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Angelina Jolie Would Love To Play Tim Burton's Maleficent

Angelina Jolie Would Love To Play Tim Burton's Maleficent

Angelina Jolie admits she would grab at the chance to work with director Tim Burton on the big-screen spin-off of Maleficent, the villain in Sleeping Beauty.

“I would love to,” the 35-year-old actress tells MTV. “It’s all new and being discussed, but I loved her when I was a little girl. She was my favorite. Tim Burton, the chance to work with him would be extraordinary.”

Angie plays a cool CIA agent in her upcoming movie, Salt, out July 23. But do her kids think she’s cool?

She shares with ET, “They’re still my kids. They still think mom’s not that cool. If I do a somersault on a trampoline, they’re like, ‘Wow, mom…. You’re a mom.’”

Angelina Jolie: I Got ‘Lots of Bruises’ Making Salt
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  • Lara CROFT TR

    Her kids would love that I believe.

  • Orchid

    I hope Angie gets to work with Tim Burton!

  • yuck

    Yaaay!! I hope they’re going to make this movie happen. Love you always Angie!

  • Lara CROFT TR

    She will hopefully play Cleopatra as well. :)

  • Ismail

    Loved her in “Girl Interrupted” .. Looking forward to see “Salt”.


  • kraken

    I used to hate her… LOVE her now! :)

  • moony_aragorn

    Who could be a better Maleficent than her? She’s be perfect for the role! I love you, Angie. :)

  • yuck

    She would be perfect for Cleopatra :D

  • Lara CROFT TR

    I bet when she was that little girl she never imagined she would become the character someday!

  • t

    i hate how people compare her to leann rimes (jimmy fallon in drag).. angelina actually does important things, rather than always appearing at a billion country music awards

  • Lara CROFT TR

    I am so happy to see the first 10 comments were decent. Good night guys, and dont forgot to pick up a Sunday paper tomorrow. The Parade magazine with Angie will be inside.


    I love Angelina Jolie. Can’t wait to see Salt.

  • kevin

    wow she is hot!

  • releka

    I hope she gets to play this part, and Salt looks kick ass.

  • Grace

    God bless Angelina.

  • CanadaGirl

    She’s so… awkward.

  • BEAN

    Bloody hell, she looks so haggard.

  • mickey

    I don’t care what anybody says: Angelina is cool.

  • eli

    LOVE HER!!
    Its been an Angelina HBO lately showing Wanted, Kungfu Panda, Life or Something like it and Original Sin.
    Everyone loves her!
    cant wait for Salt.

  • MuchBlessings

    God Bless the Jolie-Pitts

    God Bless the Jolie-Pitts

    God Bless the Jolie-Pitts

    God Bless the Jolie-Pitts

    God Bless the Jolie-Pitts

  • eli

    I want to know what the leg tat says!
    Please tell us Angelina!!!!

  • gracie

    Beautiul Angie, may God continue to shine his light on you and protect you and your family.

  • gracie

    Beautiful Angie, may God continue to shine his light on you and protect you and your family.

  • eli

    TIM BURTON + ANGELINA = Greatest film ever

  • shirjoy

    I am impressed with Angelina and she speaks so eloquently.

  • gracie

    She looks happy and fantastic. Love her.

  • eli

    Rotten Tomatoes
    Most Anticipated:
    1st= Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part I
    2nd =Inception
    3rd= The Chronicles of Narnia: The Voyage of the Dawn Treader
    4th= Salt
    I Love You Phillip Morris …..Little Fockers ………etc…………..

    ***************thats right the 4TH movie most anticipated of the YEAR! And Angelina is THE STAR carrying the whole movie—suck it Haters!

  • fyi

    If any hasn’t visited the Salt website, this is just a reminder. It really cool and fun. Love, love, love the interaction and games so check it out. It’s countdown to a very exciting night at the movies…be blessed everyone.

  • gracie

    She will be perfect for the role. I hope she gets to do it. Her kids will love it too.

  • dd

    True Love and happiness emanates out of her.

  • angi fan


  • gracie

    I’m looking forward to SAL:T. It will be a hit!!/

  • teri

    Angelina is so cool, love her.

  • niwatori

    Well, Angie! we would LOVE to see you play Maleficent too.

    She can master any role, no doubt! But this one would be EPIC and more. So can’t wait to get a confirmation on it.
    On another note, i really love how eloquently she speaks. She’s not just a pretty face. Love her ♥

  • niwatori

    Kinda OT :
    I’m watching the interview, admiring our Angie, I scroll down and the bounty hunter ad is RIGHT below the video *sigh*
    Enjoying the interview anyway :)

  • BellAnna

    She is publicly asking Tim Burton to give her the role. She must me desparate. Hope she will not be in it, Tim always employees truly talented actors, which she is not

  • Hunter

    Hope her wish will come true.

