    It’s a well known story. Star only happened to publish it first.

    If it looks like sh!t, it smells like sh!t, it is sh!t.

    And Gwynn all but named her in a recent interview. Everyone else was actually mentioned by name. She was dropped because all of her old friends and acquaintances (you know, the type of high profile people this sk*nk tried to surround herself with for years), I guess they’re all “jealous” also? Yea right….

  5. 130
    very wrong again... Says:

    @say what??: If you can master the English Language then you know would know exactly what I am saying, but because you choose not to is not my problem. Let me spell it out for you..and condense it to better suit your learning skills.. and
    .J-E-A-L-O-U-S……….. N-O-T.!!!

    Whatever!!! (side eye)

  6. 131
    Alice Says:

    kate is so beautiful!

  7. 132
    Carin Says:

    @Fishy – It’s a well known story at sites like this frequented by snarky girls. Star reported it and a couple tabloids printed a blurb stating “reported by Star Magazine” and then the whole thing was dropped after the week it came out. It died immediately because there wasn’t any truth to it. And you know it! You just don’t want to let it go! Trust me, all the tabs had the dogs out sniffing for anything but nothing was found. How do you know Kate is no longer friends with GP or CM? How often did you see them together prior to the story? Chris & Gwyneth are used to tabloid bull$hit and they’re the last to let it affect them. Also, I’m familiar with the interview you mentioned & clearly she was referring to Madonna. Here’s a quote from digital spy:
    Last month, reports claimed that Madonna and Paltrow had ended their friendship following a heated row. The rumor came after Paltrow made a veiled comment in a magazine interview about how she felt “angry” over a problem she was having with a friend.

  8. 133
    one question... Says:


    If the rumor isn’t true…how in the heck did it get started???? Pretty random and specific at the same time that KB and CM would be together in VEGAS at a U2 Concert. Why would someone think of that story??? It’s not like it was a blind item where no names were used. It just makes you wonder.

  9. 134
    GP Says:

    Paltrow and Madonna are not on the outs. The tabs keep running that story but then a week or so later, Paltrow and Madonna show up at an event together. But Paltrow ending a friendship with one of the biggest power players in the industry is more newsworthy than her ending an acquaintanceship with someone who ***** her husband. People expect her to do that. Star wasn’t the only publication that was approached with the story. They just scooped it first. X17 also received reports of Bosworth making out with Martin on two separate nights. The story didn’t die down immediately. It still follows them to this day but Martin isn’t going to leave his wife for Bosworth.

    So, she’s moved on for now, no choice really, and he’s back to being more discrete. Stella McCartney is one of Paltrow’s best friends and she no longer associates with Bosworth. Prior to the outing of her affair with Martin, Bosworth used to attend events for McCartney and wear her clothes on a regular basis. When was the last time you saw Bosworth wearing a Stella McCartney outfit? If there was no truth to the story, they could have killed the rumors a long time ago by just showing up at an event together.

  10. 135
    Fishy Says:



    Face it, Carin, the story is true. Just because a tabloid reported it, doesn’t make it automatically false. There were too many witnesses. And GP is classy enough to have flat out denied it if it were true, she wouldn’t let them trash an innocent. Instead she guardedly mentions that a “friend hurt her” (and no, it wasn’t Madonna, Madonna was mentioned by name somewhere else in the article). Lastly, if you’re wondering why GP doesn’t openly acknowledge, it’s for the same reason non-celebs don’t put their spouse’s infidelities out in the open: so that they won’t have to explain why they don’t get a divorce, which is the question people in this unfortunate situation are always asked by others.

    There was also a pic that was taken with Paul Mc, Stella, and a bunch of other people (can’t recall if GP was there though, but it was published in her GOOP website). It is well documented that that woman was once a close enough player in that group.

    And she was dropped by the “girls club” because women don’t want to hang with women that commit the ultimate disloyalty: stealing (or trying to steal) a fellow girl’s man.

  11. 136
    Not true Says:

    @Fishy: GP and Kate were never close at all. The pic of Paul, Stella, and Kate was at a lunch last summer and NO, GP was not there. There have NEVER been any pictures of GP with Kate ever. GP had been spending much of her time in London until she became more relevant for Iron Man. The reason Kate and Chris were associated is because of Arlene, and that is the only reason. This is so stale, I can’t believe the haters keep grasping at straws for a reason to hate her. GP is 10 years older than Kate, why in the world would they associate with each other. Just because they are friendly with a designer? Come on, get real. GP would have never considered Kate an equal to be her friend, she is snobby that way. She is not talking about Kate in GOOP. She would consider Kate as being to low to even hate on.

  12. 137
    My 2 cents Says:

    Just because the story was in Star magazine doesn’t mean it’s false. John Edwards was called out by The Naional Enquirer.

