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Alexander Skarsgard: Hot, Flat, and Crowded!

Alexander Skarsgard: Hot, Flat, and Crowded!

True Blood‘s Alexander Skarsgard arrives back home to Los Angeles via LAX airport with his Battleship director Peter Berg on Saturday (July 10).

The pair just returned from Honolulu, Hawaii, where they worked on their new movie, Battleship.

Alex was seen carrying around the book, “Hot, Flat, and Crowded 2.0,” which explains why we need a green revolution – and how it can renew America. Looks like Alex is looking into the perils of our resource-strapped world!

15+ pictures inside of Alexander Skarsgard back from his trip to Hawaii…

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alexander skarsgard hot flat crowded 01
alexander skarsgard hot flat crowded 02
alexander skarsgard hot flat crowded 03
alexander skarsgard hot flat crowded 04
alexander skarsgard hot flat crowded 05
alexander skarsgard hot flat crowded 06
alexander skarsgard hot flat crowded 07
alexander skarsgard hot flat crowded 08
alexander skarsgard hot flat crowded 09
alexander skarsgard hot flat crowded 10
alexander skarsgard hot flat crowded 11
alexander skarsgard hot flat crowded 12
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alexander skarsgard hot flat crowded 15

Credit: Matei H; Photos: Bauergriffinonline, INFdaily
Posted to: Alexander Skarsgard, Peter Berg

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  • blood

    based on his taste in women, namely his most recent hookup, i find him shallow and revolting. she’s using him for attention and he’s using her for a lay. both are equally shameless and disgusting.

  • Slig

    Talk lindsey in jail

  • wow

    He is so gross just like his girlfriend.

  • Slig

    U like model

  • Jordan

    Way to show off your read. If you cared you would have gotten the book when it came out like two years ago

  • gayboygangster

    Wow he is a very ugly individual. My @ss closes shut just looking at him.

  • true blood

    Alex looks great.
    Thanks, Jared.

  • Fishy

    Soooo… I guess we can expect to see some more AS/BosHo pap shots soon as required by his PR in order to take the heat off that sort-of-homoerotic drunk video before he leaves for Sweden (by the way, the video doesn’t bother me one bit, I found it funny, but I’m hardly conservative)? Or will she tag along for that reason? It’s not like she has anything to do, after all. Surprised she didn’t pick him up at the airport, like a “dutiful” girlfriend (and the fact that OB/MK have been papped in one recently).

    Just look at one other contrast though. AS goes to Hawaii and back, and other than airport pap shots, we get nothing (airport ones are hardly surprising since paps have a permanent spot at LAX). I wonder how many “photo ops” would have been if BosHo had been there…. 2 per day?

  • Clue

    No mas!!! I think this poor fool got into more than he bargained for. He may have wanted some exposure but not to this excess. I don’t really believed he understood how much of a backlash hooking up with Boswho? would cost him.

  • Jam


    Backlash? Yeah I really think hes upset about losing the stalker typ of crazy fangirls… lol

  • Tina

    I love how everyone LOVED him a year ago and now you all hate him. You call him gross and ugly because his choice of girlfriend, thats kind of shallow of you guys. I am not a big fan of Kates but i think there are far worse girls out there.

    Anyway, I wasn’t at all a fan of his, but then i watched True Blood and Generation Kill and damn, he is one GOOD actor. I love how convincing he is in all the roles he play :)

  • always

    @Tina: Don’t confuse a fuc.k buddy with a girlfriend.

  • always

    His brother Gustaf has a girlfriend. Alex has a f.uck buddy he takes out once in a while.

  • Nutty Hans

    @Jam: Get a life, Hans. Stop stalking ASkars.

  • Katy

    I think he looks great.
    Incredible what a week away from you know who can do.

  • whatever

    I will never understand why it is HIS fault that the photogs follow him everywhere. Seems like there are just a lot of hateful people out there.

  • Silence of the Hams

    Does anyone know the name of the black guy he’s dating?

  • yes!


  • Jam

    @Nutty Hans:

    Nah id rather stay here and point and laugh at the crazies… Specially of late, as they have gone completly bonkers… lol

  • John Mayer

    I bet he had a wonderful time on that boat full of big strong men. *wink*

  • OK


    Gustaf has come out as bisexual a long time ago so he really isn’t anyone to throw out there, you know?

  • Clue

    He actually does look refreshed. Better than he’s been looking in LA for the last 6 months. Sad that the drunken video may actually have Boswho? be more of necessary public appendage to throw off silly gay rumors. Not that I would care if he was. He’d be lovely with equally non gay Keanu Reeves. They’d hobolicious together!

  • jj fans

    @Jam: You’re still here? You’ve been after this guy since last summer. Get lost. Skarsgard is not gay. He’s never going to pay attention to you.

