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Alexander Skarsgard: Hot, Flat, and Crowded!

Alexander Skarsgard: Hot, Flat, and Crowded!

True Blood‘s Alexander Skarsgard arrives back home to Los Angeles via LAX airport with his Battleship director Peter Berg on Saturday (July 10).

The pair just returned from Honolulu, Hawaii, where they worked on their new movie, Battleship.

Alex was seen carrying around the book, “Hot, Flat, and Crowded 2.0,” which explains why we need a green revolution – and how it can renew America. Looks like Alex is looking into the perils of our resource-strapped world!

15+ pictures inside of Alexander Skarsgard back from his trip to Hawaii…

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alexander skarsgard hot flat crowded 03
alexander skarsgard hot flat crowded 04
alexander skarsgard hot flat crowded 05
alexander skarsgard hot flat crowded 06
alexander skarsgard hot flat crowded 07
alexander skarsgard hot flat crowded 08
alexander skarsgard hot flat crowded 09
alexander skarsgard hot flat crowded 10
alexander skarsgard hot flat crowded 11
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alexander skarsgard hot flat crowded 15

Credit: Matei H; Photos: Bauergriffinonline, INFdaily
Posted to: Alexander Skarsgard, Peter Berg

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216 Responses to “Alexander Skarsgard: Hot, Flat, and Crowded!”

  1. 1
    blood Says:

    based on his taste in women, namely his most recent hookup, i find him shallow and revolting. she’s using him for attention and he’s using her for a lay. both are equally shameless and disgusting.

  2. 2
    Slig Says:

    Talk lindsey in jail

  3. 3
    wow Says:

    He is so gross just like his girlfriend.

  4. 4
    Slig Says:

    U like model

  5. 5
    Jordan Says:

    Way to show off your read. If you cared you would have gotten the book when it came out like two years ago

  6. 6
    gayboygangster Says:

    Wow he is a very ugly individual. My @ss closes shut just looking at him.

  7. 7
    true blood Says:

    Alex looks great.
    Thanks, Jared.

  8. 8
    Fishy Says:

    Soooo… I guess we can expect to see some more AS/BosHo pap shots soon as required by his PR in order to take the heat off that sort-of-homoerotic drunk video before he leaves for Sweden (by the way, the video doesn’t bother me one bit, I found it funny, but I’m hardly conservative)? Or will she tag along for that reason? It’s not like she has anything to do, after all. Surprised she didn’t pick him up at the airport, like a “dutiful” girlfriend (and the fact that OB/MK have been papped in one recently).

    Just look at one other contrast though. AS goes to Hawaii and back, and other than airport pap shots, we get nothing (airport ones are hardly surprising since paps have a permanent spot at LAX). I wonder how many “photo ops” would have been if BosHo had been there…. 2 per day?

  9. 9
    Clue Says:

    No mas!!! I think this poor fool got into more than he bargained for. He may have wanted some exposure but not to this excess. I don’t really believed he understood how much of a backlash hooking up with Boswho? would cost him.

  10. 10
    Jam Says:


    Backlash? Yeah I really think hes upset about losing the stalker typ of crazy fangirls… lol

  11. 11
    Tina Says:

    I love how everyone LOVED him a year ago and now you all hate him. You call him gross and ugly because his choice of girlfriend, thats kind of shallow of you guys. I am not a big fan of Kates but i think there are far worse girls out there.

    Anyway, I wasn’t at all a fan of his, but then i watched True Blood and Generation Kill and damn, he is one GOOD actor. I love how convincing he is in all the roles he play :)

  12. 12
    always Says:

    @Tina: Don’t confuse a fuc.k buddy with a girlfriend.

  13. 13
    always Says:

    His brother Gustaf has a girlfriend. Alex has a f.uck buddy he takes out once in a while.

  14. 14
    Nutty Hans Says:

    @Jam: Get a life, Hans. Stop stalking ASkars.

  15. 15
    Katy Says:

    I think he looks great.
    Incredible what a week away from you know who can do.

  16. 16
    whatever Says:

    I will never understand why it is HIS fault that the photogs follow him everywhere. Seems like there are just a lot of hateful people out there.

  17. 17
    Silence of the Hams Says:

    Does anyone know the name of the black guy he’s dating?

  18. 18
    yes! Says:


  19. 19
    Jam Says:

    @Nutty Hans:

    Nah id rather stay here and point and laugh at the crazies… Specially of late, as they have gone completly bonkers… lol

  20. 20
    John Mayer Says:

    I bet he had a wonderful time on that boat full of big strong men. *wink*

  21. 21
    OK Says:


    Gustaf has come out as bisexual a long time ago so he really isn’t anyone to throw out there, you know?

  22. 22
    Clue Says:

    He actually does look refreshed. Better than he’s been looking in LA for the last 6 months. Sad that the drunken video may actually have Boswho? be more of necessary public appendage to throw off silly gay rumors. Not that I would care if he was. He’d be lovely with equally non gay Keanu Reeves. They’d hobolicious together!

  23. 23
    jj fans Says:

    @Jam: You’re still here? You’ve been after this guy since last summer. Get lost. Skarsgard is not gay. He’s never going to pay attention to you.

  24. 24
    Jess Says:

    @OK: What does that have to do with their point? His brother may like guys too but he is open about being in a relationship with a woman. He takes her out. Stands next to her and acknowledges her as his girlfriend.

  25. 25
    Nina Says:

    @Silence of the Hams: Isaac

  26. 26
    Jam Says:

    @jj fans:

    Umm why wouldnt I be, its not like I get ticks and rashes everytime something happens in his private life… You know what… I feel for you people, it cant be easy knowing that your man is cheating on you with a skinny chick like Kate Bosworth… Dude should get himself a fat chick instead…

  27. 27
    Clue Says:

    How funny that some people call posters who dislike Boswho? and/ or AS for hooking up with her shallow. But they find it ok to say that he is only likes skinny chicks not fat ones. Wouldn’t that make him shallow just for dating a skinny girl with no perceivable talent, personality or real career?

  28. 28
    Backlash??? Says:

    Backlash? What backlash? You guys on this site have ALWAYS given Alex crap about something. Remember boat-gate with that Willa chick? ERW-gate, Kate-gate, party too much-gate, sports car-gate, changed his hair-gate and now video tape-gate. LOL I don’t see any change…same crap different post. Nothing new. You guys are drama queens. I still love him. I don’t care about any of this “stuff”.

  29. 29
    Clue Says:

    Bashlash like having his every mundane move posted ad nauseum on this site like Boswho? and all the men she been attached to for more than a few hours. Backlash like having that stupid video going viral and being speculated about. Backlash like people now criticizing everything he says or does. His talent and work are being overshadowed by this crap. Backlash like the lack of traffic and comments on the fansites that his most ardent fans set up for him using their own money. Regardless of whatever the diehard stans/ PR say, gossip sites like these are looked for both positive and negative buzz by the studios. For those who are saying he’s ugly…stop looking. Despite his puzzling choices he still takes nice pictures when he’s cleaned up.

  30. 30
    Alaia Says:

    What’s up with the hate? I find it funny how people can judge someone’s relationship by just looking at some pictures. Everyone’s an analyst nowadays.

  31. 31
    Weird Says:

    That book is detailed and filled with lots of stats which sorry to offend doesn’t seem like it’s a book Alex would get into. He doesn’t seem that smart. I THINK HE IS TRYING TO LOOK LIKE HE CARES ABOUT THE ENVIRONMENT AFTER SPORTS CAR GATE. YOU KNOW WHEN HE CRITICIZED AMERICANS FOR DRIVING AROUND IN THEIR HUMMERS AND HOW SWEDES WERE SO MUCH MORE INTO THE ENVIRONMENT AND HE PRACTICES “LAGOM”. The whole EkoMiko interview is now a joke b/c Alex went Hollywood and got the bimbo, blonde gf, the hot career(for now), the paps on his tail, and the sports car. I think he is trying to look as if he cares about the environment again after the backlash. Sorry not buying it and I bet he just carried with the cover out so the paps could get the pick and never even read it. Funny JJ put that in his little “article” up their but there has been no mention of the BTP video. Funny huh?
    I am sure Kate is just waiting with flashbulbs at the house for him and there are going to be lots of picks coming up. I bet she goes to Sweden with him for the summer. This chick NEEDS him for her career and relevancy and she is not letting go easy if at all. ALEX IS JUST HE STUPID FOOL WHO FELL INTO HER TRAP. AND NOT TO MENTION THE JOKE OF HWOOD FOR LETTING HER DO IT. EVERYONE ELSE KNOWS WHAT SHE IS ABOUT AND AVOIDS HER LIKE THE PLAGUE. SHE HAD TO GET AN IDIOT TO FOLLOW ALONG.
    Sad now that most people talk about his pathetic relationship with her over his acting. Way to overshadowed your own self in the wrong way. He should take a note for Depp, Bale, Worthington, Damon, etc who date real women and who are constantly working, making money, and getting critical acclaim. Stupid, Alex!

