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Alexander Skarsgard: Hot, Flat, and Crowded!

Alexander Skarsgard: Hot, Flat, and Crowded!

True Blood‘s Alexander Skarsgard arrives back home to Los Angeles via LAX airport with his Battleship director Peter Berg on Saturday (July 10).

The pair just returned from Honolulu, Hawaii, where they worked on their new movie, Battleship.

Alex was seen carrying around the book, “Hot, Flat, and Crowded 2.0,” which explains why we need a green revolution – and how it can renew America. Looks like Alex is looking into the perils of our resource-strapped world!

15+ pictures inside of Alexander Skarsgard back from his trip to Hawaii…

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alexander skarsgard hot flat crowded 01
alexander skarsgard hot flat crowded 02
alexander skarsgard hot flat crowded 03
alexander skarsgard hot flat crowded 04
alexander skarsgard hot flat crowded 05
alexander skarsgard hot flat crowded 06
alexander skarsgard hot flat crowded 07
alexander skarsgard hot flat crowded 08
alexander skarsgard hot flat crowded 09
alexander skarsgard hot flat crowded 10
alexander skarsgard hot flat crowded 11
alexander skarsgard hot flat crowded 12
alexander skarsgard hot flat crowded 13
alexander skarsgard hot flat crowded 14
alexander skarsgard hot flat crowded 15

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216 Responses to “Alexander Skarsgard: Hot, Flat, and Crowded!”

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  1. 76
    Alexette Says:

    @ally: YOU ARE RIGHT. He is so doing the Lafayette in the the video.

  2. 77
    Response Says:

    Where did you ear this from?

  3. 78
    wait Says:

    Is it just me or do the first page side-by-side photos of Kate and Alex look exactly the same. They have the same expression and everything. Did JJ do this on purpose, some sort of subliminal message? Whatever JJ, when are you going to mention the video?

  4. 79
    @response Says:

    @Response: FX heard this nowhere, just another silly attempt by a fangirl to make it look like Alex likes women.

  5. 80
    Wilsons Advice Says:

    He should come out of the closet. He could help a lot of people.

  6. 81
    here we go Says:

    Losers!!! so I get a -4 Wow I am honored that you crazies think so highly of me. @74 and @75 I agree all of us Alex fans unite even tho it’s just us 3 but we still show that we aren’t afraid of you LOSERS!!! We love Alex could give a Sh*t about you haters. So sad.

    He is freaking HOTTTT!!!! Love the shirt.

  7. 82
    fx Says:

    I heard it from a homeless person. Apparently Anna had given him some food that he didnt like. He is stalking her now, so that is how he saw them together.

  8. 83
    haters Says:

    @here we go: There are more than three of us, these crazies are just scaring people from commenting. That is why I am writing, to show that we not only love and support Alex, but we are proud to say it! I love the shirt too!!

  9. 84
    Clue Says:

    Good grief! This is still only a gossip site about an up and coming actor. There’s no need to shout to the rafters your love for a person whom all you really know about is what he puts out there. People’s perceptions of him are influenced by his words and deeds. Like I said before everything he says and does now are being looked over with magnifying some people. For example the book, it’s a little more that coincidental that he just happens to be holding a book about the environment after the flack regarding the sports car. Was he going to read it while he was retrieving for his luggage? While walking through the airport? Maybe read it to the guy pushing his luggage on the way to his ride? You have to admit, it does give one pause.

    Everyone is free to their own opinion. people see the same events differently. There’s no reason to get psycho on either side. He’s an actor, he doesn’t dictate public policy or make any real lasting changes on society. He’s an entertainer. Let him entertain you… or

  10. 85
    yo sista Says:

    He’s so HOT.

  11. 86
    JM Says:

    @ Clue

    Gotta admit, he’s been real entertaining lately. :p

  12. 87
    JustJoanie Says:

    Sweet Jesus! He looks so thin! O_O

  13. 88
    haters Says:

    @Clue: We would not be upset if only “opinions” were out there. But some people are just saying he is gay like it is a fact, and it is not.

  14. 89
    ANYWAY Says:

  15. 90
    here we go Says:

    Oh and it is entertaining to see that crazy people exist outside of mad houses. LOL

  16. 91
    yo sista Says:

    @JustJoanie: He’s just TALL.

  17. 92
    Clothes Says:

    Hmm. I didn’t think it was possible to dress worse than Alex does most of the time (and, not that I’m complaining, but is there a see-thru shirt store in LA? He’s got another one on!), but he better not start raiding Peter Berg’s closet, ugh. Although perhaps it was Alex who instructed PB in this one, given he’s got KB’s infamous half-shirt-tuck going in pics 12 and he just needs cargo pants…

  18. 93
    Next Chapter? Says:

    Let’s see, What’s next on the AS/KB PR firm’s appearance schedule for the summer? 1. Since Bosworthless was papped grocery shopping, will there be pics of them having another fun Sunday outing with the Larsons?; 2. How about more photos at LAX when AS leaves for Sweden – with or without the s**t?; 3. Even better would be his arrival in Stockholm to the welcoming arms of his countrymen – with or without the s**t(?). Since AS isn’t going to be at Comic Con this month or the Emmy Awards show next month, the on-going adventures of Skarsworthless will be Sweden and/or Hawaii. What would be REALLY refreshing and welcome would be if all the AS pics from here on were just of him. Maybe then his d-list career would be able to crawl out of the sewer it’s been in since last September because of his arrogance, conceit and stupidity.

  19. 94
    Anne Says:

    Carrying around a book about being green means nothing, considering he just bought a sports car.

  20. 95
    sascha Says:

    I’m surprised Kate isn’t there jumping up into his arms and wrapping her legs around him like she did to Orlando years ago.
    Orlando actually showing open PDA when picking up his true love from Heathrow must have just killed Kate.
    Maybe she is still in a binge and purge stupor and couldn’t make it in time for the paps to see her.

  21. 96
    CHOICE Says:


  22. 97
    LoveAlex Says:

    I love Alexander as an actor and I honestly believe he is getting a bad rap for dating someone people love to hate on. I would watch him in anything. Believe me, he still has lots of fans… just go to normal sites and not gossip ones stalked by the same slightly deranged, “g”dam posters (me included).

  23. 98
    Jam Says:


    It isnt really that many people that are trashtalking the guy, just a couple of crazies with lots of accounts…

  24. 99
    LoveAlex Says:

    @Jam: Hi Jam. Thanks… I agree. Its still sad to me to read people who mistake hate and vulgar meanness with wit and cleverness. Opinions can differ but common decency should not be forgotten IMHO.

  25. 100
    Fishy Says:


    That coming from the weirdo that has so many screen IDs that he could fill a whole screen with. How about from the psycho who uses other people’s aliases to post. Any of those things sound familiar? I’m sure they do.

    I see your spelling and grammar are both still top notch. And your punctuation never fails to deliver, either. Or is the apostrophe on your keyboard broken?

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