  • Jess

    @OK: What does that have to do with their point? His brother may like guys too but he is open about being in a relationship with a woman. He takes her out. Stands next to her and acknowledges her as his girlfriend.

  • Nina
  • Jam

    @jj fans:

    Umm why wouldnt I be, its not like I get ticks and rashes everytime something happens in his private life… You know what… I feel for you people, it cant be easy knowing that your man is cheating on you with a skinny chick like Kate Bosworth… Dude should get himself a fat chick instead…

  • Clue

    How funny that some people call posters who dislike Boswho? and/ or AS for hooking up with her shallow. But they find it ok to say that he is only likes skinny chicks not fat ones. Wouldn’t that make him shallow just for dating a skinny girl with no perceivable talent, personality or real career?

  • Backlash???

    Backlash? What backlash? You guys on this site have ALWAYS given Alex crap about something. Remember boat-gate with that Willa chick? ERW-gate, Kate-gate, party too much-gate, sports car-gate, changed his hair-gate and now video tape-gate. LOL I don’t see any change…same crap different post. Nothing new. You guys are drama queens. I still love him. I don’t care about any of this “stuff”.

  • Clue

    Bashlash like having his every mundane move posted ad nauseum on this site like Boswho? and all the men she been attached to for more than a few hours. Backlash like having that stupid video going viral and being speculated about. Backlash like people now criticizing everything he says or does. His talent and work are being overshadowed by this crap. Backlash like the lack of traffic and comments on the fansites that his most ardent fans set up for him using their own money. Regardless of whatever the diehard stans/ PR say, gossip sites like these are looked for both positive and negative buzz by the studios. For those who are saying he’s ugly…stop looking. Despite his puzzling choices he still takes nice pictures when he’s cleaned up.

  • Alaia

    What’s up with the hate? I find it funny how people can judge someone’s relationship by just looking at some pictures. Everyone’s an analyst nowadays.

  • Weird

    That book is detailed and filled with lots of stats which sorry to offend doesn’t seem like it’s a book Alex would get into. He doesn’t seem that smart. I THINK HE IS TRYING TO LOOK LIKE HE CARES ABOUT THE ENVIRONMENT AFTER SPORTS CAR GATE. YOU KNOW WHEN HE CRITICIZED AMERICANS FOR DRIVING AROUND IN THEIR HUMMERS AND HOW SWEDES WERE SO MUCH MORE INTO THE ENVIRONMENT AND HE PRACTICES “LAGOM”. The whole EkoMiko interview is now a joke b/c Alex went Hollywood and got the bimbo, blonde gf, the hot career(for now), the paps on his tail, and the sports car. I think he is trying to look as if he cares about the environment again after the backlash. Sorry not buying it and I bet he just carried with the cover out so the paps could get the pick and never even read it. Funny JJ put that in his little “article” up their but there has been no mention of the BTP video. Funny huh?
    I am sure Kate is just waiting with flashbulbs at the house for him and there are going to be lots of picks coming up. I bet she goes to Sweden with him for the summer. This chick NEEDS him for her career and relevancy and she is not letting go easy if at all. ALEX IS JUST HE STUPID FOOL WHO FELL INTO HER TRAP. AND NOT TO MENTION THE JOKE OF HWOOD FOR LETTING HER DO IT. EVERYONE ELSE KNOWS WHAT SHE IS ABOUT AND AVOIDS HER LIKE THE PLAGUE. SHE HAD TO GET AN IDIOT TO FOLLOW ALONG.
    Sad now that most people talk about his pathetic relationship with her over his acting. Way to overshadowed your own self in the wrong way. He should take a note for Depp, Bale, Worthington, Damon, etc who date real women and who are constantly working, making money, and getting critical acclaim. Stupid, Alex!

  • lia

    He looks beautiful in these photos !!!!!!
    More Alexander please ..

  • He is

    such an HYPOCRITE! Does he really care about the environment?

    PS: where can I find the video everyone is talking about?

  • Brightside

    Re the skinny chick remark….I hate to point this out but most men find excess body fat on a woman pretty repulsive and a big, big turn off. If you don’t believe me then go out and do a survey…ask the men…
    It’s OK saying he should date someone fat….but if you’re not attracted to fat women then it’s an exercise in pointlessness. It’s not about shallowness, it’s about what gets the hormones pumping, and what gets the hormones pumping the most for men is about appearance.
    I couldn’t find a fat man attractive for that very reason, he might be the nicest guy on Earth but if his body is splurging out all over the place then he’s just not going to light my fire, hormone wise.

