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Jessica Simpson Wraps Her Legs Around Eric Johnson And Kisses Him!

Jessica Simpson Wraps Her Legs Around Eric Johnson And Kisses Him!

Jessica Simpson isn’t shy about the PDA and straddles her boyfriend, former pro football player Eric Johnson, while celebrating her 30th birthday on a private yacht on Saturday (July 10) in Capri, Italy.

Jessica and Eric, also 30, also took a romantic stroll through Capri before visiting Pompei. The happy couple was accompanied by over a dozen of her friends and her manager parents, Tina and Joe.

Looks like Jessica had the best time ringing in her 30th!

25+ pictures inside of cute couple Jessica Simpson & Eric Johnson

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jessica simpson eric johnson kissing 01
jessica simpson eric johnson kissing 02
jessica simpson eric johnson kissing 03
jessica simpson eric johnson kissing 04
jessica simpson eric johnson kissing 05
jessica simpson eric johnson kissing 06
jessica simpson eric johnson kissing 07
jessica simpson eric johnson kissing 08
jessica simpson eric johnson kissing 09
jessica simpson eric johnson kissing 10
jessica simpson eric johnson kissing 11
jessica simpson eric johnson kissing 12
jessica simpson eric johnson kissing 13
jessica simpson eric johnson kissing 14
jessica simpson eric johnson kissing 15
jessica simpson eric johnson kissing 16
jessica simpson eric johnson kissing 17
jessica simpson eric johnson kissing 18
jessica simpson eric johnson kissing 19
jessica simpson eric johnson kissing 20
jessica simpson eric johnson kissing 21
jessica simpson eric johnson kissing 22
jessica simpson eric johnson kissing 23
jessica simpson eric johnson kissing 24
jessica simpson eric johnson kissing 25

Credit: Venturini; Photos: Bauergriffinonline
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  • I n F a m o u s l y C o o l

    …i hope he didn’t throw his back out holding up that BUW (Big Ugly Woman) ahahahahahaha…

  • Donovan

    I don’t get a very good feeling about this hook up. It seems too fast, plus word on the street is this guy has no job and is living off Jessica. I see a bumpy road ahead.

  • nyob

    I love Capri! Wish I was there right now. I hope she did not wear those absurd shoes to Pompeii.

  • cow

    this heifer is going to break his back. thank goodness he doesn’t play ball anymore.

  • Can you say childish?

    How roamntic …a vacay in Capri, Italy with your man, a new boyfriend…..and YOUR parents and your entourage of staff and and you know her suauly Cacee and Ken best freinds?!?!??!?!

    Is her new man auditioning for the role of her boyfriend or what?

    Does she ever go anywhere without her parents? How old is she?3 or 30?

    I see nothing wrong with having your parents join you and friends too SOMETIMES for small things , but a romantic vacation with your boyfriend?

    No way!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    She did this with Tony Romo until he must have gotten fed up before the Ken abd Barbie birthday party when he was to dress up as Ken to her Barbie.
    Not so much with john Mayer.
    poor Nick had Joe Simpson as a 3rd spouse in themarriage so much that Joe and Jessica decided to divorce Nick.

    This new guy of Jessica’s will put up with it because he has a big divorce and needs some money.
    He was a 3rd string footballer .

  • evie

    maybe this girl is knocked up after all…this is the 2nd time she is covered up in a silly dress/tunic…and what is up with her toes hanging off her shoes…this is the 2nd day in a row that she’s wearing shoes where her toes are hanging off…this guy won’t be for her…she’s got a K-fed on her hands and papa joe won’t like that very much

  • Jones

    Given that’s he’s fresh out of a broken marriage, I can’t imagine he’d want to get married again anytime soon. Jess is a rebound. They are doomed.

  • CanadaGirl

    I used to feel pity for Jessica, but she has no common sense. What’s the purpose of making a spectacle of yourself with a guy you’ve barely starting “dating”? Wrapping her legs around him like that in public is pure trash. She has no class and worse no dignity.

  • Weber from Brazil

    GROSS ¬¬

  • Respect!

    Ewww, need she open her legs that much when kissing him. That is d-i-s-g-u-s-t-i-n-g!!!! I guess, he just wants whats easy? Nowadays, she’ll probably just give it to anyone – NO MATTER WHAT!

  • tulino

    they look cute together, Jessica deserve to be happy, she is so pretty

  • jess

    Good luck Jessica! he’s way hotter than Tony Romo

  • Can you say childish?

    Look at the pic in the car when her dad is the front seat?
    Look at the pic when she has her legs wrapped around him and her mother is looking on and her friend is taking a picture.


    Please Eric marry her. Have a babay. Get divorced. Walk away with a money ababy for JS and some male alimony a la K-Fed.

  • BEAN

    Hahahaha he’s struggling to keep her azz from taking them both down to the ground!!!

  • pup

    How in the world was he able to pick her up without falling the heck over? o.O

  • keysha
  • rhonda

    well, she is sexual napalm

  • anon

    The pic of the wrap around is no different then the one a couple days ago of RYAN SEACREST & Julianne Hough.. Identical poses differnt people.. care to comment..

