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Alexander Skarsgard: Hot, Flat, and Crowded!

Alexander Skarsgard: Hot, Flat, and Crowded!

True Blood‘s Alexander Skarsgard arrives back home to Los Angeles via LAX airport with his Battleship director Peter Berg on Saturday (July 10).

The pair just returned from Honolulu, Hawaii, where they worked on their new movie, Battleship.

Alex was seen carrying around the book, “Hot, Flat, and Crowded 2.0,” which explains why we need a green revolution – and how it can renew America. Looks like Alex is looking into the perils of our resource-strapped world!

15+ pictures inside of Alexander Skarsgard back from his trip to Hawaii…

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alexander skarsgard hot flat crowded 01
alexander skarsgard hot flat crowded 02
alexander skarsgard hot flat crowded 03
alexander skarsgard hot flat crowded 04
alexander skarsgard hot flat crowded 05
alexander skarsgard hot flat crowded 06
alexander skarsgard hot flat crowded 07
alexander skarsgard hot flat crowded 08
alexander skarsgard hot flat crowded 09
alexander skarsgard hot flat crowded 10
alexander skarsgard hot flat crowded 11
alexander skarsgard hot flat crowded 12
alexander skarsgard hot flat crowded 13
alexander skarsgard hot flat crowded 14
alexander skarsgard hot flat crowded 15

Credit: Matei H; Photos: Bauergriffinonline, INFdaily
Posted to: Alexander Skarsgard, Peter Berg

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216 Responses to “Alexander Skarsgard: Hot, Flat, and Crowded!”

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  1. 126
    heidi Says:

    Alex is looking great! Love the hair.

    A few posters saying mean things on JJ does equal a scandal. The usual reaction to the video was people laughing at drunk Skarsgard–and that would be the reaction the Beyond The Pole people would be expecting, since they would hardly deliberately out an actor on the extra of the film he did with them. A little common sense gives the context of the video and most people have common sense.

    Same with the new car “scandal.” The number of people who noticed and cared is very low, even if they post about it over and over. This wasn’t a story flying all over the internet like Lindsay Lohan or Mel Gibson. Hardly worth a PR plan. Alex is like most of us–he cares about the environment in general, makes some responsible choices and some choices that aren’t the greenest.

  2. 127
    RandomGirl Says:

    No one cares about this douche anymore! lmaoooo

    He needs to get his hair washed for one thing…and dump the twiggy he’s dating. They’re both freakin desperate losers. Maybe they deserve each other?

  3. 128
    heidi Says:


    oops–meant “does NOT equal a scandal” time for that coffee . . .

  4. 129
    donnaflopp Says:

    LMAO! Live as you preach. Carrying/reading a certain book is not what brings cred. Even if an Audi isn’t a gas guzzler the way a Hummer is, it’s still not a hybrid.

    Dosmetic Kate is waiting with some home-cooked food, riiiight???

  5. 130
    heidi Says:

    ooops meant “does NOT equal a scandal” time for that coffee . . .

  6. 131
    RandomGirl Says:

    Why is he being papped all the time? He’s not even that famous…who cares what he’s doing?

    Also Twiggy is a bad influence. The guys been losing weight since he’s been with her. Coke heads.

  7. 132
    LisaM Says:

    I bet the moment he leaves the airport, the s k a n k will totally attack him with her own group of paparazzi!!

  8. 133
    Cute Says:

    Love him and I love her too.

  9. 134
    Clue Says:


    YOU said you knew her and YOUR brother was in the same graduating class. You do have yearbooks, correct? People usually have tons of pictures of the famous people from their hometowns. People like to all remember when and lay claim to friendships to famous people after the fact. I don’t see what’s wrong or hostile saying she has dark roots…the majority of “blonds” walking around do.

  10. 135
    The PR Truth Says:

    It is true that PR firms hire individuals to come onto boards/forums/fan sites and post positive comments already scripted. I have done it and so have several of my friends. So eveything you all read out there is not from true fans by any means. Just thought I’d give my 2 cents.