  32. 32
    lia Says:

    He looks beautiful in these photos !!!!!!
    More Alexander please ..

  33. 33
    He is Says:

    such an HYPOCRITE! Does he really care about the environment?

    PS: where can I find the video everyone is talking about?

  34. 34
    Brightside Says:

    Re the skinny chick remark….I hate to point this out but most men find excess body fat on a woman pretty repulsive and a big, big turn off. If you don’t believe me then go out and do a survey…ask the men…
    It’s OK saying he should date someone fat….but if you’re not attracted to fat women then it’s an exercise in pointlessness. It’s not about shallowness, it’s about what gets the hormones pumping, and what gets the hormones pumping the most for men is about appearance.
    I couldn’t find a fat man attractive for that very reason, he might be the nicest guy on Earth but if his body is splurging out all over the place then he’s just not going to light my fire, hormone wise.

  35. 35
    Gaydar Says:

    I quess you are right Jam …Alex is gay or at the least bi….I thought it was just wishful thinking on your part …..being gay my gaydar is reading AS as being into dudes…after seeing that video….you andTed Casablanca were right! But, we can’t really blame him for being in the closet can we…it would be career suicide for his Hollywood career..don’t know about Sweden but the U.S is not that open to having their leading men being openly into dudes..the media did cverage of this a few months ago that stated the same thing…

  36. 36
    JM Says:

    Everyone bashing posters who call Alex on his BS, he makes it to easy. Hey Alex, why don’t you start the green revolution by selling your new gas guzzling sports car. While you’re at it, dump your famewhore so you can get back the privacy you claim to love so much while you’re papped at every possible PR angle.

  37. 37
    Gaydar Says:

    @He is
    The vid is on X17 …posted a few days ago but should still e there the 6th or 7th page….with alcohol his inhibitions melt away..dude knows how to let lose…no straight guy would do that…my gay and bi friends agree….

  38. 38
    Weird Says:

    If he wants to help the environment then he should 1)ditch the sports car b/c it uses up a lot of gas 2)ditch the ho-bag b/c she is polluting toilet seats and men all over the world and that should get him started for now!! HA! Alex does NOT care about the “perils of our resource strapped world”. And he better not start pretending to do so after the car thing. Leonardo DiCaprio…he cares about the environment. He is also SMART, A GREAT ACTOR, and even BOINKED BOSWORTH and REALIZED THE ERROR OF HIS WAYS AND DITCHED THE B*TCH!! Alex should take a play note from DiCaprio’s book!!

  39. 39
    @ He is Says:

  40. 40
    Weird Says:

    Boy his PR team is pathetic and must be running out of ideas b/c the whole book placement thing is SO OBVIOUS!!! He wants everyone to see him “reading” it so he looks smart and caring and sh*t when in all actuality he just needs to get that whole envrionment/car gate thing to go away. The video thing…well…I am just waiting for the video and pics of him boinking Bosworth at Joans on Third in order to get the gay rumurs to quiet down now. No such luck even with Kate around for all these months the Nelly Fang thing Never went away and now this. I’m sure he PR peeps are trying to think of something “effective” and “not too obvious”. Will probably take Kate to Sweden to make it quiet down. Ugh…and in the mean time people will think he is shallow, douchey, and ignorant to mess with her. Well, I gues he has to chose the lesser of two evils in a hwood sense. So sad Alex!!!

  41. 41
    evathediva Says:

    @Jam: You are on this site just as much, Hans/Jam . so shaddup…

  42. 42
    Wow Says:

    LMAO ….I am away for a few days on vacation and I come back to see the AS has a homo video out there …nothing against gays… but I quess it explains the lack of affection btw him and Kate…if he was into Kate like he was into that dude in the vid people would actaully believe their relationship is sincere lol…..and not for PR…Ted C seems to be right about AS that he is a nelly fanger…Tick Tock …how long will it be when AS and Kate call the paps again….BTW whoever created the name for Kate as BosHo is HILARIOUS ..very inventive………..

  43. 43
    Marie Says:

    Dear fellow Americans!

    I´m Swedish, and has been a fan of the Skarsgards since the early 80´s (mostly his dad, but then this cute Alex grew up).

    In Stockholm many people know the family, and Alexander has a lot of friends since childhood. I can ASSURE YOU HE IS NOT GAY!

    He grew up in a very intellectual family, and the book is typical Skarsgard reading. His family is also very bohemic, and relaxed. They are very comfortable with themselves, and VERY NICE.

    Alex is a party man. He knows how to party. The video with his co star friend from Beyond the Pole is fun. The crew were stranded in the middle of nowhere in the arctic, and very bored. They decided to drink all the beverages they had there, and they got really wasted. All of them.

    He is not gay, he is not bisexual, but he is relaxed, nice and fun, and doesn´t care about star behaviour. A more down to earth person is impossible to find.

    You be nice to him over there, or we grab him back to the country of the blondes and talls!

  44. 44
    JM Says:

    Queen’s Greatest Hits- $10.00

    Shack full of booze- $200.00

    Making a drunken homoerotic video- Priceless!

  45. 45
    evathediva Says:

    Well I’m going to get my popcorn and soda out, the “Kate and Alex”sideshow is beginning to become very interesting, as well as this thread. I really would like to see how he explains this video. Even though I feel, he was really drunk, and did not expect for this video to be released at this time. His PR people should be working OT.

  46. 46
    JM Says:

    Please take him back and we’ll throw Kate in as a 2-for-1 special!

  47. 47
    Jam Says:


    Inte lönt att försöka övertala dessa personer, ha skoj med dem i stället… lol

  48. 48
    rock n roll queen Says:

    everytime i read comments such as the most of theese ones i remember why in europe we consider americans ridiculous

  49. 49
    hilarious Says:

    But Kate is not really a blonde she is naturally a brunette…I quess natural women is something else AS needs to scratch of from his previous list of what he wants in a woman lol!!!!

  50. 50
    evathediva Says:

    Oh and btw you Kate lovers, if Ryan Seacrest and Julianne Hough can show more affection than Alex and Kate, and we ALL in America know the real deal about Ryan,( I really like Ryan too)even though Ryan and Julianne are convincing…then why can’t Kate and Alex show at a smidgeon of affection with or towards each other.?

  51. 51
    Marie Says:

    JM, sorry but Kate is to short to fit in here. ;-)

    All kidding adide, Kate was so nice when she and Alex were in Stockholm. We all liked her very much. Humble and really in love with Alex.

  52. 52
    ha Says:

    @JM: Does not get old, and I like it even better on an Alex thread

  53. 53
    his type Says:

    @Marie: Apparently Alex loves all the shorties

  54. 54
    Unfair Says:

    I feel bad bashing Alex when all the Swedes are here, he is their national homo after all.

  55. 55
    Whynot Says:

    Nice try psycho we all know you were posting as Marie…
    BTW Alex put the damn book in your you have to be soo obvious …we all know you knew the paps were going to be there ready to take your…the damage has been done don’t make yourself look more of a douche….oh wait.. forgot about the video lol

  56. 56
    I knew it Says:

    Kate’s groceries were for Alex after all.

  57. 57
    Pam Says:

    To all the bitter men in this thread: I´m sorry that Alex didn´t stay away from your wives.

  58. 58
    This Insanity Says:

    Alex is a Good dude and Straight!!!!!! So stop wishing that he is gay, cause he is not, you crazy delusional fan crazies. Go get lives and stop watching his every single move that you claim he is encouraging. Umm… I can see that, he keeps getting pap so you crazies can tear him down all the TIME and commenting on how he is NOT doing what YOU want. Live much??? And oh don’t forget to overload on the meds cause you crazies need it baad!!!!