    There having fun.. The BD was planned before Eric came into the pic. Looks like he got added in & just maybe he has a very good job so don’t believe everything your reading out there.

    Ever been in love , excited happy with some & not afraid to show it.. probably not for many of you.. Your too judgemental & busy in Jess life to have one of your own..

    Let her be she ‘s having fun.

  • d

    Can we say desperado!

  • Deedz

    Jessica Simpson is all about the subtlety. =/

  • boo

    guess since John mayer called her the sexual napalm or whatev , everyman want a taste of her now..this girl is dumb, no arguing.. a smart person wont do the same mistake over and over again..

  • d

    I thought she went on some diet. It didn’t work…she is fatter than her chili cookoff days.

  • James


  • Soni Hannigan

    I just hope she learns her lesson from previous relationships, and leave her parents out of her private live. They ruined her relationship with Nick. Hopefully Eric will put his foot down this time and not let her parents run their relationship.

  • CanadaGirl

    Calling her sexual napalm is NOT a compliment. Napalm gives major burns, rashes, cause choking, and death. He’s basically calling her an STD black widow.

  • Jessica

    ummm… Eric should not be the one to put his foot down, it SHOULD be Jessica. She CAN tell her parents (esp. her creepy overbearing father) to stay the hell away from her professional and private life.

    This relationship is doomed. He’s not looking to get married.

  • rhonda


    that’s not what he said. he said she was an addiction that a guy would give up his fortune for! I put it nicely!

  • DarkEmpress

    @Can you say childish?:

    What is your problem? Some people actually have a good close relationship with their parents. A close knit family is amazing. Meeting someone who understands that and doesnt mind is perfect. If she dates guys who are not into that, he is definitely not for her. Im happy to know that when I have kids they will be around their grandparents all the time. I could never be with someone who didnt like my parents.

  • Brightside

    She’s only 30 and her cellulite is appalling…
    Also the outfits she’s been wearing lately definitely do not flatter her figure. She’s rather thick in the body and those loose, flowing garments just make her look thicker.
    He must have the muscles of an ox, though…

  • Slig

    She want . . . Hahahaha

  • Bunny Betsy

    cute couple

  • noel

    Seriously, does any one else notice the body language whenever these two are photographed together? She is always hanging on him and touching him, he doe not seem all that into her. Reminds me of Aniston and all of her male costars. Needy women. Attention ladies, men don’t like it, at least not for long. And I must say, that pic of her legs wrapped around him is just creepy. Icky.

  • Brightside

    While I understand what you are saying…I’m just not that comfortable with the idea of my family following me around while I’m on a romantic break with my partner.
    I thought the idea of a romantic break was so that two people in love can focus on their love for each other and that’s a little difficult to do when you’ve got family members watching you kissing and canoodling. Possibly even making those embarrassing, meant-to-be-a-joke comments in the background, too…

  • j

    Life is short have a fun! rich girl.

  • lexy hates bilson

    Isn’t this guy legally married??? I thought the Simpleton family was so religous and moral??
    LOL! He’ll probably need to go to the chiropracter after this!!!

  • Can you say childish?


    Your problem is that you cannot read.
    I am not being against close with family, parents,and friends.

    My post clearly says being with parents,friends is cool, but….some limits, not all of the time for some things.
    Having your parents be in your marriage in not good.Some people tolerate,I don’t know how, being 1/3 or 1/4 partnner .
    Nick was 1/3 in the marriage. The marraige consisted of Jessica , her father, and then Nick.
    It is not healthy. I have seen many marriages fall apart because of the spouse being 1/3 or 1/4 .
    I have seen many marriages survive after having an adult man,woman, put their foot down and get their parents out of their marriage when it was a choice of either be married to your parents and be married to your spouse.I believe in a healthy , close relationship with your parents and friends.
    Brining them on every vacay esp.with a new boyfriend, uncool. Not romantic.

    When you ,DarkEmpress,getsmarried and has kidsand you have your husband be 1/4 in the marriage and have your parents coparent with you,fine if it works for you and your husband. Some people like or let their parents be in the marraige and coparent the kids.
    Whatever rocks your world.

  • Can you say childish?

    Thanks Brightside for saying it better and shorter to DarkEmpress than I did.

  • lisali

    Oh Jess… I think you’re setting yourself up for a fall again…. she jumps into relationships wayyy to fast.

  • kool

    i’m happy she found a nice guy. compared to eric j, john mayer looks like a prune.

  • mailey

    that’s not a flattering dress on her. she needs some sort of support? like a bra maybe, i dunno. something is wrong here.

  • mary

    the man is married. just filed for a divorce in january – how long have they been seeing each other? a 5 year marriage – jessica needs to be careful!

  • Shaz

    poor girl just keeps picking the wrong guys.

  • lovejesss

    hope it’s not only for fun for him, she’s so beautifull and funny, she deserves to be happy, she should never listened to her dad and stayed with Nick, he was so perfect!

  • gill

    jess is hungry for sex