  • queen bee

    HAHA!!….it took 16 comments before the TROLLS got in to post their BABBLE! LOL!…and it will be soon hidden due to thumbs down….LOL!…

    …Angie is simply GORGEOUS looking in her interview with Cynthia McFadded below….and I Can’t wait to see MORE than this sneek peek …..also, the 3 new clips of SALT on the “Who IS SALT?” YouTube channel is GREAT!!…see them below!…


  • Slig

    Yeah yeah i hope . She beautiful i like she god bless .im here talk u with about anthing

  • uggs

    I hope Angie gets to work with Tim Burton!

    It must be a great art

  • Gaby

    Canot wait to see SALT!!!!!

    what an amazing sweet woman.

  • luvangie4ever

    Any movie would be lucky to get her! I would love to see her as Maleficent and hopefully it won’t be an animated version. Looking forward to Salt, it is my most anticipated movie of the year.

  • asian man


  • African Girl

    She just finished shooting The Tourist with Tim Burton’s go to guy Johnny Depp…. maybe he’ll put in a good word for her, not that she needs it, I bet BT will be honored to work with her.
    Lol@ her kids reaction. Reminds me of the time I heard my mom singing one of the latest songs and I was all “Wow! Mother! When did you become so hip?” She looked at me like is this child ok and said “Heard that song even before you were born”. Yep apparently, the latest song is a remix of an oldie. It was then it dawned on me that my mom was actually once young, listening to hip music (of her time) and wearing whatever the latest outfits they wore back then and not the kaftans she’s fond of now. Suffice to say, it was humbling and kinda scary because I know one day my kids are gonna look at me that way too. Oh God! *Crying* I don’t wanna be old and mommish! I wanna be like Angelina Jolieeeeeeeee!!!
    Lol! Nah, I haven’t lost it, just very excited this morning.

  • Brightside

    I think she would be superb as Maleficent! But then she’s pretty much superb in everything she does. Only one problem though….Maleficent gave me nightmares when I watched Sleeping Beauty as a child. I don’t know that I want to picture Angelina Jolie as my nightmare Maleficent…

  • African Girl

    BellAnna @ 07/11/2010 at 2:39 am
    See this right here is why some of us can’s stop laughing at the trolls. These people have not qualms displaying their ignorance for public ridicule, they actually revel in their stupidity….you just gotta laugh.

  • KellStar

    Salt looks awesome.
    The Jolie-Pitt worship on this site is beyond creepy.

  • Passing Through

    I was just at M4A reading posts and now I’m LMAO because Beverly Hills is having a computer problem and she doesn’t know how to fix it – and Guli’s advice was no help either. This is why people should be more careful about which of their fellow fans they piss off – because ya just don’t know what people do for a living. Normally I’d help a fellow fan out and tell her how to fix her e-mail problem. BUT…in this instance I’m just gonna sit back and laugh at BH and how the universe has a way of evening things out over the course of time.

  • Passing Through

    # 428 Lara CROFT TR @ 07/10/2010 at 8:46 pm +11
    Some of you may remember me talking about the smart water at the grocery store out here, they had a sale “buy 1, get 2 free” a couple months back. And I said people were barely touching it, even at that price. The shelves were loaded with it. Anyway, my friend and I take turns taking her 85 year old grandmother to her church, were she gets free food once a month. A few days ago when I was there with her they had a table full of smart water with paper cups. People could go over and help them selves to as much as they wanted. With it being so hot I figured someone might have bought it and donated it to the church. I was nosy though, and asked the woman in charge of distributing the food. It turns out that the store itself donated it. Now why on earth didnt they donate their own brand name? They never give out brand name anything. So the next evening I made a comment about the water to Becky, a girl who has been working at the customer service desk at the store for a couple of years now, and she said it was due to not being able to sell it. I LOL’ed. I wanted to tell you guys that night but I have been swamped with work I didnt think of it until PT brought it up today.
    ROTFLMAO. Thanks for the story. There’s an old joke about crappy salesmen and how they couldn’t even sell water in a desert. Now I know who that joke was about!

  • Brightside

    Are all the haters Jennifer Aniston fans?
    Not to knock Jennifer Aniston, she’s an ok comedic actress, but she’s hardly in Angelina’s league when it comes to talent.