  59. 59
    SmileAlex Says:


  60. 60
    whenwillitend Says:

    @Marie: @Marie: Thanks Marie for explaining that. I feel that he was drunk, only. However in America, people are still a bit homophobic at times. While it might be in good fun had by Alex. It really makes him look kinda randy, and it takes away from his leading man status. Being gay or a hint of gay, here in the states, is unfortuanately a death knell to your career as a leading man and no I do not think it is fair but…. I think Alex is a good actor, but his personal choices of late have come back to bite him in the butt. We Americans are high on honesty. In other words, “Say what you mean, and mean what you say”. Personal antics have derailed several promising careers in Hollyweird. I really hope this is not the case with Alex. I’m sure he is now realizing that Americans are a fickle bunch, and basically can make or break your career. We are more loyal if you are truthful and honest.

  61. 61
    Passingby Says:

    @I knew it
    Nah she probably was just carrying dog chow…but not sure if it was for her dog or….for herself…………………………………………..

  62. 62
    J Says:

    @his type:

    Everyone´s short compares to him.

  63. 63
    In and Out Says:

    I have a feeling he is going to run off to Sweden asap, just to get away from all of you who are throwing stones at him. He can always be a leading man in Europe.

  64. 64
    Passingby Says:

    ^ Also, heard she heels and yields quite nicely……………………..

  65. 65
    Calling all Swedes Says:

    Just wondering, has anyone over there seen the video? If so, what was the reaction?

  66. 66
    evathediva Says:

    @Marie: mmm? So she got a chance to meet ALL of you? What did she do to convince you that she was so nice and soooo in love with Alex. Oh and BTW what did Hans/Jam say to you , and please post an answer back , so that we can see how Hans answers himself. LOL@This Insanity: this is an entertainment forum, treat it as such and please take your meds, it ain’t that deep!!

  67. 67
    Marie Says:

    @Calling all Swedes:

    Of course we´ve seen it. It offsprings from the UK, placed on YouTube, and all the world saw it in exactly the same time. That´s how the Internet works you know ;-)

    We think it´s HILARIOUS!

  68. 68
    fx Says:

    Whats this that I hear about Anna Paquin and Alex hanging out this weekend? Mouse coming out to play naugthy when the cat is in London, eh?

  69. 69
    Reality Check! Says:

    @rock n roll queen
    Yet you exports all come here to make it…………………AS is not the only one and will not be the last ..stop hating the U.S for your boy’s actions…no one forced him to date homewreking famewhores and do a homolicious video LMAO.

  70. 70
    American Alex Fan Says:

    Love these comments! They´re all bitter because their girlfriends love Alexander Skarsgard!

    I LOVE YOU ALEX! (And I wanna do bad things to you) PLEASE, LICK MY BUTT !

  71. 71
    ally Says:

    Saw the vid…….Alex could give Truebloods Lafayette a run for his money..on gayness….esp that episode after Lafayette drinks Erics blood doing the homo dance …just kidding… lol …he should have tried for that part…..oh…wait he was drunk not acting..we all know what they say about alchohol wink wink……….

  72. 72
    @ American Alex Fan Says:

    Give him enough booze and your wish will come true

  73. 73
    here we go Says:

    here we go again… rant, bi*ch, rant, bi*ch, rant, bi*ch whatevera Alex is looking fine, fine, fine. Is his hair blondier!!!

  74. 74
    haters Says:

    all of the alex haters, just go somewhere else. we come to jj to see his pictures and to write nice comments about him and then you losers hide them. just go away you people. no wonder he is not smiling at the camera. he knows those pictures will come to these sites and then you people will hate him for smiling.

  75. 75
    Jesse Says:

    He´s hot as hell!

  76. 76
    Alexette Says:

    @ally: YOU ARE RIGHT. He is so doing the Lafayette in the the video.

  77. 77
    Response Says:

    Where did you ear this from?

  78. 78
    wait Says:

    Is it just me or do the first page side-by-side photos of Kate and Alex look exactly the same. They have the same expression and everything. Did JJ do this on purpose, some sort of subliminal message? Whatever JJ, when are you going to mention the video?

  79. 79
    @response Says:

    @Response: FX heard this nowhere, just another silly attempt by a fangirl to make it look like Alex likes women.

  80. 80
    Wilsons Advice Says:

    He should come out of the closet. He could help a lot of people.

  81. 81
    here we go Says:

    Losers!!! so I get a -4 Wow I am honored that you crazies think so highly of me. @74 and @75 I agree all of us Alex fans unite even tho it’s just us 3 but we still show that we aren’t afraid of you LOSERS!!! We love Alex could give a Sh*t about you haters. So sad.

    He is freaking HOTTTT!!!! Love the shirt.

  82. 82
    fx Says:

    I heard it from a homeless person. Apparently Anna had given him some food that he didnt like. He is stalking her now, so that is how he saw them together.

  83. 83
    haters Says:

    @here we go: There are more than three of us, these crazies are just scaring people from commenting. That is why I am writing, to show that we not only love and support Alex, but we are proud to say it! I love the shirt too!!

  84. 84
    Clue Says:

    Good grief! This is still only a gossip site about an up and coming actor. There’s no need to shout to the rafters your love for a person whom all you really know about is what he puts out there. People’s perceptions of him are influenced by his words and deeds. Like I said before everything he says and does now are being looked over with magnifying some people. For example the book, it’s a little more that coincidental that he just happens to be holding a book about the environment after the flack regarding the sports car. Was he going to read it while he was retrieving for his luggage? While walking through the airport? Maybe read it to the guy pushing his luggage on the way to his ride? You have to admit, it does give one pause.

    Everyone is free to their own opinion. people see the same events differently. There’s no reason to get psycho on either side. He’s an actor, he doesn’t dictate public policy or make any real lasting changes on society. He’s an entertainer. Let him entertain you… or

  85. 85
    yo sista Says:

    He’s so HOT.

  86. 86
    JM Says:

    @ Clue

    Gotta admit, he’s been real entertaining lately. :p

  87. 87
    JustJoanie Says:

    Sweet Jesus! He looks so thin! O_O

  88. 88
    haters Says:

    @Clue: We would not be upset if only “opinions” were out there. But some people are just saying he is gay like it is a fact, and it is not.

  89. 89
    ANYWAY Says:

  90. 90
    here we go Says:

    Oh and it is entertaining to see that crazy people exist outside of mad houses. LOL

  91. 91
    yo sista Says:

    @JustJoanie: He’s just TALL.

  92. 92
    Clothes Says:

    Hmm. I didn’t think it was possible to dress worse than Alex does most of the time (and, not that I’m complaining, but is there a see-thru shirt store in LA? He’s got another one on!), but he better not start raiding Peter Berg’s closet, ugh. Although perhaps it was Alex who instructed PB in this one, given he’s got KB’s infamous half-shirt-tuck going in pics 12 and he just needs cargo pants…

  93. 93
    Next Chapter? Says:

    Let’s see, What’s next on the AS/KB PR firm’s appearance schedule for the summer? 1. Since Bosworthless was papped grocery shopping, will there be pics of them having another fun Sunday outing with the Larsons?; 2. How about more photos at LAX when AS leaves for Sweden – with or without the s**t?; 3. Even better would be his arrival in Stockholm to the welcoming arms of his countrymen – with or without the s**t(?). Since AS isn’t going to be at Comic Con this month or the Emmy Awards show next month, the on-going adventures of Skarsworthless will be Sweden and/or Hawaii. What would be REALLY refreshing and welcome would be if all the AS pics from here on were just of him. Maybe then his d-list career would be able to crawl out of the sewer it’s been in since last September because of his arrogance, conceit and stupidity.

  94. 94
    Anne Says:

    Carrying around a book about being green means nothing, considering he just bought a sports car.

  95. 95
    sascha Says:

    I’m surprised Kate isn’t there jumping up into his arms and wrapping her legs around him like she did to Orlando years ago.
    Orlando actually showing open PDA when picking up his true love from Heathrow must have just killed Kate.
    Maybe she is still in a binge and purge stupor and couldn’t make it in time for the paps to see her.

  96. 96
    CHOICE Says:


  97. 97
    LoveAlex Says:

    I love Alexander as an actor and I honestly believe he is getting a bad rap for dating someone people love to hate on. I would watch him in anything. Believe me, he still has lots of fans… just go to normal sites and not gossip ones stalked by the same slightly deranged, “g”dam posters (me included).

