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Kate Bosworth: Burberry Shopping with Alexander Skarsgard!

Kate Bosworth: Burberry Shopping with Alexander Skarsgard!

Kate Bosworth and her boyfriend, True Blood hunk Alexander Skarsgard, do a bit of shopping with the director of VIP services at a Burberry store on Sunday (July 11) in Beverly Hills, Calif.

Later, the happy couple was later spotted picking up groceries from Bristol Farms.

Yesterday, Alex returned from Honolulu, Hawaii, where he worked with director Peter Berg on their new action flick, Battleship. He sure didn’t waste any time meeting up with Kate!

For all you West Coast people, there’s a new episode of True Blood on tonight at 9PM ET/PT on HBO!

FYI: Kate is wearing MiH London Boy Cropped jeans in ‘Cape’ wash.

More pics at X17!

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Photos: X17
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  • boo

    why does it always looks like she’s the one who’s tryin to get him to hold her hands?? he seems to have half a heart if not less to hold her hands..weird

  • Question

    Wow! After the video surfaced, now they’re holding hands? Well, you have to give it to them!

  • Weird

    Here we go again with these two! Give it a break already!! No one likes these two together..well no one likes her with anyone. Anyways it looks like she has been calling the paps again and letting JJ know all the details of their shopping excursion. He always looks annoyed with her…walks ahead, never holds hands, and no PDA. Never. Strange. Anyways heard that while Alex was in Hawaii she was in Cannes with James Rousseau. Any truth to those new rumors?

  • Tina
  • evathediva

    Waiting 1.2.3 for the KBOnes PR team of Hans/Jams/ and whomever he will pretend to be, Hans I got your loser from the other post.
    Laughing at JJ commentary, lol, about Alex, “He sure didn’t waste any time meeting up with Kate!” Play by play analysis. I have to stop coming here, this is becoming habitual as well as funny as hayle.

  • okay

    I think jared is funnier than this faux couple, no mention of the homoerotic video… all when all the other sites did, and now this rush with the notice “he sure rushed to Kate’s side” Gosh jared you wish we were this stupid LOL. I have not had this much fun with b.s. since high school!

  • Weird

    @Question Where is the hand holding? I see her smacking his ass, grabbing his pants and trying to grab his shoulder like she always is and he is ignoring it like crazy. Must be hard for her since she seems to thrive off of PDA with famous BFs and he is not in the game at all. Something is really weird here. Don’t care anymore. I will still watch True Blood but have no interest in seeing any movies they do. It is obvious this is their only game b/c neither one have the real acting chops for longevity. This is the only way to get attention and try and stay relevant. Meh…

  • Joise

    Come on Kate, have some dignity. If your supposed boyfriend isn’t even willing to hold your hand in public, let alone look at you…find someone else, have some self respect and move on to someone who will be proud to show the world you are his.

  • evathediva

    I wish I had someone to take me shopping at Burberry. Shop on Alex, load up!!After all, she’s buying. LMAO

  • JustJoanie

    I’d be so embarrassed if my bf treated me like that. Own your s***, Alex.

  • Weird

    and why no mention of the recent home video of alex? seems weird jj that you made no mention at all. seems like jj is working for kate and maybe alex in some way. can pr firms legally pay these sites for positive spins? would they have to write a disclaimer if they were getting paid? IRS should be alerted to audit some accounts…LOL!!!

  • CanadaGirl

    Somebody on the last thread something like, I wonder how long they’ll take before the PR machine starts? Uhh.. pretty quickly.
    Swedes are notoriously reserved (except when drunk … as the tape shows) but there’s never any contact between them. Even Leo gives Barf more attention.

  • well duh

    this is soooo awkward to look at, that its funny! hey jared man up and post that video of Alex all of the other sites did….

  • No Pics @ X17

    I can’t seem to find these pics can someone post the link, if you have it.

  • Acey

    Oh we so called this yesterday. Ahahahahahahahaha

  • Erica

    dude why is her hand so white and her arm tan? Another reason to say she is freaky. But he has lost the hotness.

  • Liv

    LMAO. Props to the people who predicted this post days before it happened. Hooking up with Askars is never going to save Kate Bosworth’s reputation.

  • Crittle

    If they’re supposed to be a couple, could they at least try to look happy. This is almost sad.

