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Samantha Ronson Defends Lindsay Lohan from Joan Rivers!

Samantha Ronson Defends Lindsay Lohan from Joan Rivers!

Lindsay Lohan heads out with mom, Dina and sister Ali as they grab some coffee at Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf on Friday (July 9) in Los Angeles.

The 24-year-old Mean Girls actress has been taking heat from Joan Rivers, who recently said, “Lindsay Lohan is so dumb. Her idea of being sworn in is cursing at the judge!” LiLo‘s ex, Samantha Ronson, came to her defense on Twitter, saying, “Hey Joan Rivers- you have collagen older than Lindsay, pick on someone your own age, oh wait, I guess people that old can’t hear. #bully”

10+ pictures inside of Lindsay Lohan getting her coffee fix…

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  • !!!!!

    go saMAN!!!!!!!!!!!

  • alex

    #teamjoan !

  • Rob

    Samantha and Lindsay are ridiculous.

  • hmm

    So this Samantha can only “defend ” Lindsay by insulting Joan River’s age and cosmetic procedures? What a moron.

  • JR

    That’s what Joan Rivers does, she’s a comedienne.
    Lilo’s a talking point right now so she’s a running joke, check Joan’s Twitter for the rest of the tweets lol:

  • Donovan

    I guess even after a crazy ass break up there’s still feelings there.

  • earth to Sam:

    Joan Rivers is right, and your ex is a loser drug addict who can’t even keep the simplest agreements and gives the finger to the system. She absolutely deserves to go to jail, and if Lindsay is the butt of comedian’s jokes, she earned it.

  • Ben


  • hahaha!

    Uh, Sam… Joan doesn’t have to hear. You guys are all twittering, which is reading. Were you wasted when you wrote that little rant or are you really this stupid?

  • t

    Hahahaha thats so funny! Joan cant keep her mouth shut… you know, cause of the pig fat in her lips and all that…

  • boston61

    Hey Sam have you ever notice that you don’t have a dick?

  • zzzz

    I find it funny that Samantha jumped to Lindsay’s defense by insulting Joan’s collagen job, when Lindsay’s lips look like inflated slugs, there’s so much crap in them.

  • blahzae

    @Donovan: No Sam doesnt have feeling anymore for her I doubt the two ever were real to begin with .
    Its just Sam is a presswhore just like Lindsay so she knows if she opens her mouth and says something like that people will talk about her and Lindsay that much more adding to their time thats ticking down in the limelight. I think I found Queen Presswhore and Court Jester Presswhore you can decide which one is which lol

  • ElenaIden

    I’ve met SamRo twice in West Hol, she cracked me up lol. She was so fcuking skinny but very sarcastic which amused me.

  • sassygirl

    lindsey thinks this is a big joke. Her lawyer says he’s going after “them” someone held a gun to Lindseys head and made her be that stupid, REALLY!

  • bangbangbang

    I don’t mind either of them, I like Samantha more though. :)

  • offtheproperty

    Lindsay is what has been referred to as a Dead-Ender. In ten years she’s gone from the sweetest little kid anyone’s ever seen on screen to a virtual pariah in the industry. Now she thinks she’s going to pick a fight with the law. And she’s so monstrous in her narcissism that she’s bullied even her own mother into enlisting in her Kamikaze mission. She’s not making more friends again. Only the most twisted could appreciated the “F*ck U” on the fingernail followed in short order by the tearful expressions of sincere respect for authority. Which is it Lindsay? That actually sucks.

  • whatever

    sam can do so much better than lyndsay

  • Josh

    Don’t care one bit for Sam Ronson or her bratty ex but Joan Rivers’s jokes are so old and after a while her foul mouth just gets flippin annoying.

  • BEAN

    Lol that was hilaaaaaaaarious but seriously wasn’t it Sam that was saying what a mess Lindsay was and basically badmouthing her in the nicest way possible a couple of days ago? What changed?

  • TSS1989

    Joan Rivers has and always will be a talentless hack. She hasn’t been funny or witty in ages. Way to kick someone who’s on the ground.

  • Grace

    God bless Lindsay.

  • mickey

    Lindsay is dumb and Ronson is an idiot for putting down old people. If she and Lindsay don’t O.D. they’ll be old too one day.

  • shame on that biatch

    Samantha’s nasty judgement about Joan River’s age are just as bad as making fun of someone for being gay. People don’t choose to get old or to be gay. You’d think the stupid b*tch would get it.

  • shame on that biatch

    Good one, mickey. Sam’s just jealous because she and Lindsay aren’t gonna get old. They will probably rot away or kill themselves while driving on drugs and never see age 35.

  • lulu

    I’d be ashamed to defend someone who’s in trouble for DUI, kidnapping, partying in Cannes instead of keeping probation agreements, and wearing the words F.U. on her finger to court. Lindsey’s attorney dropped her after the F.U. court appearance, I don’t know why Sam isn’t fed up and disgusted, too.