  • Gaydar

    I quess you are right Jam …Alex is gay or at the least bi….I thought it was just wishful thinking on your part …..being gay my gaydar is reading AS as being into dudes…after seeing that video….you andTed Casablanca were right! But, we can’t really blame him for being in the closet can we…it would be career suicide for his Hollywood career..don’t know about Sweden but the U.S is not that open to having their leading men being openly into dudes..the media did cverage of this a few months ago that stated the same thing…

  • JM

    Everyone bashing posters who call Alex on his BS, he makes it to easy. Hey Alex, why don’t you start the green revolution by selling your new gas guzzling sports car. While you’re at it, dump your famewhore so you can get back the privacy you claim to love so much while you’re papped at every possible PR angle.

  • Gaydar

    @He is
    The vid is on X17 …posted a few days ago but should still e there the 6th or 7th page….with alcohol his inhibitions melt away..dude knows how to let lose…no straight guy would do that…my gay and bi friends agree….

  • Weird

    If he wants to help the environment then he should 1)ditch the sports car b/c it uses up a lot of gas 2)ditch the ho-bag b/c she is polluting toilet seats and men all over the world and that should get him started for now!! HA! Alex does NOT care about the “perils of our resource strapped world”. And he better not start pretending to do so after the car thing. Leonardo DiCaprio…he cares about the environment. He is also SMART, A GREAT ACTOR, and even BOINKED BOSWORTH and REALIZED THE ERROR OF HIS WAYS AND DITCHED THE B*TCH!! Alex should take a play note from DiCaprio’s book!!

  • @ He is
  • Weird

    Boy his PR team is pathetic and must be running out of ideas b/c the whole book placement thing is SO OBVIOUS!!! He wants everyone to see him “reading” it so he looks smart and caring and sh*t when in all actuality he just needs to get that whole envrionment/car gate thing to go away. The video thing…well…I am just waiting for the video and pics of him boinking Bosworth at Joans on Third in order to get the gay rumurs to quiet down now. No such luck even with Kate around for all these months the Nelly Fang thing Never went away and now this. I’m sure he PR peeps are trying to think of something “effective” and “not too obvious”. Will probably take Kate to Sweden to make it quiet down. Ugh…and in the mean time people will think he is shallow, douchey, and ignorant to mess with her. Well, I gues he has to chose the lesser of two evils in a hwood sense. So sad Alex!!!

  • evathediva

    @Jam: You are on this site just as much, Hans/Jam . so shaddup…

  • Wow

    LMAO ….I am away for a few days on vacation and I come back to see the AS has a homo video out there …nothing against gays… but I quess it explains the lack of affection btw him and Kate…if he was into Kate like he was into that dude in the vid people would actaully believe their relationship is sincere lol…..and not for PR…Ted C seems to be right about AS that he is a nelly fanger…Tick Tock …how long will it be when AS and Kate call the paps again….BTW whoever created the name for Kate as BosHo is HILARIOUS ..very inventive………..

  • Marie

    Dear fellow Americans!

    I´m Swedish, and has been a fan of the Skarsgards since the early 80´s (mostly his dad, but then this cute Alex grew up).

    In Stockholm many people know the family, and Alexander has a lot of friends since childhood. I can ASSURE YOU HE IS NOT GAY!

    He grew up in a very intellectual family, and the book is typical Skarsgard reading. His family is also very bohemic, and relaxed. They are very comfortable with themselves, and VERY NICE.

    Alex is a party man. He knows how to party. The video with his co star friend from Beyond the Pole is fun. The crew were stranded in the middle of nowhere in the arctic, and very bored. They decided to drink all the beverages they had there, and they got really wasted. All of them.

    He is not gay, he is not bisexual, but he is relaxed, nice and fun, and doesn´t care about star behaviour. A more down to earth person is impossible to find.

    You be nice to him over there, or we grab him back to the country of the blondes and talls!

  • JM

    Queen’s Greatest Hits- $10.00

    Shack full of booze- $200.00

    Making a drunken homoerotic video- Priceless!

  • evathediva

    Well I’m going to get my popcorn and soda out, the “Kate and Alex”sideshow is beginning to become very interesting, as well as this thread. I really would like to see how he explains this video. Even though I feel, he was really drunk, and did not expect for this video to be released at this time. His PR people should be working OT.

  • JM

    Please take him back and we’ll throw Kate in as a 2-for-1 special!

  • Jam


    Inte lönt att försöka övertala dessa personer, ha skoj med dem i stället… lol

  • rock n roll queen

    everytime i read comments such as the most of theese ones i remember why in europe we consider americans ridiculous

  • hilarious

    But Kate is not really a blonde she is naturally a brunette…I quess natural women is something else AS needs to scratch of from his previous list of what he wants in a woman lol!!!!

  • evathediva

    Oh and btw you Kate lovers, if Ryan Seacrest and Julianne Hough can show more affection than Alex and Kate, and we ALL in America know the real deal about Ryan,( I really like Ryan too)even though Ryan and Julianne are convincing…then why can’t Kate and Alex show at a smidgeon of affection with or towards each other.?