  • Erica

    And “shopping” with the director of VIP services? Let’s call it what it is – picking out free shizz. Cause she is such a fashion icon and all and him, well just take a look at him. It is obvs he is too. C’mon Alex. Do better.

  • Liv

    Could these two be more contrived? Neither of them is A list yet we get daily posts of them walking through random neighborhoods and picking up groceries. Clearly someone is tipping off the paps to follow them everywhere. She’s a disgusting social-climber and he comes off as a douche.

  • LisaM

    Didn’t waste any time getting with her??? More like he’s not wasting any time getting away from her!!!!
    He always looks so miserable. And she’s obviously a total clinger!
    If he really wanted to be with her, he wouldn’t care about all the paparazzi. It goes with the job of fame.

  • Erica

    @Erica: yeah he has…what is up with the boots untied and that denim shirt, half in and half out.?@Erica: free shizz? oh wow did not know thas how it is done.

  • mickey

    ugly chick.

  • high five

    He never touches this woman.
    It’s so weird.

  • whisper

    These two don’t seem like a couple.
    More like friends.

  • Wilsons Advice

    Wow. I’m not sure even Wilson’s advice could help these two at this point. So much for the two of them helping people. lol They are just sad and pathetic. Who wants to start the pool on when this train wreck is actually going to crash and burn? *passes out the popcorn to everyone*

  • DUH

    Maybe he looks pissed off every time he’s with her because there are cameras in his face. Wonder how they always know how to find them? He needs to get a clue. Ya think? Still love him though. I still say they could be friends and she’s just really touchy-feely. He seems like it too, just not with her. Maybe she smells funky?

  • Spice

    Hey, I like him but wow he really looks unhappy. Yeah, they look like they just had a fight and are trying to look okay in front of the paps. The body language is really tense here. He looks pissed and she is sheepishly hanging on to his arm. He doesn’t seem happy to see her after his trip.

    I didn’t think that the video from Greenland was any big deal, but perhaps it is to her? His culture is so different from North American ideas.

    Lets put it this way, they don’t look like a happy couple at all.

  • Peaches

    I’d be uncomfortable if paps were in my face! KB and AS are a great looking couple.

  • Joanna

    They’re a lovely pair.

  • honestly…

    Hand-holding DIS!
    And how DOES one shop without a director of VIP services? Must be a nightmare…
    Props to all those who predicted an immediate public outing…you guys know your PR.
    You are overexposed AS! Please go back to being normal!
    Somehow Sandra Bullock managed to escape being seen for weeks on end while in the midst of a divorce, a nazi sex scandal involving her hubby, and the adoption of a baby…you can do it, too.

  • Jess

    @Question: They aren’t holding hands. She’s trying to hold his and he’s pretty much ignoring her. It’s sad. I’m not a fan of hers but I feel sorry for her.

  • Meg

    Stage 5 Clinger!!
    They aren’t even holding hands. Her hand is in her jean pocket. She probably practiced that in the mirror. I think they are trying to make publicity for their upcoming LIFETIME movie people. Why is JJ following around Lifetime actress/actors?? Losers. Skarsgard needs to run very far before his career is over. Look at her track record dude. Run, she’s a stage 5 clinger!!!! No more of the Buttchin couple!! Only Skarsgard please!

  • DUH

    I have to ask. . .why is she always scratching her head? One of the pictures catches her pre-scratch or post-scratch. By the way, 1986 called and they want their jeans back.

  • bleacheda**hole

    he isnt gay, i would bet my shake weight on it

    GET ONE!!!


    Wow they must have done a hell of a lot of shopping. Look at all those bags they’re carrying. And I’m sure the paps just hang outside of Burberry all day waiting for the glorious moment when an A-list actress such as KB comes to shop. Give me a break, she probably had a tracking device inserted into her flat ass so she wouldn’t have to waste her minutes.

    Wow JJ how much does X17 pay you to link to their site? Because whenever I go there I never see any of the “other pics” you always say they have.

    You, X17 and Kate must all share a bank account.

