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Leo DiCaprio & Marion Cotillard: 'Inception' Paris Premiere!

Leo DiCaprio & Marion Cotillard: 'Inception' Paris Premiere!

Leonardo DiCaprio and Marion Cotillard hit her hometown to premiere their new Christopher Nolan-directed film, Inception, at Gaumont Champs Elysees on Saturday (July 10) in Paris, France.

Pictured below in the group show: Leo (The Extractor), Marion (The Shade), Joseph Gordon-Levitt (The Point Man), Ken Watanabe (The Tourist), Ellen Page (The Architect), Cillian Murphy (The Mark) and Tom Hardy (The Forger).

So far Inception has a flawless 100% on Rotten Tomatoes. So excited to see this film!!!

FYI: Marion is wearing a gorgeous Christian Dior dress, Jimmy Choo shoes and Chopard jewels. Joseph is in a suit jacket and pants by Asos!

20+ pictures inside of Leo and Marion‘s Paris premiere of Inception

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leo dicaprio marion cotillard inception paris 01
leo dicaprio marion cotillard inception paris 02
leo dicaprio marion cotillard inception paris 03
leo dicaprio marion cotillard inception paris 04
leo dicaprio marion cotillard inception paris 05
leo dicaprio marion cotillard inception paris 06
leo dicaprio marion cotillard inception paris 07
leo dicaprio marion cotillard inception paris 08
leo dicaprio marion cotillard inception paris 09
leo dicaprio marion cotillard inception paris 10
leo dicaprio marion cotillard inception paris 11
leo dicaprio marion cotillard inception paris 12
leo dicaprio marion cotillard inception paris 13
leo dicaprio marion cotillard inception paris 14
leo dicaprio marion cotillard inception paris 15
leo dicaprio marion cotillard inception paris 16
leo dicaprio marion cotillard inception paris 17
leo dicaprio marion cotillard inception paris 18
leo dicaprio marion cotillard inception paris 19
leo dicaprio marion cotillard inception paris 20

Credit: Pascal Le Segretain; Photos: Getty
Posted to: Cillian Murphy, Ellen Page, Joseph Gordon Levitt, Ken Watanabe, Leonardo DiCaprio, Marion Cotillard, Tom Hardy

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  • sexy

    Cool!! I’ll add Inception to my list of movies I have to see

  • TheChosenOne

    Leo is the best actior in the world along with Denzel Washington…..They two are the greatest…..

  • Mari

    Love Leo and Marion looks beautiful as usual. They would look so cute together . . . but isn’t she married to Leo’s friend? Too bad.

  • daisy

    ellen has the hots for leo its sooo obvious in some of the previous pics iv seen and in the french press conference i swear she spend the whole staring at him and shes sitting right next to him so its pretty obvious shes staring….oh to bad shes not exactly his type!

  • …….

    this mans eyes are sooo amazing as a poster on another thread said ‘can you just imagine staring into them in a fit of passion…..a girl can only dream’ this is so true!!

  • CanadaGirl

    Poor, Leo. The constant press has to be boring, but I know I appreciate the interviews, etc.
    @Mari: I don’t see them together at all. She seems pretty far from his type.
    Btw. Someone give me the 411 on the dummy in black sneakers and cargo pants. Dude… seriously….it’s a red carpet event.

  • kay leo and ellen interview, is it just me or do these to seem kinda flirty in parts?? id say they get on great off camera they both seem to have that sarcatic dry sense of humor!

  • Mari

    No, you’re right . . . I don’t see them together, I just wish Leo would find a woman more like her. There’s definitely nothing there between them either. Look at all that space between them when they’re standing together.

  • busted

    Leo and Nolan look like brothers.

    I saw that before, but looking at them standing side by side…
    well it is like POW


  • lottie

    i dont want to start a fight here but where the heck is bar?? usualy shes with leo around these times when hes promoting movies she went with him everywhere when he was promoting shutter island, come to think of it we havnt had any sightings or pics of these to i ages so im just wwondering whats up? are they still together??

  • mm

    Leo looks old and rough, looking 45

  • Mari


    I definitely see the resemblance.

  • hehehe

    Leo has a huge head!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • anon

    i wonder what leo thinks about when hes standing there for photos cause we all know how much he hates having his pic taken….probably damming them all i would say!

  • nina

    haha ok theres a slight resemblence but my god leo is 100 times better than chris….

  • Abbie

    Leo looks great, but awfully tired. Wireimage has pictures of Guillaume Canet attending the premiere. He’s Marion’s man and one of Leo’s best buddies.

    As for Ellen, yes, her and Leo look intensely in each others eyes. Saw the interview with both of them.

  • boom

    ya he has a huge head……ON HIS D ICK!!

  • b

    is tom hardy wearing sneakers?? hahaha i love this dude and just look at that stance people…..apparently tom and leo get on great and were constantly play fighting on set and leo gave tom loads of bruises, tom also said that leo is ‘such a cool fcuking guy’….this all came from an interview i saw glad their friends!