  98. 98
    Jam Says:


    It isnt really that many people that are trashtalking the guy, just a couple of crazies with lots of accounts…

  99. 99
    LoveAlex Says:

    @Jam: Hi Jam. Thanks… I agree. Its still sad to me to read people who mistake hate and vulgar meanness with wit and cleverness. Opinions can differ but common decency should not be forgotten IMHO.

  100. 100
    Fishy Says:


    That coming from the weirdo that has so many screen IDs that he could fill a whole screen with. How about from the psycho who uses other people’s aliases to post. Any of those things sound familiar? I’m sure they do.

    I see your spelling and grammar are both still top notch. And your punctuation never fails to deliver, either. Or is the apostrophe on your keyboard broken?

  101. 101
    Jam Says:


    Its the Swede in me… you know… being drunk all the time… I need to pause between the lines…

  102. 102
    BooHiss! Says:

    Let’s see, from the latest pics of Alex walking thru the airport, I’ve come to the conclusion he’s shallow, revolting, shameless, gross,ugly and disgusting. He has horrible hair and clothes and he’s just using that book as a prop to make up for the gas guzzling car he bought. And based on the video I watched this morning, he is always drunk! How does he ever get any work done!? And let’s not forget this oldie but goodie. HE HAS THE WORST PR TEAM EVER! HE SHOULD GET HIS ADVICE FROM THE JJ posters! AND IF I SAY ALL THAT IN ALL CAPS IT IS SO TRUE AND SO VERY IMPORTANT EVEN IF POSTING IN ALL CAPS MAKES ME LOOK LIKE I HAVE AN IQ OF A 5 YEAR OLD I’LL GET 20 PLUS SIGNS!Also, I know he is gay from that video. I had ALL my gay and bi friends watch it and they ALL SO agree. HE IS SO GAY. I wrote that in all caps so it is very important and very true. And yes, Ryan Seacrest and Julianne Hough should be Skarsworth’s role models! That’s the funniest thing I’ve read this morning. Tears coming from my eyes I’m laughing so hard. Let’s find out the PR team that put those two wackadoodles together and hook them up with Skarsworth. Maybe the four of them can go on a double-date? Yes, this is all very entertaining and and a fun way to spend a morning. Kiss, kiss. You guys crack me up ever so much. Thanks for an entertaining morning.

  103. 103
    Tina Says:

    There is a book about Alex! It’s very good, hot & steamy! But definitely not for the kiddies! You can actually check out free chapters @
    Booksie Address:

  104. 104
    rock n roll queen Says:

    reality check im from greece not sweden so alex is not my boy n beleive me if i ever moved out i would go to another european country not america it might be a shock for u but here we dont consider us the country of opportunities i dont hate the us but i absolutely hate puritanism n people judgin others without knowin them n u seem to have lots of it

  105. 105
    Weird Says:

    Please when he goes to Europe I hope he stays and doesn’t come back. And he can take the starf*cker with him so she can pollute all of
    Sweden. We will keep Orlando, Miranda, Bale, Worthington, Bana, Crowe, Cassell, and well course, the best still comes from us and that is Johnny Depp.
    I bet Alex never thought that Americans would criticize him for a sports car. Well, yes, dumb f*ck we did and do and will continue to do so just like we criticize your choice in dating a homewrecking, anorexic, cranked out, on her knees sk*nk. And why? Because Alex is a dishonest person who says that he likes one thing and then does the complete opposite. And we will continue to call him STOOPID because he makes it TOO EASY!!!! Now have a good day f*ckers!

  106. 106
    Tall, lanky and HOT Says:

    He’s cute – thin but cute. And he’s TALL — yummi! He’s got a layback boyish charm.

  107. 107
    kettle Says:

    I would love to see if all of your mistakes were published. We have all dated people we shouldn’t, owned things that weren’t eco-friendly, left our homes less than perfect, etc. I know that he has chosen this career and the paparazzi (and backlash) come with it, but lay off the hate. If you don’t like him or his choices, don’t read about him, pure and simple.

  108. 108
    Spice Says:

    Hawaii did him some good. He looks refreshed and the sun bleached his hair a bit.

    The video was done when they were in Greenland in the winter with his Beyond the Pole cast members. There is nothing to do in Greenland except stay inside, get drunk and dance in your long underwear. He was being funny, and everyone at the party was roaring with laughter.

    I think he’s a good dancer. I bet DWTS would love to get him if they could!

  109. 109
    @108 Says:

    Sure, you can get drunk and dance around. But a straight guy, even one so drunk that he is barely standing, would NEVER lick his male friend, or bite his rear.
    I have always heard it said that alcohol brings out the truth.
    Just another H’wood closet case.

  110. 110
    rock n roll queen Says:

    weird wow thats a lot of swearin n unpoliteness dont be so uncivilised greeks do tht too sometimes but not for ridiculous reasons otherwise everyone lauphs at u did u know that alex should be the least of ur problems regardin environmental pollution did u know that american industry is responsible for 25% of the worlds greenhouse gashes n they disagreed to sign the kyoto protocol to reduse them plus i dont know or like this girl n i bet u dont know her either so callin her names like this proves ur immaturity

  111. 111
    LoveAlex Says:

    @@108: Actually I believe you are wrong. If it had been the two of them maybe… but not in a group of mixed people. Some men (not many Americans) are not so uptight about things. He was going for laughs IMO.

  112. 112
    robi Says:

    I only find him hot as Eric. True Blood Sunday is here!!

  113. 113
    Huberth Says:

    True: he is gorgeous-nice body- beautifull and almost perfect face
    True:his arrogant attitude make everybody hates him, he has to show more Humility…bc other wise he will loose more and more fans. Sometimes I have the feeling that he thinks that he is the last man all over the earth…Put your foot down…Is he friend of Jude Law?

  114. 114
    keterra Says:

    Wow some of u lot really can hate on someone u dont know and will probably never meet…?

    As for all this rubbish about the video proving he’s gay or bi… Oh please! To me its a guy worse 4 wear who is comfortable with who he is and his sexuality, entertaining his friends/collegues and simply having a laugh! I’m a Brit and i see this behaviour most weekends with my male friends and even my boyfriend, so maybe it is a culteral difference!

  115. 115
    Greta Says:

    I’m from Kate’s hometown in MA. My older brother was in her graduating class. First of all, she’s a natural blonde – she moved here when she was about 13 and was blonde then. More importantly, she’s a really nice, cool girl.

  116. 116
    Check this Out Says:

    Alex’s Dance (hope the link hope the link works)

  117. 117
    Clue Says:


    A natural blond with dark roots. Since you know her so well, why don’t you post some pictures?

  118. 118
    CanadaGirl Says:

    @blood: If you google a few of his other GFs, you’d see he typically likes more down to earth women. I still don’t believe that they’re together. The whole thing smacks of show-mance because they’re in a film together.

  119. 119
    Reasonable Doubt Says:

    Just like the other poster said, I can’t believe I come back from vacation only to find an all out war going on in Alex fan land?
    After having caught up on the latest Alex-Kate photo ops, You have to admit that regardless of who we all side with or how we all perceive Alex now…
    That the PR agency representing him had better get their sh*t together and FAST!
    How in the world that PR agency can stay in business with such p*ss-poor handling is beyond me!
    Because the impressions are ,as it stands right now….
    1) The “Gay Rumor” has a questionable supporting video
    2) The “Gay Rumor” has a supporting cast of an unsubstantiated, and apparently untouchable “girlfriend” as it’s ONLY example of false hood.
    3) The ” Environmentally conscientious beliefs” are BOTH supported and shot down simultaneously by a “GO GREEN” book in one hand and while there’s a gas guzzler in the garage.
    WOW! COME ON …It’s ALL getting a little hard to overlook and KEEP finding plausible excuses for don’t you think?

  120. 120
    CanadaGirl Says:

    @OK: Gustaf is NOT bi-sexual. It was a rumour.

  121. 121
    He looks better Says:

    The trip to Hawaii did him good. He looks so much better. He is a good looking guy and a talented actor. The video is what it is, people are going to judge it based on their own values, even though it looked like they were all drunk and having fun. Do HW romances ever last? If they are living together I wonder if he walks first into the room.:) First in the shower, first to have coffee, first to have control over the remote.:)

  122. 122
    @greta Says:

    @Greta: You shouldn’t even bother posting a pro-Kate comment over here, these people are crazy. Mostly they are jealous Alex fangirls, and their new thing is to rip poor Alex to shreds. They want to call him gay, out of their anger. If he was gay, he would come out and say it.