  11. 136
    Annette Says:

    @keterra. I agree with you!
    I watched the video and think because of the video you can not say he is bi or gay. They got drunk and that’s it. I am a German, I see this behaviour of drunken men or women dancing with each other every weekend. And you know they are not bi or gay.

  12. 137
    @ Annette Says:

    That may be true in German/ Swedish/ European culture but in the US, it can be percieved as gay/bi tendencies. It may not be PC or fair but it’s true.

  13. 138
    Clue Says:

    Does anyone truly believes that a closeted person would allow themselves to get so under the influenced publicly to out themselves? Then routinely let themselves be pictured in even vaguely homoerotic manner? Okay, I have a bridge to sell in lovely Brooklyn.

  14. 139
    Sady Says:

    Why bring KB to this post? She’s not in these pictures, JJ doesn’t even mentioned her, but you guys can’t shut up about her.

    You just love the fake drama.

    And I love him, he looks hot and I’m counting the days to see him in Batleship.

  15. 140
    keterra Says:

    @Annette: I agree with u 2 :) maybe it is just a euro/usa thing … just think its a lil sad !

  16. 141
    Upcoming attractions.... Says:

    Mark my words, the pictures of these two together will be up in the next 1-4 hours. Stay tuned.

  17. 142
    hbb Says:


    You and more than 100 people have posted here so yeah I guess people care about him.

  18. 143
    Annette Says:

    @@Thank you for your comment. I think it is really really sad when people think there is a gay/bi tendency only because they are watching a video in which he is really drunk and lick a guy. It is only a joke!! Sometimes you do strange things when you are drunk. I know that scandinavians drink a lot!!

  19. 144
    Jam Says:

    Ah will you look at that, Kate and Alex articles are side by side in the features section, how cute…

  20. 145
    Annette Says:

    @keterra. Thank you for reply! Perhaps only two of us got the right point of view. That this is only a video where people are really drunk and have fun!!

  21. 146
    JustJoanie Says:

    I don’t care if he’s bi, gay or straight, he’s awesome in the video. I’m sure most people realize Alex was just performing a wild and crazy dance for his friends. The more they laughed, the wilder he got. And yeah, he was drunk, but not so inebriated that he couldn’t turn his shirt back out before putting it on. The video only proves he’d be great to party with, not his sexual orientation.

    I’m glad to see he looks rested, though a bit thin. Now if he’d just smile occasionally.

  22. 147
    GAH! Says:

    It’s no wonder Americans have the reputation we have. This poor guy is getting such a bad rap, why? Because he may be dating/sleeping with some Hollywood huss? Because he puts down a few beers and gets goofy with his friends? Would we give this much attention to our doctor’s or plumber’s life? Why do we idolize actors/celebreties so much? They have a job like we do. They ****, pee, poop, and do stupid things just like we do. They get smelly feet (KB in those boots!), get boogers in their noses, have bad breath in the morning, and have hangovers the morning after
    It’s really grotesque the amount of attention we give them, really. I know, I know. . .I’m here reading and responding like everyone else, but it’s kind of like watching the aftermath of a car accident. I just can’t turn away from it no matter how nauseating it is.

  23. 148
    GAH! Says:

    Regardless of all of the above, I’ve seen his interviews and he seems very sweet and down to earth – not arrogant, stupid, or dirty. I love him and say to each his own. BTW – I think the video was hilarious and certainly didn’t hit my gaydar. Looked like goofy drunken fun.

  24. 149
    Diane Says:

    I so don’t think this guy is hot unless he’s on Ttrue Blood. They make him appear better looking or something.

    Have you guys seen that drunken home erotic video going around with him in it? He’s gross looking in it, I think. Google (Alex Skargard + homoerotic tape)

    Ryan Kwanten is so much hotter, imo.

  25. 150
    Is that KB Says:

    Is that KB in the background in the third photo following AS out of the airport, about 500 ft behind him? :)

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