  • ash

    ya i notices that between leo and ellen to but mostly from ellen she seems like in awe of him or something….theres pics that prove it and if i can find them il post them

  • anon

    Both genuinely incredibly talented artists, with class and looks as well…both of which will prove to last through time. I hope neither one start overdoing the botox and or surgery. Again, to all the so-called realty ‘stars’: take note THIS is what true talent and class look like…good luck.

  • anon

    PS..Leo please please ease off the hair dye once your promo junket is done.

  • Frisco

    I love her dress. She should have black shoes and some jewelery.

  • saz

    it was said bfore and ilt be said again leos problem is that hes a huge flirt so maybe thats what this stuff with elle he about hes just being playfull and flirty her on the other hand may have a little crush…..awwww

  • The 411
  • ella

    hair dye what the heck ae ypu talking about??

  • haha

    Unfortunately Leo’s head has grown bigger.

  • boom

    leo has a huge peeen…….its quite apparent in that video with elle hehe!!

  • sax

    people check out the video of leo on GMTV he looks AMAZING!!

  • The 411

    Saw random pics of Barf in Israel walking with dirty after parties for her this time lol…partime bed warmer!Even if Leo’s flirting he’s never looked at Barf that way, actually acknowleding her presence..He did say some years ago that he preferred brunettes,his first love interest in Junior high was a spainish girl!As for Ellen she may be secretly smitten,but she does’t have much personality or warmth!

  • daisy seriously look at her STARE id be really uncomfortable if i were leo but i guess hes ussed to people staring at him!lol

  • kay leo on french tv unfortunatly everything is in french

  • kay video from french premiere sounds like madness

  • twitter

    @kay: yes, i think leo loves her.

  • spy girl

    wow leo hes so handsome and brooding…..a little info for you gals i hear from sources that hes very VERY good in bed….how do i know this well as we all know leo was a bit of a rouge in his younger days and a friend of a friend got to sample the goods and she wasnt disapointed very good with the tounge i heard her quote….they met in the viper room and hit it off and he invited her back to his place for an after party and well one thing led to another and boom here we are it never amounted to anything though simply a hook up, hear he has a gf now anyway lucky B ITCH

  • lola

    @ spy girl haha good with his tounge eh, hmmm im gonna let my imagination wander with that one for awhile!!

  • wow

    @The411: if you talk about those photos from bz ( some red or pink dress with flip-flops ) those photos are now new, i saw them last week so who knows if she is still in israel. wow a lot of catching up to do with all these videos, thanks for everyone for posting them!!! :) i don`t like marion`s hair at the paris premiere but other than that she looks absolutely gorgeous ( i love her dress ). leo and marion make a stunning couple i can totally see them as a real life couple as well. there is an insanely big difference seeing him with barf and seeing him with mature and beautiful women like marion or kate… he looks much more mature next to them. if he wants to achieve a grown-up intelligent actor/activist image he should think about finding a women like these two…

  • boom

    was a rouge he IS a rouge he prob b@nged three different girls after that premeire……..BOOM!!!!

  • kate

    its meant to be very hot over in paris, must be because off leos arrival!!lol he must be BOILING in that suit the poor dear

  • wow
  • Brasil

    I’am laughing too much in your comments, it’s funny here today! it’s nice to read such funny comments…

  • Brasil

    @sax: you right, Leo looks extremely handsome in that interview on GMTV.

  • rn

    @#29 I never would have thought that Leo would be into brunettes, it seems like the opposite, especially with his most recent significant others. I am also surprised to learn that he dated a spanish girl, I did not think that he went for them. Anyways, I hope Inception is a good film and I wish him well.

  • Brasil

    Leo and Ellen:

    interesting pic but I don’t understand the meaning of the pic, anyone understand? really I don’t understand this pic, looks a weird moment between them, isn’t?

  • hellno

    @The 411: ew people should stop being creepy. he’s old enough to be her father. and she looks 12. besides i’m sure she’s more interested in joseph. he’s actually attractive and still in his prime.

    ellen seems like should might be a lesbian anyway.

  • wgat?

    @Brasil: it doesn’t mean anything. he’s just looking at. i think people are trying to read to much into nothing.

    when you have pics being snapped of you at every minute, you’re bound to have an akward pose. big deal.

  • CanadaGirl

    @boom: Haha…. I went back and re-watched. I feel naughty… but somehow…. happier.

  • CanadaGirl

    @spy girl: haha… the posts on this thread are killing me!

  • thestudisadud

    @spy girl: there’s actually alot of rumors that say he’s horrible in bed and his penis is average. haha. there some article by a dutch barmaid…..she said he was horrible and didn’t last long.

    those stories sound alot more believable then your friend’s magic random encounter.

    p.s. you’re friend should get checked for every known std.

  • WOW

    his face doesn’t look bloated and and waxy. nice.

  • bland

    pasty,bloated,smokes=bad in bed. leo is well known to be horrible in the sack, gisele even said so.