  123. 123
    Greta Says:

    Do you have pictures of everyone from your hometown? You’ll just have to trust me. Doesn’t matter to me if you choose not to believe me.

  124. 124
    I believe you Says:

    @Greta: Pretty brave of you to post in this hostile environment. They are all riled up right now. I am guessing they are getting ready for the enemy offensive. They don’t know how, when, or where and it is driving people nuts.

  125. 125
    @OK Says:

    Get your facts straight before putting them out there.

  126. 126
    heidi Says:

    Alex is looking great! Love the hair.

    A few posters saying mean things on JJ does equal a scandal. The usual reaction to the video was people laughing at drunk Skarsgard–and that would be the reaction the Beyond The Pole people would be expecting, since they would hardly deliberately out an actor on the extra of the film he did with them. A little common sense gives the context of the video and most people have common sense.

    Same with the new car “scandal.” The number of people who noticed and cared is very low, even if they post about it over and over. This wasn’t a story flying all over the internet like Lindsay Lohan or Mel Gibson. Hardly worth a PR plan. Alex is like most of us–he cares about the environment in general, makes some responsible choices and some choices that aren’t the greenest.

  127. 127
    RandomGirl Says:

    No one cares about this douche anymore! lmaoooo

    He needs to get his hair washed for one thing…and dump the twiggy he’s dating. They’re both freakin desperate losers. Maybe they deserve each other?

  128. 128
    heidi Says:


    oops–meant “does NOT equal a scandal” time for that coffee . . .

  129. 129
    donnaflopp Says:

    LMAO! Live as you preach. Carrying/reading a certain book is not what brings cred. Even if an Audi isn’t a gas guzzler the way a Hummer is, it’s still not a hybrid.

    Dosmetic Kate is waiting with some home-cooked food, riiiight???

  130. 130
    heidi Says:

    ooops meant “does NOT equal a scandal” time for that coffee . . .

  131. 131
    RandomGirl Says:

    Why is he being papped all the time? He’s not even that famous…who cares what he’s doing?

    Also Twiggy is a bad influence. The guys been losing weight since he’s been with her. Coke heads.

  132. 132
    LisaM Says:

    I bet the moment he leaves the airport, the s k a n k will totally attack him with her own group of paparazzi!!

  133. 133
    Cute Says:

    Love him and I love her too.

  134. 134
    Clue Says:


    YOU said you knew her and YOUR brother was in the same graduating class. You do have yearbooks, correct? People usually have tons of pictures of the famous people from their hometowns. People like to all remember when and lay claim to friendships to famous people after the fact. I don’t see what’s wrong or hostile saying she has dark roots…the majority of “blonds” walking around do.

  135. 135
    The PR Truth Says:

    It is true that PR firms hire individuals to come onto boards/forums/fan sites and post positive comments already scripted. I have done it and so have several of my friends. So eveything you all read out there is not from true fans by any means. Just thought I’d give my 2 cents.

  136. 136
    Annette Says:

    @keterra. I agree with you!
    I watched the video and think because of the video you can not say he is bi or gay. They got drunk and that’s it. I am a German, I see this behaviour of drunken men or women dancing with each other every weekend. And you know they are not bi or gay.

  137. 137
    @ Annette Says:

    That may be true in German/ Swedish/ European culture but in the US, it can be percieved as gay/bi tendencies. It may not be PC or fair but it’s true.

  138. 138
    Clue Says:

    Does anyone truly believes that a closeted person would allow themselves to get so under the influenced publicly to out themselves? Then routinely let themselves be pictured in even vaguely homoerotic manner? Okay, I have a bridge to sell in lovely Brooklyn.

  139. 139
    Sady Says:

    Why bring KB to this post? She’s not in these pictures, JJ doesn’t even mentioned her, but you guys can’t shut up about her.

    You just love the fake drama.

    And I love him, he looks hot and I’m counting the days to see him in Batleship.

  140. 140
    keterra Says:

    @Annette: I agree with u 2 :) maybe it is just a euro/usa thing … just think its a lil sad !

  141. 141
    Upcoming attractions.... Says:

    Mark my words, the pictures of these two together will be up in the next 1-4 hours. Stay tuned.

  142. 142
    hbb Says:


    You and more than 100 people have posted here so yeah I guess people care about him.

  143. 143
    Annette Says:

    @@Thank you for your comment. I think it is really really sad when people think there is a gay/bi tendency only because they are watching a video in which he is really drunk and lick a guy. It is only a joke!! Sometimes you do strange things when you are drunk. I know that scandinavians drink a lot!!

  144. 144
    Jam Says:

    Ah will you look at that, Kate and Alex articles are side by side in the features section, how cute…

  145. 145
    Annette Says:

    @keterra. Thank you for reply! Perhaps only two of us got the right point of view. That this is only a video where people are really drunk and have fun!!

  146. 146
    JustJoanie Says:

    I don’t care if he’s bi, gay or straight, he’s awesome in the video. I’m sure most people realize Alex was just performing a wild and crazy dance for his friends. The more they laughed, the wilder he got. And yeah, he was drunk, but not so inebriated that he couldn’t turn his shirt back out before putting it on. The video only proves he’d be great to party with, not his sexual orientation.

    I’m glad to see he looks rested, though a bit thin. Now if he’d just smile occasionally.

  147. 147
    GAH! Says:

    It’s no wonder Americans have the reputation we have. This poor guy is getting such a bad rap, why? Because he may be dating/sleeping with some Hollywood huss? Because he puts down a few beers and gets goofy with his friends? Would we give this much attention to our doctor’s or plumber’s life? Why do we idolize actors/celebreties so much? They have a job like we do. They ****, pee, poop, and do stupid things just like we do. They get smelly feet (KB in those boots!), get boogers in their noses, have bad breath in the morning, and have hangovers the morning after
    It’s really grotesque the amount of attention we give them, really. I know, I know. . .I’m here reading and responding like everyone else, but it’s kind of like watching the aftermath of a car accident. I just can’t turn away from it no matter how nauseating it is.

  148. 148
    GAH! Says:

    Regardless of all of the above, I’ve seen his interviews and he seems very sweet and down to earth – not arrogant, stupid, or dirty. I love him and say to each his own. BTW – I think the video was hilarious and certainly didn’t hit my gaydar. Looked like goofy drunken fun.

  149. 149
    Diane Says:

    I so don’t think this guy is hot unless he’s on Ttrue Blood. They make him appear better looking or something.

    Have you guys seen that drunken home erotic video going around with him in it? He’s gross looking in it, I think. Google (Alex Skargard + homoerotic tape)

    Ryan Kwanten is so much hotter, imo.

  150. 150
    Is that KB Says:

    Is that KB in the background in the third photo following AS out of the airport, about 500 ft behind him? :)

  151. 151
    Ethan Says:

    Are we sure, hot, flat and crowded is not just what the thinks of his gfriend?

  152. 152
    amtj2008 Says:

    Lol I love how everyone of you seem to believe that everything Alex does is aimed at KB or you. This video was made before the “suppose” KB relationship, before he was famous in America, and before all interviews about being green. I see a man possibly tipsy but not drunk; because a drunk man, no matter how functioning, would not be able to compose himself so well, dancing and acting goofy with friends. What about it is gay or bi? apparently in America, just being close to the same sex, if you are an actor, means your gay or bi. Did he kiss dude? No. He licked his back and danced. He is European and I am sorry but regardless of what most of you think; he does not care, nor does he think about what random people MIGHT perceive, he lives his life.

    I am flabbergasted at the people claiming to be Swedish on this site. First not every Swedish person is blonde and tall. Second there are plenty of voluptuous women in Sweden, not all of them are skinny. The interview most of you are citing said Alex preferred petite, natural woman. Petite is short or small in height, not skinny; natural is someone without plastic surgery, who does not need a ton of make-up and who is low maintenance. It appears that some of you are projecting based on what YOU see. I have met plenty of actors/athletes who others claimed only liked a certain type of woman; only for them to be seen with women on a whole other level

    Since JJ and other sites keep listing KB as his gf and he has not acknowledged this; he is now gay, this is a pr relationship or a liar/hypocrite. I wonder how most of you would feel if you said someone was just a friend but no one believed you? Would you repeat it to deaf ears? Wow he can’t read books without them meaning something, I am sure he said let me get this particular book so when I get off the plane, paps can see me{dripping with sarcasm}. You can quote him about the green stuff, b*tch about the car but you can’t seem to remember how he does not read gossip site, or belong to social networks. That would make him a hypocrite but since he is still hanging with KB, dressing like crap; I can bet he has not read anything.