  • blahzae

    She could be scratching her head for several reasons
    . First theory she is giving a signal to the paps if you look at alot of presswhores they do that exact move.
    Second theory she is scratching her head because shes nervous like a tell in poker liars tend to scratch alot.
    Third theory she is scratching because she needs to wash her hair more.
    Im going to go with all three!!!
    There is no reason for these two to be followed this much in a town full of other more famous people whos pictures are worth more then pety cash value the only difference is those people dont call the flipping paps everyday to get papped while shopping.
    I mean come on of it looks like BS and it smells like BS guesss what its a big pile of BS!!!!!!!
    I swear she is R-freaking Bilson 2.0 except slightly more intelligent which means she will probably figure out ways to be a presswhore and stay relevant much better then Biltard ever did. Which means Kate isnt going away fast enough. Blah.
    ~pinches her nose~ Smell anything stinky? lol

  • Question

    @Weird: Oh, my bad. I thought they were holding in pic 4. Thanks for telling me!

  • Question

    @Jess: :) Thanks for telling me, I thought they were holding hands in pic 4. My bad!

  • Weird

    Of course they are getting free stuff. Why do you think Bosworth always has the newest crap on. She and her stylist make deals for her to wear clothes and get papped in and she thus continues to get free stuff and look in fashion. She doesn’t pay for anything. And she is getting Alex in on the famewh*re fashion spree. I work in fashion and these celebrities feel entitled to free sh*t all the time. He could get a deal to be a spokesperson for their brand but Kate is too washed up and her deal with CK was a bust. Besides Burberry has Emma Watson you know the British actress who has real talent, a stellar reputation, actually going to the ivy league college she got accepted to, and one of the most promising careers in hwood. Why do they always look so uncomfortable. I am sorry if you really love someone you don’t care about the PDA even at a minimum. Just live your life. She always looks so desperate to have some amount of PDA and he is running. Why does she put up with that? It is becoming too painful to watch.



    If you really do work in fashion (that is to say you aren’t one of the crazies who says things like oh I went to school with Kate blah blah), do any of the celebrities even act a little grateful to be given these things?
    Do all the major designers give out free stuff, because I know Christian Laboutin will absolutely not give out his shoes for free he insists on the celebs to pay for every pair?
    Do they decide who is given what based on their star status, I mean come on Kate has to pay for some stuff she’s basically on the D-List?

  • lia
  • Brightside

    I would say that they seem to be the least romantic couple I’ve ever seen together…except that particular spot goes to the Rachel Bilson/Hayden Christensen pairing (now over?). So they are in the second place as the least romantic couple I have ever seen together.
    Don’t people hold hands any more while dating?

  • Slig

    Hay guys im walk

  • Bunny Betsy

    Lovely woman

  • Weird

    I do work in fashion and some are grateful, others are not. There is actually one reality TV family that demands at least 30% off all merchandise or they won’t purchase. And they give it to them. It sucks b/c now that they can afford it they don’t pay for it. Most designers give it to them b/c they think it is great advertising for them. Most of the time though it is not that great. But most designers kiss the a** of these celebrities trying to keep their companies afloat. They really are sick. Kate is definitely known as more of a fashion sl*t than an actress now. That is one of the reasons she calls the paps so much…b/c she promises to be photographed in these outfits. I am sure Alex is getting in on the deal as well. Some say he trying to get a designer house deal but who knows if that is true. Maybe…
    Doesn’t change the fact that she is still a homewrecker…and most don’t want to be associated with her. Maybe Alex is doing her a favor or charity work or whatever. He is making himself look really stupid and green and without common sense. Hollywood will only allow him to get so far with this trainwreck.

  • Question

    Hey guys, JJ didn’t show my last post. Just saying sorry about my previous post saying they were holding hands, I think I should get new contact lenses at once! XD. Anyway, just read this BV from The Gossip Boy, I quote: “3- What actor has finally broken out of the mold that he thought would trap him forever only to learn that someone found out he likes boys. Most people knew, but now he is running scared that this person will come forward with some very incriminating evidence that our stud smokes pole. Expect to see him and his girlfriend out in the public eye some more to do some pre-damage control. Too bad everyone already knows anyways.” Do you think he’s talking about AS?

  • Conando

    She’s like the human equivalent of days old dishwater and her tan looks awful.


    I wonder if BONESWORTH set up the Burberry shopping trip so Alex could pay for both of their purchases? I guess since she’s unemployed for the most part of each year this is her chance to buy some new clothes.

  • sam80

    She looks very Scandinavian and the make a cute couple.