  13. 138
    Carin Says:

    John Edwards was called out and the story grew because it was true. The KB/CM story went away because it wasn’t true.

  14. 139
    That doesn't even make sense.. Says:

    @Not true:

    GP is ten years older than Kate. Well, Alex is seven years older. What does that have to do with anything??? And having a manager/friend in common isn’t enough to start a rumor about infidelity. Hardly anyone even knows who Arlene is. So how could they randomly decide that because KB is a friend of Arlene then she is therefore having an affair with CM???? That doesn’t even make sense. That rumor got started for a reason…it’s just too random to be false.

  15. 140
    evathediva Says:

    @Carin: you are a ride or die chick for KBones , huh? Thats okay.. just stop calling those who are not out. I have not forgotten your little diatribe with me earlier, when I simply answered a question about the Chris Martin and KBones rumor. Chill out…<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<
    GP and Fishy you got it handled. I agree with everything you are saying.

  16. 141
    Not true Says:

    @evathediva: don’t blame the wrong person loser, it was me. you keep calling people out, and you keep getting it wrong. GO AWAY, you are not interesting and you make no sense whatsoever. You keep spouting the same drivel over and over again. We want to read something interesting, so go run to the Alex thread and speak to your equals.

  17. 142
    Gotcha Says:

    finally they were spotted and this time it really does look like they were trying to go under the radar. I think the paps are stalking them, and that is sad. figured they would watch the world cup final. cute pics though. wonder why jj doesnt have them???

  18. 143
    Where are the pics??? Says:


    Link to these pictures, please.

  19. 144
    evathediva Says:

    @Not true: awww, the little gurl called me a loser..awwww… temper tantrum? much? Grow up you kinda sound like Kate….If you keep misbehaving I won’t come out and play with you next time. LOL…so cute!! when you are mad!!!

  20. 145
    Erica Says:

    carzy **** ***** on this post…Ha polar for real ONTD site call you KBONES witches, monkeys and they say you belong in a zoo over here on Just Jared@Not true: you seem to be the real loser, whomever you are. Kate does not give a damn about you. Big Dummy!!

  21. 146
    Perfect Angie Says:

    I love her hair

  22. 147
    beautifulkate Says:

    she looks great, one of the most beautiful actresses that’s for sure!!

  23. 148
    Carla Nelson Says:

    This woman looks bad without makeup. She looks like she needs a tan honey she is to pale I’m sorry and the clothes she wears make her looks bummy. A woman that is a plane Jane needs to stay dresses at all times. She needs to wear make up because without it she looks terrible. I can understand when you are at public places where you have a lot of actors gether. These two don’t make a cute couple because they have to call the paps 24/7 to be notice all the time. Even cute couples don’t get this much attention because they don’t need much attention to get notice. The thing about these two is that neither one is goodlooking so I don’t understand why they want their picture taken so much. I could understand if both had some looks but these two don’t look good in pictures. Have you ever seen people who look better in photos than in person. But then again Iv’e seen some who look better in person than on the photos. Pictures can sometimes make you look more of a mess when you not cute in the first place.

  24. 149
    Peanut Gallery Says:

    She has aged fast, must be too much of the goodlife

  25. 150
    Side-eye Says:

    Eric is so boring too me now and so is the show. Compare him from the first year, totally night and day. I really don’t understand. In my opinion he has gotten the big head and he has dissapointed his fans and TB fans alike. I like Steve, Lafayette and Jason so much better. Alcide is just hotness waiting to happen. As far as Skarsgard, I don’t care who he dates, if he likes that nasty peice, then face it ladies that who he is. I ‘m not going to even blame , “she who shall remain nameless”, ladies, its him. He has not respect for himself , his fans, or her, and she allows it, because of course he thinks he is the greatest thing smoking, because we have made him believe that he is. He is nice to fans albeit, he knows to he has to be to our face. He is a liar, he tells us what we want to hear and he knows we are okay with that because “he said it”. WE come onto JJ post mutiple posts, argue and belittle each other, all so that Hans can go back and report our rabid responses. Ladies you have not figured out that Hans does personally know him? If you really want to show Alex your displeasure for his actions and his lies and about Kate, stop posting, stop feeding into this frenzy. You can still come in to JJ and look, but stop posting he thinks we American women are not birght, look how he treats Kate. I still like him and hopefully he will crawl out of the sewer and get himself together, but until he does, Hit him where it hurts, in his PR machine, make it run a little harder. Let him know that he is a product , and like any product, he can be replaced and taken of the shelf, until we desire him to come back. If other actors that have been around for awhile can respect their fans, even if it is to issue a “no comment “Then certainly Mr. Skarsgard saying it would not have been a problem. Just ignore him until he gets his act together.. Read this and think about it. Stop posting about this guy, 200 responses? Come one he is not even a globally well known actor or a A list actor yet.

    Definately stop posting in Kate’s threads, this is exactly what she wants

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