    I don’t understand KB even being brought up when for the first time JJ did not list her in the post. I cannot understand hating someone but then constantly talking about them. I mean we can pretty much agree she is in this for the fame, to rival Orlando, and because her career is in the crapper. She gets what she want because all of you bring her up. I also can’t seem to grasp how he is gay or bi but ashamed when he has said so much about it in interviews. Someone hiding their homosexuality in HW would not talk about having a gay roommate or being comfortable doing naked scenes with men.

  153. 153
    BooHiss! Says:

    @Diane: Maybe it’s all the white makeup and red eyeliner that make him so sexy-hot on TB?! You’re right, tanned, toned, blond streaked Askars does nothing for me either. No, I don’t believe any of us have seen that video.Thanks for the googlin’ tip. Another thing, I noticed KB and AS side by side on the main screen also, Jam. I bet KB went grocery shopping to make AS a nice home cooked meal once he gets home.

  154. 154
    puzzled! Says:

    Wouldn’t he have had to signe a release to include that video with the DVD extras which is where it came from? Maybe he signed the release a long time ago but if he didn’t know by now, Askars is learning just how homoaphobic America still is.
    I think Askars has made several mistakes over the past year Bosworhtless being his Biggest and worst and truly the root of all his other negative press. He is at a “can’t do anything right point”. I think things would change dramatically for him if he stopped with the showmance. Unfortunately b/c of that video we are going to get the “couple” pictures of these two and there will probably be some PDA this time.
    Whoever said that their PR people post postive comments here-yeah that’s obvious.

  155. 155
    R&M Says:


    I mostly agree with you, he just has terrible terrible taste in women. KHo ia a pariah in HW, just waiting for Alex to figure it out.

  156. 156
    Acey Says:


    yuk yuk yuk….I laughed pretty hard at that.

    I think after the BTP tape we will see one of two things happen with the girlfriend…a breakup or pictures stateside where she is not 10 paces behind him while he looks like he smells something bad. I used to think it was just the presence of the paps that made him act like that, but even when they don’t know cameras are on them, she moons up at him while he looks anywhere else. I don’t think he’s gay…he has said he is not, and I can’t believe that a lover wouldn’t have come out of the woodwork by now if he was…I really like Alex, but Kate is like the anti-midas.

  157. 157
    ABlake Says:

    I’m Italian, I’ve seen the infamous video and I can confirm that no straight man in Italy, drunk or sober, would ever behave like that! I don’t think it’s a matter of being homophobic, it’s just a matter of stating the truth, you like it or not.

  158. 158
    Jane Says:


    Honestly, I think you’re spending too much time in this board if you think that Alex has so little fans that his people have to hire posters to defend him. Believe me, Alex has many fans all over the world and the vast majority of them don’t act like bitter, petty nasty teenage girls.

    I sure hope he doesn’t read this forum because a guy like him who have ever been so kind, patient and accomodating to his fans sure deserves better.

  159. 159
    very strange Says:

    I find it strange that once again in her post JJ has added kate’s trueblood BOYFRIEND alexander skarsgard, was last seen in Honolulu, Hawaii for his new film, Battleship.

    but JJ forgot to mention in his post alexander skarsgard’s GIRLFRIEND Kate bosoworth was last seen at Gelson’s supermarket?

  160. 160
    LOL Says:


    Really? Do you know every straight man in Italy? That’s impressive.

  161. 161
    whenwillitend Says:

    @amtj2008:Dang, when and where is the book signing***********************_____________________________ Just kidding!! I agree with most of what you say, even though it is a bit longer than your PF piece. You must remember though this is an entertainment forum, and this is what is giving JJ most of his hits now. Really its fun, I don’t take any of this seriously. It is a fun trainwreck.

  162. 162
    BuffyBot Says:

    I have been to other fansites and all the Europeans say that Alex’s behavior in the video is typical of drunken, European men (particularly Scandinavians). I thought that the video was hilarious. I also think that he has a real relationship with KB (although I think they do play to the paps), although time will tell how serious the relationship is. They both like to party and drink.

    Unfortunately for those of us who don’t like KB, I’m afraid that their PR firm will overreact to the vid and we will have to suffer an entire summer of AS/KB lurve. By the way, regarding the pics of KB at the grocery store: The bags were probably filled with booze and Queen CDs. LOL.

  163. 163
    Allyson Says:

    I think he’s a pretty good dancer! Looks to me like they’re having a bit of a drunken fun time, nothing more.
    Kate and Alex are a cute couple. Good for them!

  164. 164
    To PRs Says:

    Frankly would that be so terrible if he came out of the closet?
    Maybe you need to reconsider this.
    Look Neil Patrick Harris nailed it and that he is still liked for the person he is (he’s a very classy man) and that he’s still credible as a not gay character in How I Met Your Mother.
    I don’t believe it’s that terrible to come out of the closet, furthermore he is no dicaprio, it wouldn’t be such a shock (he is not that known except as the douche who “dates” KB).

    The only thing different with Neil Patrick is his sympathy capital.
    Alex’s capital is running away very fast and that was pretty rapid for someone not known until 1-2 years in America.
    Add the fact that :
    The guy is an hypocrite, he is swedish he is supposed to show how eco friendly he is, he is not.
    Add the fact he constantly tells things and do the contrary..

    Frankly him being gay wouldn’t be that bad.

  165. 165
    You're right Says:


    If he said he’s not gay he isn’t.
    After all he is always saying the truth, right?

  166. 166
    Acey Says:

    @You’re right:

    I didn’t think quote mining should be possible on THE SAME PAGE. I saaaaid:…”he has said he is not, and I can’t believe that a lover wouldn’t have come out of the woodwork by now if he was.” Please acknowledge the entire statement in context when everyone can just scroll up and see what you did there. Shameless.

  167. 167
    Vanessa Says:

    He’s also said that he’s single and we know that’s not true, so it would seem that he just says whatever he wants whether he means it or not. I say he’s at least bi, I feel sorry for that guy he was mauling in that video.

  168. 168
    okay Says:

    I guess we would have not given that video a second thought other than a goofy guy getting really sh&t faced is it were not for the Nelly Fang rumors……about a current vampire actor getting his jollies in Griffith Park, and every vampire has been eliminated except Askars…..hence the reason we say hmmmmm. I am in agreement with a lot of folks here…….its a trainwreck we can not turn away from……we know we should but the fauxmance is just too much fun!

  169. 169
    @167 Says:

    Maybe he was single when he said he’s single. Perhaps KB and AS were spending time together but didn’t consider themselves a couple at that point. Neither have commented on their relationship status in quite a while nor should they. It’s their business, not ours.

  170. 170
    To Pr's Says:

    @To PRs:
    I can’t believe I got minus 4, to say being gay isn’t that a big deal & that
    there is nothing wrong with being gay.

  171. 171
    Diana Says:

    He looks very hot wearing blue.

  172. 172
    ANDYFAN Says:


    Really are you serious right now? He is signed to KB PR team, their whole job is to make anything to do with KB look good.

    Does it look good that her BF has a video out that people are saying outs him as being gay? No because that would mean that she is a beard which = not good for KB.

    Does it look good when people say that she is using Alex for her own personal gain? No, so the PR team writes numerous posts about how great and wonderful she is because anything written otherwise = not good for KB.

    People have been hip to her and her PR teams antics since the OBloom days. I think her and Alex do have a BF/GF relationship, but she is also milking it for all that it’s worth. And let’s face it Alex is worth so much more than she is.

  173. 173
    puzzled! Says:

    let me be more clear. This site (just like Perez) are all stories fed from their PR people. These are online tabloids and like US Weekly or InTouch, these stories come from their people. That is why this infamous video never made it as a story. Their people post the stories and monitor the boards and IMO they post too.
    Regardless of what anyone thinks of Askars or why we even come to these sites. Let’s be honest about what this site is all about.

  174. 174
    okay Says:

    I do not think anyone here is angry with Askars, more dissapointed. If we are angry we are with ourselves…….that we bought his wolf tickets (i.e., Gary Oldman favorite actor because he treasures his privacy, eco friendly and all that crap). I have said it before if he came out and said “hey I am young, I like to party,and I like sk@nky girls” we would have laughed and moved on. He seemed so geniune with his interviews. KB is the epitome of everything that is fake with Hollywood, thus the uggggh comments LOL

  175. 175
    Rita Says:

    Small Head is back!!