  • bonerboy

    Joan Rivers is an old nasty sk@nk b!tch. Go get some more plastic surgery sk@nk and leave Lindsay alone. Old people suck.

  • Slig

    I hope u sleep in jail and enjoy


    wow Lindsay’s mom is totally hot. Id love to hit that @ss.

  • discount uggs

    Samantha’s nasty judgement about Joan River’s age are just as bad as making fun of someone for being gay. People don’t choose to get old or to be gay. You’d think the stupid b*tch would get it.

  • ashlee

    ihate lindsay lohan shes crab and ssoooooo high

  • Zoz

    Ronson is a fake, she’s been saying mean things about Lohan forever. Ronson so sad 32 acting like this.

  • gayboygangster

    All women are icky. Give me a hot naked man any day.

  • Alaia

    Was Samantha supposed to be insulting Joan? In the end, she ended up insulting the older generation. Who’s the bully now? Joan just says what everyone else is saying.

  • robert

    @ gayboygangster: You make me sick. How can you prefer men when you could be with a beautiful sexy woman. You need serious mental help.

  • jackoffjerry

    Lindsay and her mom are so hot. I dont think lindsay deserves to go to jail. Jail should only be for ugly people– not hot pieces of @ss like lindsay.

  • lesboforlife

    omg i wish i could share a jail cell with lindsay. I would be in that muff all day everyday.

  • bigbuffbob

    lol @ lesboforlife. Amen sister.


    Wow now i know where Lindsay gets her beauty from. Lindsay and her mom are hot hot hot.

  • patricia

    Joan Rivers needs to just go away already. I cant believe all the losers on here that are standing up for her. She is a nasty ugly old lady who is not funny in the least.

  • rock n roll queen

    earth to sam regardless the lindsay lohan case dont say givin a finger to the system as being a bad thing bcause if all people woke up n did that to the political system the world would be a much better place now

  • fer

    Samantha, so…your best argument against Joan Rivers is that she’s full of collagen…REALLY? Have you taken a close look at Lindsay’s lips lately? You really shouldn’t try to make yourself look smart, it’s not your thing.

  • ashlee

    lindsay u r nothing nothing u treats people like garbage as u r trashh….


    I really feel sad for Lindsay. I feel like she has had a rough couple of years. She has made some really stupid mistakes but she is young and needs to grow up. She is very talented and is wasting it on getting involved witht stupid people and drugs. I think she is really immature though and should not have put fu on her nails. Then in court she holds her hand up to her face to proudly display it – she meant to show it. Dumb move.

  • shle896

    As usual, Lindsay and her stupid ex-girlfriend don’t “get it”! They’re public people and that means they’re fare game for comedians!

    And if this little nobody Samantha person thinks she’s going to win a war of words with the wittiest comedian around, LOL, well then, I want a front row seat because Joan will eviscerate these two dingbats in under a minute.

    Lindsay’s REAL problem is that she’s slowly killing her own career and one day soon she’ll only wish she was in Joan Rivers’ act.

    It’s so sad because she’s so talented and she’s just throwing it all away.

  • Butter_Fly

    I don’t think anything offends Joan Rivers, so that was kinda stupid. Does she not realize that one day she will be old too? Wait, she probably won’t even make it to 40.

  • jaye

    She’s not saying anything about Joan that Joan hasn’t said about herself. Joan can take it and she knows her face is a train wreck. She’s wasting her time trying to insult Joan Rivers; she should be trying to talk some sense into her silly, self-destructive, ex-girlfriend before she kills herself. .
    Lindsay has a new male Attorney and he’s going to drag this out for another 6 months to a year. It’s going to get nasty people. He’s probably going to grill everyone who testified against Lindsay, call into question the police investigation and the Judge’s motivations for giving the poor little innocent actress jail time.
    Uh, we do know at least ONE of the policemen investigating her coke charge is stupid. The policeman found coke on Lindsay, but conveniently dropped some on the floor and threw the rest in the garbage, because he didn’t think it was an illegal drug. How stupid was that? That’s too dumb even for a CA policeman; I think he did that on purpose; the evidence was deemed contaminated and inadmissible.
    If she really was smart, she’d just spend her few days in jail and her 3 months in rehab, which she needs. But her Mom is just as stupid as she is and doesn’t see any reason for her drug addict, arrogant, reckless, parole violating daughter to go to jail. Now there is a report that she was ‘shopping doctors for RX drugs. The same drugs the Judge says she can continue taking. What the he*ll. If this brainless idiot gets off, they might as well declare that celebrities need not be arrested for anything, it would be a waste of money that the taxpayers don’t have.
    Maybe she just needs to be left to her own devices. She’s too stupid to realize the Judge is trying to save her miserable life.

  • Alias

    Sam’s just mad because LiLo won’t be available to l!ck her p$$y!!

  • Alias

    ^if she’s even has one

  • QueenOfTrashin

    Love the I-am-a-gym-skank look!