  176. 176
    eurt Says:


    God this is the most ridiculous of all the accusation she is being bombarded with..

    of course she dyes her hair but she is dark blond naturally.
    how is askars is ” zomg he is so blond, so swedish so blond’! but his natural hair is mousy when not cheezily high lighted and she is a BRUNETTE now? wow are you color blind?

  177. 177
    okay Says:


    you are right. on the Perez site Ga Ga can do no wrong and here its Askars. Note to JJ, just because we are here does not mean we believe the hype……just a fun distraction.

  178. 178
    okay Says:


    is that a picture of an adult woman?

  179. 179
    JEN Says:


    Exactly! It’s obvious that Alex and KB’s team have JJ on the payroll. He features them more than any other celeb (except for Bilson) and there is a reason for it. JJ gets the hits and Alex and KB get the exposure. And in Hollywood any press is good press (which is probably a good thing for Kate). The same goes for all the photo ops. Out of sight out of mind. They have to keep their clients in the spotlight otherwise people will just forget about them. I don’t think Alex would have a problem with this because he’s on a popular show so he would get papped anyway. Probably not to the same degree that he is now because of the KB/PRteam influence.

    A lot of people seem to think that if we hate on KB it’s because we are jealous and we want Alex to ourselves. I don’t think that’s the case at all. I think to a certain degree we might go too far with our comments on her, but it has to be said that a lot (but not all) were OBloom fans back in the day, if not still, and we all saw first hand how she rode the coattails of her boyfriend, calling the paps at every opportunity, trying to cover her grins when the flashes were going off while Orlando looked miserable. Things haven’t changed much since then. New boyfriend, same old tricks.

    Now to make things clear I don’t hate Kate in anyway, don’t wish any harm to her etc. I just think some of the lengths she and her PR team will go to to keep her relevant in an industry that clearly doesn’t care for her, is quite sad to watch. It’s not fair to the guys she dates or really to herself. She tried the acting thing it didn’t work out, there’s nothing wrong with admitting that and moving on. She could easily go to Princeton and get a great education if she wanted to, I just don’t think she is ready or wants to admit to herself that people aren’t buying what she’s selling anymore.

    sorry for the essay I’m just tired of people saying that anyone who trashes on Kate are crazy ass Alex fangirls.

  180. 180
    Clue Says:


    God this is the most ridiculous of all the accusation she is being bombarded with..

    of course she dyes her hair but she is dark blond naturally.
    how is askars is ” zomg he is so blond, so swedish so blond’! but his natural hair is mousy when not cheezily high lighted and she is a BRUNETTE now? wow are you color blind

    Wow! I do not recall accusing her of dying her hair. This is about hair not Al Qeada, right? I only responded to someone who said she was a natural blond. I said she had dark roots. That was refuted. I then said it’s no different than most ” blonds” walking about that have dark roots. That got your goat? The only real thing you rise to defend is whether an actress dyes her hair or not? We know many people who are born with light blond hair that darken over time. So? Hair…really? How vapid and insipid you are. No wonder her website finds that some of the mindless drivel she spouts as quotable:

    “I’m always all over the place doing all kinds of things, so I always say it’s good to have a good tinted lip gloss in your bag at all times. You can use it on your cheeks and your eyes in addition to your lips. Actually, if you have to, you can use it on your eyelashes in place of mascara and get away with it. I love to use Rosebud Salve .”

    National Honor Society member? Princeton acceptance??? REALLY!!!

    Please don’t respond about how young she was .Dakota Fanning at 16 sounds far more intelligent that she ever did.

    Drew Barrymore dropped out of school in the 8th grade, over came addicion at 14, went on to start her own production company( Charlie’s Angels, Donnie Darko, etc) and her movies have made 2.3 BILLION dollars. This is what truly erudite quotes look like:

    Too bad Alex couldn’t get someone like Drew. Then she and Alex could go to her godfather Steven Spielberg’s house with his other goddaughter Gwyneth. That would be too funny.

    No Drew did not use her contacts for her career. At one point she was practically unemployable. She had to work very hard to get where she is today. People ADORE her because she is truly AMAZING.

  181. 181
    honestly... Says:

    I don’t know much about KBos because I’ve never had any interest in her or her movie(s), so in a spirit of fairness, I just watched a series of interviews with her on youtube (starting with one featuring her looooove of Chanel). A few words spring to mind: vacuous, pretentious, narcissistic, clueless, contrived, name-dropper… She is a pretty girl (although too thin IMO, I wouldn’t exactly call her sexy), but beyond that I just didn’t see any redeeming qualities about her. Something about her rubbed me the wrong way.
    I’ve only seen a few interviews with AS, but he seems to be a smart guy. He did seem unique to me, kind of reserved, but sweet and humble, which I found endearing because it is so rare among celebrities. Maybe it was all an act, but I am going to assume not…in this case I hope he will find a partner more suited to his personality. I hope his newfound Hollywood fame doesn’t taint him.

  182. 182
    Reality Check Says:

    @Rock n Roll Queen
    Your from GREECE…a nation that is bankrupt …and all the other European nations resent because they had to bail your country out….wasn’t there riots by the citizens due to the heavy taxes and now oppression….U.S may be is in a recession but we are way better off than your country quite frankly…………..

  183. 183
    ally Says:

    Do some research douchebag….google Kate and when you see her imd profile is states FACTS most people do not know about Kate states she is naturally a BRUNETTE…she has also stated to be a natural brunette….you look like a fool…is that you Jam/hans………….lol

  184. 184
    ally Says:

    BTW eurt
    also forgot to say she is a brunette like her mother…do reserch before you comment and put down other people’s posts….Why don’t you google Kate right now and eat crow………

  185. 185
    Swedophile Says:

    Um, who gives a sh*t about Kate Bosworth’s real hair color? o_o

  186. 186
    monice Says:


    I agree, he mess up, pr wise. What thy public/fans giveth, thy might take it away as well, as quickly. He is geting too snobby, he wont be attending SDcomi-con because he is “filming”. I wont bother seeing his movies now.

  187. 187
    monice Says:

    “the crazy fan girls” as you call us is what made his career so far, withouth them, his movies have no audience, so yeah, i’ll would be worry if i was him, we are his bread and butter, like the great and only Jonny Depp has said “we are his employers” .

  188. 188
    honestly... Says:

    @JEN: Well said. I’m not a crazy-ass ASkars fangirl, either, and I don’t hate Kate, I just don’t find her to be particularly likeable.

  189. 189
    monice Says:

    @jj fans:

    I love gay men,it would be such a brilliant career lmove if he would announce that he is. Gays rule the industry. But of course he is not gay, all heterosexual men when drunk love to kiss and fondle another men, right? ;) and get “animated” afterwarth, look at the last part of the video, you can see his “animation” thru the black pants. I am just esaying it is normal heterosexual behabior.

  190. 190
    facetedjewel Says:

    The posts are wretched. . . but here goes. . .

    Alex isn’t gay, or at least I’ve never gotten that vibe. Comfortable with himself, and indifferent to gender when it comes to playmates seems more likely. In the video, he looks like a typical Swede, who’s slightly drunk and blowing off some steam. Unless he wants to make an ‘Anna Paquin-like’ announcement, speculation is useless . . . and meanwhile serves the image of his character ‘Eric’ rather well, don’t you think?

    The sports car: I don’t see Alex putting out that kind of cash for high end wheels. A lease-to-own seems more likely, and the dealership gets publicity. During this recession, even in LA, business for high end cars has to be a little slow. How to move them off the lot? Did he say he bought the car outright? Yeah, actors also tell the public they do their own stunts.

    Kate. . .I don’t care how or why or where or when or who. I just want someone to love him. . .genuinely. . .sincerely, for who he really is – whoever that turns out to be. Just someone to love him with their whole heart. If you have someone to love you like that, then you can appreciate what I’m sayinig. And if you don’t, then what would you give to be loved whole? He’s almost 34. . .at the end of your life it’s about who you loved and who you were loved by. His career isn’t everything. It will all seem pretty hollow is he doesn’t have anyone to share his success with.

  191. 191
    monice Says:

    I dont agree that being gay is career suicide, in the contrary. The major pilars of the industry are gay and the community is highly supportive of eachother. I think gay men can be an inspiration to anybody, not only for their natural talent, attention of detail, and the fact that they are always well dress and groomed, but because of their courage to be themselves despite of criticism of family and society.

  192. 192
    monice Says:

    in the contrary. The major pilars of the industry are gay and the community is highly supportive of eachother. I think gay men can be an inspiration to anybody, not only for their natural talent, attention of detail, and the fact that they are always well dress and groomed, but because of their courage to be themselves despite of criticism of family and society.

  193. 193
    lia Says:

    @rock n roll queen:

    Very nicely said ……. I’m a Greek girl too by the way!!!!

  194. 194
    monice Says:


    yep, I cant wait for part two, maybe someone will accidentally shoot a video during the tb wrap party and he’ll be very “entertaining” again.

  195. 195
    lia Says:

    @Reality Check:

    I’m Lia from Greece too, can you stop being pathetic and racist please ?
    I have nothing against your country by the way !!!!!

  196. 196
    Hardly care anymore Says:

    Who REALLY gives a Sh*T about:
    a) What color Kate’s hair is
    b) Whether or not Alex BOUGHT the car or leases it
    c) Whether Alex read the book or not
    d) Whether Kate’s a home wrecker or not
    e) Whether Alex is gay or not

    A lot less PR image bullsh*t and a lot MORE straight up honesty (regardless of how shocking it maybe) would, at the very least, do me just fine at this point , thanks!

  197. 197
    KJ Says:

    A sports car doesn’t = gaz guzzler. I don’t know the Audi’s Estimated Miles Per Gallon, but my husband has a sports car in the same price range/class and it gets 32+ miles to the gallon.

  198. 198
    RandomGirl Says:


    I couldn’t give a toss about him or…K.B
    I just love to read the articles on this ridiculous new “celeb couple” I tells for a couple they don’t look that into each other. I assume he sees her as a dumb blonde and easy lay. She sees him for his publicity..

  199. 199
    Veronique Says:

    Both Alex and Kate strike me as nice, bright people. She’s extremely articulate in the interviews at youtube. I was watching some from Blue Crush days and for a 19/20 year old girl she was very eloquent and composed. I was impressed. I doubt very much that unkind comments about either of them from a handful of people on JJ are going to effect their careers in any way. Seems to be you overestimate yourselves.

  200. 200
    Are you kidding? Says:

    @Veronique: Ok, Veronique, I have to ask – what the hell interviews were you watching? I have seen many of her “performances” on talk shows where she is alternately pretentious (w/fake accents), boring and lacking an ability to shoot the breeze. Even Jonathan Ross, in an infamous clip that has circled the internet lately, said she was so useless on his show that they could have brought a lamp out instead. I don’t think her print interviews have served her that well either. I do agree that what gets said here doesn’t matter in their real lives, but I also agree with the posters here who note that his whole career here is built on the support of fans…many of whom read and contribute to these sites…so the speculation will rage on.

  201. 201
    bleacheda**hole Says:

    i just bleached my *******….he is not gay!

    these two things are unrelated,

  202. 202
    bleacheda**hole Says:

    i just bleached my *******….he is not gay!

    these two things are unrelated,

  203. 203
    kinkylover Says:


  204. 204
    Reality Check Says:

    Get a clue… was my statement racist idiot….I live in the U.S my grandparents are French and Swedish that would make me white like Greeks right??? more like classiest issue to me…by the way the rest of Europe and U.S prpbably does not want any Greeks in their and our countries…so stay in Greece….by the way my statement of makin it was in reference of acting that No matter where your from they all come to U.S.A to make their mark as a acting star!!!

  205. 205
    Aurora Says:

    Helloo Mr. SkarsSexee! He looks absolutely amazing! He’s GORGEOUS! Too HOT for the words. I like him whatever haircolour hi has but I must admit I’m happy happy happy very happy he’s back his blonde swagger again.

  206. 206
    chocomaniac Says:

    I like Alex. He’s fun, exhibits excellent acting skills and looks a sincere and hard-working guy.

    There is a BIG cultural difference % HW and where he comes from and though he’s not new in the US, he must have had a hard time getting used to the paparazzi and the people who live on celebirties (and celebrities on each other). Star PR is a cruel industry. I think he’s learning it the hard way that’s why he looked so stressed each time he’s with KB.

  207. 207
    rock n roll queen Says:

    lia thank u aka euharisto reality check we may be nearly bankrupt but we are still a beautiful hospitable country n this is proven by the thousands of tourists that visit us every year we may have financial problems but we were always honest n never took advantage of other countries or started a war against them to supposedly save them just to make more profit from oil we may look like beggers but u r still war criminals

  208. 208
    JM Says:

    This is an entertainment gossip site not a political one. Please take politics elsewhere.

  209. 209
    Peanut Gallery Says:

    Pass the popcorn………the show goes on

  210. 210
    S Says:

    The haters say Skarsgård is shallow when in fact they themselves are super shallow when they judge someone because of rumors…(fact is that rumors are started by those who profit from them, there is rarely any evidence, for example Kate being a homewrecker)

  211. 211
    Vanessa Says:

    I like Alex..I mean I think he is a great actor and I love him on True Blood. He’s the main reason why I watch the show.

    I have to disagree with some comments saying he’s ugly, he is anything but ugly. He’s a good looking guy.

    But I agree with what yall say about Kate Bosworth…I mean really? He could do so much better than her. They don’t look very much “in love” so I’m kinda confused about their relationship? They don’t even appear as a couple at social events. I think she’s using him because he’s very popular at the moment.
    Does anyone see them getting married? or lasting another year? He’ll move on and find his next desperate fame seeker and K.B will find another gullible fool.

  212. 212
    amanda Says:

    Thanks Tina for your coment! I couldn’t agree more! Seriously people what do you know about Kate and Alex? What if he went out with Lindsay Lohan, OMG THAT WOULD HAVE BEEN HORRIBLE!! (=you people)
    I mean pwople, there a lot worse people than Kate and Alex.. So why attack him so much when all he does is hanging out with his beautiful girlfriend and working on films and True Blood… It’s not like he is out drunk every night banging girls, which I think is what he would do if he was shallow! But he is not!

  213. 213
    Side-eye Says:

    Eric is so boring too me now and so is the show. Compare him from the first year, totally night and day. I really don’t understand. In my opinion he has gotten the big head and he has dissapointed his fans and TB fans alike. I like Steve, Lafayette and Jason so much better. Alcide is just hotness waiting to happen. As far as Skarsgard, I don’t care who he dates, if he likes that nasty peice, then face it ladies that who he is. I ‘m not going to even blame , “she who shall remain nameless”, ladies, its him. He has not respect for himself , his fans, or her, and she allows it, because of course he thinks he is the greatest thing smoking, because we have made him believe that he is. He is nice to fans albeit, he knows to he has to be to our face. He is a liar, he tells us what we want to hear and he knows we are okay with that because “he said it”. WE come onto JJ post mutiple posts, argue and belittle each other, all so that Hans can go back and report our rabid responses. Ladies you have not figured out that Hans does personally know him? If you really want to show Alex your displeasure for his actions and his lies and about Kate, stop posting, stop feeding into this frenzy. You can still come in to JJ and look, but stop posting he thinks we American women are not birght, look how he treats Kate. I still like him and hopefully he will crawl out of the sewer and get himself together, but until he does, Hit him where it hurts, in his PR machine, make it run a little harder. Let him know that he is a product , and like any product, he can be replaced and taken of the shelf, until we desire him to come back. If other actors that have been around for awhile can respect their fans, even if it is to issue a “no comment “Then certainly Mr. Skarsgard saying it would not have been a problem. Just ignore him until he gets his act together.. Read this and think about it. Stop posting about this guy, 200 responses? Come one he is not even a globally well known actor or a A list actor yet.

  214. 214
    LOL Says:

    That video was too funny! :)

    I don’t think the people commenting here represent most americans… or even most normal people.

  215. 215
    MD Says:

    I like him in blue. He looks so much better alone!

  216. 216
    Big deal! Says:

    Nothing he seems to do can be right in all you haters books.
    He can read a book on the environment if he wants! So what if he drives a car too – everyone does!
    I read books on the Iraqi war, but shoot me down because I’m not out there in Iraq fighting on the front line. Obviously not doing anything about the subject means you can’t read about it. Guess it’s time to slam everyone watching the news from their damn homes then.

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